Rob Parker - Anthony Davis is the REAL MVP of the Lakers

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the big game-winner by Anthony Davis that helped the Lakers defeat the Dever Nuggets in Game 2 of their Conference Finals series.
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FALKA 20 kun oldin
This video didnt age very well
Jason Robert Band
Jason Robert Band 22 kun oldin
Rob Parker lost all credibility years ago, he’s so miserable and pathetic he can’t even hide it
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 22 kun oldin
Jordan for more good and goat that he supposed where he couldn’t carry a team he needed a peppen bron took the cavs with nobody to the finals mj didn’t did that!!
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 22 kun oldin
U can see it last year when he got hurt they where 4th and Suddenly they got nock out cavs when he left end last bron make the team that is bad good he is the team
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 22 kun oldin
U take out lebron and the lakers won’t make not even the playoff like they where and u can leave AD in it with lebron and they still not make it bron make the team
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 22 kun oldin
That’s true klay Thomson they’re where all clippers all year and now that they in the finals with all the 💩 talk they did they want complain on the lakers and that’s why I don’t even here this broadcast I just read the text and I know the 💩 they talking
M Boyd
M Boyd 24 kun oldin
I'm late on my comment however.. in every playoff game, in every sport there's always 1 guy who makes the difference in a certain game or series. Opinions aren't making Lebron the MVP his accomplishments are. Hating won't change that..
Winslow Joseph
Winslow Joseph 24 kun oldin
Hater, Rob Parker, you go out of your way to viciously attack Lebron James. Anthony Davis has not won, nothing.
John Minx
John Minx 25 kun oldin
The Biggest Lebron Hater of all time! Never gives credit to him at all! lol
Martin Land
Martin Land 26 kun oldin
Rob want to be Skip so bad, because he understand bashing LBJ help make you rich on tv, same thing some black people are doing to get rich by bashing black people Candace Owens Larry elder Paris Dennard etc.
Howard Hill
Howard Hill 26 kun oldin
Rob Parker will say anything to put down LeBron, and as such has no credibility. He's closed minded about LeBron.
paul alba
paul alba 26 kun oldin
Y'all really trying to break lakers chemistry so much...wth is this
Larry Bradley
Larry Bradley 27 kun oldin
Subjective opinions have no place in sports. Humans are to biased. Athletes are pure truth.
Chris Ludecke
Chris Ludecke 27 kun oldin
Rob always dropping facts
Clever Guy
Clever Guy 27 kun oldin
Wait I see people saying Rob is wrong, what is he wrong about??
Mark Alulod
Mark Alulod 27 kun oldin
Shut up Rob Parker. You are such a hater.
Cortney 27 kun oldin
Gave AD confidence? Not an all time great?! Lol. Don’t say he’s had great numbers his whole career then say he’s not a great lol
Dragon17 27 kun oldin
Rob Parker you are a clown and a disgrace
Haris Kulenovic
Haris Kulenovic 27 kun oldin
Rob Parker confirmed biggest clown of all time
MT TheGreat
MT TheGreat 27 kun oldin
This AD video didn’t age well very next game had a horrible game
Antonio Bašić
Antonio Bašić 27 kun oldin
Guy had 0!!?? rebounds with 8 minutes left last night,he ended with 2 a game where lakers were outrebounded 44-25,all this while lebron had 31 point triple double on 14-23 shooting Davis is phenomenal player but he isn't lakers mvp,lebron is
Nitty Gritty
Nitty Gritty 27 kun oldin
Nuggets bust they ass tonight...up 20 in the 4th right now! Thats all came to say✌🏾
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 27 kun oldin
Rob is Black Skip Bayless
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 27 kun oldin
The real debate should be who hates LeBron more? SKIP or ROB
Dee 27 kun oldin
He lowkey has a point tho. They said Durant or Curry could win the mvp or be a mvp candidate because they was two top 5 players on the same team. I honestly dont know how Bron was a top 2 candidate with another top 5 player who is averaging more points rebounds blocks and all of the PER ... PLUS MINUS... and FG percentages.
Rasta Tafari
Rasta Tafari 27 kun oldin
Ok the MVP with 2 rebounds in game 3 yeah Rob do do mouth.
Ren Ti
Ren Ti 27 kun oldin
this Parker trash starts from "AD is the Lakers' MVP and not Lebron" @1:38 to "Well AD only scored 2 many times did we see him in BIG Games where he DISAPPEARED" @6:32 .... AND STILL WE KEEP LISTENING TO THIS TRASH...SHEEESH
richie anderson
richie anderson 27 kun oldin
Hey Rob if you go back to training camp, LBJ said he wanted AD to be the main focus so you're not saying anything that LBJ didn't predict or want dude, you & "Skip Brainless'' are str8 Haters!!!!
Camilo CienFuegos
Camilo CienFuegos 27 kun oldin
AD took the shot 'bc LeDeferred, watch the tape!
Camilo CienFuegos
Camilo CienFuegos 27 kun oldin
so what AD got ousted more than LeSupaTeam, AD never had SupaTeams...
Joshua Hartley
Joshua Hartley 28 kun oldin
Lebron makes mistakes too
ButteryAssNigga 28 kun oldin
Ad>lbj been carrying the lakers
jfhayeur 28 kun oldin
LBJ had the first 10 points and AD had the last 10 points, its a team game and AD never won more than 1 series before playing with LBJ.
Purple Hayes
Purple Hayes 28 kun oldin
Rodman deserved that Sonics finals MVP, but they gave it to poster boy! Js
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez 28 kun oldin
LMAOO. The media is laughable.. oh and btw. Lebron has yet to have lebron type games and the nuggets are 0-2.. lebron gonna give you the 2 big games series
ZAK KING 28 kun oldin
Chris you let robs asinine opinion of the clippers clout your judgment on lebron and AD..
Sant 28 kun oldin
Rob Parker Hatin ass sick Lebron lakers gone win and AD plying well in 4th 🤣
Renegade8652 28 kun oldin
They will give lebron the finals MVP if it's even close. If AD plays a little better than AD, they will give it to lebron
Malik Gordon
Malik Gordon 28 kun oldin
nicholas gakuu
nicholas gakuu 28 kun oldin
after 1 game....this guy is dumb...the whole season is now thrown away because of 1 game....they jumped on kahwi nuts this guy hates lebron soo much....he acting like a hater.
Pot Head Media
Pot Head Media 28 kun oldin
So Lebron is Nick Fury, but AD is the actual Superhero
Pot Head Media
Pot Head Media 28 kun oldin
Where did Lakers Go last year? Without AD? Excuse LBJ injured? Still had chance at playoffs when he said "playoff mode activated" lol got spanked and booted out playoffs
arronnov 28 kun oldin
You must have thought that with Lebron out those 6 weeks the Lakers with Ball, Kuzma, Ingram, and Hart, they were going to stay at 7 games above .500. Wrong! As talented and young, Ingram, Kuzma and Ball were and might became, Neither of them was as good as the same age Lebron at 18, 19, 20 and 21.
Swaggy Sports
Swaggy Sports 28 kun oldin
Rob he’s reason to be professor
Evan James
Evan James 28 kun oldin
You can eliminate Stephen A. He’s a supreme lebron jock sniffer of the highest order. Lebron thinks he deserves everything even when stats deny it. A lot like the Goat crown. He believes a career of losing more than he win eclipses a storybook career by MJ. The guy is a repulsive example of this generation where ppl think they are entitled to things they didn’t DESERVE or EARN!!!! 🤮
arronnov 28 kun oldin
Career of losing more than he wins! What are you talking? Lebron has earned everything he's gotten. There is not goat. If there was going to be one, it be Bill Russell not MJ, Lebron or etc.
Djuan Blue
Djuan Blue 28 kun oldin
i hope LeBron has this energy next season, when KD crosses half court and calls for the King. he supposed to win while the shooting elite are out. aka Steph, Clay, KD!!! last year was excuses and fake injury's 😂😂. yes that was a bogus injury.
Cory MacDonald
Cory MacDonald 28 kun oldin
Always enjoy this show but the never ending changes on their takes is too much 😆
Sidney Boddie
Sidney Boddie 28 kun oldin
AD want a chip so stop trying to hate
Sidney Boddie
Sidney Boddie 28 kun oldin
LBJ knows AD is the real deal that is why sought and AD loves LBJ and he wanted play LeBron. Besides AD knows he can't win a chip without him.
BFit 28 kun oldin
It dont sound like Rob hatin honestly
Kyng 45
Kyng 45 28 kun oldin
chris is a minion
BFit 28 kun oldin
Broussard is reluctant to go against bron lol. He love LBJ lol
Sir Michael S. Burton III
Sir Michael S. Burton III 28 kun oldin
It blew my mind when I had people tell me “LeBron deserves the MVP because he had the most assists in year 17” 😂😂😂😂 WHAT?! That’s like saying Vince Carter deserved MVP for playing in 4 different decades
se7en Zee
se7en Zee 28 kun oldin
Lebron played great all year and first 2 rounds of the playoffs. He had 2 so-so games against the Nuggets and suddenly he isn't the MVP of the Lakers. He controls the Lakers offense. Parker is ridiculous. I don't think he watched many Lakers games.
tonganchicken89 28 kun oldin
Rob Parker is a Lebron Hater 😂😂
Uche Ozo
Uche Ozo 28 kun oldin
Rob Parker hates LeBron and the Lakers so bad😂😂
Dj ish
Dj ish 28 kun oldin
Just because u get finals MVP doesn't mean ur the leader or best player it's just about who had the better series
se7en Zee
se7en Zee 28 kun oldin
Lebron controls the Lakers offense. If AD wins the mvp, it's because Lebron lets him win.
Suezette 28 kun oldin
Doesn’t rob realize he’s being filmed. He never pays attention.
Collin Dougan
Collin Dougan 28 kun oldin
Why are we listening to Mr. Know it all Rob Parker? The man who said the Lakers were Fakers and that the Clippers were the real deal. The Clippers barely passed the first round lmao .. funniest thing seeing all there idiots bite their tongues! 😂
raynard belk
raynard belk 28 kun oldin
This dude Rob give terrible takes that’s why they don’t call him for segments on TV. Rob is a Lebron Hater straight up!!! He rooting for this man to lose
DeWayne Phillips
DeWayne Phillips 28 kun oldin
Thank you rob for telling the truth to these lefraud side bitches about who the real mvp on the Lakers team is! Facts!!
shmbbrkr 28 kun oldin
Rob is finally right for once in his lifetime
Kodreanu23 28 kun oldin
When they play half court offense they first try to go to AD. So, he is their's first option.
Gamma Gamma
Gamma Gamma 28 kun oldin
Anthony Davis issssssss Lebron teamate
Augustine Choi
Augustine Choi 28 kun oldin
rob parker looks like one of those old ass grumpy men i would see in a bus back in the day. sadddd. oh btw this other guy from detroit., you sound hella ignorant... lol
Cordero Bryant
Cordero Bryant 28 kun oldin
Rob look like he aged 50 years since last week😂😂😂
MaeMae Denise
MaeMae Denise 28 kun oldin
I agree Rob.
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless 28 kun oldin
LMAO 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Serious Aleks
Serious Aleks 28 kun oldin
8:06 Is Rob clipping his toe nails ? Can't even listen to Chris praising Lebron...
Aharon 28 kun oldin
Last year without AD Lebron & the Lakers didn’t sniff the playoffs
Serious Aleks
Serious Aleks 28 kun oldin
Rob Parker - '' Lebron minions '' It's like it's against the law to be a fan of Lebron. lol
Serious Aleks
Serious Aleks 28 kun oldin
Rob ''IF'' Parker. IF Clippers beat nuggets IF AD misses game winner IF IF IF IF IF, JUST give it a rest already
no name
no name 28 kun oldin
What did Lebron James do to some of these media folks like Rob Parker? He can't do a damn thing right in their eyes.
The Final Say
The Final Say 28 kun oldin
Rob annoys me, still taking shots at Lebron. One shot by Davis and now he's MVP. This joke tells me he doesnt know basketball. He should be banned to speak about it. I listen to this show for Chris Broussard, not Rob Parker.
Derrick Perry
Derrick Perry 28 kun oldin
Rob hate this man Lebron so much 😂
Lukasz Kaczorowski
Lukasz Kaczorowski 28 kun oldin
what else did you expect Parker to say....
Johnnie Blunt
Johnnie Blunt 28 kun oldin
this is why the Nba should take the vote out of the writer hands
New Age Mob
New Age Mob 28 kun oldin
Wow Lebron can’t have teammates that make shots lol these the same people killing him for losing 6 finals because he had no help in half those losses... which one is it? He have good teammates that help he gets criticized for what he doesn’t do, he have no help and they make fun of him and bring up how Jordan would never do that blah blah
Nalaz One
Nalaz One 28 kun oldin
Man if AD missed that shot Rob would’ve blamed Lebron for AD missing. HATER!!!
New Age Mob
New Age Mob 28 kun oldin
Even if the series is 1-1 the Lakers have Lebron and the Nuggets don’t ... simple
allndadoe510 28 kun oldin
I Use to think Skip was the biggest Lebron Hater but it’s undisputedly Rob CornBall Parker
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 28 kun oldin
Rob Parker is a clown. Always trying to find a way to undermine Lebron’s career. If Lebron has a bad second half the “narrative” would’ve been terrible. When the clippers choked all he said was “I was wrong, it happens, no big deal.” Ridiculous.
Shaq B
Shaq B 28 kun oldin
18:50 "AD don't make that shot ain't nobody talking about lebron" next thing he says: "They talking about lebron not taking the shot" So they would be talking about Bron? lol If Rob don't think Bron is the MVP of the lakers why think people would be talking about Bron not taking it, shoudn't they be talking about AD not making it, since he's the mvp right?
Jhastin LM
Jhastin LM 28 kun oldin
they don't know the game play just watching and commenting nahh
K J 28 kun oldin
Take away LeBron James from this team and they wouldn't be making it to the Finals...Simple! If the reason for this team success is JUST Anthony Davis why wasn't Anthony Davis already doing this in New Orleans?? Thats why he left New Orleans cuz he wasnt winning! I mean come on...stop disrespecting LBJ like this! AD is doing what he is supposed to be doing...his part to help this team win a championship...they both are! Just give it up to them both...👏👏👏
Ayodeji Twins
Ayodeji Twins 28 kun oldin
Rob Parker just hates LeBron and for him to say this statement is disgraceful
DQuake 28 kun oldin
In hockey we do playoff MVP. Not the best player I the last series but who was the best player in the winning team all 4 series. Finals MVP never made sense to me. Playoff MVP should be the standard for the trophy if you ask me.
Jedimaster552 28 kun oldin
When are they going to get rid of rob like they got rid of Whitlock.
Big Pay Willz
Big Pay Willz 28 kun oldin
Rob Parker the Black Skip Bayless! People forget he sprang his ankle in the last game. However, as usual omit the obvious.
Hit or Miss
Hit or Miss 28 kun oldin
Rob just came to troll. He wasn't even listening to chris lol
gerald Rhoden
gerald Rhoden 28 kun oldin
Rob can say that if the lakers lose it will be a total failure but he can’t say that the lakers are favored.
CavsJM 28 kun oldin
If the Lakers win it all then AD will be finals mvp regardless if he deserves it or not. Would Kyrie have demanded out of CLE if he had won finals mvp? No idea what kind of power Bron has in the voting but I wouldn't be shocked if he has the say, that he'd say give it to AD.
Le Var Grace
Le Var Grace 28 kun oldin
AD has great numbers no doubt but for the people that watch the Lakers all year LBJ made the team go.
comedianbradfowler 28 kun oldin
AD is the best player on that team
1's Bundy
1's Bundy 28 kun oldin
Gee ya think ? I mean why else would they have wanted Anthony Davis ? I hate that narrative that if ya teammates are good that takes away from ya greatness
C.Anthony C
C.Anthony C 28 kun oldin
It's simple LeBron has carried how many teams for how many years. LeBron got the intangibles. AD is learning and Bron is teaching and handing it over so he can extend his career and let AD do his thing and get some more chips
i0tech 28 kun oldin
Every single time that a bron' teammate do something spectacular on the court.. Here we go with the "LeBron's being carried" lines. Com'on, I don't think we can find another situation like this in the sports world. Either if we are talking about Mo freaking Williams, Wade, Kyrie, AD or even Dellavedova. Next...
Hno Elmer Chavarria
Hno Elmer Chavarria 28 kun oldin
Sometimes is ridiculous it goes from journalism to HATE, Bob Parker would see Lebron get hit by a car and would literally jump up and down and celebrated his dead. This is just plain hate NOT journalism. Shame on you...God Bless Your Soul.
Hesus 28 kun oldin
Le bron 1-6 in the 4th with 4 turnovers
Moussa Heni
Moussa Heni 28 kun oldin
Rob and skip became famous for hating lebron.. Both of them are just trash 👌
David MacDonald
David MacDonald 28 kun oldin
What a surprise Rob Parker doesn't like like Lebron.
Cornelius Jackson
Cornelius Jackson 28 kun oldin
Rob is a hating ass dude. I don't even know why I listen to this dude. Davis numbers are given by true assist makers. The votes should have been closer with edge to Giannis.
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