Reggie Miller - Clippers Lay an Egg on National TV

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DAN PATRICK SHOW - Hall of Famer, Reggie Miller reacts to the LA Clippers being eliminated by the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Playoffs.
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Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy 5 soat oldin
Now Los Angeles Lakers 🆚 Denver Nuggets Conference Finals
Eddie Vo
Eddie Vo 4 kun oldin
So Clippers is now a chicken 🐔 instead of dogs 🐕, very interesting.
Kiel Linatoc
Kiel Linatoc 7 kun oldin
Clippers: All talk but no heart.
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy 11 kun oldin
Clippers Blew a 3-1 Lead Loss Against the Nuggets Denver Nuggets Comeback a 3-1 Deficit the 13th NBA Teams in NBA History Comeback from 3-1 Deficit Victory Against the LA Clippers
lilcoladez 11 kun oldin
Trackboy TV
Trackboy TV 21 kun oldin
King Cartrell
King Cartrell Oy oldin
Kawhi won in his first year in Toronto how you think he felt betrayed at best but... damn he won a chip and fucked up by leaving.
King Cartrell
King Cartrell Oy oldin
Them ninjas was ready to go home anyway.
Joel Peralto
Joel Peralto Oy oldin
These guys were just plain tired of the bubble; they missed their families and being cooped up together for months. They make millions, unlike the old days when pro athletes had day jobs. These prima donas just decided they wanted to go home...
determination a mi title
determination a mi title Oy oldin
And now I do not think this team will ever win an nba title those sorry clippers...
Lift1One Oy oldin
The Clippers would've got destroyed by the Lakers. The Clippers would've lost against the Mavericks if Porzingas didn't get hurt.
Larry Walker
Larry Walker Oy oldin
The comment about the Joker. I like the Magic comparison. But I see him more like Kevin Mchale.
Jason S
Jason S Oy oldin
Yo is Paul George a man??
sessahme Oy oldin
Depth is NEVER an advantage in the playoffs. They ALWAYS shorten rotations. Bench players ALMOST NEVER dominate in playoffs. Clippers SO CALLED strength was their depth. I'm not surprised they lost.
john tate
john tate Oy oldin
Love Reggie. That idiotic comment from Pandemic George 🤣😂🤣
Ronald Mendonca
Ronald Mendonca Oy oldin
I'm laughing so hard, I'm Kawhi-ing.
Keenan Williams
Keenan Williams Oy oldin
If the number one seed verse the real number two seed
andysvt8 Oy oldin
Pg is a glorified prime 2014 prime Danny Green, change my mind
andysvt8 Oy oldin
sallystar1992 i meant PG now, not prime Indy PG.
sallystar1992 Oy oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣😂. As much as I love this comment, you know damn well PG was better than Danny Green in his prime.
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77 Oy oldin
The Los Angeles Clippers laid an egg three times, got exposed of being over-confident privileged millionaires that to play basketball. I swear salaries should be based on games won after their 4th year in the NBA. Kawhi Leonard should have stayed went back to the San Antonio Spurs after he and the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship last year (by luck). Actually Kawhi needs to request a trade to either the San Antonio Spurs or the Brooklyn Nets for next season, in exchange for multiple 1st & 2nd Round Draft Picks. Paul George can be traded to either the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics.
7LAMPS of FIRE Oy oldin
If Reggie grew a semi thick goatee beard, he would be a Malcolm X lookalike.
Retrogamer Dell
Retrogamer Dell Oy oldin
4 Teams left... Heat, Nuggets, Celtics, and Lakers. The Lakers got the most experience in the playoffs with Lebron. Think Lakers take it all.
Alyssa Mae Olpenda
Alyssa Mae Olpenda Oy oldin
Doc Rivers can't do anything without Rondo
JOE Cole
JOE Cole Oy oldin
Laker did not fear Clipper Clippers fear the Lakers. The Lakers to big up front for the Clippers
Bo Reed
Bo Reed Oy oldin
Denver took their lunch money. Doc can't really coach today's stars, PG is overrated, Kwai needs a balanced structured offense to thrive he's not strictly a one on one player he needs to operate within the framework of an offense...Doc had none.
Steven W
Steven W Oy oldin
Leonard on the precipice of being mentioned in the all timers takes a load on top of management.
Steven W
Steven W Oy oldin
I always give Reggie a pass do to him lightening up Spike Pee
Steve Fairls
Steve Fairls Oy oldin
Man I love Reggie's mentally, he just aint for the BS, he aint sked of nothin
VS9050909 Oy oldin
Reggie hit it on the money, those commercials said it all. But now excuses are telling us all we need to know.
Matt Bybee
Matt Bybee Oy oldin
Jazz shoulda swept the nuggets.
D. Farmrose
D. Farmrose Oy oldin
Replace the word "chemistry" with "heart" and we would be in agreement. Choked man... admit it and fix it.
andysvt8 Oy oldin
D. Farmrose agreed
Pharaoh Akhenaten
Pharaoh Akhenaten Oy oldin
Raptors weren't built to win last year but won the chip 😎
Ryan m
Ryan m Oy oldin
Reggie is an excellent analyst. Top tier 👍
littlesame Oy oldin
Reggie along with 90% media all disrespected the 16 championship Lakers and claimed Doc had a championship pedigree? He won ONE championship in 2007-08, that’s it. What pedigree is he talking about? Pedigree can only be applied to Jackson, Pop, Riley, Kerr who have won MULTIPLE championships, that’s pedigree, Doc won that one because is Garnett and the players will tell you the same. Kawhi can’t be the leader on the team cuz he doesn’t galvanized the team, he’s his own bubble and plays as he likes, Raptors captain was Lowry, ask any of them and they’ll agree, they were very cohesive before he got there so load management wasn’t an issue, Raptors (by stats) actually won more games without him in the reg season (which gave them the best seeding and home court advantage) and he wasn’t the best player in all 4 Finals wins, Siakam, VanVleet and Lowry each had one great game then, when he was on the Spurs, he already have the 3 HOFs and coach pop so he just had to play by his tempo, the two rings never came from his leadership or were his teams, now we see what happens when he’s the captain of the team
Nalaz One
Nalaz One Oy oldin
Brooklyn is about to do the same as the Clippers next yr. it doesn’t matter who you have if you don’t have a leader it’s not going to work. Durant and Kyrie are emotionally fragile. But they will be the team to beat next yr because on paper they look good.
nic magtaan
nic magtaan Oy oldin
at least both of them have chips on thier shoulders and somehow i think have more drive to win(in thier own diva ways)
LG3 Oy oldin
Reggie Miller - Nothing but facts here.
Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams Oy oldin
All that load management payed dividends for the clippers, lol
sallystar1992 Oy oldin
So happy that bullshit backfired! Other teams would have followed suit if clippers has won the championship smh!
Robert Weekes
Robert Weekes Oy oldin
Doc let them choke by failing to make *any adjustments whatsoever* to what wasn’t working. Reggie Jackson got no minutes even though he played solid against Dallas. Landry Shamet got all the minutes but only scored 4 points a game. Lou Williams wasn’t getting it done, esp. as a defensive liability. Montrezl Harrell _could not compete against Yokic_ especially on the rebounds. Jamychal Green didn’t get enough minutes even though he was playing hard & was amazing in the playoffs last year !! He didn’t even play former DPOY Jokim Noah one goddamn minute. Why even sign him then ?!
Iamtrue Toyou
Iamtrue Toyou Oy oldin
And the egg fell on Reggie's face.
Destiny 100
Destiny 100 Oy oldin
Still not giving respect Denver I'm not even Denver fan. If Denver wins first game they not going be like the blazers
Jaime Oy oldin
Everything didn't just "come out"after the playoffs. Trez alluded to it in January.
Frederick Bradley
Frederick Bradley Oy oldin
Before Clips got eliminated: Kawhi will try to be the 1st player to win Final MVP's for three different franchises. After Clips got eliminated: ..... Haven't heard anything about that since. Even though Lebron have the same opportunity
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick Oy oldin
Reggie just said that the blame should go to PG, Doc and “possibly” Kawhi. REALLY?!?!?!?!? It’s unbelievable how LeBron is judged so vastly different from other superstars.
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick Oy oldin
@Fin6as That's really a big part of it. People have the audacity to say that Kawhi is currently better than LeBron BUT don't hold him to the same standard. Of course, they shouldn't b/c he's nowhere LeBron's level BUT if people are gonna say that he's currently better than LeBron then he should be held to the same standard it seems. And then you have people like Cowhered making one of the most idiotic statements ever saying that Kawhi would be top 5 all-time if he won a chip this year. It's insanity! And I won't even waste our time talking about KD who is great but never has been the best player in the NBA and most likely never will be. People are just insane with their anti-LeBron hate and false narratives.
nic magtaan
nic magtaan Oy oldin
cuz pg was supposed to be not a playoff p in the playoffs idk we expected lebron to be the literal embodiedment of basketball gods in the flesh anything less is sort of a knack for him at which he didnt deserve
A Lakonophile
A Lakonophile Oy oldin
@Fin6as True, but nobody was saying he's better than Lebron from an historical perspective. Only this season.
Fin6as Oy oldin
A Lakonophile yeah but alot of people been saying Kawhi is the best player especially this season
Fin6as Oy oldin
Very true
CAC CAC Oy oldin
Idk if Jerry west was a huge part in getting this stacked team (Clippers) but if this team won't win a chip, they'll be back in the 2000s clippers if both kawhi and PG will leave and it might put a scar on his office personnel resume. It might go down as the worst trade or on par with the celtics heist on the Brooklyn
nic magtaan
nic magtaan Oy oldin
this is 7 picks with players for one guy this is officially the worst if it get worse
saint jack
saint jack Oy oldin
Paul George plays like he is on xanax. He looks like he just goes through the motions. Meanwhile Denver moved the ball around like their lives depended on it. I hope we see Miami and Denver. Those two teams want it badly.
Richard Mcfarlane
Richard Mcfarlane Oy oldin
The Clippers does not have a leader and Paul Gorge is over rated
Mark Lap
Mark Lap Oy oldin
Doc messed up all series long, but game 7 it’s primarily Kawhi and PG fault
abdul moalim
abdul moalim Oy oldin
If you clippers fan don’t listen to this is gonna hurt your feelings 🤣🤣😂
harlequin75 Oy oldin
I'm not convinced about the Nuggets still. I don't feel the magic yet.
Ntobeko Mtimkulu
Ntobeko Mtimkulu Oy oldin
How about Chauncey or Mark Jackson to replace Doc?
D Clax
D Clax Oy oldin
Did kawhi need to be together longer with his raptor team mates. PG soft
Aleksandar Ačanski
Aleksandar Ačanski Oy oldin
Edit: As Rajae pointed out below, they don't have the rights for Reggie's likeness, so my bad, nothing they could do about it. Let's all remember that in 2k19, Paul George is on the "Pacers ll time" starting line up instead of Reggie Miller. Whoever set that up is seriously delusional.
Prod by Rajae Jones
Prod by Rajae Jones Oy oldin
Aleksandar Ačanski no problem 😎
Aleksandar Ačanski
Aleksandar Ačanski Oy oldin
@Prod by Rajae Jones Oh yeah, look at that. Barkley also not present. OK then, I'll let it slide. Though I feel they should accommodate Barkley's request. Cheers mate, thanks for clearing that up.
Prod by Rajae Jones
Prod by Rajae Jones Oy oldin
Aleksandar Ačanski it’s because Reggie doesn’t give them the rights to put in him in 2k😂😂😂
Gio Oy oldin
Great Reggie 👍🏻
Jakeem Oy oldin
the best team lost, the clippers got out coached and their two bench guys were imposters the whole series.
A Lakonophile
A Lakonophile Oy oldin
@Jakeem "whoever comes out of that is the best team". Exactly. You just agreed with me. The NBA championship represents which team is the best, that is, the team who gets through the regular season and wins the playoffs. You just gave a different scenario. If they did that, the winner would be the best in that scenario. "In order of BEST to LAST". Exactly. What's that based on? Results. Wins and losses. You agreed with me again. I'm glad you admitted to not using objective measurements. It's your opinion. The evidence says the Nuggets are better. That's objective. You didn't really respond to what I said much, you just went at me personally again without substance which just proved what I said previously.
Jakeem Oy oldin
@A Lakonophile no, I'm just questing your intellect or lack thereof when you can't comprehend basic logic. everything you've said is results based. if that were the case nothing would matter, they should start the season with a 30 team playoffs and whoever comes out of that is the best team and champion. that's not how sports work. you play a regular season to determine seeding, and it's in order of BEST to LAST then you play the playoffs to determine not who is the BEST team but to determine which team can persevere, make adjustments to cover their deficiencies and become the champion. Im not the one using objective measurements, again do I need to give you the definition of what that word means? you've been using it incorrectly this entire time which also led me to question whether or not you have an iq above or below 100 my bet would be on the latter.
A Lakonophile
A Lakonophile Oy oldin
@Jakeem You're ignoring every quantifiable fact except wins/losses which trump every other stat. And stats like best defense aren't just it. Being able to play under pressure is part of your skill set. When a team wins a series and you say the losing team is better, it's subjective. It's your opinion because the facts say otherwise. Those facts being that they lost. Underdogs and favorites are just subjective opinions. You determine whose better objectively by playing the game. It's really telling to me that you have to say personal things about a person when you have very limited knowledge of that person in a discussion. That's a sign of weakness and insecurity.
Jakeem Oy oldin
@A Lakonophile no, you don't understand the difference between the two words and that's why I'll break it down for you. objective means to measure or evaluate something with the absence of opinion, subjective is to do the complete opposite which is to evaluate something with the input of personal beliefs and opinions. it isn't my opinion that the clippers finished with a better record, it's not my opinion that the clippers finished top 5 in defense and offense it's not my opinion that the clippers has the greatest bench historically. it's not my opinion that the clippers are quantifiably better than the nuggets but okay that's all true now that would mean the clippers would win 10/10 times if this was a simulator but it's not, this is where refs, streaks, coaching, matchups, etc... comes into play that determines a series winner, for example we've seen many teams get "upset" in the the 1990 lakers did vs the sun's that year. why do you believe there's a such thing as underdogs and favorites? why does the term upset exist? because going into a playoff series there's teams that are better, not all the time because there are series in which both teams are evenly matched then it's just a pickem, i.e what the clippers lakers series would've been. i know you have a hard time with nuance but that was me breaking it down as far as possible now if your "brain" can't compute that then I don't know what to say.
A Lakonophile
A Lakonophile Oy oldin
@Jakeem You don't seem to know the difference between objective and subjective. You're assuming that the Clippers would have won in a simulator. But the objective standard is wins and losses. The ability to beat a team on a hot streak while you are in a cold streak is part of your skill set. If you're in a cold streak and you face a team in a hot streak and they beat you they were better than you. If you were better than them you could have overcame and defeated them. Saying the Clippers are better is just your opinion. The argument of quote on quote playing at their full potential means nothing because that's not how the game is set up. The playoffs happen after a grueling season and being able to grind and play and win in that environment is part of the game. There's no championship for playing to your full potential in a perfect environment. No reason to get personal just respond to the argument..
Clifford Bayuga
Clifford Bayuga Oy oldin
I love Jamaal Wilkes but he was not quite a Hall of Famer. He was better than Reggie Miller. Especially defensively. Jamaal was a vital cog for 3 championship teams. One of them was the Golden State Warriors. He scored 37 points in the close out championship game against the 76ers (the no Abdul Jabbar / The crazy Magic game). He super good. But not great yet was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Reggie was good and had a few notable great moments. But not as good as Wilkes. He doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.
yves boom
yves boom Oy oldin
People are out here to wake the lakers up. Big man discussion and AD is not mentioned. Wow!🙄
Goat Stature
Goat Stature Oy oldin
Man these lebron haters lifes have ended ive never seen a bunch a babies wine and cry everyday on tv n on Twitter because the Clippers lost smfh the Lakers would have beat them any way!!!
Vincent Oy oldin
Yup. You hear these Lebron haters now? Now it’s lebrons fault that the clippers didn’t make the WCF. LMAO. “Lakers would’ve lost to the clips” “it’s a cakewalk for the Lakers now”. All these dumb narratives cause the clippers choked
Blake Martin
Blake Martin Oy oldin
Lebron made an over the head pass in 2011 to Eric Dampier
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Oy oldin
P G and KL both experienced major injuries during their career. This why KL WONT GO IN THE PAINT. PG IS RELUCTANT TO GO IN THE PAINT.
Somedude626 Oy oldin
I remember Reggie laying eggs in his career too
Somedude626 Oy oldin
Reggie was good just I mean his teams got busted up by the bulls
Burymeinakobebryantnumber8 Oy oldin
Never like Paul George u can argue reg was a top 20 clutch player of all time
Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson Oy oldin
PG wasnt batman in Indiana that was he's coming out party
EnterTheCarp Oy oldin
Dan? Is that DAN?? On FOX?? How long was I OUT? Anyway the mile high air is thinner in a bubble, not to say the Clippers choked or nuthin. WINK FACE
Darryl Dailey
Darryl Dailey Oy oldin
It was good listen to Reggie Miller,, a true NBA analyst that don't care if he hurts the soft NBA players that don't like to get criticized two old school hardball knowledge,,,,
Bryan Burns
Bryan Burns Oy oldin
The Nuggets are going to give the Lakers everything they want! Hope LeBron doesn’t look past them!
nic magtaan
nic magtaan Oy oldin
i think a 3-1 denver is terrifying a sweep would be more tactically smart for lakers
Burymeinakobebryantnumber8 Oy oldin
They will but lakers are too focused and even if they lose game 1 I don’t see this series going more than 6 games ! Lakers in 5
Thomas Crown III
Thomas Crown III Oy oldin
Get PG out of here. Every year you don't win a title and you're allegedly a great player, that season is a bust.
IbTusPeter Oy oldin
Reggie dramatizes so much. Magic Johnson really? Arvydas Sabonis can make that pass. Bill Walton can make that pass. Vlade Divac can make that pass. The Gasol Bros can make that pass. Jokic is great, but let's not pretend we haven't witnessed great, big man passing before.
IbTusPeter Oy oldin
nic magtaan What are you even talking about? All these guys have had offenses run through them just like Jokic. Their passing was NOT a complimentary skill. Divac and P.Gasol can also run the fastbreak. Young Sabonis can do everything Jokic can, and was athletic. You obviously have never seen these guys play. Jokic is great, but we've seen his archetype before.
nic magtaan
nic magtaan Oy oldin
yeah but the main offensive weapon of jokic was his passing i mean there are bigs who pass really but it was only a complimentary skills of them well but jokic may well be the 1st passfirst center he is like point center whatever its called also
Antzzz Manzzz
Antzzz Manzzz Oy oldin
Dan Patrick show is first rate n w Reggie is gold 👍🏼
Antzzz Manzzz
Antzzz Manzzz Oy oldin
Reggie is straight shooter. B-ball genius 👍🏼
i an
i an Oy oldin
Who can do better than what Doc did as a coach? I don't know pick a random dude.
STEPHANIE Williams Oy oldin
The clippers are like the NY jets underachievers vs the lakers are like the NY giants championship achievers
Wolf Anderson
Wolf Anderson Oy oldin
Reggie must be taking a s$$$
Rasheed Barnes
Rasheed Barnes Oy oldin
Paul George has been the most overrated star in the NBA for a few years now.
Dave Oy oldin
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Oy oldin
Matthew Brooks To be fair Harden been losing to Steph Klay and KD and Now Lebron and AD. The flippers just lost to the damn Nuggets bruh.
kookie monster
kookie monster Oy oldin
kawhi got exposed hes overated
x Noblesse
x Noblesse Oy oldin
overrated Players only thrive in regular season where there's no defense hahaha
Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks Oy oldin
Naw Harden
Match Hunter
Match Hunter Oy oldin
My all time favorite player. Reggie Miller !!!
Jalen Lane
Jalen Lane Oy oldin
PG isn't getting a lot of blame.
Taurean Clarke
Taurean Clarke Oy oldin
LA Clippers didn't lose the series, Denver Nuggets took it away.
The Elherbeeno
The Elherbeeno Oy oldin
Can everyone now hop off of Doc Rivers jock. And just admit he’s a mediocre coach. He’s lost series while up 3-1. He’s trash coach.
Genxtasy 99
Genxtasy 99 Oy oldin
Paul George been coming up short when it matters for years. Shouldn't be a surprise anymore
kookie monster
kookie monster Oy oldin
hes always been george paul in the playoff anway just overrated now he turn it top a notch by being pandemic p
Looks Red Tastes Blue
Looks Red Tastes Blue Oy oldin
They treated the regular season like it's nothing. Load management and all that. They should know that the regular season is a marathon and they could've used that to build chemistry like what the Lakers did. "The Lakers were trying too hard in the regular season"... Bullshit. That's leadership right there. The Clippers didn't have that.
Antoine Wardlaw
Antoine Wardlaw Oy oldin
Bingo ‼️ Damn sure said they were trying too hard and would run outta gas 😭🤣😂 boy that aged well 😭😭😂😭😂😭
Mental Mind
Mental Mind Oy oldin
Chemistry Problems 🧪⚗️🚫❌
Reggie put the whole nuggets-clippers in its proper perspective, spot on
Hooman Farahbakhsh
Hooman Farahbakhsh Oy oldin
Good analysis Reggie well done
Marcus Rosselli
Marcus Rosselli Oy oldin
Watch the clippers start 7-12 next year and this whole team and staff gets blown up. This is ova!!! Clippers back to being a DUMPSTER FIRE
nic magtaan
nic magtaan Oy oldin
the new age brooklyn nets? i think there might be next heir to that
O N Oy oldin
At least the clippers beat the lakers in game 1
Aminatu Warrior Spirit
Aminatu Warrior Spirit Oy oldin
O N 🤣😂
Play That Again Bruh
Play That Again Bruh Oy oldin
Nobody: Reggie: Theodorrrrrrree
Erick Oy oldin
😂😂😂😭😭😭first name basis
Keilonda Collins
Keilonda Collins Oy oldin
I saw this coming last year after warriors and Toronto??? Idk
Tre Williams
Tre Williams Oy oldin
Clippers next year are winning the championship if they keep their players
Aminatu Warrior Spirit
Aminatu Warrior Spirit Oy oldin
The warriors will be back, the west is going to be harder to win. let’s see what KD does with the nets, before we start crowning the next champ.
Live Events TV
Live Events TV Oy oldin
João Brito
João Brito Oy oldin
It wasn’t chemistry. There weren’t chemistry issues when they were up 17 or 19. They simply choked
Jace Tran
Jace Tran Oy oldin
It’s easy for a team to get along when they’re up 17 or 19, but it’s when they’re losing that we see how much chemistry they have.
João Brito
João Brito Oy oldin
Kevin s yeah, but they used chemistry as an excuse when it isn’t one. The team wasn’t built well, a bunch of their players can only do one thing( pat bev can only defend, Lou and Harrell can only score) and they were cocky. They also have an issue with coaching cuz they have 1 year to win a title cuz if they don’t kawhi and pg will leave. Do they run it back with doc or do they risk another coach and risk lack of chemistry again ?
Fin6as Oy oldin
Robert Weekes its on the players first especially Kawhi aka the best player in the NBA. Doc can’t make shots for thrm.
Kevin s
Kevin s Oy oldin
They were just too small, They needed a defensive center instead they got Marcus morris and reggie jackson. More of the kind of players they already had. Eventually it came to a point with players not focused there was no continuity with the load management and all the players not being together in restart , the key rotation guys were probably hard for doc rivers to figure out.
kookie monster
kookie monster Oy oldin
its not like a whole team rebuild how tf that it is chemistry? the flippers did the best choke job of the year.. pat bevs bs to dame came back to him 123 cancun!!
Max p
Max p Oy oldin
Fox is propaganda, me and my extended family will be boycotting from here on out ..
Max p
Max p Oy oldin
Live Events TV who cares ??? Every human with a moral compass .
Live Events TV
Live Events TV Oy oldin
Who cares. Stop the virtue signaling 🤦🏽‍♂️
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Oy oldin
“Clippers got these dogs, but guess what? They do a lot of barking and no biting. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić went over the fence and got their ball, they figured the dog was friendly. They started petting the dog, the dog started wagging his tail and they walked straight out the front door with their ball and took the dog; and on their way out the Clippers had a sweet potato pie and a bottled water to give them on their way out the front door. So I don’t want to hear nothing bout chemistry problems.” - Kendrick Perkins
J Mars Beats
J Mars Beats Oy oldin
Yeah it was reported that those same dogs were euthanized for mental illness
7LAMPS of FIRE Oy oldin
@Jay Styles No! It's was last Wednesday on Get Up! If you never fount it on first take. He did a good one in first take too tho.
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Oy oldin
@Jay Styles the very first get up show with greenie, the morning after the loss 😁
nic magtaan
nic magtaan Oy oldin
i am amazed
Kevin massoma
Kevin massoma Oy oldin
@Jay Styles on first take
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty Oy oldin
7:45 This is FACTS
Nuggets won’t be 3 games to 1 down to The Lake Show. It’s gonna be a SWEEP baby 🧹 . King LeBron rises again. Lebron & LeBrow > Joker & Jamal. Book it in!
Ralf Rodriguez
Ralf Rodriguez Oy oldin
Why is Reggie saying “Theodore?” Isn’t the radio host’s name Dan Patrick??
Kieran Green
Kieran Green Oy oldin
Theodore is Dan's middle name, they joke like that...
twooth hurts
twooth hurts Oy oldin
Reggie Miller at his crib, so he's at Wendy's?
enwhycpr Oy oldin
😭, I saw that commercial last light
penny cls
penny cls Oy oldin
Burymeinakobebryantnumber8 Oy oldin
LA chokers!
LB Carl
LB Carl Oy oldin
I’m sure Lou Williams will be happy now. He can go back anytime in his favorite strip club.
Digonto Zahid
Digonto Zahid Oy oldin
no one giving nuggets any credit....
sockondik12 Oy oldin
First minute of this video : Reggie " lets give denver credit"
Digonto Zahid
Digonto Zahid Oy oldin
@D-Lo and nuggets made history by making 3-1 comebacks twice in a row first time in nba history so maybe nuggets are much more resilient team than anyone thought ....
D-Lo Oy oldin
It was more of the clippers losing it than the nuggets winning it. The clippers led every game in the half by more than 10. The clippers lost that. They were up 3-1 and looked pass them
Joshua Black
Joshua Black Oy oldin
Pandemic P, Harrell, and Lou will be traded 💯
Dalton Farris
Dalton Farris Oy oldin
No, pg was not ever supposed to beat LeBron with the pacers, but pg isn't all that great
bluezune1 Oy oldin
You can blame doc all you want at the end of the day your two stars had 14 and 10 points in win or go home 2nd round playoff game. Those are the facts and scores a total of ZERO points in the 4th qrt
Shannon Boyd
Shannon Boyd 29 kun oldin
What adjustment was Doc suppose to make when your stars play shitty you can make adjustments all you want but it's up to the players to execute the game plan
nic magtaan
nic magtaan Oy oldin
we are still laughing at pg sadly atm
Fin6as Oy oldin
SDK Swagg
SDK Swagg Oy oldin
True but as a player u gotta adjust as well
Oluwasemilore Oludipe
Oluwasemilore Oludipe Oy oldin
It's not just game 7. It's the lack of adjustments in the last 3 games.
David Oy oldin
There were clearly three reasons for the Clippers losing this series; 1.) Curse of the racist previous owner 2.) Racism. 3.) Orange man bad.
DIGITAL7 Media Oy oldin
The ball also being orange probably didn't help
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Ko‘rishlar soni 936 ming
Unboxing EVERY iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
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