Rob Parker - LeBron’s Ugly Truth is He CHEATED US and the Game of Basketball

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss Parker's latest column, 'LeBron’s Ugly Truth: He cheated us and the game.' Rob Parker talks in-depth about LeBron's struggle to get the respect he feels he deserves and thinks it stems from him joining other teams to ease his path to a championship. Read the article here:

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A Z Soat oldin
Yup...I was a LeBron fan until he left Cleveland the first time... He can get more championships but 50% of ppl won't respect his accolades...when comparing them to all time greats
66Snuffleupagus 17 soat oldin
Stop this "it's hard to win championships in 3 teams" Robert Horry is the GOAT of that. Superstars who are top 5 ever can't use that as an accomplishment. The GM's build the team. That supports Jerry Krause thinking. Switch out players and you can win as long as you have the great player.
KILLA VISION 19 soat oldin
I wonder if Fox really pays attention to these comments. Cause y’all need to get this clown rob parker outta here
andre jamison
andre jamison 19 soat oldin
But the problem LeBron James doesn't see is how those players sacrifice their skillset to lead. Bron never wanted to play in a system he wanted his stats. Magic and Bird enhance the players around him. Bron has never done that
Who is The
Who is The Kun oldin
Lbj went to a championship organization and played with a guy who already won a championship
Who is The
Who is The Kun oldin
Rob you are so right
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith Kun oldin
Jordan didn't win one after Pippen either. Why are you only telling one side of the story? Are we just not going to mention Phil Jackson?
Leonora Milner
Leonora Milner Kun oldin
this rob parker is such an idiot. i cant believe fox sports get him
Spiritual COACHING W/ Rein
Spiritual COACHING W/ Rein Kun oldin
Super_Duper_ Saiyan
Super_Duper_ Saiyan 2 kun oldin
Pahahahahahahah what a way to rationalize his stance. “ I don’t recall it being the same feeling Chris.. they were all free agents back then.” What a joke.
Until Chill
Until Chill 2 kun oldin
Imagine thinking Lebron cheated anybody. When have you seen a more dedicated player? Rob foul for this
Larry Stepney
Larry Stepney 3 kun oldin
I've said this since the mess with RG3.... ROB PARKER IS THE DUMBEST ANALYST IN THE WORLD!!!!
Eversley King
Eversley King 3 kun oldin
Chris to your last point, doesn’t Robert Horry have multiple championships with multiple teams!?
Benjamin Huggins
Benjamin Huggins 3 kun oldin
The man has entirely too many knocks in his career for he to rate him top 5
Benjamin Huggins
Benjamin Huggins 3 kun oldin
So you mean to tell me... I mean... whomever believes it anyway.... he actually left Miami to win Cleveland a title???!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Y'all do remember when he left they were stabbing and burning his jersey right???!!! So why in hell would be good back to a place that hated him after he gave them all he got supposedly and couldn't bring home a championship
Benjamin Huggins
Benjamin Huggins 3 kun oldin
I'll put it plain and simple. If he didn't lose that last year in Miami do you think he would've went back to Cleveland? C'mon man.... Y'all know better than that.
Benjamin Huggins
Benjamin Huggins 3 kun oldin
I agree with Rob Parker completely. Look how many times the guy ran
Billy Grant
Billy Grant 3 kun oldin
Rob is a Lebron Hater😂😂🤣
Paul Joshua Suba
Paul Joshua Suba 3 kun oldin
Nah, people don't feel good when other people think of a smarter way to success before they do. Even the f'd up analogy Rob Parker gave about "people should be going around the park rather than go across it," that's just dumb. Why wouldn't you just go across the damn place? Don't get me wrong, MJ is still the GOAT for me but the takes on LeBron get saltier and saltier every year. They pile on fallacy after fallacy and it's just bad debating for me. I didn't know that I could be as dumb as Rob Parker and still rake in lots of money. I guess the key to success is to find a player to hate on and do it on a consistent basis.
Bob Langford
Bob Langford 3 kun oldin
The Bulls were not a terrible organization once they got Jerry Krause. Krause got Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant. He also traded Charles Oakley for Bill Cartwright, which was a great move because it allowed Horace Grant more playing time at PF and the Bulls got their true center. And Cartwright was a key piece to the Bulls, as he was a great team leader and co-captain. Also, the trade for Rodman in '95 was excellent. Krause was a 2x executive of the year. Bad organizations don't have executives like that. Now, it was a horrible decision by Krause to break the team up in 1998, but he put the pieces together for those 6 championships.
Tay Gee
Tay Gee 3 kun oldin
LeBron got embarrassed in Cleveland and fled to Miami. In 2014, he got embarrassed by the Spurs (by a record amount) and he fled back to Cleveland. He got embarrassed by Golden State (breaking his 2014 record) and he fled to LA. Each time he created his team AAU style. THREE times so far. This is bigger than just Miami. This is a pattern.
Andrew Chang
Andrew Chang 3 kun oldin
Rob Parker wants to be a black skip bayless so bad
Brett Davis
Brett Davis 4 kun oldin
Lebron used clutch to legally tamper with the league for years I don’t understand how intelligent people don’t see this
William Hill
William Hill 4 kun oldin
Look first off! The first super team was Dr.j's philly team! Then boston i believe had there big three! An wait before that! Showtime" did ya rag on magic! Then boston got another big three! Now the warriors! But ya don't rag on them! Get off bron!
William Hill
William Hill 4 kun oldin
Problem is bron got to go where he wants! Past greats didnt have that! Thats why people rag bron! An he got to accept that!
William Hill
William Hill 4 kun oldin
How many championships has bron went too! Find somebody to accomplish that the next 30 yrs! U ain't! Now thats his! An its just as hard as winning championship
William Hill
William Hill 4 kun oldin
Ya'll should be beat writers! 😆
OrEoS wOrLd
OrEoS wOrLd 4 kun oldin
Salty is not even the beginning to describe this cornball
Warpen .N
Warpen .N 4 kun oldin
That’s why James went to south beach! Good job guys
Arthur Lewis
Arthur Lewis 4 kun oldin
Rob.. Sounds pathetic.. I thought Lebron wasn't going to even make the playoffs... Keep trying.. ✔... Shaq left Orlando to go play with kobe..
Rollo-Lamont Khadafi
Rollo-Lamont Khadafi 4 kun oldin
Closet Bronsexual A person who has yet to come out of the closet as a bronsexual. Usually starting off sentences " I'm not a LeBron fan but". Then proceeds to show a defensive demeanor about LeBron James. That guy secretly loves LeBron. He's a closet bronsexual by LeBron James haters United
Rollo-Lamont Khadafi
Rollo-Lamont Khadafi 4 kun oldin
Bronsexual is a term used for a fan who has bandwaggoned LeBron so much, from game jerseys and sneakers to social media. Consumed by their 'King', Lebron has become the basis of their sexuality and life. ... A bronsexual is literally the most annoying sports fan ever. (yes, even more annoying than Cowboy fans.)
Fabian Harris
Fabian Harris 4 kun oldin
Michael never won without Scottie Pippen!!!!
Lawrence McDonald
Lawrence McDonald 4 kun oldin
And they still lost some years with pip
ajedi 07
ajedi 07 4 kun oldin
Why does everybody want to forget about KOBE ?
Bev Medina
Bev Medina 5 kun oldin
Haha im with rob on this one then again im a lebald james hater
Pat NoNonsense
Pat NoNonsense 5 kun oldin
Of course, super hater Parker has been sick with the flu and he blames us winning the NBA championship for the infection. Omg, gimme a effin break and do the rest of Lakers nation a favor try congratulating us for once in your haterriffic life. Bottom line is we're the NBA champions. To all you hating ass chumps talking about an asterisk on this, lemme tell you something. The Clippers choked on a 3-1 series lead and Denver owned them. On top of that, the Clippers was against going to the bubble to begin with anyway. Lastly, we're not obligated to carry another team anywhere, name of the game is you get yourselves there on your own merits and play. So enjoy it bc next year we will be there at the finals again and we'll repeat
Ocho 55
Ocho 55 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker is such a tool
el chapo jr kimg of the trap
el chapo jr kimg of the trap 5 kun oldin
Rob wants to be Skip with all this hate so bad
D 1
D 1 5 kun oldin
theirs only one thing people bring up on jordan and thats that he had pippen a very bad arguement pippen was pushed and made by jordan and look at jordans last game in the bulls everyone sucked the only one that helped a little was kukoc. jordan could of gone to another good team and won 3 more chips imagined if jordan went to the pacers or the nicks or like the celtics cmon 3 more chips easy
Sheldon Scipio
Sheldon Scipio 5 kun oldin
Straight outta d Caribbean Step Curry Mj Dwayne Wade Kobe Magic Dr J Bird In common they stayed where they were, acted as catalysts to building a team around them. They attracted players,made them better, played with them, never cried about losing, honored their original fans and cities, brought at least a title, most brought many titles, the Standard became 3-peats regardless of the cast. GSW learned how hard it is to three-peat even with an upgrade. This is why a city honors you, because of loyalty. Dr J may have only won a title in Philly,but he will always be honoured Kobe will always be honored,he brought 5 Step brought titles and is still there. Etc Etc Most of these players inherited bad teams or organizations. We need to stop with the Pippen excuse, Scotty became a Hall of Famer under the tutelage of MJ, the infamous Breakfast Club. Going to different teams and teaming up does not build a dynasty. That's why he gets no respect. People want dynasties This is Lord of the Rings
This is Jon Snow He's King of the North
This is Jon Snow He's King of the North 5 kun oldin
"On one hand he will have a basketball in the other he will have a suitcase" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Rob is a legend
This is Jon Snow He's King of the North
This is Jon Snow He's King of the North 5 kun oldin
The fact that people get so triggered over journalists is laughable they are clearly doing it for clicks and you all fall for it look at the dislikes!! Rob is the GWUOAT Greatest wind up of all time do your thing Rob 🤣🤣
Red King
Red King 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker said AD was about to be a third option to Kyle Kuzma.
lawrence sullins
lawrence sullins 5 kun oldin
The last Three peat is almost 20 years ago now . Two peats are more common in the nba
AgooD Avgguy
AgooD Avgguy 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker - You said in 2018 that, LeBron need to win a 4th title to pass Michael Jordan as the GOAT. - Rob Parker joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor to discuss the 2018 NBA Finals. Hear what Rob Parker thinks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers chances are to defeat the Golden State Warriors. Plus, does LeBron need to win a 4th title to pass Michael Jordan as the GOAT.
Joshua Aguirre
Joshua Aguirre 5 kun oldin
“Scottie never won without Jordan” Jordan rings without Scottie: 0
Marvelous Marv
Marvelous Marv 5 kun oldin
Y'all keep trashing pippen like he not a top 50 greatest player all time 🤷‍♀️ did y'all forget this? Talking about what he did in houston and Portland when it comes to numbers us just lazy because both of those teams were loaded with talent (granted old) but still loaded and pippen had that back issue as well so stop with the nonsense guys for real, until Penny and Grant got in the league Jordan and pippen were the 2 best wings hands down and I don't want here nothing bout no reggie miller either cause he ain't better than pippen Clyde either
Marvelous Marv
Marvelous Marv 5 kun oldin
Chris you just explained it bro, y'all media types put pressure on that man to win titles on that trash ass team, asking him to do the impossible
darren gordon
darren gordon 5 kun oldin
darren gordon
darren gordon 5 kun oldin
how do you continue to get criticized when you just won the championship?? rob parker and skip bayless are crazy SMH THEY NEED TO STOP
Ricardo Tingle
Ricardo Tingle 5 kun oldin
He definitely cheated the game
SJ Kay
SJ Kay 5 kun oldin
It’s funny how many grown men are bitter about another man’s career
JOE Whitaker
JOE Whitaker 5 kun oldin
LeBron James I think is a good man and a nice person that why I wish he stayed in Cleveland for his career that town love him and win more championship for that organization the country would believe in him totally and also the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not jump from team to team with a stack superstar players.
Kevin Foley
Kevin Foley 5 kun oldin
Go cowboys
Leoda Great84
Leoda Great84 5 kun oldin
Smh how can you hate everyday
Sean Pen
Sean Pen 6 kun oldin
Lebron can’t erase those 6 losses or the choke job against Dallas. Case closed that’s it. MJ 🐐
Dion Green
Dion Green 6 kun oldin
he wasn't gonna win 4 rings in cleveland
Bálint Rab
Bálint Rab 6 kun oldin
Michael Jordan: "I took it personally." Media: "Wow, that's a killer mentality. This is goat material" Lebron James: "I took it personally." Media: "Stop whining. Respect is earned, not asked."
brial sowell
brial sowell 6 kun oldin
3 teams 4 championship ect .. when labron leave the NBA how are they going to talk about .. you let KD off the hook with the championships he won which is crazy .. Don't be mad cuz this man is 35 and better then the young guys in the nba today ... 🤦🏾‍♂️
Reginald Rodges
Reginald Rodges 6 kun oldin
I'm stupid for listen to this idiot for the minutes I did..
Edub Jackson
Edub Jackson 6 kun oldin
So what they played for they original teams!! Basketball ball wasn't big or the money wasn't as long as it is now. I hate that argument oh back In the day. Fool we ain't back in the day no more
Edub Jackson
Edub Jackson 6 kun oldin
Wasn't scottie one of the top 50 players ever
Keith Vinet
Keith Vinet 6 kun oldin
LeBron didnt cheat us at all. In Cleveland the first everybody was saying, but he dont have no rings. Every day, but, he don't have no rings. And he stayed and tried to get it and his 7yr contract came up. So much pressure from sports analyst, old greats (Hall of Famers), magazines, etc. saying, but he don't have no rings. So he took control of his career. That's not cheating us. It was FOOLISH zo think just because he's good to ein by himself when NO ONE did it by thimself. They all had help. That's why LeBron the G.O.A.T. Just the fact the HE put the team together as a player to compete is amazing. He didnt run from trying to win because he didnt think he could with the team he's on. That's why Jordan didnt try to go to the finals with Washington because he didnt want to take a chance to lose that 0 and be 6-1 so he stopped. NOW THAT'S CHEATING US, STOPING AT 6
Security Officer
Security Officer 6 kun oldin
Lol...teams have been loading up on James from Day one! Miss me with that shirt Rob!
jaysixers 6 kun oldin
Lmao people can't handle the facts Rob Parker is speaking. Nevertheless I do respect Lebron and consider him the second best player of all time, that I have seen in my lifetime. Please stop mentioning him and Jordan in the same sentence. That argument died the moment he lost to the Mavs after engineering a super team with two top ten picks from his draft class.
Raul C
Raul C 6 kun oldin
this Rob guy is delusional....needs to get himself checked at a doctor....old fart keeps hating on greatness...Lebron lives in this guys head...he keeps living in the past that's why he is depressed when LBJ does King stuff in the present.
Nalla Dlanor Gomez
Nalla Dlanor Gomez 6 kun oldin
this rob dude is a clown just a bonafide hater
mcJude bruce
mcJude bruce 6 kun oldin
This guy mention lbj will never win championship in lakers . Shut up ! You like a kid that just discover santa is not real .. u fools never consider somebody will surpass mj.
J Woods
J Woods 6 kun oldin
Rob just be talking, on 6/27/19 he was on undisputed and said LA won’t make the playoffs. He said AD would be a third option, this dude said the West was stacked!!! A year later, AD is the second option, Lebron wins the chip and his road all of a sudden was easy. Rob a hater, can’t wait until these old dudes retire. MJ would be just as vocal on social media if social media existed in his era. MJ would make stuff up to get competitive, imagine if he had IG!!!!! Oh he would’ve been posting stuff like crazy to get motivated
jtFacts 7 kun oldin
This is why I don't respect a lot of sports writers. Rob Parker is GARBAGE.
jojacko 7 kun oldin
Why is people mad that he left teams in free agency. He never forced a trade. He finished his contracts out and left. He wouldnt have won 4 rings in Cavs. He might have won 2 at best. Is 2 rings good enough to be in any conversation as a top player even if he only had 2 loses or no loses. No one wants to play in Cleveland. Then if he stayed there the entire time and the franchise is terrible everyone will say he underachieve. Kobe, Jordan, Magic, Duncan, etc all played with HoF players, HoF coaches, and HoF GMs. Before Mia, no one can name a single player or coach Bron had except the one that was having $ex with Bron's mother.
New Age Mob
New Age Mob 7 kun oldin
Everybody blames Lebron but nobody blames the front office by not giving him enough around him to stay
torrance johnson
torrance johnson 6 kun oldin
He had enough, LeBron never had under 2 other players scoring in double digits. Sometimes having up to 5 players scoring double digits. Jordan never had more than 2 scoring in double digits. That narrative is getting stepped on every time I see it. It's a lie and lazy.
New Age Mob
New Age Mob 7 kun oldin
So Orlando could sign Mcgrady & Hill & Duncan in free agency but the Miami Heat can’t sign Lebron and Bosh and resign Wade ? How is that any different...
New Age Mob
New Age Mob 7 kun oldin
Rob should be ashamed of himself grown a** man hating
New Age Mob
New Age Mob 7 kun oldin
If he cheated the game he would’ve went to LA to do just movies and let his play dip lol he went to LA & won a Championship that’s why everybody mad
Jimmy Randle
Jimmy Randle 7 kun oldin
Stop dissing Scottie he was second best player in the league, he the bulls dont get Scottie they Jordan wins nothing bro and we know that if you put Scottie with the jazz they win 4 to 5 in a row.....stop it with the b.s. guys
rayko bellmas
rayko bellmas 7 kun oldin
These boys are straight haters, you think you put lebron on the 90s bulls with pippen Rodman and Phil Jackson and he doesn’t also win ?🤣🤣🤣 that weak ass competition with no shooters is meant for lebrons game . “ it was more physical “ my guy lebron bigger faster stronger and way over all better player . If you want to say Jordan’s a better scorer, sure . There’s no question when it’s all said and done who’s the goat . These old heads bout to get cancelled
Correll Mayo
Correll Mayo 7 kun oldin
You can't cheat the game winning four championships smh he can never win that's why he wants his respect
Mark Ryan Domincel
Mark Ryan Domincel 7 kun oldin
Rob Parker needs to retire his analysis is so... worthless
Dox Diggla
Dox Diggla 7 kun oldin
suckdogofficial 7 kun oldin
Rob Parker: "There's a road..." Reality: Roads f**k up your vehicle.
BB4L TV 7 kun oldin
Jordan got draft picks tho
GrimmyCity 7 kun oldin
People really judge him because he didn’t do what mike did exactly the way mike did 🤨🤔🤦🏽‍♂️ da fuq
KING MOALA 7 kun oldin
Just unsubscribed lol
Thompson Karngbaye
Thompson Karngbaye 7 kun oldin
Rob is just a hater, everyone said bron wasn’t into winning championship, now it’s he cheated basketball, no fool, he’s has carried the sport for a decade plus, and Cleveland was a incompetent organization, lebron has every right to leave
BareFacedDouble9 7 kun oldin
“Scottie didn’t win without mike” smh MIKE DIDNT WIN WITHOUT SCOTTIE
John Doe
John Doe 7 kun oldin
Didn’t rob JUST say you can’t trust players and ex players opinions because they’re NOT objective? Lmao
Matthew Elgarico
Matthew Elgarico 7 kun oldin
LeBron didn’t want to be the second Coming of Kevin Garnett. An all time great player lucky to get one ring from being to loyal to a franchise. The only reason he got one was because the franchise he was loyal to traded him to a good team.
Ansem 7 kun oldin
Rob Parker is just a hater stfu dude Seriously
Said S.
Said S. 7 kun oldin
ROB not on TV anymore, until LeBron looses 1 game 😁 ROB needs to apologize for being on the wrong side of Basketball gods and GOAT James 🤣
GMR 8 kun oldin
True! LBJ shortcut his career just to get a ring and calling himself a goat. MJ stayed and wait his craft to shine to be the real 🐐!!!
rockbottom23 8 kun oldin
After reading some of these comments, it's a lotta butt hurt sensitive pansies! And what's funny to me, is these lebron fans alway go out of their way to discredit Kevin Durant's Championship rings, for doing the exact same thing lebron did! Use the cheat codes to get chips!
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 8 kun oldin
Dear Ignorant People: MJ, Scottie, Rodman, and Kukoc is a super team.
torrance johnson
torrance johnson 13 soat oldin
@Jordan Orick , Scotty was in Chicago for 4yrs until they won their 1st championship. He was not even a starter for years, he considered soft. Phil never coached an NBA team before, he coached Mj. Sooo, the idea that Scotty (who was drafted ,not traded as an all-star) & Phil showed up to Chicago as winners and gave Mj a boost is crazy, and a lie. As far as H.O.F. Mj never played with any H.O.F. player ever because players don't become Hall of Fame players until they retire for @ 7-10 yrs. So if they played w/ Mj , of course they were gonna be good, he demanded excellent play in their roles. That goes for any of his (2) 3peats. LeBron picked his teams, picked his players, and still didn't win like he would have liked to. That's not MJ fault. LeBron is great but nowhere on Mj level. Now he might be the best you seen, but not the best that I have. I actually question whether you really seen the Bulls in real time just by your Kuchok statement. I think you just been researching as much as possible. Sorry, you have the right to believe what you feel. But truth is truth. MJ exceeded in ways LeBron never has and never will, and vice versa. Mj will be more memorable because with everything on the line, he refused to lose, LeBron refused to not get his stats, so that everyone can make the excuses for him.
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 14 soat oldin
@torrance johnson I would say that he played his role incredibly. But, in light of this conversation, I would point out that MJ's Bulls always had more HOF players on their squads (except for '91 when both teams had 2, even though Magic and James Worthy, as well as Byron Scott, suffered injuries in that series) . MJ never consistently faced the kind of competition that LeBron has. And when MJ did on a rare basis face the kind of competition that LeBron has, he got spanked! MJ was getting the bizness until Phil and Scottie came along. Unlike MJ, at least LBC can carry garbage squads deep into the playoffs/Finals.
torrance johnson
torrance johnson 20 soat oldin
@Jordan Orick 13 pts a game. For his career , I think you overselling him. I remember the hype as well but the truth is , he was a decent player. If he was considered elite, then what is Jr. Smith
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 21 soat oldin
@torrance johnson 6th man of the year, best player in Europe, chose to play a role in CHI (sort of like Manu), could’ve started for any team.
torrance johnson
torrance johnson 22 soat oldin
@Jordan Orick , so you thought Kukoc was an elite type player ?
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 8 kun oldin
The Bulls were terrible? WHAT THE HECK do you think CLE was?!?!?
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 8 kun oldin
And MJ didn’t do JACK without Pip! FACT!!!
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 8 kun oldin
LBJ didn’t create super teams. They’ve always existed. Fact.
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 8 kun oldin
This is NONSENSE! Lebron left CLE because they never got him any decent help. He never even had one single co-All-Star. MJ didn’t have to leave CHI because they brought help to him, i.e. Scottie, Phil, Kukoc, Rodman, etc. Lebrons organization failed him by not getting him any help so he could to go and get help on his own. NO ONE in NBA history has ever won a chip without help, without co-star(s). FACT. Not MJ, not Magic, not Russell, not...anyone.
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 8 kun oldin
Michael couldn’t get past ANYONE until he got Phil and Scottie. FACT.
Fiend Energising
Fiend Energising 8 kun oldin
Been saying this he ruined the league with this "player control" bullshit claiming its racist to stay with one team LMMFAO he cheated us out of rivalries wade vs lebron in the playoffs instead of wade AND lebron in the playoffs for example
TheExclusiveOne720 8 kun oldin
People say LeBron had no help in Cleveland and nobody was there blah blah yet, that same Cleveland team posted records of 66-16 & 61-21 in back to back seasons Let me remind people because I know ya love to forget details that the year Cleveland went 66-16, LeBron averaged 28 however, you know who was the 2nd leading scorer that year: Mo Williams at 17pts a game Pretty interesting because that's same amount of points Scottie Pippen averaged in 90-91, ya know....the year the Bulls won their first title So MJ's team posts a 60+ win season and his #2 averages 17 points a game, the takeway: Oh MJ had Scottie this and that LeBron's team posts TWO 60+ win seasons & his #2 averages 17 points a game, the takeaway: Oh Lebron had no help, he was by himself Lol this gets more hilarious by the day I bet you anything MOST people can't even name the Bulls roster outside of the starting 5 for that first title they won
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