Jason McIntyre - I was Right NOT to Trust Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

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STRAIGHT FIRE with JASON MCINTYRE - Jason McIntyre celebrates his vindication after the Clippers live up to his expectations and fail to reach the Conference Finals to face the LA Lakers
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KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa 2 kun oldin
KAWHI was playing checkers with the ultimate chess player...THE 👑 will always protect his queen🏆CHECKMATE
Moe Boutari
Moe Boutari 7 kun oldin
you 2 clowns are the only "FRAUDS" here. Its no wonder no one listens when you morons are on
Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown 17 kun oldin
Rudy Logan
Rudy Logan 17 kun oldin
Go Vote
Richie Madness
Richie Madness 18 kun oldin
“Lebron is the system, Kawhi is a system guy.” Excellent quote
Marty Grim
Marty Grim 19 kun oldin
.. soooo .. this is the channell for people who like to kick the man when he’s down? And then glee for being able to do this? The sordid ones ..
Joe Harrison
Joe Harrison 20 kun oldin
They choked.
Robert Weekes
Robert Weekes 20 kun oldin
Doc is _too much of a player’s coach_ - gave the Clippers way too much leash. Letting the stars skip practice, Montrezl was out of the bubble for a *month* - wasn’t the same when he got back.
Ronnie Johnson
Ronnie Johnson 20 kun oldin
Kawhi shot his, " LOAD " too early...😂😂😂😂
Noodles Noodles
Noodles Noodles 21 kun oldin
Vote Trump and republicans out
Gabrielle Graves
Gabrielle Graves 21 kun oldin
A championship cannot be bought. The hard work has to be done. Teams from every sport have tried....the work must be done. Look at the Heat in 2011...everyone thought it would be a cakewalk. They lost to an inferior team. The Clippers had the billionaire owner, the coaching staff, the star players, the strong bench, they thought it would be a cakewalk. The should have known more work was needed when they didn't win their own conference. But they didn't put in the hard work. If the Clippers don't put in the work next season they will suffer the same fate, no matter who they hire as the coach.
George Commedo
George Commedo 21 kun oldin
Are you that stupid to think Doc Rivers leaked that his players were tired? Coaches don’t do that! You were doing fine until you started sounding like those other podcast morons, blaming the coach for something that is utterly absurd
Sandra Byrom
Sandra Byrom 21 kun oldin
Paul George did nothing in okc russell put up most of the points in first round of the playoffs for the two seasons he was there clippers did not do their homework on this guy!
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie 22 kun oldin
Montresz is leaving the Clippers. You can count on it.
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie 22 kun oldin
I get the feeling that Kawhi’s uncle is making all the decisions in his career. A lot of these moves just don’t seem to fit with his character, but I could be wrong.
One Man
One Man 23 kun oldin
Idk man doc has not always underachieved. He went to the finals with that boston team 3 years straight and got a chip out of it. That's not underachieving. I gotta give him his credit
Charles Quentin
Charles Quentin 24 kun oldin
Jason u called. Bron old ass locked up Jamal
chris adam
chris adam 24 kun oldin
Okc got off😂
MrPrettyBoyChina 25 kun oldin
Kawhi Leonard is a great player he carried those bums but Paul George is overrated pathetic bum. they gave up so much for him.
Terrence PERKINS
Terrence PERKINS 27 kun oldin
Doc is overrated Paul is not a all star gd player Kawhi stock went down . I dnt c them winning a chip next year
Jessie Edmonds
Jessie Edmonds 28 kun oldin
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez 28 kun oldin
Kawhi also had zero points in 4th quarter last year against the Warriors, but it was the Raptors team who carried to win the game & championship.
Romeo Quincy
Romeo Quincy 28 kun oldin
I forgot abt that but they won’t bring that up 😂 Other analysts that were hyping them up
Surunitemi Akanni-Oye
Surunitemi Akanni-Oye 28 kun oldin
They folded like a lawn chair put away for the night
Homero Eggert
Homero Eggert 28 kun oldin
Of course he is happy. He gets to talk about his favorite subject...gagging.
Surunitemi Akanni-Oye
Surunitemi Akanni-Oye 28 kun oldin
Of course he is happy. He gets to talk about his favorite subject...gagging. Klaw and the Clippers - who thought he was a genius, that he was secretly building the next superteam and that he and Uncle Dennis were quietly and publicly shafting the King of LA and all LakerNation!
destingerr 28 kun oldin
What will Kahwai do with that Crown key chain from commercial exchange it for some toe nail clippers on a Choke Chain. Denver Pit Bulls beat the toothless Chihuahua Clippers and his "Rode" dog Paul George. Da Joker made em all Choke on all that Lemon Pepper 🌶 Swag
jesse 29 kun oldin
It's not Kawhi's fault the Clips had no big man that could challenge Jokic inside. Like they always said, the playoffs is all about match ups.
Eddie Vo
Eddie Vo 29 kun oldin
Don't forget, Golden State and Nets will be in the hunt next year too. Yes, Clippers is fraud franchise and whole bunch of chihuahuas. Doc Rivers should step aside and be an assistance coach and Tyrone Lou should be a head coach. Clippers is a joke and sorry franchise.
fonz112 Goss
fonz112 Goss 29 kun oldin
The Clippers team was not in shape!!! Kawhi their leader seems not be as healthy as folks might find him to be. He always seems to be tired and can't catch his breath. Paul George is just out of shape and not able to have the edge he would have over majority of player. He helped them. Coach Rivers has to hold all the players accountable. They are looking like the Denver Nuggets with Iverson, and Carmelo, over paid and not disciplined. I do think next season is going to different and very better.
Pepper Gut
Pepper Gut 29 kun oldin
Straight facts about Kawhi. He is over hyped and not a leader.
Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams 29 kun oldin
Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams 29 kun oldin
Focused too much on taking down lebron
Cody Day
Cody Day 29 kun oldin
Doc seems to get overconfident and rubs it off on the rest of the team
Jerreh Sanneh
Jerreh Sanneh 29 kun oldin
Kuwai os overrated
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 29 kun oldin
!! He forgot the Milwaukee series
Shunda Goodloe
Shunda Goodloe Oy oldin
U just mad because Kawhi didn’t join your beloved LeBron James
mr.c.p. brown
mr.c.p. brown Oy oldin
Let's just be honest. Kawhi Leonard is OVERRATED. He shouldn't have won finals MVP with San Antonio. He load manage half last season. Comes into the playoffs with fresh legs compared to other players. Luckily win a wack eastern conference. Then play against an injured Golden State team. Then all of a sudden he's the BEST player in the NBA. So now he gets the BIG HEAD claiming he's the NEW KING of LA, & the media fed into it actually believing he's better than what he really is. He & the Clippers were OVERRATED from the start, & the Nuggets were UNDERRATED. Fact is, Kawhi couldn't load manage as much this time. Which to me, is camouflage cheating. He had to play like everybody else did this time. Play a day skip a day. & that played a BIG part. He couldn't even come to the bubble on time, because he was still load managing. But it just wasn't enough. He & Giannis are OVERRATED. Giannis can't even get out of the east, & has had the BEST record 2 straight years. & I've been saying this for 2 years now. & there's 1 more to go that's OVERRATED to be exposed. He played it smart & sat out the whole season, because he knew he couldn't lead a team without the help of at least 2 more all-star players. I call them the BIG 3 overrated players of the NBA. & for the record, Doc Rivers is not to blame for this. The players are to blame for this. Doc told the players & the media he takes the blame for this series loss.
LouAnn Housr
LouAnn Housr 12 kun oldin
Yeah you right they calling Kawhi the terminatior the terminatior never took a day off going after Sarah O'Connor
Hassani Henry
Hassani Henry Oy oldin
ROW paige
ROW paige 29 kun oldin
Ok since we cutting out context answer me a few questions smh.... Did he carry those teams? Were those teams good before he got there? Were those teams good after he left? In those 8 yrs how many times did he lead in in scoring?
Hassani Henry
Hassani Henry 29 kun oldin
@ROW paige it's plain as day... Kawhi- first 8 years, 2 championships and 2 FINALS MVPs Lebron - 11 years, 1 championship and 1 MVP...
Hassani Henry
Hassani Henry 29 kun oldin
@ROW paige it's not a joke if you're the ONLY one laughing and 2, you obviously can't read or understand how words work.
ROW paige
ROW paige 29 kun oldin
Hassani Henry wtf are talkin bout dude clearly you must play the accordion or something because you don’t watch basketball lol
Motivated T
Motivated T Oy oldin
Love your takes Jason hope to hear more from you
Steve Fu
Steve Fu Oy oldin
Michael Massey
Michael Massey Oy oldin
Lebron is the system
Travis Hawkins
Travis Hawkins Oy oldin
preach mcintrye !!! pandemic P rises again lol... LA will always be Lakers town lmao
john tate
john tate Oy oldin
Jason is the most underrated NBA analyst! Better than Skip and Marcellus who just hating Lebron for no reason
Josue Flores
Josue Flores Oy oldin
I’m watching all those videos hammering down the clippers and they put a BIG SMILE on my face every time
sallystar1992 Oy oldin
Me too bruh! 😄 😂 🤣
Rawstatus TV
Rawstatus TV Oy oldin
THE Clippers are "dogs". Lakers are the Dogcatcher
KungFuFEMA FAM Oy oldin
he copying SHAY SHAY . " IS that your kang?"
kingX777 Oy oldin
Give the Nuggets some credit bro. They have a underrated defensive team.
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
Don’t ever come across the Canadian border we’re still waiting for you
Ceasar Nunez
Ceasar Nunez 29 kun oldin
Last time Kawhi went to Canada he and the clippers spanked the raptors 😂
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
Jason moron
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
Jason moron
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent Oy oldin
I could not say it better. The clippers got clipped once again. They got the right name all right.
lnapjr76 Oy oldin
I'm a Laker fan and I'm sooooo glad paul george didn't come to L.A. (the REAL L.A.) I'm also glad he is what the clippers got instead of getting Jimmy Butler. LMAO at kawhi, doc, paul george, patty beverly, and the Slippers. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeff Berg
Jeff Berg Oy oldin
This is the same guy that said Toronto would be heading back to the lottery after Kawhi left. So let's get this straight. Kawhi is sooooo good that Toronto will go from 2nd best record in the league and the Chip to the lottery after he leaves. AND so bad that he can't be trusted to win with the Clippers. Non sequitur McIntyre is thy name.
Keepinit100 Everyday
Keepinit100 Everyday Oy oldin
You enjoying this to much, its coming off as a little racist undertones
David Barboza
David Barboza Oy oldin
Nahh speaking truth
Steven W
Steven W Oy oldin
You shouldn’t have trusted Doc Rivers. That’s the issue.
Steven W
Steven W 21 kun oldin
Jay Clemons Now, is there any way the coach for the Falcons survives till mid-season? I think not.
Jay Clemons
Jay Clemons 22 kun oldin
Yep. Time for a change. Remember what the Lakers were before Phil. Coaching matters, especially with talented teams.
Steven W
Steven W 22 kun oldin
Jay Clemons looks like we won’t have Doc to kick around anymore. Except someone will give him a job very soon afterward. Can’t fix stupid.
Jay Clemons
Jay Clemons 23 kun oldin
Yep. It's Doc. He's the common denominator in the Clippers underachieving the last 6 years.
Golden Voice
Golden Voice Oy oldin
You know how I knew, the Clippers were having all kinds of problems with Denver in the regular season also Utah...It seemed like they only wanted to play big against certain team, Lakers, Boston , ,Philadelphia...That's usually a bad sign for a team.
Golden Voice
Golden Voice Oy oldin
@KungFuFEMA FAM I'm a Lakers fan my friend have been since day 1.
KungFuFEMA FAM Oy oldin
you had suspicion but down 3-1 you lost hope and you know it
David E
David E Oy oldin
The clippers really thought they were the warriors and didn't give a crap about the regular season.
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77 Oy oldin
Why why poeople don't realize if injuries would not have plagued the Golden State Warriors last year, Kawhi Leonard would have never won an NBA Championship in Toronto??? Kawhi should go back to the San Antonio Spurs with the squad they have. The Spurs should also try to sign Boston Celtics Center Tacko Fall.
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button Oy oldin
Luke the 🐐
Pac West
Pac West Oy oldin
If Kawhi stayed in Toronto they would be up 2-0 on Miami right now.
Gerald Baker
Gerald Baker Oy oldin
Most honest take I have heard so far. While all these other analysts have the nerve and the willful ignorance to compare Lebron to a player who literally has 2 triple doubles in his entire career, you took the honest road.
Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins Oy oldin
Kwai started to believe the hype. I said last year, Toronto won because the supporting players played so well. He won in San Antonio because he was with three Hall of Famers. He's a great player but he's not All Time great. Paul George's history speaks for itself. He dissapeares in the playoffs.
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie 22 kun oldin
I get the feeling that his uncle is part of the problem and is corrupting him. His moves just don’t seem to fit with his character. Maybe I’m wrong.
ROW paige
ROW paige 29 kun oldin
Don’t forget KD too played with 4 outstanding players and won. Because guys like kd and Kawhi have won and made big plays under these similar circumstances, they get grouped in or compared to lebron which is sad. Kawhi in San Antonio during their championship runs could focus on phase of the game (defense) because he played with Duncan, Parker, and ginobli. Kd same thing (focus on offense) because curry, Thompson, green, and igoudala had everything else.
KungFuFEMA FAM Oy oldin
dude quit speaking facts. You're hurting feelings
LEE/Drive Oy oldin
7:20 “Is this your KING??!!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
you Know It
you Know It Oy oldin
McIntyre with the facts
you Know It
you Know It Oy oldin
I love how Jason mentions where people come from so you can get an idea of who the person is. Like Murray was the 41st pick in the 2014 draft and now look where he is. And how Doc was a role player with the hawks and was with the knicks and, how he won the chip with the Celtics Superteam.. apart from that, he’s a severely underachieving head coach.- I’m gathering just like he was as a role player. The other guy mentioned how He’s the first coach to blow three 3-1 leads. He’s also a coach who’s blown three 3-2 leads. 🗑
Jalen Lane
Jalen Lane Oy oldin
I know the Clippers epically chocked but give the Nuggets some credit. They've been a top 5 seed back to back years. Its not easy to overcome two 3-1 holes.
mike prince
mike prince Oy oldin
Yeah it is if ur out coaching the other team doc rivers getting off easy
LordBranniganThe Oy oldin
Dear Lebron haters...hahahahahahahahaha
Norman Lauron
Norman Lauron 29 kun oldin
ROW paige you’re right... YOU DON’T. All hail ‘The Frozen One’
ROW paige
ROW paige 29 kun oldin
Norman Lauron like Jordan thanks to pippen, Kobe thanks to shaq (or maybe shaq thanks to kobe), Duncan thanks to Parker and ginobli........I don’t get it???
Norman Lauron
Norman Lauron 29 kun oldin
Lebron’s gonna get another ring... thanks to AD
Salem Oy oldin
Jerry West made his Worst Decision as an NBA executive of Clippers, He made his name as an Engineer of Kobe & Shaq and GSW Championship runs but now he messed up Big and it will cost Steve Ballmer millions
Thrice Great
Thrice Great Oy oldin
The Nuggets made them look bad. They were disheveled in the end.
Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks 27 kun oldin
Out coached
caracasaltavista Oy oldin
So what happened to all this talk about the amazing perimeter defense the clippers suppose to have?? Murray had 40 with most of of those from 3 points. And the rest of his squad torch the clippers from 3.
Gilbert Alvarez
Gilbert Alvarez Oy oldin
Didn’t 26 year old Lebron with a prime Wade get his ass kicked to an old Dirk and Jayson Terry while averagin 17-8 in the finals lmao ?
mellowman1020 29 kun oldin
The perfect lebron who can do no wrong. Didnt even make the playoffs last year. Now people are screaming WHY DID YOU CROWN KAWHI THE BEST PLAYER LAST YEAR!!!! how dare you!!! Well I dont know because he helped carry the rapors to a title and won finals mvp , while lebron didnt even make the playoffs? He said he was going to activate play off mode early and couldnt and everybody laughed at him and made jokes, now theyre all back to sucking his dick Lebron is proving again hes probably the best player in the league but its tiring watch the haters and idiots flip flopping their retarded opinions
Maurice Oy oldin
Old Dirk who swept Kobe and the Lakers, and beat OKC with Durant in 5 games?
Fax Kellerman
Fax Kellerman Oy oldin
Kawhi has a history of choking he missed a free throw that would’ve made it a 4 point game seconds away from a championship and it lead to Ray Allen’s game tying 3 in game 6. Game 6 last year he shot 16-41 If he didn’t hit that shot his legacy shakey.
ROW paige
ROW paige 28 kun oldin
caleb delisle dude you are dumb smh. That dude spoke about Kawhi and u started bringing up every name in the book. STICK TO KAWHI DUMMY SMH!!!!
caleb delisle
caleb delisle 28 kun oldin
Seone Abbyssia nah that warriors chip jackass and you know it
caleb delisle
caleb delisle 28 kun oldin
ROW paige nigga every legends legacy is a bit shakey Bryant had Shaquille Jordan couldn’t win without pippen and as bron chip was rigged and Allen saved his ass foh man
ROW paige
ROW paige 28 kun oldin
caleb delisle no he asked you a simple question and u avoided it smh. Stick to Kawhi
caleb delisle
caleb delisle 28 kun oldin
Seone Abbyssia foh I respect bron but don’t act like his slate is clean
Raida Orsal
Raida Orsal Oy oldin
That NB ad of Kawhi sbould be taken down NOW.
kookie monster
kookie monster Oy oldin
straight out trash 🤣
Scott McCann
Scott McCann Oy oldin
I stupidly put a big big bet on them to win the title. I got worried when they were threatening not to play - a big headed act by a club that had achieved nothing. Didn't like the way they treated Doncic either. Mavs would have beaten them if Porzingis had of played every game.
Scott McCann
Scott McCann 17 kun oldin
@Sandra Brown Yes, and the Lakers would have beaten the Clippers too!
Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown 17 kun oldin
@Scott McCann agreed, I've also felt that the Mavericks would have beaten the Clippers if Kristaps hadn't got hurt
Layman Kilgo
Layman Kilgo Oy oldin
Awesome Show!
Nalaz One
Nalaz One Oy oldin
The two best wings in the league is what I herd all year. Kawhi 14pts PG 10??? They deserve all the criticism.
Phenomenon Oy oldin
The commercials 🤦🏽‍♂️. He’s still my favorite player, but he looks like a fool right now 😂
Lil Drezzy
Lil Drezzy Oy oldin
Jfaded boy
Jfaded boy Oy oldin
I didn’t know they could cuss on fox radio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 13:25
Lemmy Lemz
Lemmy Lemz Oy oldin
For the Clippers, after all the barking, YES.
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Oy oldin
Talking if the Nuggets are bums, they're going to win more than 1 game. Neither Portland nor Houston is better than the Nuggets.
Leftist Suck
Leftist Suck Oy oldin
Nah they not, you right they are better than rockets and blazers but they aren’t anywhere near Lebron, AD, and the Lakers. Warriors will give them a good run next year and the Nets will put up a good fight in the finals but that’s about it.
Idread Oy oldin
Exactly. No respect.
Treak Threat
Treak Threat Oy oldin
The doc can't cute a pandemic p
Claire Lamon
Claire Lamon Oy oldin
Letsssss goo lakeshow. Kawhi is overrated
yeoj joey
yeoj joey Oy oldin
What pissed me off so bad was the Clips players were acting like they won a ring already, swagger and all, beverly act like he won the MVP after blocking LBJ shot. And the media kept on harping on the results of the first 2 games and brushed off the last 2 because the lakers won it, so now its excuse galore for the Clips.
Steven W
Steven W Oy oldin
I’m waiting on that glorious day when Beverly catches a rather pointy elbow right above his eye.
LordBranniganThe Oy oldin
It’s amazing how the Clippers fans (Lebron haters) are nowhere to be found in the comments section the past couple of days
1stnamebrandon Oy oldin
How it fair that Kawhi has to go up against a Hampton 5 vs him??? Steph Klay, Igoudola was still there. Kawhi was also slowed from a lingering injury....but nobody talks how Lebron didn't have Kyrie for 2015.
Julius Adeoye
Julius Adeoye Oy oldin
You are so on point. I like the fact that you could make your points without any interruption. No one to distract you from getting to the point and establish facts.
Kai Roach
Kai Roach Oy oldin
We gonna talk about Lou Williams career playoff 3pt 25%??? They've got to move him or they're losing again next year.
Beka Jikia
Beka Jikia Oy oldin
The fact that he did not go to Lebron is something to praise not to critisize
ROW paige
ROW paige 29 kun oldin
You know what I agree nuff said dude
caleb delisle
caleb delisle Oy oldin
Exactly wtf just got out the warriors era nobody wanted a Durant 2.0 smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Efi Brilovski
Efi Brilovski Oy oldin
you are only a third right, doc rivers and paul george established a history of losing in the postseason, and Kawhi was swamped into it. above all, it was evident that kawhi did not like playing on this team, there was no chemistry and I think there were serious locker personality problems. kawhi thought that by going home he will find greener pastures instead he found a poisoned well
Marvin Oy oldin
On point brother
Kawahi top 10 lol thats a joke hes top 4 for sure yes he choked for sure but how can you say you trust ad more than kawhi leonard lol 😭😭😭
ROW paige
ROW paige 29 kun oldin
REALABBZZY sorry to break it to u but I think AD heard u loud and clear today. See the game winner ?
Blaise Oy oldin
Kawhi kinda overrated to me now. Worst choke job I've seen in my life. Worse than the Warriors vs the Cavs.
mike prince
mike prince Oy oldin
More like doc rivers is overrated
Almera Agravante
Almera Agravante Oy oldin
true...because that time even Lebron lost but he played like a carabao in the field just to win his team...but because he played against a super duper team Cleveland lost..but I'm proud of Lebron that time...Lebron James Forever!!
jesse gibson
jesse gibson Oy oldin
When the clock strikes midnight the Cinderella I mean the Nuggets ballroom affair is over.
jesse gibson
jesse gibson Oy oldin
Idread nobody said they were sorry any time you were not mentioned no where in the conversation as a contender in the beginning of the process you have signed on to be the girl that wasn’t invited to the dance.
Idread Oy oldin
They were in the playoffs last year. They ain't sorry. Not cinderella team..Malone is the truth.
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson Oy oldin
I doubt if next year, Clippers fans are going to put up with all the Kawhi Leonard "load management." I'd be pissed if I were a Clippers fan. The way Kawhi makes franchises bend over for him is ridiculous.
I Buy houses
I Buy houses Oy oldin
The thing is. There is only about 10 real Clippers fans 😂 the rest are just Lakers haters.
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson Oy oldin
@alex Motts I absolutely love Kawhi's game however he has never been the face of a franchise with all the pressure on him. Unfortunately with him being so quiet and never speaking, I can't see him unifying a team like Lebron does.
alex Motts
alex Motts Oy oldin
Yep for some reason he gets a pass on everything its such utter bs. Hes such a diva far worse than lebron ever was. He gets a pass for choking and no sbowing. Its ridiculous.
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Oy oldin
“Clippers got these dogs, but guess what? They do a lot of barking and no biting. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić went over the fence and got their ball, they figured the dog was friendly. They started petting the dog, the dog started wagging his tail and they walked straight out the front door with their ball and took the dog; and on their way out the Clippers had a sweet potato pie and a bottled water to give them on their way out the front door. So I don’t want to hear nothing bout chemistry problems.” - Kendrick Perkins
Idread Oy oldin
Sure dogs. Poodles 🐕
allan sosa
allan sosa Oy oldin
LAC to Kawhi: We want you. what will it take? Kawhi to PG13: Come back home with me to LA. We will dominate. PG13 to Kawhi: I just signed a contract with OKC, but I’ll ask. Kawhi to LAC: I’ll come but you have to go get PG13. LAC to OKC: We want PG13. We know he just signed a 4 yr deal with you. OKC to LAC: It will cost you, otherwise hell no. LAC to OKC: What will it take? OKC to LAC: 5 of your future draft picks, 2 draft swaps, and rising future star SGA and veteran Gallo or no deal. LAC to OKC: You got a deal.
milo lee
milo lee 22 kun oldin
Allan,broken down like that.. It is mindboggling how the Raptors,lakers AND the clippers got duped by Leonard.
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
Jerry west and the moron from Houston mean Sam Presti the smartest looking GM in all of sports what does he have 75 first round picks two players and a superstar guard love it And Toronto just said no we’re good with what we got
Steven W
Steven W Oy oldin
Well said.
D Clax
D Clax Oy oldin
OKC set for a looong time
James Posey
James Posey Oy oldin
OKC fleeced LA and Houston.
pj Julian
pj Julian Oy oldin
I would say lakers in 5 Lucky if they play a game 6.
pj Julian
pj Julian Oy oldin
Beverly should be guarding joker 🤣😂😭
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar Oy oldin
"Choices to make" that's a copy of Cowherd
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