THE ODD COUPLE - Scottie Pippen Rips LeBron's Leadership, Says Anthony Davis is More Valuable

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to several former players in the media disrespecting the accomplishments of LeBron James. Chris and Rob specifically target Scottie Pippen who said LeBron can't lead and that Anthony Davis is more valuable to this current Laker team.
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Ruler of Worlds
Ruler of Worlds 9 soat oldin
Players see through the bullshit
Ruler of Worlds
Ruler of Worlds 9 soat oldin
Davis is the Batman on that team
Charles Greene
Charles Greene 22 soat oldin
These old guys kill me, all they ever talk about it is the "Right way to do it". Let's be clear, just because all of your favorite players from your era did it one way, that doesn't mean that's the way it should always be done. If you can't effectively compare eras and take into consideration that norms change over time, then you can't seriously contend that your opinion is based on objectivity. They are instead bias!
WIL SUTTON 2 kun oldin
Rob is a hater😂🤣
Joe Mitchell
Joe Mitchell 3 kun oldin
They wonder why Lebron asked for his respect smh
T P 4 kun oldin
They all know Lebron has better vibranium than them
Austin J
Austin J 5 kun oldin
IT IS VERY EASY TO UNDERSTAND WHY THE OLDER PLAYERS DOWNPLAY LEBRON. I don’t get what y’all are confused about. Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith are all protecting the credibility of their era in basketball. If Charles Barkley says LBJ is the Goat, he’s basically saying that he couldn’t get a title in an era that didn’t even have the Goat in it. If Pippen says LBJ is the Goat, he will eliminate the narrative that Pippen would have averaged more if MJ wasn’t on his team. Kenny Smith says that if MJ wasn’t in his era, he would have won more titles. All of the players from the 90’s are going to say that MJ is the Goat because it makes them appear to have come from the most competitive era. Magic can say that LBJ is better than MJ because his prime came before MJ’s era, so calling someone else the Goat does not hurt his legacy. Those 90’s players are all biased in their view to protect themselves 🤷🏽‍♂️
Carl Knaub
Carl Knaub 6 kun oldin
These 2 are just sorry ass haters. It’s a shame too Broussard use to be good on tv. Now u see the true colors when LeBron shining!
andy reid
andy reid 6 kun oldin
Grant_ Just_Balling
Grant_ Just_Balling 8 kun oldin
These guys are Not beholden to NO ONE. That's why they are trustworthy
D. Smith
D. Smith 9 kun oldin
I remember hating Jordan year after year but damn if I didn’t respect him. It’s hard to respect an arrogant narcissist like bron.
Alex A.
Alex A. 9 kun oldin
The number one reason people don't like him is because of the decision/team hopping. A lot of people say that his success in this essence isn't organic it's manufactured. Manufactured in regards to him picking teams and players to play with, add to that he's picking teams and players to play with and losing. Secondly he's losing while flopping and while playing in an era with less bigs I think those are the biggest reasons why most people disrespect him like they do. I personally think everyone isn't blessed to be drafted by Lakers and constantly get talent and have the luck to draft a pippen. So I get why he left and I get why he flops. He does go overboard with the blocks but it is gamesmanship. And lastly nobody wants to be surpassed so older players hold it on to their eras and nostalgia is just to be expected
unchboy 12 kun oldin
It's the rock concert Miami threw in 2010 where LeBron said they were winning not 1 not 2 not 3 blah blah.
Gran Marquis
Gran Marquis 12 kun oldin
Michael Jordan said during his hof speech and on the documentary and I quote " You cant say Michael Jordan without saying Scottie Pippen. Case closed his opinion is valid and wrapped in facts
Gran Marquis
Gran Marquis 12 kun oldin
Pip, top50 all time and has more overall skill than LeBron.
Musty Martian
Musty Martian 13 kun oldin
That one caller is crazy. The players today are not bigger but smaller. They are more athletic today.
Keon Norris
Keon Norris 15 kun oldin
I think Scotty is jealous of Lebron.
cat rice rice
cat rice rice 16 kun oldin
Why? Because they're jealous, that's why.
Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis 17 kun oldin
Broussard will temporarily be on the Lebron bandwagon after they win the title Sunday of the biggest floppers in NBA history 😂
Kris X
Kris X 18 kun oldin
Lebron’s talent is undeniable & his skills are incredible but when he jetted to MIA to form that super team a lot cats thought it was weak & now it’s created this “super team” mentality in the NBA.
TheHOMEBOYYYY 18 kun oldin
Easy answer. He’s had a better career than all then
andre jamison
andre jamison 19 kun oldin
But Bron is not a good leader. It's the media and the NBA who put Bron on a perch. Because if Bron was a good leader they would have went to the playoffs last year. He took last year off
Joe Jacomo
Joe Jacomo 19 kun oldin
The answer is jealousy
Kevin Dussard
Kevin Dussard 19 kun oldin
Lebron is better than all those player that say he’s not in their top what ever category
oryan 404684
oryan 404684 19 kun oldin
How is Pippen wrong? that's his opinion just like everyone else has opinions that they just throw around. It's crazy how if someone says something about L-bron that isn't great, there're hating or there're wrong.
89jstubbs 19 kun oldin
Laugh my ass off there’s only like 8 players moving the top 50 ever relax no body is mad
89jstubbs 19 kun oldin
I’m happy we got lebron. But the fact that AD had the same amount or stats without touching the ball every possession is pretty telling and let’s not even talk about defense
Vaughn Miller
Vaughn Miller 19 kun oldin
Here's why most of the old X player's, and I'm not talking about real old-school I'm talking about who played when LeBron played. Here's why they're haters. Because he came out of high school with all the hype and lived up to it by whipping their asses. I'm out.
Gary Arnold
Gary Arnold 19 kun oldin
Jordan didn’t build nothing - Robert K. drafted and traded well - LeBron “No one” wanted to come to Cleveland.
G Dot
G Dot 19 kun oldin
I think all the hate comes from jealousy and envy and the fact that LeBron is so powerful there's players in the league and they was players in the past that may have been more challenging than LeBron but they didn't have the longevity they may have been more talented than LeBron but they were uncoachable they couldn't stay healthy so there career ended LeBron was healthy he's been doing it the right way so f*** everybody else
rcrick51 20 kun oldin
The problem is they get paid more to hate lebron it’s a easy story
Truthbe Told
Truthbe Told 20 kun oldin
Because we don’t know if Lebron wins a championship without cheating the system! Lebron James hero ball style of play doesn’t work! Great players with systems and team development win championships! Lebron just wanted to fill the stat sheet with points rebounds and assists via transition and drive/kick basketball! He doesn’t feel comfortable playing without the ball in a system!
mskidi 9 kun oldin
Lelay up James i call him. You watch his 10 Finals' highlights and 8/10 baskets are him driving the ball all the way to the rim in a straight line from the perimeter with nobody under the basket.
MVP MVP 20 kun oldin
i think a reason why old players dont like him is because hes arrogant. i remember when he said he thought he was the greatest player of all time a couple years ago. jordan would have never said that, he always refused to rate himself over guys from another era because he knew it wasnt fair to them.
Edward Mcpherson
Edward Mcpherson 20 kun oldin
Scottie Pippen failed to lead his team after Michael retired y'all remember Cucos taking the last shot while he sat on the sidelines mad poor him showing the bottom of his feet with the Jumpman on it begging Mike to come back he never was a leader or when he finally left Chicago and went to Portland and a stack team and couldn't get it done stop calling people out you just made 50 greatest players because you was attached to Mike riding his coattails
Mal Mania
Mal Mania 20 kun oldin
Why is he the only NBA player in history that gets to gut every team he goes to? He gutted Cleveland 3 times in four years. He's a great GM at best
Marc Arnold
Marc Arnold 20 kun oldin
So Pat Riley didn’t create that team but y’all give him credit like he’s coaching the team every time they go to the chip when they have a coach. And at the same time y’all say Lebron left because he didn’t have no control of the team lmaoooooo
Kambo Njovu
Kambo Njovu 20 kun oldin
Why all those players vote against LeBron it's all out of jealousy nothing else.they might deny it but it's the truth.
Keelun Luther
Keelun Luther 21 kun oldin
Rob Parker you sooooo lol
Alexander Thatch
Alexander Thatch 21 kun oldin
Hey Rob Chris love the show, maybe they don't like LeBron because of all of the flopping, crying to the ref, going to the league when you're up to one in a Western conference finals, and also getting someone kicked out in a game five championship game. Maybe those could be the reasons as well.
Mike Uzumaki
Mike Uzumaki 21 kun oldin
Wow, I didn't know players did not like LeBron this much!! Wow!@
Patrick Swayze
Patrick Swayze 21 kun oldin
Scotty need 2 start smokin zzazza bc his ass b tweakin🙅
John Napolitana
John Napolitana 21 kun oldin
Miami made a mistake playing KellyOllinik 12 minutes if they've him even 24 minutes the outcome could have been different he got 31 min game 3 and gave you 17 points 7 rebound in a win
John Napolitana
John Napolitana 21 kun oldin
It's not jealousy watch gamev4:and it proved his comment to be true about AD
Ira Bonta
Ira Bonta 21 kun oldin
jealousy is a bad disease. keep winning LBJ haters will keep hating n still watching u break all d records LBJ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐐
Ira Bonta
Ira Bonta 21 kun oldin
jealousy is a bad disease. keep winning LBJ haters will keep hating n still watching u break all d records LBJ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐐
dj gomes
dj gomes 21 kun oldin
Tbh i stop taking scottie serious after he explained why lebron was better than jordan then comes back and says never mind its Jordan. Biggest flip flop i ever seen
Mac Love
Mac Love 21 kun oldin
ProjectBabyJoe cbg shii
ProjectBabyJoe cbg shii 21 kun oldin
ProjectBabyJoe cbg shii
ProjectBabyJoe cbg shii 21 kun oldin
Mac Benzo
Mac Benzo 21 kun oldin
They only bring up MJ successes he played 15 seasons not (6) he was sent home in the First Round of the Playoffs 3Xs Luckily he got Scottie early in his career and other very dam good players as a supporting cast. These old heads wanted LeBron to stay put in Cleveland and never win a title like Patrick Ewing etc until their talent starts to diminish and ownership trades them off. LeBron was good enough to carry Cleveland to the point that they wouldn’t be in the lottery pick. Barkley, Shaq, Malone, Peyton all went RING Chasing late in their Careers wether they want to admit it or Not. How many teams did Shaq and Barkley play for during their career compared to LeBron they just didn’t Win at every stop.
Mac Benzo
Mac Benzo 21 kun oldin
You can stay put when you have other players on your team. Boston is exactly the same thing it’s just they are not as talented as LeBron. People forget Kobe wanted out of LA if they didn’t Bring him some help. Because Kobe mimicked and Praised MJ he was never going to be Truly compared to their Hero MJ.
Mac Benzo
Mac Benzo 21 kun oldin
Scottie stays on some B.S. You have to realize the Hatred started when LeBron was in H.S. Almost every NBA player was But Hurt The Chose one King James the second coming H.S. Games on ESPN, Spirts Illustrated Covers etc all the accolades LeBron got before he touch an NBA court. Wait till he gets in the NBA , he’ll be playing against Grown men etc First NBA Game Dropped 25 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds and 4 steals in 42 minutes. No one walking on the face of the earth was ever supposed to be compared to the NBA Media Darling MJ. When LeBron won his first Chip Magic Johnson was interview he said We need to stop this You Have to give LeBron his credit and he read if the stats He has lead the Miami Heat to a Championship and he’s going to be great. Charles Barkley once said LeBron can do everything MJ can do accept he’s Bigger Stronger and Faster than MJ was, Ofcourse the Old Guard came at his neck and once again he was on the LeBron Hate wagon again.
SoliGloria1 21 kun oldin
Why is no one in MSSM talking about the fact that NBA Finals ratings were down 70% due to “woke” messaging! It seems that LBJ’s legacy (4th ring or no) is going to be, primarily, that he destroyed (with Adam Silver’s capitulation) in a half of a season, the brand that Larry, Magic, Jordan and David Stern built over the golden decades of basketball.
Jose Zavala
Jose Zavala 21 kun oldin
It’s just jealousy man, Lebron is at the very least top 2, the whole goat debate will never be settled but I think it’s just jealousy
Denis Tuohy
Denis Tuohy 21 kun oldin
Rick Barry has the highest finals PPG
Philip Onen
Philip Onen 21 kun oldin
Excuse Pippen, he got his head so far up that he hasn't been watching ball games at least properly and objectively for decades. Some guys must just shut up
Mel D
Mel D 21 kun oldin
If there's some1 that knows if someone else is more valuable its Scottie Pippen
Mess1ah8x 21 kun oldin
Its intersting. The media swoons over Lebron but the players outright don't love him like that. The media loathed Kobe but the players respected the hell out of him. Id personally rather have the admiration and respect of my peers but the media is thr one who drives the narrative and influences public opinion. Its just very interesting how the most polarizing players over the last 20 years get totally opposs reactions from the players/media.
Don Clarke
Don Clarke 21 kun oldin
Lol Scottie is still mad over that dumb contract he signed with the bulls. He is mad because LeBron has already made his career earnings in the bubble alone 🤣
Antuan Leach
Antuan Leach 22 kun oldin
The problem is, we keep looking at this GOAT thing from a pure SG POV... 4s and 5s are discredited for whatever reason (Kareem true GOAT if we really being serious). 1s are discredited due to more focus on getting the team going and not putting up scoring numbers. 3s have turned to 3 and D players. Main reason why folks go with Kobe, because he was a mirror image of what they perceived as the GOAT. Folks that rock with James usually look at not only the scoring, but the floor generalship. If you classified James as a PG, he would rank with the greats. To them, being a more complete player hold more weight than being a better scorer. OAN: These old heads always try to save face with the 80s ball. It works both ways. Imagine LeBron being able to hand check and actually body you. Imagine D.Howard meeting you in the paint with the 80s rules. This era is bigger, stronger, and faster, what you think the results would be if you add in the 80s rules? It would look like the NFL when WRs run a quick slant...No matter great that Monster Truck was back in the day, you talking about it racing a damn Corvette. Physical, physical, physical...but you know once that vet break loose it's over right?
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 22 kun oldin
Hes talking about leading cavs to finals. He had kyrie and love. 2 all stars. He didn't even hit the biggest shot. I agree with scottie
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 19 kun oldin
@Simone Derret as you can tell of I'm telling the story of course I seen it
Simone Derret
Simone Derret 19 kun oldin
Did you watch the finals in 2016?
chris meaders
chris meaders 22 kun oldin
You forgot the Owner was garbage. It up to Owner to put good players around him. Straight BS. Kobe forcé his way from hornets.
Demitrius Bragg
Demitrius Bragg 22 kun oldin
Rings are a team accomplishment!! We talking the best basketball players! Lebron is the best players ever Jordan is the best at getting a buckets on a great team ! Didn’t even rebound the best on his own team didn’t even assist the best on his own team didn’t even shoot the best on 3 on his team Craig Hodges and Kerr where better at that but we place eveything in lebron a feet the fact that y’all gotta keep having this convo let’s me know bron is the best 10 years in and we still having the convo
JusMykeTV 22 kun oldin
Rob bring us home , yawl need to take the early slot or the slot after Colin, this should be a show!
Zero 22 kun oldin
Didn’t Scootie quit on his team
Kris Wit it
Kris Wit it 22 kun oldin
Scottie Pippen don’t know if LeBron or MJ is the GOAT lol
pisnop 22 kun oldin
It's simple! They Hate him cuz they ain't him! Pure jealousy! There isn't a player alive that wouldn't trade careers with The King!
Demetrius Lawson
Demetrius Lawson 22 kun oldin
Imagine if Lebron stayed on Cleveland his whole career. He been chasing super teams for the last 10yrs
Anthony Quiambao
Anthony Quiambao 22 kun oldin
The odd couple should be replaced their show name as Jordan Worshipers hehehe. Every time there is a caller favors Lebron they have always something to block or to say about it.
Widson Sabourin
Widson Sabourin 22 kun oldin
All these men would love to have King James NBA journey 🤷🏾‍♂️😂
Black Tonight
Black Tonight 22 kun oldin
Y’all never talk about MJ loses though what happened before the six rings
mskidi 9 kun oldin
Yeah what happened? Once he got eliminated as a rookie, 3 times he got eliminated by the eventual champs and once by the reigning champs. And its not just 6 rings, its two three peats. The thing that just one team managed to do in the past 50 years once, he did two.
James Winny
James Winny 22 kun oldin
There is no AD to LA without Lebron first Coming to LA. And second, pippen ss a former player should watch the games instead of just yapping this crap. The lakers were still winning with Lebron when AD got injured/sat out, with Lebron out or injured, the Lakers were not even winning regular games.
They Call Me Gator
They Call Me Gator 22 kun oldin
It's just jealousy. They don't want to admit that LeBron is better than them. They don't want to admit MJ is either, but have to cuz he dominated them.
They Call Me Gator
They Call Me Gator 20 kun oldin
@Torey Hubbard did you not read my comment??? I never said LeBron dominated them lmao. I said Jordan dominated them, & that LeBron is better than them. Learn how to read before trying to talk 💩🤣😂
Torey Hubbard
Torey Hubbard 20 kun oldin
Lol its jealous because ppl have their own opinion lol did lebron dominant them please explain
They Call Me Gator
They Call Me Gator 22 kun oldin
It all comes down to jealousy on why the old timers hate on LeBron. They do it cuz they all know they couldn't do what Bron does & don't wanna give him his props. They would do the same to MJ too, but can't cuz MJ dominated them in their era.
cookietote 22 kun oldin
Thank you first caller I'm like you mean to tell me lebron wouldn't have steamrolled 90s players?
Ian Burns
Ian Burns 22 kun oldin
D-wade he led the Heat, LeBron wasn't the closer in Cleveland and if you look at PER Anthony Davis is the most valuable Laker this year. However, Kyrie being the closer and the success of Anthony Davis this year is BECAUSE of directly LeBron James's leadership. The old school player believes that the best player has to dominate the scoring. That is not necessarily the best thing for the team to win. Whatever the team needs, LeBron does night in and night out. Another one like that but to a lesser extent is Jimmy Butler. Magic Johnson could of challenged Jordan for the scoring title if he wasn't on a team with other high quality stars. Bird could of gotten 30 or 35 a night if he didn't play with McHale and Parrish. The Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant model of basketball does the team model a disservice. I think that's where the rub is....
Christian Garrett
Christian Garrett 22 kun oldin
Don't know why they pic Kobe and mj over lebron? 🤔 let's see ummm maybe championships but at the same time I think lebron should be somewhere in top 10 and I hope they win another championship
ceaser khan
ceaser khan 22 kun oldin
Lebron isn't top 5, every great player if his generation is putt up against the top players of his sport. When lebron is retired lebron will be put somwhere between 5 and 7. It is the same that happened to kobe, he was pumped up as next but ended up falling short.
ceaser khan
ceaser khan 22 kun oldin
You got to say something or they will replace you. That explains 90 percent of theses talking heads takes
michael ereno
michael ereno 22 kun oldin
Scottie pippen takes something. Scottie was only Robin to Jordan when they played together.🤣🤣🤣
jeffry grant
jeffry grant 22 kun oldin
Lebron is the nba cash cow . I never seen a superstar cry and beg so much, neva seen a superstar flop so much, he neva was in the dunk contest neva that’s disrespectful . Not one come on people Be real . Complain to the ref, he neva foul and always complain about he getting foul . He’s a cry baby basketball player .
jack thamac
jack thamac 22 kun oldin
You must've started watching basketball in the 2010s
Dmoney YTV
Dmoney YTV 22 kun oldin
That’s exactly what it is Pippen got a call from Jordan
Darryl Jones
Darryl Jones 22 kun oldin
Awwwwww....The little LeBron fanboys are crying. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dox Diggla
Dox Diggla 22 kun oldin
Kyrie Irving was the leader offensively in cleveland
Quantez Parrish
Quantez Parrish 22 kun oldin
Anytime anybody criticizes Lebron, they’re hating, or being disrespectful. I thought everyone was entitled to their on opinion? 🤷🏽‍♂️ Y’all can’t make Lebron be everyone’s favorite. Shannon Sharpe, Chris Brussard & others talk like they on Lebron payroll.
Quantez Parrish
Quantez Parrish 22 kun oldin
Pippen is 1000% correct about Lebron’s Leadership & about A.D being more valuable on offense.
TROIX 22 kun oldin
Kobe winning MULTIPLE rings wit Pau as his 2nd best player solidifies how great he is.. NOT ONE PLAYER on the Mt. Rushmore can say that. All of their 2nd players & majority time, their 3rd players were all better than Pau. Imagine Kobe on those types of teams for 10+ years straight, 7 rings minimum
TROIX 22 kun oldin
jack thamac yes. Very good. But we can both agree not as good as Pipp/Rodman/grant/Kerr/Hodges/Phil for MJ ... or Kareem/worthy/coop/Riley for Magic ... Kobe/Dwade for Shaq.. or Dwade/bosh/Riley/Kylie/klove/ray Allen /eastern conference for LBJ right?!
jack thamac
jack thamac 22 kun oldin
Do you know how good Pau was for Kobe. Along with Odom, Artest and that Phil Jackson coaching staff
citi24 22 kun oldin
Lepussy lol
Antwain Patrick
Antwain Patrick 23 kun oldin
Based on Rob's statement we better not hear a single word about KD being top 5!
Far Out
Far Out 23 kun oldin
I don't get how Jordan making it to finals only 6 times is better than LeBron making 10. That just shows LeBron's teams weren't as good as the Bulls but he willed them to the finals anyway. Jordan couldn't do that. He needed one of the best coaches in history to get to the finals.
jack thamac
jack thamac 22 kun oldin
Truth. Best sidekick (no disrespect to Pip) best shooters best coach and coaching staff(Tex Winters, Johnny Bach) best gm at the time. It's very rare that the best player has the best coach, the best team, best gm and another top player at their position at the same time especially during that era.
Lavelle Jenkins
Lavelle Jenkins 23 kun oldin
Lebron not giving you 30 every night
Lavelle Jenkins
Lavelle Jenkins 23 kun oldin
You must don't know that AD leads the Lakers in almost all stats
Argyris Tsintzilonis
Argyris Tsintzilonis 23 kun oldin
LeBron is doing everything to chase the dream of rings and stats.... ie for himself! And still he has only 3... Check how many other players have already won against LBJ! LBJ does not do it for the team (not even for CLE)... He got 1 for them and then left...imagine that! All great players have fought for their team.. stayed put through good and bad!
Clay Slade
Clay Slade 23 kun oldin
You mean the 2 years they were stolen from him in 2011-12 and 2012-13? When both times the DPoY who won was only 2nd team Defense? Go and look at the ADT on WIKI and you will see the hate LeBron receives from Jordan protectors. LeBron was shutting down the people he guarded. When MJ won, he was getting blocks on people that did not know he was there. LeBron shut down players from all 5 positions and did not win it. That is hate. LeBron would and should have at least 5 more awards, but due to OLD HEAD HATERS, he had to become GOAT by STATS and other ways. They can not take STATS away they can an AWARD!
jack thamac
jack thamac 22 kun oldin
Wali Ahmad
Wali Ahmad 23 kun oldin
How the hell can Scottie rip LBJ on leadership when he wouldn't even get off the bench in a playoff game to help his team, because Scottie was mad that Tony Kukoch was taking the last shot. Get out of here Scottie we just saw the documentary it's fresh on ppl 's minds u r the last person to be talking about leadership skills. Lebron 's the man on his team's always has been, you were a Hall of fame side kick, they are not the same.
Aamsheer Zabal
Aamsheer Zabal 21 kun oldin
He was "the man" and the coach drew up a plan for someone else lol scottie is a hater
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 22 kun oldin
FACTS....I think MJ checked him back when he tried to say lebron was better
Hard Art
Hard Art 23 kun oldin
Lebron fans are worse than the Bey Hive..anybody say anything negative about Lebron & u girls have a fit. Scottie, J Will, Paul Pierce, Kyrie, Barkley etc..
Hard Art
Hard Art 22 kun oldin
@jack thamac I gave specific examples that we are currently seeing.
jack thamac
jack thamac 22 kun oldin
You must be a Jordanite, because they do the same thing.
Peter Stark
Peter Stark 23 kun oldin
Maybe lebron didnt earn these player's respect. I remember Bird and Magic calling MJ as the best player of the league when MJ was just a sophomore.. 😁
reggie demmons
reggie demmons 23 kun oldin
Bron is the greatest SF to play the game ever. He is definitely in the top 5 of all times. His career speaks for itself. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ariel Pascual
Ariel Pascual 23 kun oldin
John Capo
John Capo 23 kun oldin
GET OFF MY LAWN crowd at it again watch classic Nba games, 90% of those players will not make the league today most of the guards Jordan played where either too small, too slow, limited skills Jordan jumped higher than all except dominic (who could not shoot)
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