Rob Parker Rips Chris Broussard For Being Fraudulent on Chiefs VS Ravens Game

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard is on his high horse about Patrick Mahomes putting on a Michael Jordan-like performance against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football. Rob Parker however questions why a guy who's all in Mahomes wasn't confident enough to believe the Chiefs could defeat the Ravens going into that game.
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4000 clovers
4000 clovers 21 kun oldin
Rob is all about Aaron Rodgers?? Sharon, you mean?? SB win? He's a chump. I'd take Mahommes over him any day.
carbon.the. christ
carbon.the. christ 22 kun oldin
Rob is right about Chris being a fraud on this. You don't pick against Jordan in a big game with the money on the line lol
bonglokta 23 kun oldin
Chris must be having Jack and coke.
Tyler GG
Tyler GG 23 kun oldin
Mahomes 2018 highlights, 1 season is better than Rodgers career highlight reel. Rob clueless
Lord Clarke
Lord Clarke 23 kun oldin
I hate when ppl say he's made throws we've never seen when we had ppl like Brady, Rodgers, Farve, Marino, Elway, Cutler (yes Jay Cutler), Mike Vick, Jeff George, Stafford and some others I can't remember right now who've made similar throws
Default Name
Default Name 23 kun oldin
Rob won this. I agree Mahomes is unbelievable and if Chris believed it also, why would you pick them to lose? Then he has the nerve to say he's his kryptonite? Calling Mahomes the man. He just looks like a clown.
Daniel Semmens
Daniel Semmens 24 kun oldin
What’s in that ice tea,kinda obvious
El Papi
El Papi 24 kun oldin
Some ppl are just stuck in their ways. Especially old ppl like Rob. Cardinals fan here. Pat myhomeboy the best QB in the game the best since the goat Tom
Noah M
Noah M 24 kun oldin
Chris Broussard and shannon Sharpe need to ditch their annoying ass cohosts and do a show together
Burdania East
Burdania East 24 kun oldin
1 of their 3 wins came from winless teams Rob, get your facts right. Also the Texans had the hardest 3 games by far to start the season of all teams in the NFL. Context matters
Luis Moreno
Luis Moreno 24 kun oldin
That intro killed me lmaooooo
Seb Anapo
Seb Anapo 25 kun oldin
Yeahhhhh..Tell him Rob!! 🤣👊🏼💯
T C 25 kun oldin
Ravens Coach is Sorry going against other great coaches. Pittsburgh and NE Patriots coach
lovell brooks
lovell brooks 25 kun oldin
It's all entertainment...period! Sheesh😅😅😅
C Taylor
C Taylor 25 kun oldin
Just because chris didn't make it a big deal doesn't mean the rest of the world didn't. Everyone was anticipating this since the off season! Stop it chris.
Terry 2Times
Terry 2Times 25 kun oldin
Rob is Chris’s crypt tonight
Lionel Bulgin
Lionel Bulgin 26 kun oldin
Darius Clark
Darius Clark 26 kun oldin
Rodgers had Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Randal Cobb, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, AND Jermichael Finley at the same time. Both of his backs averaged 4.2ypc. That's a more talented team than that Chiefs offense is. That team lost in the 1st rd of the playoffs.
chewy yo
chewy yo 25 kun oldin
Stop it, you acting like those players were amazing. They was average. Those same players would not of been successful anywhere else. And driver was old af.
Darius Clark
Darius Clark 26 kun oldin
Sammy Watkins was on his 3rd team in 3 years. Hardman and Hill are 5'9" and under and were return specialists. The Cowboys have more talented skill guys than the Chiefs do.
PROLOG ATL7 26 kun oldin
The Ravens are a Boyband..fake and Fraudulent
Anthony Bonifas
Anthony Bonifas 26 kun oldin
Yall Ravens got fuckin bodied🤣😭the actual visualization of Lamar Jackson being the boy who walks into his sister's room having an all girls night sleep over(Patrick Mahomes) pulling out the clothing, high heels, some fuckin lipstick, nail polish and a damn broadway stage walk. Literally handpicked/undressed getting that level of humiliation.
Anthony Bonifas
Anthony Bonifas 26 kun oldin
I'm sure Rob Parker has picked against Jordan too🤣. Dominique Wilkins, Bird, Isaiah Thomas, even early on with Magic and Worthy then Payton then Malone and Stockton. Chris Broussard picking Ravens means nothing at all. This only gonna further establish NOT to pick against Mahomes anyway in the same way people further quit picking against Jordan. I'm a Lebron fan first and a Kawhi fan and wanted Kawhi to win it all this year. It takes nothing away from me for Lebron and doesn't make someone a fraud🤣🤦‍♂️
Kash Starr
Kash Starr 26 kun oldin
Rob acting like he on his phone in the beginning LOL
MastenPark 27 kun oldin
Damn Chris is in his bag WOW
Great Scott
Great Scott 27 kun oldin
Rob Parker said the bucs wouldn’t make the playoffs
Polo J
Polo J 27 kun oldin
Rob must be one the least knowledgeable person on earth when it comes to foorball.
Air Ferock
Air Ferock 27 kun oldin
From here on out its pretty much impossible to call Mahomes a fraud since the kid already has a Cabinet full of Personal & Championship Hardware.BTW.. someone needs to tell Rob the reason Mahomes doesn't have big numbers so far is that his team hasn't fallen into big deficits where he then would activate gunslinger mode and just eat up the STATS. The last time I check the Chiefs are 3-0, You only bring up numbers if the team is LOSING and the QB is the reason.
Dorian Creagh
Dorian Creagh 27 kun oldin
I mostly agree with rob but Chris is right. Baltimore looked better on paper goin into to the game. Lamar Jackson is great but still has flaws. I'm a steeler fan but im also just a pure football fan. Every now and then you just have to sit back and just witness greatness.
Mr. Slickwordsmith
Mr. Slickwordsmith 27 kun oldin
Shut up Robb. Mahomes is special. Anyone with eyes can see it.
John jones
John jones 27 kun oldin
You know it's just ridiculous man this is why I can't stand the MVP conversation because it doesn't matter only about numbers Rob Parker you jackass dumb f*** okay you give Patrick Mahomes any kind of stable running game and a defense is as good as they were last night and you will not lose a game
bruno vieira
bruno vieira 27 kun oldin
Brian Erwin
Brian Erwin 27 kun oldin
rob was right, tho
ALS84 27 kun oldin
I love these guys
Kenneth Hardy
Kenneth Hardy 27 kun oldin
Rob makes it sound like Jordan was undefeated in the regular season. So to say that Mahomes would lose one game would make Chris’ take wrong. I debate who I respect less Skip or Rob and it’s a close debate
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 27 kun oldin
Rob talking bout season stats and it's only been 3 weeks. I'm dead 😴😴😴
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly 27 kun oldin
Seth Nicolas Randall
Seth Nicolas Randall 28 kun oldin
TEll em chris!!!
Tyler Hammond
Tyler Hammond 28 kun oldin
Mahomes is still a kid while Rodgers and Wilson are the best of the best as veteran quarterbacks so yeah.... Mahomes is playing like a young Jordan.
Derek Smidl
Derek Smidl 28 kun oldin
Mahomes is better than everybody because he's tied with the best we've ever seen but outside of Dan Marino no body was doing things like this from the start. Mahomes is 4 years ahead of everybody because it takes players 4-5 years to perform as well as Patrick was doing as a rookie 😆 now in 5 years from now he will replace Jordan as the greatest athlete we've ever seen
Derek Smidl
Derek Smidl 28 kun oldin
Mahomes going 14-2 and Ravens going 13-3...
SODA 28 kun oldin
Why does Rob say the ravens are 14 and 0 . hell no actually thier 2 an 2 in thier last 4 games.. Stop it with the dumb narrative.
Mike Blick
Mike Blick 28 kun oldin
Lmao the Rob impression at the beginning is hilarious
LANE5311 Lane
LANE5311 Lane 28 kun oldin
Chris you didn’t pick the Champs!🤣🤣🤣😂 you do look bogus.
M H 28 kun oldin
Rob acts like skip when it comes to lebron to Jordan. Why is it a knock to Aaron to acknowledge mahomies greatness...
ubadman1 28 kun oldin
what mahomes is doing isnt jordan like. jordan took 10 years to win. its more like tiger woods. he has arrived and he is shaking the sport to its core and he's winning younger and quicker than anyone before him. vetrans are looking at him in awe and hs stats dont make any logical sense.
Goku HeartAttack
Goku HeartAttack 28 kun oldin
actually 6
Jonathan Kyle/Music
Jonathan Kyle/Music 28 kun oldin
"footballs different" ... yeah it should've been easier for Jordan to win every game because individual players have more impactXD
Malaki727 28 kun oldin
I hate Mahoney game. I hate his game I respect the man I hate the chiefs But he was unbelievable so great against ravens like a video game . ... he the truth. But I hate Mahoney!
GenghisWanghis 28 kun oldin
Watching late. But I haven't heard two men loudly yelling this much since the presidential debate.
James Jones
James Jones 28 kun oldin
he ALWAYS walkin his talk back. Maholmes is nice.
Brian Logan
Brian Logan 28 kun oldin
I see that vent in the window Chris, what you got going on in that room brother? 👀🤣
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 28 kun oldin
Navy option Lamar...
James Jones
James Jones 28 kun oldin
NOT AT ALL "nice"... And, scream more like a Felix.
usernametaken 56
usernametaken 56 28 kun oldin
"The MAN, the MYTH, the LEGEND!" preach it brother! That is the way to describe Mahomes for sure. He will own all the records given time and what a time to be a Chiefs fan woo!
Tawdry Beast
Tawdry Beast 28 kun oldin
This new brand of over the top sports prognosticators (2010s) and their constant hyperbolic loudmouth commentary. They don’t really talk about the games anymore. They just argue about whomever they are prisoner of the moment jock riding. I feel like Stephen A Bitch started this trend and it’s just gotten worse and worse over the course of the decade.
King Blitz
King Blitz 28 kun oldin
Chris impression of rob is perfect
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 28 kun oldin
Im done i guess Patrick a scrub. but he got a 💍 these commentators getting to wack chiefs kingdom
Rasclart 28 kun oldin
Green Bay and Seahawks won against winless team
DLOOT11 28 kun oldin
Rasclart You play your schedule. Those teams are in the league.
Marquis Gunn
Marquis Gunn 28 kun oldin
I guess yall didn't see what I saw in the game chief vs ravens... better watch how yall praise Patrick just saying go back and watch the tape homies
William Hill
William Hill 28 kun oldin
Chiefs got too much o" too much! Ri ed played chess!
William Hill
William Hill 28 kun oldin
Homes don't need best numbers
William Hill
William Hill 28 kun oldin
Homes is the best now! Only cause he on the best team! Wilson" rodgers" watson" are right there! Put them on the Chiefs!
Chimere Okey-Nwamara
Chimere Okey-Nwamara 28 kun oldin
William Hill lol 😂 you actually think your making good points
Arnulfo Alvarez
Arnulfo Alvarez 28 kun oldin
William Hill just look at the very first game he played away from home with the second strength and come back and say the same thing.
William Hill
William Hill 28 kun oldin
@Chimere Okey-Nwamara brah! Homes got mad skills! But take away two of his weapons! Then lets see what he do! Can he roll like wilson an rodgers then or cam! YEAH take tyrek out! Take Kelsey out! Then lets see mcmagic then!
Chimere Okey-Nwamara
Chimere Okey-Nwamara 28 kun oldin
Bro stop you don’t be one of those guys what do your eyes tell you you can clearly see that pat Mahomes is the best
Am Ka
Am Ka 28 kun oldin
is ... is this the presidential debate?
Fullmetal 28 kun oldin
Mahomes is what lebron was supposed to be an actual phenomenon an actual dominant young player that is actually the best in his field from year 2 till now
Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon 24 kun oldin
@Chimere Okey-Nwamara lol ndi ogbo kwenu
Chimere Okey-Nwamara
Chimere Okey-Nwamara 27 kun oldin
Zach Zach bro the stats say he clutch stats are FACTS eye test is just your biased opinion bro so give me a break
Zach Zach
Zach Zach 28 kun oldin
@Chimere Okey-Nwamara if your eye test said thay he is clutch you got a problem. He's great player but not at crunch time every year he had missed freethrows at the and end of the game and we just talking about freethrows not to mention the others late game flaws.
Chimere Okey-Nwamara
Chimere Okey-Nwamara 28 kun oldin
Zach Zach once again stats say he clutch so idk what you talking about
Zach Zach
Zach Zach 28 kun oldin
@Chimere Okey-Nwamara hell noh! Afraid of the moment
zooie z
zooie z 28 kun oldin
STOP YELLING CHRIS! you sound like a child.
RJC 28 kun oldin
This kid said we didn’t play nobody but mention the Vikings said they was in the playoffs a year ago like the Texans wasn’t and didn’t mention the lions
Chris Green
Chris Green 28 kun oldin
I’m not taking anything From him, but let me take a minute to take somethings away Rob Parker
Tre Slime
Tre Slime 28 kun oldin
Lamar Jackson is overrated he chokes when it matters that’s why he hasn’t won a playoff game
Jay Brickman
Jay Brickman 26 kun oldin
Mdray74 just wait and see how the season shakes out..Lamar isn’t as effective whenever teams stop the run and force a pass heavy gameplan or when they fall don’t find it concerning that he has yet to have a come from behind win? I’d be concerned
Mdray74 26 kun oldin
Do you even watch Raven games? He's been playing from the pocket all season so far. He has one bad game due to other circumstances and you guys swear he can't play the position. Funny headed into the game Monday he had the highest QBR in the NFL, the highest passing percentage... But you prob wouldn't know that based on just watching one game...
Mdray74 27 kun oldin
21-4 as a starter and he's gonna be a journeymen... Really?
Kshitij Dobriyal
Kshitij Dobriyal 28 kun oldin
I love rodgers man but mahomes is playing at diff level..... If aaron have kelce or hill in prime years mannnn
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter 28 kun oldin
This show is coming to an end...
Jake Smooke
Jake Smooke 28 kun oldin
When are people going to accept that Lamar just isn't that good? Dude has all kinds of problems throwing the ball
Stocks And Books By Bre
Stocks And Books By Bre 28 kun oldin
Russell never had any good WR's until now... Russell never make excuses.. Russell is my #1 QB...
Stocks And Books By Bre
Stocks And Books By Bre 28 kun oldin
Chargers should've beat the Chiefs..
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown 28 kun oldin
Scott Gevurtz
Scott Gevurtz 28 kun oldin
Bro when Rob says that Mahomes beat two winless teams before the Ravens he was totally lying cuz the Chargers are 1-2. Also the Texans made the playoffs last year and aren’t terrible they just had to play Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and KC who are 3 of the best 8 teams in the league. Plus he said Aaron Rodgers is good because he beat the Vikings who are ACTUALLY WINLESS but his defense was that the Vikings made the playoffs last year even though he totally shrugged that off with the Texans. smh 🤦‍♂️
Jayhawk 28 kun oldin
I have to turn my volume down when Parker talks
Jay Brickman
Jay Brickman 26 kun oldin
Rock Chalk!!
Gabriel Soto
Gabriel Soto 28 kun oldin
Lmao Chris was getting that work😂😂
Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty 28 kun oldin
Can Rob stop going on his phone during the show
TheWhiteWhale 28 kun oldin
It's not that mahomes makes passes nobody else can make. It's that he makes passes other guys dont attempt. He cant see his own limits.
Ryan Carr
Ryan Carr 28 kun oldin
We can’t either.
Docta91104 28 kun oldin
I love these guys 😂😂😂😂😂
Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz 28 kun oldin
I need a longer video podcast of the Loud Couple!!!!😅😅😅😅
Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz 28 kun oldin
"You picked that up...? "Everything is not funny."🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Rada Gilliam
Rada Gilliam 28 kun oldin
Ravens fan here! All Hail Mahomes!!! "Michael Jordan of football "
Shaft 2020
Shaft 2020 25 kun oldin
Much Respect! 🙌🏾 Much Respect for Lamar Jackson!
Isaiah Richardson
Isaiah Richardson 28 kun oldin
These 2 are pure comedy 😂
Ismail McDuffey
Ismail McDuffey 28 kun oldin
Lamar can't throw.. and the offense will be irrelevant soon if that doesn't change
ATL 1 26 kun oldin
You wouldn't put money on either of those statements
Jay Marbles
Jay Marbles 28 kun oldin
Pat mahomes should get on his hands and knees whenever he sees kyle Shanahan Because he blew his 2nd Superbowl, u have all these people anointing him as the goat. He was trash in that SB for 3 plus quarters and should have lost. But kyle did what he does best. Hand Superbowls over to the other team. As a niner fan this is sickening to me. Congrats Kyle Shanahan u are the reason for all this hoopla. 👏👏👏
Mike Blick
Mike Blick 27 kun oldin
Dumbass take
conspiracy Chris
conspiracy Chris 28 kun oldin
Did you ask Brady to get on his hands and knees and thank shanahan and Pete carroll and the Patriots defense last Superbowl win did he thank vinateri. Did he thank the bill belicheck
CJ Kush
CJ Kush 28 kun oldin
It was more Jimmy and the refs. Imagine if a mere two holding calls were called against the Chiefs o-line.
malcolm Hamilton
malcolm Hamilton 28 kun oldin
Thanks Kyle us chiefs appreciate it no complaints from me😊
Jay Desrouleaux
Jay Desrouleaux 28 kun oldin
And the 49ers stomp Aaron Rodgers and it wasn’t even close
Kenny Dozier
Kenny Dozier 28 kun oldin
It's homeboy for me
James Mull-Adkins. Self Made
James Mull-Adkins. Self Made 28 kun oldin
Rob going to keep holding them Ls lol
Atm SoundStudioMastering
Atm SoundStudioMastering 28 kun oldin
Rob can you PLEAAAAASE by a pop filter and gain stage your vocals please
Anteongo Estill
Anteongo Estill 28 kun oldin
Aaron rodgers a bad man ain't nobody just that much better than him
Greg somebody
Greg somebody 28 kun oldin
Odd Couple>>>Undisputed >>>>First Take. Another stellar episode, good sirs!
Black Falcon
Black Falcon 28 kun oldin
Neither of these guys have any credibility anyways lmao, both are frauds and fake "experts".
DUDEINABADMOOD !!! 28 kun oldin
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 28 kun oldin
Of course Patty scored all those point the defense played all game because Lamar “Tim Tebow” Jackson can’t throw
Travis Case
Travis Case 26 kun oldin
This is a tired carbon copy opinion. LJ lead the league in TD’s from the pocket last year and was the MVP. Lamar is literally the only QB who isn’t allowed to have a bad game. If you really watched the game, he didn’t get much help from his TE’s or WR’s
Edwin Brown
Edwin Brown 28 kun oldin
Rob always talking about fraudulent but his first name is Rob lol
J D 28 kun oldin
Joey Scott
Joey Scott 28 kun oldin
I gotta agree with Rob on this 😂😂😂
Uche Akusobi
Uche Akusobi 28 kun oldin
Rob you wont win this arguement because Mahomes really that dude.
carbon.the. christ
carbon.the. christ 22 kun oldin
hes right about broussard being a fraud though lol
caper087 28 kun oldin
Rodgers is a beast... look what he has to work with and look at the embarrassment of riches mahomes has... but in my opinion I’d take nick foles!
martshmallow 28 kun oldin
Chris is predicting that Mahomes has the potential to be the GOAT. It's a PREDICTION. 20 years down the road when Mahomes is the GOAT in everyone's eyes, it'll be easy for anyone and everyone to say Mahomes is Jordanesque. Rob will think he's smart in 16 years when he finally gets onboard. ANYONE CAN SAY IT ONCE IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED. Chris I'm with you.
504 HOT BOI 28 kun oldin
Man.. F#@& Peter King an everybody he cares bout..
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 28 kun oldin
I'm tried of people saying that Patrick Mahomes has good weapons.Get mad at y'all scouting department and "DRAFT" better players to help your team win games and have a game plan to beat my Chiefs team 💯💯💯💯💯
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 20 kun oldin
@John Carter straight facts 💯 💯
John Carter
John Carter 21 kun oldin
Tim Johnson exactly. The Chiefs drafted these players. Tyreek was a 5th round pick. Travis was a 3rd round pick, (who didn't play in his rookie year). Mecole was a late second round pick. Hell, Left-Tackle Eric Fisher was considered a bust up until 2017. The other teams scouting department needs to step their game up.
So fly Luni
So fly Luni 27 kun oldin
Facts bro
CJ Kush
CJ Kush 28 kun oldin
Good doesn’t begin to describe Cheetah and Kelce 😂😂😂 Sammy and Mecole are good. Cheetah and Kelce are top 2 at their positions and if you take blocking out they are probably both number 1.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 28 kun oldin
@DRM 1985 Nahh...Alex Smith want throw the ball pass 20 yards so he got to find a QB that can throw the ball down field to match the speed of Hill, Sammy, Travis etc...the only side that choked was are Defense that's why we had to revamp are Defense and rebuild it.
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming 28 kun oldin
You can't tell me Jordan is not only the GOAT, but one of the 3-4 greatest athletes that has ever lived. This dude gets name dropped EVERY DAY even in sports that has absolutely nothing to do with him.
Justin H
Justin H 28 kun oldin
Chris Broussard and Rob Parker imitating each other is hilarious
Sam King
Sam King 22 kun oldin
Yeah their impressions of each other are exactly the same too
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