Rob Parker Rips Dallas Cowboys and Calls Dak Prescott, 'Stat Prescott'

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker battle each other on the ineptitude of the Dallas Cowboys as they were handed their third loss of the season by the Cleveland Browns over the weekend.
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CJFRM3658 7 kun oldin
Rob Parker It's Chris Turn 🤣🤣🤣
Abel Castro
Abel Castro 7 kun oldin
Yes dak is the problem interceptions and fumbles in the first half of games. Salary cap is coming down cowboys got to rebuild that defense cant pay dak 40 million a year and try to pay dak. , daks had almost 5 years to get a superbowl with a stacked team. Never could. Hes trash. Now the team is trash and yall want to pay him big money stupid. Hes damaged goods now. Andy will take this team to the playoffs and jj will go with the discount andy. Sorry. But it's a business first nfl business first sorry daks gone.
Abel Castro
Abel Castro 7 kun oldin
Dak is trash. Stat dak. Cant throw accurately cant beat elite teams trash damaged goods now says he wants to stay well big discount now cause your damaged goods now. Jj has all the leverage now. Dak go away please your trash. Stats.
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 8 kun oldin
Stat Prescott just lost his ankle lmao
ytg tay
ytg tay 9 kun oldin
Hater on dak
Troy Duffie
Troy Duffie 9 kun oldin
Both are true: 422 YPG and 2 TO per game. Dak is the reason they are in the games and half the reason they lose.
Johan De Lama
Johan De Lama 9 kun oldin
Damn, Chris don’t put Dan Marino with Dak Prescott at the same level. Dak Prescott only gives u good stats when they are far behind. Unbelievable!!
KMar 10 kun oldin
Rober Parker first 3:29was GOLD!!!! 😩😩😂😂😂😂
mike garza
mike garza 10 kun oldin
Thanks Rob you took the words out of my mouth. Dak is trash throwing 5 yards here 10 yards there
K!ng K@ine
K!ng K@ine 11 kun oldin
There's only one man to blame in all this. And his name rhymes with Carry Cones........ 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Rob Clark
Rob Clark 11 kun oldin
Good debate but Rob roasted you at the end Chris.....starting at 10:05
Victor Kan
Victor Kan 11 kun oldin
Dak = Steve DeBerg w/ 49ers
Mckever Lewis
Mckever Lewis 11 kun oldin
Sorry Chris I'm always with you but I'm with Rob on this one. the cowboys smell like a pot of old greens, Jerry needs to call Jimmy ASAP.
Yung_Grouch 12 kun oldin
Pretty easy to throw that much when the opposing defense stops playing hard after being up 20+
Daquan Drones
Daquan Drones 12 kun oldin
Nah wen rob spelled out dalast 😩😩😩😭
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus 12 kun oldin
the cowboys have lost america's team title since their last playoff win 20 years ago
GC4 12 kun oldin
Rob is hilarious!! Great pairing between these two.
ItsYourBoy Juice
ItsYourBoy Juice 12 kun oldin
Chris is crazy. Dak was down 41-14 when he finally started getting wide open throw. They were only rushing 4 and dropping everyone back into prevent.
Alex Carfagno
Alex Carfagno 12 kun oldin
Someone should tell Chris bousard about Daks 1st half numbers in games when Dallas is not being blown out...THEY ARE HORRIBLE
Server10 12 kun oldin
Lmao Chris is always loud but he be straight up screaming today 😂
Michael Lively
Michael Lively 12 kun oldin
Broussard is a hack
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner 12 kun oldin
Rob went off lol!!!!
John Capo
John Capo 12 kun oldin
YOYO DAK, just dakking
mmpr 12 kun oldin
D L A S T. Dallas
Veji Jahaj
Veji Jahaj 12 kun oldin
Bruh look at Chris neck them veins popping out all that anger defending his husband dak Prescott
Veji Jahaj
Veji Jahaj 12 kun oldin
Chris is so ridiculous cares more about those garbage time numbers rather then winning games they’ll finish 8-8 but if Prescott has 5,500 yards it’s okay in Chris’s standards
Veji Jahaj
Veji Jahaj 12 kun oldin
Mike McCarthy is a fraud him coaching the cowboys it’s like garrett never left different coach same mediocrity 1-3 will become 8-8 in no time
Veji Jahaj
Veji Jahaj 12 kun oldin
Thank you rob for ripping Chris’s cowboys
Life Of Brandon
Life Of Brandon 13 kun oldin
Lol Dallas DLAST 😂😂😂😂
Adrian Smickle
Adrian Smickle 13 kun oldin
What the hell was that Chrjs sound like Skip 😳
Quincy Mondaine
Quincy Mondaine 13 kun oldin
Chris broussard is going nuts!!!
John Damon Walls
John Damon Walls 13 kun oldin
Dak don’t win.
John Damon Walls
John Damon Walls 13 kun oldin
I was calling him “Stat” Prescott in the chat 3 days ago. Rob stole my nickname. I love Robs commentary though so it’s all good.
RON B 13 kun oldin
J.B. 13 kun oldin
LOL Broussard needs to spit out Daks weenie and admit when the games are close Dak falls apart and ALL his fancy numbers are in Junk time. Chris please stick to Basketball.....
Joshua Hunter
Joshua Hunter 13 kun oldin
Empty calories. How many of those yards we're scored when the defense isn't playing prevent?
Nowhere fast
Nowhere fast 13 kun oldin
Stats are funny... it's not about how many yards you get but at what point you get them meaning a QB can have low yardage but if he makes the important throws at the right times he can have a great game even with low yards passing. Only stat Dak can put up crazy yards and somehow look below average in the process... I don't get it.
End-Gamer 13 kun oldin
Chris freaks out when you go after Dak.
End-Gamer 13 kun oldin
End-Gamer 13 kun oldin
Chris....."Stop it....Dak has 1000 passing yards"
jmaal2345 13 kun oldin
Daks stats mean damn near nothing.
cno sport
cno sport 13 kun oldin
The whole organization is bad to the bone coaching is terrible no accountability no discipline and those players that got paid is missing the defense cant stop its shadow
Lil FaceTime
Lil FaceTime 13 kun oldin
So all the analysts just gonna strap Shannon Sharpe lines ?
Edward Bickel
Edward Bickel 13 kun oldin
Stat Prescott. Truth hurts! Turnover Prescott is another nickname!
T. Redd
T. Redd 13 kun oldin
The last few players that got paid has checked out
Camilo CienFuegos
Camilo CienFuegos 13 kun oldin
STAK Prescott - $$$ pay that man, C'mon Son..!"
Marcus Linson
Marcus Linson 13 kun oldin
Dak Prescott invited heavy criticism by acting Ike he's too good to sign for less than..Patrick Mahomes money...if not for that i think ppl would be a little more lenient on need wins and rings to be a 40 million dollar qb..not stats..period
David Buddendorf
David Buddendorf 13 kun oldin
Blame Jerry Jones should have took a defensive player instead of Lamb, they already have great wide receivers, Go Eagles 1st place in the NFC least!!
David Buddendorf
David Buddendorf 12 kun oldin
@louis webster I would have taken Lamb to. First year for coaching staff, probably don't help them, just bad defense play.
louis webster
louis webster 13 kun oldin
Whomever they drafted on D with the 17th pick was not going to have much of an impact on this defense. BPA was the right option
Marcus Linson
Marcus Linson 13 kun oldin
Why does Chris Broussard feel the need to yell?
James Kirk
James Kirk 13 kun oldin
David Edwards checking in from N.C. Can someone tell me why Dallas fans think this team is relevant?? The cowboys are a mediocre team at best and that's just the truth! How about fix your defense first then talk about winning something besides that sorry division.
Khiladi Incorporated
Khiladi Incorporated 14 kun oldin
Pretender Dak has only thrown for 9 TDs, while Allen has thrown for 15. Teams are defending Dak 1 safety and man on the outside and daring them to beat them. It’s all empty yardage.
jtv jtv
jtv jtv 14 kun oldin
Those are definitely garbage stats when they're down by 20 but to be fair, that defensive is god awful
Scream Scrappy
Scream Scrappy 14 kun oldin
Rob 😂😂😂😂
Tutu Vue
Tutu Vue 14 kun oldin
Uh how many times does dak score when the game is close? Oh right barely. He starts scoring once they down 3 poss because the def lays off.
Jermaine Lee
Jermaine Lee 14 kun oldin
Rob is right cowboys suck stat prescott
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 14 kun oldin
At some point dak needs to win big. It is what it is.... hes Kirk cousins basically
J Brown
J Brown 13 kun oldin
Fun fact: Kirk Cousins career record 45-45-2....Dak Prescott 41-27!!! Kirk 1st threw for 30 tds in his 7th year...Dak did it in his 4th. Nah they're not the same, stop it!!
Jermaine Lee
Jermaine Lee 14 kun oldin
Rob parker is the most must analyst of all time love his takes die hard listener to the show now
Street Jesus
Street Jesus 14 kun oldin
You dont need to scream in a mic to get your point across Chris
Bryan Cole
Bryan Cole 14 kun oldin
“Who has Aaron Rodgers beat?” I mean they did beat Seattle to go to the NFC Championship game last year. They also went 13-3 last season under a first time head coach 🤷🏾‍♂️ Chris stop ✋🏾
Abbas Rizvi
Abbas Rizvi 14 kun oldin
Haven't seen Chris scream like that on othet shows 🤣
STILLME_67 14 kun oldin
To argue dak is a good quarter back is non sense 🤣🤣🤣everything the game ties he never takes the lead game was 14-14 he had to ball 5 times and didn’t score once lol then the blowout started 🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ he’s differently great when they behind and he trying to put stats up
clint warner
clint warner 14 kun oldin
Stop screaming dude...
Tre Slime
Tre Slime 14 kun oldin
Obj was the best player on the field by far 💯
Anthony Nastasi
Anthony Nastasi 14 kun oldin
OMG I sooooo agree with Rob Parker's take on Stat Prescott.
Tim Shot
Tim Shot 14 kun oldin
So if Dak breaks the passing record held by Peyton Manning it won't count? And if Dallas sends him packing no other team will want him? What kind of mixed up world is this?
Aya Dreamcatcher
Aya Dreamcatcher 14 kun oldin
What's the air/ground yard % breakdown?
William Hill
William Hill 14 kun oldin
Wentz he gonna get a win... Damn! 😆
William Hill
William Hill 14 kun oldin
Stack prescott" 😆
William Hill
William Hill 14 kun oldin
When they threw cheese on him!
William Hill
William Hill 14 kun oldin
Rob is just annoying! I luv it! WHAT WAS DAAA$D
Yo 14 kun oldin
Ok let's be objective here.. the cowboys were getting blown out 41 14 in the 4th qt. They cut the lead all the way down to a field goal in the fourth qt. The coaches decided to squib quick the ball to midfield know the defense has been getting manhandled. Let's be objective if dak prescott is really trash then other trash quarterbacks would be bringing their team back in a blowout every game. When you have to drop back damn near 60 times a game. You are bound to make mistakes. But they had a huge chance to win that game in a game where he had to be perfect and was imperfect but still had a big time chance.I wonder if dak is looking at the saints or the colts and wondering to hell with this team. Lol go get yo money bruh real talk. 💯
Pot Head Media
Pot Head Media 14 kun oldin
Dallas is.TRASH
Arizona Fire Ent
Arizona Fire Ent 14 kun oldin
I hate the Cowboys with a passion but Dak isn't the main problem
Stephen B. Smith
Stephen B. Smith 14 kun oldin
Not a Dallas fan but how in the hell is the Cowboys defense giving up 49 points Dak's fault? The brother put up 38.
shawnjay brown
shawnjay brown 12 kun oldin
He spotting the other side points too so he responsible for a lot more than tht lol
casanova76544 14 kun oldin
Its Short
ThreeJ 14 kun oldin
Broussard makes it impossible to listen to these videos in their entirety. Rob is calm yet Chris does his angry wyman impression. Hysterically yelling bc he lacks a point
j 77
j 77 14 kun oldin
Just talk like normal people. It's so cringe watching all the loud mouth verbal back and forth.
NicTheFreak02 14 kun oldin
"Stat Padford"....classic
Calvin White
Calvin White 14 kun oldin
Chris Broussard trying hard to be Fox's version of Stephen A. Smith. Sorry but it ain't working lol.
Blake Harris
Blake Harris 14 kun oldin
Dan Marino was consistently in the playoffs and won plenty of games though. Aaron Rodgers is in the playoffs just about every year.
Mr Antmar
Mr Antmar 14 kun oldin
DeMarcus Lawrence and Jaylon Smith are the main problem. At this point in their careers and what they are paid they should be able to lead a defense and coaching staff better than this. Lee has to be cut if he is injured again. For years they have gotten little production from that roster spot. Vanderesch is on the same path. Signing Zeke to that deal after he held out was a bad decision on many levels. Dak went 13-3 with 15/28 225yds 1td 45yds rushing stat lines. They dominated time of possession. Simple formula and the only stat line that matters is wins. If they sign him to the deal he wants they will never win a Superbowl with him. McCarthy terrible hire just for bringing Nolan to the team. They should be 0-4. Maybe win another 5 games. 6-11
Jouvenel pierre
Jouvenel pierre 14 kun oldin
Rob is right!! Dak always play well against bad team
Blake Harris
Blake Harris 14 kun oldin
Stat Prescott is cool with me. He's kept me in fantasy matchups WEEK AFTER WEEK!!!
Jouvenel pierre
Jouvenel pierre 14 kun oldin
Rob is right, Dak always have a lots of yard , only when the game is over.
Unc Zay
Unc Zay 14 kun oldin
I’m sorry Chris but rob has more of a point but you also right about the defense
Unc Zay
Unc Zay 14 kun oldin
Also need to trade Mike McCarthy he trash
Unc Zay
Unc Zay 14 kun oldin
I finally agree with Rob Parker on this one we should tank for Trevor Lawrence no cap
bstlybengali 14 kun oldin
“He crashed en route” lmao
SLICENSLASH 14 kun oldin
Chris holding the mic like a Rapper, lol. Spitting flames 😂
SLICENSLASH 14 kun oldin
I hate to admit it, but I agree with Rob here. Dak's numbers are sooo padded right now. They fell behind because their offense was turning the ball over & was ineffective in the first half. Then when the D plays soft with a big lead he starts racking up yards. But of coarse Rob takes it to far & said they should never Sign him.
Me First
Me First 14 kun oldin
cmon you turning into screaming a smiffff??
Graham Peterson
Graham Peterson 14 kun oldin
Every decision that has ruined the Cowboys was bc of Dak. They changed everything and fired everyone bc of him. Rob is dead on.
Clay Dal
Clay Dal 14 kun oldin
This the best show
A LO LOKO 14 kun oldin
COWBOYS is not a rushing team anymore they need trade elliot for some defense players or first round pick
John Escandon
John Escandon 14 kun oldin
This is gold🤣
john sines
john sines 14 kun oldin
Give Andy a try
stevie viel
stevie viel 14 kun oldin
ppl are acting like theyve never seen jameis or blake bortles lol. stat padding in catch up mode
Dahper Productions
Dahper Productions 14 kun oldin
Rob got Chris reaching for that Henny & Coke
erik newton
erik newton 14 kun oldin
rob is not being a hypocrite. he's telling the truth. dak is getting garbage time numbers. at the end of the day dak is being paid to win games. he's not winning games so .
J Brown
J Brown 12 kun oldin
@shawnjay brown I don't want to hear that bs excuse for Watson. If he's suppose to be so elite why is he 0-4?. Dak gets 0 excuses, when his defense is ranked last. Watson has a decent defense Dak doesn't. They paid him, got him a RB 1 and more weapons....NO EXCUSES, he gets the same treatment as Dak, after all he is a 1st rnd pick, so ehouldn't the standard for Watson be equal or higher?? Watson's tds by game is 1, 1, 2 and 2. Sacks by game 4, 4, 5, and 3. Dak would be crucified for that. Somehow Watson is barely even mentioned. The hate is real!!!
shawnjay brown
shawnjay brown 12 kun oldin
Dak has a team full of talent I dnt think I have to point out how bad Watson’s team is
J Brown
J Brown 13 kun oldin
Neither is Dashaun Watson and he got paid, but since he doesn't play for Dallas its barely even talked about...Where's Dashaun's "garbage time" numers? He's suppose to be the elite one...They're 0-4!! Yet Dak is still the topic of conversation...not Dashaun??? Make that make sense
Masque 13 kun oldin
well said
Matthew Ruiz
Matthew Ruiz 14 kun oldin
I love when rob does the high pitch whiny voice 😂
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