Rob Parker - Tom Brady is Michael Jordan on the Wizards

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THE ODD COUPLE - Rob Parker and Aaron Torres (in for Chris Broussard) react to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers losing to the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football
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Rufus Goldstein
Rufus Goldstein Kun oldin
What about yesterday's game, Rob?
Young Man
Young Man 4 kun oldin
He’s the king of setting up field goals! Dam talking about shots fired!
David Zzz
David Zzz 5 kun oldin
Rob should be glad Brady is still in the league. People listen to Rob because of all the crazy Brady bashing. Enjoy the next two years, Rob. When Brady is done, you're done.
UnexpectedWonder 6 kun oldin
Rob is out Here droppin' a Pro Wrestling Promo. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
anthony patterson
anthony patterson 6 kun oldin
I've long said you can't name the 49ers kicker during the Montana era because they didn't need him to win the Super Bowls they played in.
Jason Dawson
Jason Dawson 6 kun oldin
Facts. All I remember is that the kicker in his couple of Superbowl had a big mustache.
Vaughn Miller
Vaughn Miller 7 kun oldin
Bucs Fan's.Guess again.
Mercy Fields
Mercy Fields 7 kun oldin
As of the time of this recording tampa Bay is 3-2 leading their division and ne is 2-2 2nd in their division and their starting qb has covid. The bucs are doing better than ne right now, what is he talking about?
THE RAW FAME 7 kun oldin
Tom Brady is not the Goat 🐐 Dan Marino, joe Montana , Steve young, warren moon, Randall Cunningham I can go on! 🛑 with that! He has the most rings!
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 7 kun oldin
My two bæs
My two bæs 7 kun oldin
Damn he doing tbroke bad
ww j
ww j 7 kun oldin
Yoooo dats funny as hell! Wizards Jordan! Lmao🤣 🤣 🤣
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie 7 kun oldin
So we taking points away from MJ for the Wizards years now? Okay, but y’all don’t keep that same energy with other players.
Howl 2k
Howl 2k 7 kun oldin
Then who are the bears?
Julius35C 8 kun oldin
The fact Jordan came back to the NBA after not playing for three years and average 20 ppg in his late 30's early 40's is amazing.
anthony patterson
anthony patterson 6 kun oldin
he basically took five years off throughout his career after coming in the league at 22. Do the math, that's a 15 year career.
Langston Richardson
Langston Richardson 8 kun oldin
I’m nowhere near a Tom Brady apologize but I would say that oil and water don’t mix. Brady would benefit from a coach that’s more able to craft up better in game adjustments that Byron and Bruce are able to. I take what we are seeing as the preseason. As long as they don’t mentally panic, they’ll be a playoff team.
Edward Brito
Edward Brito 9 kun oldin
Brady playing a brutal sport & going to 45 is crazy outside of kicker he needs to retire.
Braxton Matthews
Braxton Matthews 9 kun oldin
I don't mind Rob criticizing people when they play bad but you can't be quiet as a mouse and be looking depressed on the show and saying you have to wait and see and downplay it when they play really good.
actionjac01 9 kun oldin
Rob be waiting for Tom Brady's downfall. what a hater
Nathan 9 kun oldin
Rob’s rants don’t hit the same ever since he cried after the Clippers loss.
Young Man
Young Man 9 kun oldin
2:08 epic! All he needed was a field goal! He’s the king of setting up field goals go ask Adam Vinatieri! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 if that line don’t get him into the hall of fame for an analyst!💯 Rob Parker! You the man!
Jon Summers
Jon Summers 9 kun oldin
Rob was never “the guy “so he hates “the guy”
brick money
brick money 9 kun oldin
Rob why the thumbnail... 😂😂
504 HOT BOI 9 kun oldin
This is the only subject I agree with Rob on..
Erick Rivera
Erick Rivera 9 kun oldin
Plzzzz don't compare Brady to Mike🤦🏽‍♂️ Jordan is untouchable 6-0
2 Legit
2 Legit 9 kun oldin
This might be the funniest thing that I've ever heard rob parker say .lol ,lol,I cant stop laughing .
Ty E
Ty E 10 kun oldin
Mike Evan's is traaaash if Brady had AB then you wouldn't have seen so many dropped passes I swear if th ed bucks start to look like they did in 02 I feel sorry for u Rob parker
Ty E
Ty E 10 kun oldin
Some of these analysts are making it personal Rob has a lot of opinions n ur just going trash Tom? So O line did great? What about the bucs defense ? Stop trashing Tom n give the bears credit for fighting back
Jwoo The Real Channel
Jwoo The Real Channel 10 kun oldin
It's ashame how yall ripping Tom Brady. Rob Parker, you are a character. You love to hate Tom Brady. Brady is still an elite quarterback. You are insane
REEL LIVIN 10 kun oldin
Rob is the Man!
mark P
mark P 10 kun oldin
I just can’t believe no one is KILLING Bruce Arians . His team is the sloppiest mother league by far no discipline what so ever . Brady keeps them n EVERY GAME
President Resident
President Resident 10 kun oldin
'Tom Brady is the GOAT!'....These goat discussions in a team sport with 22 starters, multiple coaches and players that rarely play both ways, suffers from the illusory truth effect at its finest. Everyone says Toms the goat enough and inevitably it becomes axiomatic. 6 super bowls though! Yes, he clearly has been an elite qb his whole career(or certainly better than say a Matt Cassel), but there are way too many moving parts to say for sure whether he performed better with that historic run of dominance on the defensive side of the ball, cameleon like offense and unmatched team discipline, than a Peyton, Brees, Marino or even a Russell Wilson would have. Maybe if we saw him go to pro bowls and consistently use the same shared offense to completely outshine his fellow probowler qb's, that would make it indisputable...but that never happened.
Lord Clarke
Lord Clarke 10 kun oldin
Lmaooooo they mentioned Mahomes, Wilson, Lamar, Brees as if these dudes don't have all their weapons with the exception of Brees missing ONE player and Brees still looks terrible
Lord Clarke
Lord Clarke 10 kun oldin
3 Patriots Qbs have played at least 1 half of Football they have a combined 3 passing touchdowns stfu Rob Parker
Julian J
Julian J 10 kun oldin
Tre Slime
Tre Slime 10 kun oldin
Tom Brady is already seeing ghost that’s tough
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 10 kun oldin
43 is 43.... father time catches everyone
UnexpectedWonder 6 kun oldin
M 10 kun oldin
Stop comparing players.
S!r W!ll!am Ray
S!r W!ll!am Ray 10 kun oldin
I wish Rob Parker could’ve been sitting across from Skip for this...
top notch sports
top notch sports 10 kun oldin
parker fall in the same trap. i only back off of him if he retires! it's just 1 game.
hue her
hue her 10 kun oldin
Rob you haven't even moved to Mexico YET....
John Samos
John Samos 10 kun oldin
Hasn’t rob been saying this for like a decade? 🤣🤣🤣
R. William Comm
R. William Comm 10 kun oldin
Good assessment. Brady can still have his moments but at age 43 on a short week he didn’t look sharp.
88smjls 10 kun oldin
Michael Jordan was still 25 5 4
Lorne Green
Lorne Green 6 kun oldin
Stats are misleading bruh lol
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
So let get something straight every time Tom Brady loses its because he old and washed. Every time he wins it’s he’s not playing anyone and that team didn’t show up. Let me say this the last QB on earth to disrespect is Tom Brady otherwise you’ll be very mad in February
AmaZment717 10 kun oldin
That’s how they will treat us all season long..when we win, it’s about the opponent, when we lose, then it’s about Brady...they can’t help their bias attitudes towards athletes
Whats shakin Bacon! Nothin Just Sizzlin! Bars!
Whats shakin Bacon! Nothin Just Sizzlin! Bars! 10 kun oldin
madboyreadynow28 10 kun oldin
Let’s talk about Nick Foles owning Tom Brady. Nick beat Tom in the Super Bowl as a Super Bowl MVP. Showing up Tom now. Jerry Jones is stupid because he has a chance to Bring Nick Foles home to Texas and let Dak walk. If Nick was the QB of the Cowboys right now with all these offensive weapons the Cowboys would be 4 and 0 putting up video game numbers.
madboyreadynow28 10 kun oldin
What great QB goes out on top? Every great QB goes out this way it doesn’t take away from their great career. We knew this would happen because there is a history of seeing great QBs go to another team that’s a footnote of their HOF career. Tom is a Patriot forever
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson 10 kun oldin
Elway went out on top.
Kombat Daddy
Kombat Daddy 10 kun oldin
I almost bit my tongue reading the title
Jewel Tyler
Jewel Tyler 10 kun oldin
Dude you full of crap what is the bears defense ranked.. it was a good defensive game... You guys talk out of ass do you even watch sports... Winston sucks stop it 30 interceptions in one season unheard of till he did it...I bet he holds that record for a long time... Rob Parker more like blob parker...
4000 clovers
4000 clovers 10 kun oldin
Brady didn't lose because he's not the GOAT. He lost because he faced that Bears D of Mack in company and got his wig split.
Ginga 10 kun oldin
5:40 🤣 Rob is hilarious
Brian Erwin
Brian Erwin 10 kun oldin
5:43 🤣
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 10 kun oldin
Rob parker talking like brady stole something from him lol
James L Avery
James L Avery 10 kun oldin
The coach believes he's accomplished enough to be too critical. The Buccaneers are a team but dont play as a team. The Buccaneers 'defense is responsible for the lost.
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson 10 kun oldin
How? The offense scored 19 points, no TDs in the 2nd half.
Brian Erwin
Brian Erwin 10 kun oldin
this nigga prays and prays for tom's downfall.. listen to the beginning of that song to hear diddy's response to rob
Nasser Nasser
Nasser Nasser 10 kun oldin
I'm tired of duesh bags disrespecting the Bills. We'll see the end of season who's on top of the AFC east. I sick of you Fox sports radio New England groupies!
Little Jacob
Little Jacob 10 kun oldin
I understand it’s Robs job to express his opinion on sport related matters. But it’s starting to look like he has a personal vendetta against Tom Brady. Tom made a mistake he is human nobody is perfect. I’m yet to see a player who is infallible. He needs to chill out with this Tom Brady criticism that’s all I’m saying.
workhard1333 10 kun oldin
Skip Bayless- LeBron James
Vann Apragal
Vann Apragal 10 kun oldin
"This is Brady at Wizards' f***ing hilarious!
Vann Apragal
Vann Apragal 10 kun oldin
Brady was awful Thursday. All of his troubles were due to his 3day short week. Especially after 5 TD performance. He should be fine next game. Then again, they are players Packers!
Edwin Brown
Edwin Brown 10 kun oldin
Brady was punch drunk, he put up four fingers because he thought the referee asked him "what round is this." lol
Aundra Thomas
Aundra Thomas 8 kun oldin
TheEndo-SymArmor 8 kun oldin
I'm crying😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
TheTot Process
TheTot Process 10 kun oldin
Lmaooo 💀💀💀
Isaiah Richardson
Isaiah Richardson 10 kun oldin
2 Brady hates what else is new
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Gibson 10 kun oldin
Facts Rob !
Theng Yang
Theng Yang 10 kun oldin
Brady is a system player..Please please don't compare brady to Mike...Basketball is a different sport..Tom can only pass 5 yards all his life...His Wrs n RBS always there to do their job.
Aris Mendez
Aris Mendez 6 kun oldin
Do you watch the games ? All he does is 5 yard passes. Lol. The system is Brady. You spout no facts. Just say you’re a hater.
Lorne Green
Lorne Green 6 kun oldin
@Theng Yang Jordan wasn’t even the best player on his team until James worthy left
Theng Yang
Theng Yang 10 kun oldin
@Pete Pan ..U just hurting because brady is n was a system player..Look at him now...Still pass those 5 yards..That's all he can do...hehehe...Mike was the best college player before getting drafted by the bulls...brady was a nobody n got drafted in the 7th round to be a waterboy for Bledsoe..
Pete Pan
Pete Pan 10 kun oldin
@Theng Yang - Best player means SQUAT if you cannot win...and don't know HOW to win....And as much as it hurts you...Mike did NOT know how to win. He was utterly selfish and a stat-padder UNTIL Phil Jackson arrived and made him change his whole mode of playing...and mentality. Please get a clue....Why do you MJ cultists act like he came out of the womb dunking the basketball...and won 6 rings by himself? It just shows your lack of objectivity and your pathetic idolatry.
Theng Yang
Theng Yang 10 kun oldin
@Pete Pan're too funny..Mike was already the best player in the league when Phil took over..Brady was drafted to be Bledsoe s waterboy...Was a game manager til his 6th or 7th seasons..Mahomes..Rodgers..Peyton..They all more talented n better players.
BGOOD2 Life 10 kun oldin
Message Alert to Tom Brady, your memory gaffe of losing count of the number of downs remaining in the closing seconds of a winnable game by taking the Buc's to a position for a field goal,might be a good time for you to contact a physician, to see if you have the beginning stages of dementia. Just a thought.
Understanding 77
Understanding 77 10 kun oldin
The man is 43 now...the team is supposed to support him more since they signed him. You can’t win with the whole team playing sloppy.
Understanding 77
Understanding 77 10 kun oldin
@Sean Tyson Tell it to your mommy
Sean Tyson
Sean Tyson 10 kun oldin
Jerry Kwerve
Jerry Kwerve 10 kun oldin
Jordan was 1st team all defense with the Wizards tho
Voski-Woski Peeskiweeski
Voski-Woski Peeskiweeski 9 kun oldin
Averaged 20 a game also
Terence Jones
Terence Jones 9 kun oldin
He wasn't no 1st team all defense wtf you talking about fool
Shinoobi God
Shinoobi God 10 kun oldin
@Jay Raider why people like you be attacking bron when someone say something bad about Jordan? Bruh he never mention lebron. Not everything is about lebron and Jordan.
S!r W!ll!am Ray
S!r W!ll!am Ray 10 kun oldin
Don’t forget Mike is also in the 40/40 club. Drop 40 a few times with the Wiz..
Jay Raider
Jay Raider 10 kun oldin
@SwaeRod No. Its because he could still play defense. Im guessing this is coming from a bronsexual. You look young AF.
Frenchyk757 10 kun oldin
This is when Rob is at his greatest!
Fredrick Johnson
Fredrick Johnson 3 kun oldin
@Frenchyk757 lol shut it 😄
Frenchyk757 10 kun oldin
@Isaiah Richardson shut it
Isaiah Richardson
Isaiah Richardson 10 kun oldin
Buddy Steele
Buddy Steele 10 kun oldin
the Bucs had so many penalties and Brady made a once in a billion mistake and they still only lost by one point to one of the best defenses in the league. hmmm wouldn’t speak so soon
Buddy Steele
Buddy Steele 10 kun oldin
so typical Rob Parker who said just days ago when Tom was on a killing streak that he was gonna wait the season out before giving a definitive opinion on Brady’s play. Cut to 4 days later and Rob is saying Brady’s washed. hmmm 🤔
Thulsa Doom
Thulsa Doom 10 kun oldin
Was Crazy Uncle Rob responsible for that thumbnail?! They got Brady looking crazy!
fly guy
fly guy 10 kun oldin
This is beyond old some people should just refrain from talking about a subject to death.MJ with the wizards wasnt bad from his play he averaged over 20ppg close to 40% shooting People really no need to know their facts about subjects like this.
fly guy
fly guy 10 kun oldin
Pete Pan Sorry actually I lied he shot close to 41% 35% was three point percentage and nobody is defending Michael Jordan I’m just speaking facts pansy.
Condor Gaming
Condor Gaming 10 kun oldin
35% field goal percentage is ass. Tf are you on.
Pete Pan
Pete Pan 10 kun oldin
"Close to 35% shooting" MJ nut-huggers are pathetic. You will gloss over every flaw in him and defend him like cult members. Pathetic.
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 10 kun oldin
Yeah agree
Anthony Slazas
Anthony Slazas 10 kun oldin
It's only going to get worse next week the Packers are going to crush them to a 3-3 record. Tom Brady going to turn out to be fools gold, they're not making the playoffs this year.
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
This is noted
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson 10 kun oldin
Do y’all realize that everybody is hurt right now and it was a short week ? Tom Brady will make all you pay
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
President Joshington with no injuries
President Joshington
President Joshington 10 kun oldin
Was a short week for the bears too.
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson 10 kun oldin
The disrespect
William Ramirez
William Ramirez 10 kun oldin
99% of the time I'm disagreeing with him. BUT! Rob actually hit that 64 yrd kick to win the SB with that anolgy🍻🍻🍻
Chris B.
Chris B. 10 kun oldin
Tom has been my QB for nearly the entirety of my football loving life but I don't feel bad for him. He should have retired after the 2017 Superbowl. I was obviously happy to see him make two more Superbowls after that but he's clearly in decline physically and the game is evolving past guys like him. I hate to see legends limp away but that's what we're getting with 🐐 Brees, Brady, and even Gronk. I respect what he's doing but there's no sugar coating it: he's just not that good anymore.
zonex productions
zonex productions 7 kun oldin
Gronk only 31
Kisembe Namusyule
Kisembe Namusyule 10 kun oldin
Forget comparing him to other 40-year-olds. He is better than most QB’s in the league. He would instantly be the 2nd best qb in the AFC west &north & south. He’d be the best QB in the Afc east. He’s be the 2nd best qb in the NFC north, east, west and he is the best qb in the nfc south. Mahomes Wilson Jackson Rodgers Presscott Watson Then Brady. So to be in your 40’s and be top 10 in the league is nothing to sneeze at
daquan beamon
daquan beamon 10 kun oldin
Yes it’s very hard to be the same qb you were at 33 when you are 43. But for rob to say he is trash is nonsense. People compare 35 year old Brady to 43 year old Brady. But never compare this older Brady(40+) to any other 40 year old qbs in the past. So yes he doesn’t look that good when you are comparing him to his prime.
Greg somebody
Greg somebody 10 kun oldin
Love him or hate him, you can't deny Parker is hilarious. Love it.
Carlos Benavides
Carlos Benavides 10 kun oldin
I got faith in Tom the 🐐 can’t get em all win some you lose some but it’s the way you bounce back and Tom will do that it’s gonna be a challenge but I kno he can do it
Samuel Stokes
Samuel Stokes 10 kun oldin
I was waiting for this episode lmao! Rob is so consistent talking about Tom lol.
Roger Smith
Roger Smith 7 kun oldin
@conspiracy Chris You describe People that like Mahomes perfectly they kiss ass and worship him in the media.Only one Superbowl Bearly starting his career and some people already called him the goat how pathetic.
Aundra Thomas
Aundra Thomas 8 kun oldin
hi ali
hi ali 10 kun oldin
@Graham Realty rob is the man,smart guy. I'm a big fan of his show. But he is competing with max kellerman on who is the most wrong about Brady.
Graham Realty
Graham Realty 10 kun oldin
Rob spot on.
hi ali
hi ali 10 kun oldin
Consistantly wrong
jvalree jvalree
jvalree jvalree 10 kun oldin
That is a new low. Lol
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 10 kun oldin
So he acknowledges that Brady is the GOAT then right?
Mustapha Love
Mustapha Love 10 kun oldin
Certainly does sound that way from the title of vid doesn't it
casanova76544 10 kun oldin
That Thumbnail..😂😂
UnexpectedWonder 6 kun oldin
Nelson Swamp
Nelson Swamp 10 kun oldin
Y'all wrong for that thumbnail.
Donovan S
Donovan S 10 kun oldin
rob parker must have been up all night waiting to bash tom bet is that rob parker was going to bash tom brady whether he won or lost.....but it was much more satisfying with him gotta admit that senior moment comment was funny
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming 10 kun oldin
This is disrespectful to Jordan because he played defense too.
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming 10 kun oldin
@Blake Harris yup and I wished these analyst/commentators could quit comparing the two.
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming 10 kun oldin
@Darius Williams not anymore, besides you missed my point.
Kisembe Namusyule
Kisembe Namusyule 10 kun oldin
The only bad thing about MJ with the wizards that he wasted two all-star seasons on the wizards. If was good enough on the Wizards to be the number 2 on a championship team. He was 2nd in MVP voting before the all star break in his first year with the wizards before getting hurt
Blake Harris
Blake Harris 10 kun oldin
It's the classic difference between the sports. It can never be a perfect analogy.
Darius Williams
Darius Williams 10 kun oldin
That’s not how football works
Malik Gordon
Malik Gordon 10 kun oldin
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 10 kun oldin
possibly, but brady has more talent around him than m.j. did on the wizards. also, brady's team also looks likely to still make the playoffs unlike m.j.'s wizards
Sir Hoopalot
Sir Hoopalot 10 kun oldin
You probably had bucs in the sb huh
beruckoo 10 kun oldin
"like his skirt blew up or something" i'm crying .....
Heysus Christo
Heysus Christo 10 kun oldin
Brady should've retired after that 6th Superbowl. Perfect ending. Legendary QBs seem to stay around too long. Brady is in a long line of legends who stuck around a year or two too long.
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
Pete Pan this things isssss... he shouldn’t have been in the situation to begin with. If it wasn’t for dumb ass penalties the Bucs were getting and getting called the game is over long before. The Bucs were a better team and won the game. The lost the game themselves as a team the lost is not solely on Tom Brady. If you say Tom Brady lost the game you just a complete idiot and moron and hater. Tom Brady had like 3 drives that couldn’t went for scores or touchdowns but the drives were killed because of dumb penalties. That’s why brady yelled at his offensive line he knew that stupid head butt and other dumb penalties cost potential points
Pete Pan
Pete Pan 10 kun oldin
@Rafael Rodriguez - Welllll....Skip says Brady owns the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter and has made a career out of live and die with that assessment. He was in position to win it, even after all the things you mentioned. HE did not get it done. End of story.
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
Bro if he wasn’t for the buccaneers players incompetence with their penalties they would have won the game
Pete Pan
Pete Pan 10 kun oldin
ego. vanity. wanting to stick it to bill
a_collection_of_cells 10 kun oldin
Every Time CB isnt on the Show Rob G says the most blasphemous stuff on air 😂
Isaiah Richardson
Isaiah Richardson 10 kun oldin
He does if Chris is their regardless
Neil Laplana
Neil Laplana 10 kun oldin
The sad thing with this. When tom win rob says teams choke, when tom losses his awful as hell. SMH
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 5 kun oldin
Who does Rob hates on every current greet player. He to stuck in that 80s and 90s
Kisembe Namusyule
Kisembe Namusyule 10 kun oldin
Rob & Max Kellerman are stuck
Jus Blaze
Jus Blaze 10 kun oldin
Neil Laplana exactly
a_collection_of_cells 10 kun oldin
🤣Rob Parker doesn't know what he's talking about because Saints and the Buccaneers are tied at 3- 2 but Saints is ahead because they beated the Bucs in week 1
stephen ellis
stephen ellis 10 kun oldin
Hard to listen without CB🤷🏿 i said what I said
a_collection_of_cells 11 kun oldin
Rob Parker has reached a pinnacle of hatred towards Tom Brady. This is laughable 😂
Ronnie James Osbourne
Ronnie James Osbourne 11 kun oldin
Rob didn't even have to open his mouth... The title alone had me rollin 😂🤣😂
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