The Odd Couple - Does LeBron James' Move Ahead Michael Jordan with Fourth Championship?

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & George Wrightster (In for Rob Parker) talk about the legacy of LeBron James and how it changes should LeBron James acquire his fourth ring by winning an NBA Championship this year.
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Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell 3 kun oldin
U krazy Kobe a serve Lebron
evens guardiny
evens guardiny 10 kun oldin
6 for 6 Buddy! It's taking LeBron 10 trips to get 4. These Bronsexual don't make any sense.
Tom Ross TV
Tom Ross TV 13 kun oldin
If kobe didn't move pass Jordan with 5, lebron won't get pass Jordan with 4.
4000 clovers
4000 clovers 15 kun oldin
This dude just got paid to disagree. He ain't even believing his words. He also hesitates, too, to declare Lebron over MJ. Dude, if you have to hesitate...then you already know the answer.
Ty E
Ty E 15 kun oldin
Omg Kareem has 6 as well lebron will only have 4 no slam dunk contest n rocking 23 just look like a false goat to me
Ty E
Ty E 15 kun oldin
He said Jordan couldn't do 17 years n look like lebron weak argument bro lebron is 35 Jordan is 35 in the last dance I'm done
Kingdom Empire
Kingdom Empire 16 kun oldin
How does 4-6 beats 6-0. Tired of these conversations
Jeoffrey Gonzales
Jeoffrey Gonzales 17 kun oldin
its all about efficiency..even if you stay 50yrs in the nba, if you win just 4-5 chips in the finals compare to your competitor who wins 6 out of 10-yrs..i go for the latter..if u are not that efficient in winning nba finals, thats a knack on your resume...longevity is not everything...efficiency is....domination is....
Peter Stark
Peter Stark 18 kun oldin
Lebron's winning the ring this year. Look at the competition. He has a top 5 player with him and a bunch of championship experienced role players against a team led by top 15 player and a bunch of new comers.
Para will
Para will 19 kun oldin
Love how people keep using Pippen against MJ, but totally forget that Pippen was drafted by the Bulls and DEVELOPED into a great player. He wasn’t the “man” with another franchise and joined up with MJ like Lebron has with AD and previously with Wade, Bosh, Kyrie, and even Love. Someone needs to remind Shannon Sharpe and Nick Wright these facts.
Gyasi Linje
Gyasi Linje 20 kun oldin
I don’t understand how LeBron’s brand is bigger than MJ. I love Bron’s sneakers but have never had to wait in line to get a pair 😂🤣
Sean POE
Sean POE 20 kun oldin WHAT GAMES R YA'LL WATCHIN' CHRIS🙎🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ 1rst at 22 he led the WORST CHAMPIONSHIP ROSTER EVER 2 the finals- with NOOO COLLEGE exp. MJ coul'nt SNIFF a playoff FACTS & m.j. had DEAN & N.C. state but did NOT know how 2 lead. HE WAS HARDEN!!! 2nd m.j. quit... LBJ left Cleveland as a 23-24 yr. Old who MAMA SLEPF WITH HIS TEAMMATE & he ain't kill dat'z dude...Hat that age...STOP USING THAT AGAINST EM' it ain't fair...m.j. left 4 family reasons too. & If he wins 3rd MVP 4 a 3rd franchise💪🏾👑🐐 it will stand alone like m.j. 6 rings...NOONE ELSE WILL EVER DO EITHER ONE AGAIN...U can't jus' dismiss him & ROB STOP KILLIN' EM' 4 da same things m.j. did. M.j. recruited Rodman...told Phil 2 go get RON...My old Cavs star who STARTS ON ANYOTHER TEAM...ALLSTAR...Gave m.j. BUCKETS I was at Richfeild SO I KNOW IT WAS A SUPERTEAM...LBJ is jus' takin'ERRR'THANG 2 da next level
Central District
Central District 20 kun oldin
Magic went to 9 finals in 12 years 5-4...
Dj Li
Dj Li 21 kun oldin
longevity and still trying to catch up MJ in rings come on now. if MJ did a lebron he could have move to lakers too in 1999 & team up with prime shaq and win a couple of rings like lebron is doing with AD, kyrie & wade. 👍🏻
I'm back
I'm back 21 kun oldin
Once you need to start depending on the longevity argument, you’ve lost.
Issac Sanchez
Issac Sanchez 21 kun oldin
Oh please lebron didn’t have AD and missed the playoffs
Marvin Brooks
Marvin Brooks 21 kun oldin
Lebron the goat 🐐
El Gato
El Gato 21 kun oldin
Most people on this comment section are just as brain washed as Republicans
mobetter25 22 kun oldin
The goat only went to 6 finals.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams 22 kun oldin
The Lebron Jordan debate shows how much of a microwave society we are in. Cause this isn’t close 😂
SouthernStar 23 kun oldin
Lebron joined D Wade who at the time was a top 5 player and brought all star Bosh with him to Miami to win chips. He then joined young superstar Kyrie and brought all star Love with him to Cleveland to win another chip. Last year with young talent the Lakers went 23-22 with games he played. He bring a top 5 player in AD to LA and now he's in the finals. I'm just saying he's winning with super teams he recruited. The difference is Mike in Chicago was patient and took his licks and he kept on taking them from the likes Boston, Philly and Detroit until he broke through. Now just imagine if Michael recruited Hakeem and Barkley and said hey, "I can't do this on my own anymore so let's put this thing together and win some chips". HIs legacy would be FAR different than it is now.
Darwin Magpali
Darwin Magpali 23 kun oldin
Categorically, Michael Jordan his time is his time. Kobe his time is time. Today LeBron is carry all the credit coz he is the greatest for this generation even though it compares to any statistical or based on his performance. The only thing is the comparation which LeBron did not get those credits because many of them can not accepts the facts that LeBaron is the greatest for his generation. Lebron continously surpasses the greatest players of thier time...You get it not still LeBaron is the greatest among them all in his generation....
musicluv80 23 kun oldin
I am in my 40s. I played basketball in my teen and 20's and I was pretty good but never the best. But prior to pandemic I was the best play in my team and I play with younger guys. The reason is in my younger years the games are very physical but not anymore so I am able to do things I couldn't do in my earlier years. My point is Jordan era were tough but Jordan did it and he won 6 championships.
musicluv80 23 kun oldin
What? Who is this guy? Jordan before his first retirement he accomplished more than Lebron at the same age, By the second retirement Jordan still was ahead of LeBron's states. If Jordan played longer he would have done more.
musicluv80 23 kun oldin
It is not about winning with three different teams. Lebron had all the best players with him, and now with AD. If Jordan had all those great players with him, he would've won more. If Jordan had AD he would have won more and with more ease.
musicluv80 23 kun oldin
Lebron great, but not goat. The answer is very simple. Jordan is the GOAT!
TheAffiliates 23 kun oldin
Bron winning the chip
Chiva 23 kun oldin
If lebron wins. This put him equal or better for me. I’m a Kobe fan and a long time lakers fan. This puts him in the category where I can’t even be mad if someone says he’s better. I think Kobe is just half a point shy of being the greatest, he had everything but the injuries really held him back.
Chris Green
Chris Green 24 kun oldin
I agree with this guy I think Lebron will pass Jordan but damn this guy speaks terrible and rambles. Get him off the show
Polo Loco
Polo Loco 25 kun oldin
Answer: HELL NO
Steven Monday
Steven Monday 25 kun oldin
Scottie Pippen&Dennis Rodman > AD Scottie Pippen&Dennis Rodman > Kyrie&Kevin Love Scottie Pippen&Dennis Rodman > DWade&Bosh (FACTS)
SHAKE WEIGHT 26 kun oldin
If Anthony Davis wins NBA Finals MVP it will put the nail in the case anyone can make for LBJ in my view.
Mike M
Mike M 23 kun oldin
AD could average 50ppg,15rpg, and 10 apg, and LeBron still going to be Finals MVP
Jordan Davison
Jordan Davison 26 kun oldin
"that social stuff" yes, bron promoting the victim mentality that all black ppl are scared is a substantial attribute to his basketball legacy -__-
504 Bull
504 Bull 27 kun oldin
George, u are a clown. LBJ will never pass Jordan. This man would have no Chips if not for Wade, Bosh, Irving, Love, other all stars and now possibly AD. Oh, Jordan had Phil, Pippen and Rodman narrative. Jordan didn't play as great competition as LBJ. Well LBJ had freaking stacked teams in just about all of those Finals appearances.
Josh Meza
Josh Meza 27 kun oldin
But he has ad
E Oleary
E Oleary 27 kun oldin
Thats the dumbest question ever. People forgot 6 is greater than 4?
ButteryAssNigga 28 kun oldin
So leonard and every other superstar can lose and be “exposed” yet lbj can lose 6/7 times and nothing happens... got it🤣
John Smith
John Smith 28 kun oldin
Lebrons weakness hes not clutch his on the ball defense sucks hes got no midrange hes got no turn around he his mentality is weak. Kobe jordan no weakness will die to win
John Smith
John Smith 28 kun oldin
George what are you smoking . Listen i have watched so much basketball and the eye test tells me jordan 1 kobe 2 kareem 3 bird 4 magic 5 olijawan 6 wilt 7 russel 8 tim duncun 9 shaq 10 i dont know where lebron is maybe 20th all time for me i think hes just a little bit better than karl malone
Job Acevedo
Job Acevedo 28 kun oldin
Hell no??? 👎🏽😂😂 He will this Chip because of AD not because of him.
J C 28 kun oldin
Wow George isn’t a good analyst
James Collins
James Collins 28 kun oldin
Chris was so hurt. Why do you ask someone a question and cut them off when they try to answer.
Ray S
Ray S 28 kun oldin
Ray S
Ray S 28 kun oldin
enrico balones
enrico balones 28 kun oldin
AD is the Mvp so far in the lakers playoff performance....
enrico balones
enrico balones 28 kun oldin
AD is the Mvp so far in the lakers playoff performance....
Roland taylor
Roland taylor 28 kun oldin
So Chris where is rob 😂 we need him
Roland taylor
Roland taylor 28 kun oldin
Lmao 😂 here we go again how many times will you beat this dead horse
William 28 kun oldin
If Lebron stays healthy theres plenty of time for him to pass Jordan. He needs this chip to push his case
Chinandler Bong
Chinandler Bong 28 kun oldin
LeBron is great, but he won’t ever be President
Peter Katiem
Peter Katiem 28 kun oldin
Bro, shut yo ass up George, Mike's Wizards years were solid. All-star worthy. Averaging 23, 6 and 5 with 1.4 steals a game. Then 20, 5 and 6 and 2 steals a game. MJ plays 17 straight years, it's a wrap. 84-01' .. 17 All-star games, 7MVPs, 8 rings. That's what it's looking like..
Kevin Washington
Kevin Washington 28 kun oldin
Kawhi don't even talk to his teammates that's not a leader so he not in the all time great conversation, so let's hear some Durant is his next come for the King. James to the tip top ✊🏾🤴🏿
Kevin Washington
Kevin Washington 28 kun oldin
Factor in straight out of High School and how great he is performing wow 👍🏾👆🏿
Rasheed Barnes
Rasheed Barnes 29 kun oldin
When is Rob coming back?
Nitty Gritty
Nitty Gritty 29 kun oldin
Tbh winning a 4th championship doeent put bron over Kobe soooo i personally don't understand how this is even a question...🤔
Derrick Perry
Derrick Perry 29 kun oldin
Ya really think mj never lost , dude couldn’t get out the 1st round until he had a all star on his team...:.
Derrick Perry
Derrick Perry 29 kun oldin
Bill Russell has 11 rings so he’s the goat right ???
dario Camacho_Nu_LIFE
dario Camacho_Nu_LIFE 29 kun oldin
R D 29 kun oldin
They make it sound like LeBron has done something that "NOBODY" has done before. LeBron compares more to Magic than MJ. Magic also 5 finals vs 9 appearances in 13 seasons. LeBron wounldn't be anywhere if he didn't piggy back off of Ward/Bosh, Irving/Love and now Anthony Davis.
Lance Hood
Lance Hood 29 kun oldin
Stop it.... not even close the game is totally different the mindsets are different Lebron is Great but Not MJ never will be he has been blessed with best of 7 the 1st rd. The rules were easier flagrants didnt exist like they do now. The game is more Isolation now man stop this. At once
Antoine Rogers
Antoine Rogers 29 kun oldin
If Lebron wins he’ll be the G.R.C.O.A.T...greatest ring chaser of all time. Dont give me that he left Cle because no one wanted to come nonsense. He just wasnt able to get the best players in his own DRAFT CLASS to come to CLE...
L0ngstrip 29 kun oldin
These guys are so funny. It’s a greater feat to come from being swept multiple times in early rounds to 3peat twice as opposed to 4 rings off 10 or how many ever trips in the finals in 17 + years. One dude couldn’t make his high school team and the others was first name on the roster on all levels. The guy who was watching from the outside went 6-0 while the guy who has always been the one goes 4-#. Which is the greatest achievement? Ya hitch story is coming from nothing?
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier 29 kun oldin
Lebron still behind jordan in offensive rebounds for his career but he took it to a higher level ??? These stupid ass ignorant fans kill me SMH
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier 29 kun oldin
Since when is 4 greater than 6???
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier 28 kun oldin
​@Random Guy No the warriors werent a dynasty . They only had one championshiip when the cavs beat them and the only reason they had that one championship is because the cavs had a bunch of injuries so without the cavs injuries and without Durant the warriors would be ringless right now so they werent a dynasty when lebron won that ring . The Spurs were never a dynasty. They were never the dominate team of their era They simply won during down years of the true dynasty the Lakers and later to a lessor extent the Heat. A true dynasty win at least two straight championships. Plus when the Heat beat them Duncan and Manu were old
Random Guy
Random Guy 29 kun oldin
Christian Soldier Another imbecile that needs to be schooled🙄... Fine. LeBron didn’t beat a dynasty!? The Warriors wasn’t a dynasty?! 5 trips in 5 years with 3 rings wasn’t a dynasty!? Idiot. The Spurs. 5 rings in 6 trips wasn’t a dynasty!? Learn basketball before you speak on it.🤫...
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier 29 kun oldin
@Random Guy None of his titles were against dynasties and all of his titles were won because he was on a loaded team that was expected to win. So 4 will always be less than 6
Random Guy
Random Guy 29 kun oldin
When 2 of your 3 titles are against dynasties, 1 against a team that swept Kobe’s defending champion Lakers, and the 4th possibly this year is without the benefit of home court advantage and one of your starters opts out for COVID, THAT’S when 4 is better than 6. And LeBron’s not finished. Class dismissed...
Micah Wilson
Micah Wilson 29 kun oldin
Get him Chris
Juggernaut 29 kun oldin
Eversley King
Eversley King 29 kun oldin
Was there anyone who was considered to be better than or comparable to MJ in his career while he was playing?... I’ll wait!
Random Guy
Random Guy 29 kun oldin
A fourth ring MOST DEFINITELY puts LeBron ahead of Jordan. Jordan is my favorite athlete of all time and has been my GOAT since the 80’s. But given the opponents LeBron’s had to face and beat in the Finals compared to Jordan’s, and the level of competition is not even close. LeBron went against dynasties for his rings. Jordan’s Finals’ opponents never won it. LeBron is already the NBA’s playoffs’ all time scoring leader, the playoffs’ all time leader in wins, and has the single highest scoring postseason ever in 2013 (613 points Only player to score 600. Jordan has the 3rd highest). Add in the fact or facts, he’s already past Jordan in career points scored. Has more 25 ppg. seasons than anybody in NBA history. (17 and counting. Next closest streak is 9) In 2 more seasons, LeBron will be the NBA’s ALL TIME LEADING SCORER YOU IDIOTS!! A record set in 1988 or 1989 by Kareem. LeBron will also retire as the only player top 5 in all time scoring and all time assists. Need more? Fine.. Add in the fact, he had the greatest NBA Finals ever where he beat a 73 win team leading the entire Finals in ALL MAJOR CATEGORIES. Also LeBron has more playoff buzzer beaters than Jordan and Kobe COMBINED 5-4. Also LeBron has NEVER been eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs. EVER! While Jordan has THREE times and Kobe has twice. Need more? Fine. LeBron went to Finals with Three 1st time coaches and twice beat dynasties Spurs/Warriors. Also LeBron has a scoring title and is still the youngest player to ever win it. 30 pts ppg. 19 years’ old, 50% while doing it. Now he’s the oldest player to lead the NBA in a major statistical category, assists this year. LeBron is in year 17, a number 1 seed, IN THE WEST(!), averaging 25 10 and 8. Jordan in years 14 and 15 couldn’t even get the Wizards in the playoffs in a weak Eastern conference. Deal with it Jordan fans, myself included. LeBron will pass Jordan as the Greatest Basketball Player of All Time with a 4th ring. It is what it is...Drops the mic🎤....
nimo rivera
nimo rivera 29 kun oldin
Get this clown outta here. Broussard called him out before he mentioned social injustice and stuttered. AD is the main guy responsible for this playoff run. Lebron will never catch Jordan because he took an easier route to 2 championships.
James Nnabeze
James Nnabeze 29 kun oldin
Bill Russell is the greatest
tim roberts
tim roberts 29 kun oldin
17 year to get half of the rings mj got and you got to pick your teams pretty much
Schiltzenberger 29 kun oldin
This George Wrightster guy is a moron.
lai penny
lai penny 29 kun oldin
No, never. LBJ never rates higher than MJ. MJ beats all his opponents in the Finals that showed and proofed the difference.
Matthew Henderson
Matthew Henderson 29 kun oldin
What a ridiculous question. Not even close. LeBron is now secure as a top 5 player.
ferdinand gonzalez
ferdinand gonzalez 29 kun oldin
There is nothing Bron can do to pass MJ. Never
James Hamo
James Hamo 29 kun oldin
This is the biggest asterisk championship if he wins....this will not put him ahead of MJ.
Mario Hostios
Mario Hostios 29 kun oldin
Jordan edges Lebron at foul line...which is the difference. Everything else is a push.
crush1221 29 kun oldin
Interesting to hear Year 17 posed as only a positive for LeBron. There is a flip side too that, entering the league without winning in college experience... Maybe a couple years of winning there might have changed some of how he played in some of those early moments.
HipHop226 29 kun oldin
Man, stop with this
Michael McFarland jr
Michael McFarland jr 29 kun oldin
The main difference is Jordan did it with the same team. Lebron had to go to other teams and strategize to try and overtake Jordan. If Lebron had stayed in Cleveland he probably only ends up with maybe 3 championships.
johanzo88 29 kun oldin
Jordan 6-0, Lebron 3-6 Finals.. what record would you rather have? More finals trips or more rings and mvps?
No way no how
Dontez M
Dontez M Oy oldin
Short answer, hell no.
cyrah69 **
cyrah69 ** Oy oldin
Jarid Atkinson
Jarid Atkinson Oy oldin
Who TF is this guy
Shawn William
Shawn William Oy oldin
Kareem MJ Bron MJ & Russell are all GOATs. Not one imo.
Bron is a BETTER all around player than MJ hands down and the record books WILL reflect THAT. MJ had HOF coaches in college and the NBA. Bron came from HS and took EVERY 1st year coach he's had to the NBA Finals. He's NEVER lost in the first round whereas MJ has been SWEPT IN THE 1ST ROUND. The Bulls won 55 games and were 1 bad call away from the NBA Finals the year after MJ retired. The Cavs became a lottery team both times he left. Worse team in the league in FACT. MJ is a better scorer and had better coaching throughout his career. That's it.
Random Guy
Random Guy 29 kun oldin
Read my comment👍🏽
MVP MVP Oy oldin
i feel like lebrons playoff competition is so weak this year. the superteam he was supposed to have to face instead fell apart and rockets also werent great because russell westbrook never got into a rhythm after injury. it makes the ring mean less if its too easy and i think this will be lebron's "easiest" ring ever.
wilsonsmanz Oy oldin
This is a ridiculous question. Nobody could be the GOAT with so many losses in the finals. Now that he has AD who has better numbers than him, how can this work in his favor even if he wins.
ChannelPride Oy oldin
The argument 6-0 only tells me one thing - that Jordan only got to finals 6 times. Would it be worse if he was 6-3?
Airlxs23 Oy oldin
Jordan accomplished more and he's more consistent in the short period of his career. LeBron longevity allowed him to stacked up his stats and because of this people thinks he's better.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Oy oldin
Everyone, stop the nonsense, both LeBron James and Michael Jordan, are great period.
Young 23
Young 23 Oy oldin
See too much NBA to have Lebron in my top 5... that ship has sail...
mike jones
mike jones Oy oldin
Mj was 35 his last championship. Of course lebron passes him . 4 beats 6 obviously!
KingJKickz Haley
KingJKickz Haley Oy oldin
Chris stop KOBE shoes were better and the branding is better. You just be hating on Kobe who is better than BOFFUM Neither ever had to play with someone who averaged 30pts a damn game 🤦🏿‍♂️
Luke Canale
Luke Canale Oy oldin
MJ IS BY FAR BETTER MJ came in after setting the NBA on fire via the Olympic scrimmages. Year 1 EVERYONE KNEW uh oh MJ a problem Every year he racked up insane accomplishments while IMPROVING he ALWAYS improved until he became champion NEVER switched teams just kept getting better and learned a system Once he won HE NEVER AGAIN LOST WHILE PLAYING A FULL SEASON AGAIN. THE DURATION OF UTTER DOMINATION 2b clear MJ never lost 3 straight games over his domination span to the tone of 800 plus games In contrast 2nd place Ruffly 350 2007 LeBron learned 5 out with him being able 2 shot was how his style of winning Well how that work out since he figured it out? Way more losses then wins when it counted
Jordan Bernal
Jordan Bernal Oy oldin
Drop this topic already my god!! These two don't even have the same playstyle! Different positions in different eras! Both were great and dominated... both had flaws and weaknesses. Hakeem had Jordans number in head to head matchups.. no one is perfect
SM Taylor
SM Taylor Oy oldin
All the stuttering you’ve gotta do to justify making LeBron your GOAT says it all😂!
Nennito Campbell
Nennito Campbell Oy oldin
Chris ur bias but king James is the best basketball player ever grace the face of the earth king James fi real
Ken Ken
Ken Ken Oy oldin
Brooo mj 3 PEATED LEFT,CAME BACK AND 3 PEATED AGAIN.we will NEVER EVER see dat again.ever.jus leave dat man alone.
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