Rob Parker - LeBron Looks Weak Asking For Respect At This Point in His Career

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16 kun oldin

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the Lakers winning the NBA Championship. They dive into some of the quotes that were said at the post-game speeches and talk about LeBron James say that he wants respect. Is this a flex or a sign of weakness.
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Shylisha Newman
Shylisha Newman 18 soat oldin
Lawd... These 2 have a Channel...
Nate Young
Nate Young Kun oldin
How are you going to say I believe LeBron still hold on to the Miami failures not I talk to some ppl close to LeBron or from him, his self. Stop bringing Mj cuz he said himself that the way social media is he wouldn’t be able to handle it. But you know how fans and media spins it” oh you don’t know that he’s most toughest minded person to ever grace the basketball” but when he said he can’t handle it they just sweep it under the rug and say well he was 6-0 that’s awesome, far as that and shoes and one great movie, why can’t LeBron get that treatment for this generation?
Nate Young
Nate Young Kun oldin
How are you gonna say if LeBron goes out and has a good game and doesn’t say anything after words then that’s all that matters but when he does yeah I still blame him or find something to compare him to Michael Jordan when we all know he’s not Michael Jordan. That’s the media for ya. You can’t fault a man for having his own opinion or how I feels about his game if he feels like he’s the goat right now and nobody’s challenging him right now crowned man 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m happy bron got my team a chip but the disrespect is nothing new with rob and skip etc🤷🏾‍♂️
Jeff snell
Jeff snell Kun oldin
Take notice the FIRST thing lebron mentioned during his speech after winning title was "i"...Always ME ME ME ME with him...Such an insecure person...ALWAYS lobbying for himself ME ME ME ME...Lebron you will NEVER pass Jordan as the GOAT...Just embrace it and deal with it...Lebron is a VERY Annoying athlete
Aaron Homer
Aaron Homer Kun oldin
Rob Parker is clearly hurt. Now he can shut the hell up and go paint
Drew Escobar
Drew Escobar 2 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣 Man I love just imagining LeGOAT sipping on his wine chilling, straight chilling. 🙌🏽
jameacr8 2 kun oldin
Next time Mr.Parker, put your money where your mouth is..Bet your house, savings, everything ..Putz .
Jose Manuel de Hitta
Jose Manuel de Hitta 2 kun oldin
Wtf this guy rob still alive? I think he kill his self after what he said that lebron is washed king and Can’t win his next rings.
Al farouq Aminu For 3
Al farouq Aminu For 3 2 kun oldin
Rob parker is absolutely right
Joseph Kent
Joseph Kent 2 kun oldin
The NBA needs to unload James asap
Lonnie Shumate
Lonnie Shumate 3 kun oldin
Who wrote that for Lebron... this guy’s a bad actor..
Lonnie Shumate
Lonnie Shumate 3 kun oldin
Lebron tells AD he’s the leader, but Lebron wants all the awards. LBJ needS 10 top tier all stars in their prime to even see MJ
ROMMEL ABAN 3 kun oldin
Rob Parker is a fraud
Matthew Fudge
Matthew Fudge 3 kun oldin
If he's still asking for respect seventeen years in, he'll never get it. There are only two reasons he doesn't get the respect he wants: 1. He's a legitimate threat to MJ's legacy. 2. "The Decision" That's it.
Romeo Wilson
Romeo Wilson 3 kun oldin
At this point, Rob Parker has a problem. He really has a problem. He needs to check in to a hospital. Straight up
Hasson Jackson
Hasson Jackson 3 kun oldin
Andre Green
Andre Green 3 kun oldin
Rob Parker is just as bad as Skip Bayless, terrible, just terrible
Amante Heru
Amante Heru 3 kun oldin
I'm not much of a lebron fan but Rob said two years ago on undisputed that lebron would never win a championship on the Lakers lmfao
Joseph Winslow
Joseph Winslow 3 kun oldin
Feel bad for yourself, Rob Parker! You sound lame like haters, do.
Joseph Winslow
Joseph Winslow 3 kun oldin
Rob, you hate Lebron. Admit it. Stop being disingenuous Without, Chris Broussard, you would not have any following.
jojo trinidad
jojo trinidad 4 kun oldin
Rob Parker and Skip Bayless should start a show together and call it Lebron Bashers hahaha
66Snuffleupagus 4 kun oldin
If we can't compare Centers to Guards. Then comparison is just talk radio activity. A time waster.
Terrence Alexander
Terrence Alexander 4 kun oldin
Get him Chris respect the GOAT rob! Stop hating the man is great on and off the court! Flex goat James flex!
Mecca St. Pulliam
Mecca St. Pulliam 4 kun oldin
How weak can you look as the Champion, LeBron deserves to PUT THE MEDIA ON NOTICE. He has more Epic rings than anyone else. LeBron is the Most Gifted. Of. All. Time. No discussion, no repercussions.
el chapo jr kimg of the trap
el chapo jr kimg of the trap 5 kun oldin
Rob so hurt lol likes he wanted LeBron to lose so bad
TomCollierBlog Nation
TomCollierBlog Nation 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker is skip bayless fused with Sylvester the cat. 🤣 why does he sound like he needs to swallow his spit
Rob should be ashamed of himself at least credit the King all that bs you spilled in 18-19 that's why i can respect Rapaport when he's wrong he apologized like a man an a real NBA fan
Reginald Ruff
Reginald Ruff 5 kun oldin
If Landon win u can't sleep like he just won the chip
AgooD Avgguy
AgooD Avgguy 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker - In 2018, you said that LeBron need to win a 4th title to pass Michael Jordan as the GOAT.. He did it so what are you saying now.
Smooth Eadie
Smooth Eadie 5 kun oldin
If you don't have a point I with Rob on this I believe you people in the media and he has no way out he will never be MJ or Kobe, you won't to put him over Kobe which I think is crazy LeBron is not the guy so pass me with this crap
Anthony Hooper
Anthony Hooper 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker trash analysis
Ryan Nurmi
Ryan Nurmi 5 kun oldin
Such a same someone with as much integrity as Chris Broussard is on a show with this bum
Xignanuz 5 kun oldin
He's prediction was LeBron and AD will not work. Kuzma will be the number 2 guy and AD will be a spot up 3 point shooter. He said Lakers winning a Championship even with AD is ridiculous. He said LeBron is washed. Among other things he said was wrong. He's correct on one thing though, this new Showtime Lakers indeed wasn't able to beat the No Show Clippers in the playoffs hahahaha. He really just needs to retire and start a stand up comedy career fits him well.
Jodbir Waraich
Jodbir Waraich 5 kun oldin
Rob if respect is earned than nobody respects you
K Young
K Young 5 kun oldin
Wait wasn't Rob Parker was the one who said he was gonna be a 6'8 Kevin Hart? 😂😂😂
TRENT JORDAN 5 kun oldin
1) Lebron saw those ratings 5.6m...lowest nba finals since the 70's no1 watched no1 cared 2) Maybe not now...but in the future...a season with 4 months off in between will get a GIANT asterisk. He has 3 rings, 1 bubble ring,1 bubble mvp, and 6 finals losses..THAT"S why!
Richard Conwayy
Richard Conwayy 5 kun oldin
Love my boy Rob always calling it like it is, diggin deep into that weak-minded Lebron's insecurities
Ngqapheli Mchunu
Ngqapheli Mchunu 5 kun oldin
Rob felt LeBron's ' I want my damn respect too' speech huh.
migs mendoza
migs mendoza 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker should stop. Everything he says is poopoo
Hwhshe Bshehshcbd
Hwhshe Bshehshcbd 6 kun oldin
Rob Parker wanted the heat to win because he had a take saying lebron wouldn’t win a chip 😂😂 salty ass old man
WIL SUTTON 6 kun oldin
Rob is ridiculous 🙄 😒
WIL SUTTON 6 kun oldin
You a Bron hater Rob!!
LotteryDucky 6 kun oldin
U a lebron hater
Zar Norris
Zar Norris 6 kun oldin
Him saying “I want my damn Respect too” that’s not a question that’s a statement. These fools are so damn ridiculous.
harborboi 6 kun oldin
He big mad and it’s hilarious 😂
Brent Carl Suriaga
Brent Carl Suriaga 7 kun oldin
Are we supposed to believe this fool when he said last year that AD is not good enough to be the 2nd option for a championship team?
Kenneth Crosby
Kenneth Crosby 7 kun oldin
why do LeBron always cry he had to run to two different teams to win championships come on man he cried about fouls he cry about respect come on man
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 7 kun oldin
Just by starting with what he said saying 'I don't lose sleep...' literally shows he's bothered lmfao. What a moron. Not a journalist, just a pure hater.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 7 kun oldin
Same guy saying AD to Lakers will never win a championship?
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 7 kun oldin
Rob's microphone.... it should be dispose ASAP.
Peter Meikle
Peter Meikle 7 kun oldin
I feel bad for Rob Parker. He is just a hypocrite. He talks with no substance.
Peter Meikle
Peter Meikle 7 kun oldin
Parker is a know it all, and just like Skip Bayless he is a Lebron hater!
Anmol Negi
Anmol Negi 7 kun oldin
Now rob looks weak speaking bullshit by sitting in his room. That rob parker for you folks.
Tootie Pootie
Tootie Pootie 7 kun oldin
Who hates LeBron the most is it Skip Bayless or Rob Parker?!🤔😂😂😅
Tootie Pootie
Tootie Pootie 7 kun oldin
Rob cannot stand LeBron 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tootie Pootie
Tootie Pootie 7 kun oldin
Rob was right on that Chris you picked the clippers and pie and mud and all kinds of stuff is in your face. 😭😭🤣🤣🤣 For picking the garbage clippers 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dave Conlin
Dave Conlin 7 kun oldin
Lebrons manhood is regularly getting taken away by Colby Covington lately.Poor guy.Nothing he can do about it.
Andy James
Andy James 7 kun oldin
Well hes the greatest,he said it all, so why dos he wants respect, he's a show off
Abraxas Voice
Abraxas Voice 7 kun oldin
Rob "KAREN" Parker!!!😝😝😝
phyllis johnson
phyllis johnson 8 kun oldin
Lebron has turned off a big part of the fan base, that’s his legacy unfortunately.
Kyle Wood
Kyle Wood 8 kun oldin
LOL @ Parker trying to convince people that he has "journalistic integrity" when his only trained skill is to talk S--- about professional athletes.
Damilola Oni
Damilola Oni 8 kun oldin
You were wrong and you are still running your mouth
Benjamin Dankwa
Benjamin Dankwa 8 kun oldin
I never thought I'd say this, but Chris is right...
Benjamin Dankwa
Benjamin Dankwa 8 kun oldin
Rob, you just a hater...
MARTIN SIANANG 8 kun oldin
Rob you lost credibility, we can't believe you anymore
Nicholas Allcock
Nicholas Allcock 8 kun oldin
Refuses to give Lebron respect despite his accomplishments and then claims Lebron shouldn't ask for respect because he's already accomplished so much. Absolute doublespeak and the only person weak is Rob for refuses to give respect
marcus reynolds
marcus reynolds 8 kun oldin
Rob is the black skip Bayless.. he knows people only hears not listen but hears him speak to be negative he knows his role in media is to be the antagonist... dude is a salty grumpy man we are all tired of
Dimarko02 8 kun oldin
Some reporters really be mad when LeBron wins, then they get mad when he ask for his respect he talking about you Rob and Skip couldn't beat my son in a game of basketball
parrish m
parrish m 8 kun oldin
When you accept the moniker of The King. OH heavy is the crown.
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 9 kun oldin
The problem with Lebron is he expects everyone to agree that hes the GOAT. He wants people to talk about him constantly. Wants no constructive criticism. He wants respect but he dont get the respect he wants because he hops around from team to team with all star squads and expects to be called the GOAT. The decision is when people stopped respecting him. He thinks hes Gods gift to the world. He literally buys into his own hype and thinks he legitimately a king and tweets about it all the time. He gets no respect cuz hes an actor. Hes fake AF
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 9 kun oldin
Lebron put the pressure on himself by saying he's the greatest of all time, that is what started all of this!! He said he was better than MJ!!
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 9 kun oldin
MJ won 3 in a row twice!! Go figure! And he played only 13 years!! And he played in a tougher era! Lebron cries to much to have played in MJs era!!
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 9 kun oldin
Kobe was compared to MJ before anybody. Chris Broussard is lying when he says not too many people thought kobe was better than MJ. Kobe lit up MJ more than once. People did compare and thought he was the next MJ. Chris is lying too when he said Lebron has been compared to MJ from the beginning
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 9 kun oldin
So I guess AD had nothing to do with the championships, even though AD was the best player on the Lakers team!!🤔🤔go figure!!!!!
JoVan Olitz
JoVan Olitz 9 kun oldin
Rob is just a Lebron hater who said Lebron would never win a Title in LA. LOL
Rascl Fru
Rascl Fru 9 kun oldin
The goat doesn't call himself the goat
jack boyon
jack boyon 9 kun oldin
Chris take is better because Rob he’s a hater!!
jack boyon
jack boyon 9 kun oldin
Rob Parker saying he’s 6’8” Kevin Heart “ he’s not gonna win championship!! He’s a hater!!! Rob Parker after he’s takes play with his phone!!
Blazedoutlaw 9 kun oldin
This idiot makes skyp look like a saint
Anthony Banz
Anthony Banz 9 kun oldin
He picked the heat smh
Christopher Velez
Christopher Velez 9 kun oldin
rob looks weak talking about the king like that.
truestdude 9 kun oldin
On a scale of pretzel 2 ocean just how salty is Slob Parker? I can never decide who's worse between him & Skip. A total joke. This is the same guy who said LeBron will never win another chip. The SAME GUY that said Michael was a better person & human being than LeBron bc he sold more shoes than LeBron. Smh what a total idiot. U feel bad 4 LeBron, Rob? Nah we feel bad 4 u. Bc u're a clown
West Coast Paranormal Investigators
West Coast Paranormal Investigators 9 kun oldin
Rob Parker speaking the truth! Lebron James having to ask for respect is just sad. Lebron did this to himself announcing himself the goat in 2016. Jumping team to team playing with multiple all stars to win his championships. Lebron James did this to himself!
Lance Hood
Lance Hood 9 kun oldin
Rob is spitting facts. Rob usually trashes him but what hes saying is true people cant stand the way hes done it personally. I honestly don't think there should be a debate different times, different games, Different, ways the way MJ did it was way different I dont think that nobody can deny that the way things are done now are totally different.
Jevon Goodwyn
Jevon Goodwyn 9 kun oldin
Rob needs to just shut up. Saying that players don’t respect him cause of how he bounce around and so on. Well if thats the case they don’t like themselves cause every player does that now.
Billy Clyde
Billy Clyde 9 kun oldin
It's going to be something said about LBJ, Chris you picked the Clippers lol. I hope he wins all the Championships until he retires. Lol
K DOGG 10 kun oldin
Say what you want about Rob Parker, but I like the fact that he doesn't kiss LEBRON'S @$$ like Nick Wright, Shannon Sharpe & Kendrick Perkins.
Laz Noyb
Laz Noyb 10 kun oldin
i think it was a show of insecurity and lack of confidence. those who command respect need not demand nor ask.
Will Thweatt
Will Thweatt 10 kun oldin
The fact that even Chris is calling out Rob for his bs shows you how egregious he is
Ceo santana
Ceo santana 10 kun oldin
Uche Ozo
Uche Ozo 10 kun oldin
Rob Parker when LeBron got to L.A: "he's done winning championships. He's in L.A to make movies. He's a 6'8" version of Kevin Hart." Rob Parker when LeBron won the championship with L.A: "I always thought he was gonna win at some point no matter where he is, because his talent was that way." Clown. Typical LeBron hater
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 10 kun oldin
Rob P is a punk and a hater for sure
Chan🆚🌍 10 kun oldin
The black skip bayless smh
A Aroban
A Aroban 10 kun oldin
Rob is just a plain useless wanker. He is no integrity....nonsense, analyst wanabee.
grim reaper
grim reaper 10 kun oldin
rob said ad was the best and most important player for the lakes. how about u give goat james respect for once. how does this clown even talk about sports.
cedric carter
cedric carter 10 kun oldin
Greats never have to ask for respect! Remember that
Diver 11 kun oldin
Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were never held to this standard because THEY set the standard! They set that standard that Jordan reached and finally surpassed.
swacfan100 11 kun oldin
Jordan was not perfection. Where do ppl get that from?
swacfan100 11 kun oldin
Its really getting in my nerves they cant give Lebron his props without talking about Jordan. JORDAN'S DONE! HE AINT COMING BACK. He was great but he done his thing, this is Lebron's era.
swacfan100 11 kun oldin
He said, "And I want my damn respect too". I mean Was he really asking though?
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