Doug Gottlieb - Kyrie Irving Doesn't Really See Nets Having a Head Coach

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27 kun oldin

DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb reacts to Kyrie Irving's comments on Brooklyn Nets Hiring Steve Nash as head coach. Kyrie says that he sees the team in a collaborative effort rather than just one voice making the calls. Gottlieb takes issue with these comments and breaks down why.
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johnDomain 12 kun oldin
Actually Kyrie demanded a trade. Yes the Cavs Still went to the Finals right after that... But still in the EAST.
Johnny 15 kun oldin
Kyrie also hasn't seen the Finals since his daddy BronBron took him there on vacation.
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph 17 kun oldin
*KD joined Kyrie thinking teaming up with LeBron is way too TOXIC.* *GOOD LUCK KD!!!*
Jack s. kicking
Jack s. kicking 17 kun oldin
Nash was a better point guard than kyrie could ever be.
Jack s. kicking
Jack s. kicking 17 kun oldin
I wish kyrie wasn't Australian. He makes us sound like idiots.
Ken Stable
Ken Stable 17 kun oldin
Kyrie is Burger King trying time convince us it’s better than McDonalds... 🤦🏻‍♂️ I would be embarrassed for him if it weren’t so entertaining to watch him make a fool of himself
J.T. Gyorfi
J.T. Gyorfi 18 kun oldin
Kyrie is the new age Stephon Marbury, only with a ring
Texas Texas
Texas Texas 19 kun oldin
The nets sound like a season long fiasco waiting to happen
Racso Caasi
Racso Caasi 19 kun oldin
The problem of being clutch in the NBA is a real problem
Joshua Hunter
Joshua Hunter 20 kun oldin
I didn’t know about the Boston rule but I remember several times he broke the shooter rules in Cleveland, like leaving Klay in the corner to double zaza in the post
UNDERACHIEVAZ 21 kun oldin
Kyrie and KD already taking over coaching. they need to just shut up!!!
salsa salsero1
salsa salsero1 21 kun oldin
Nets please trade kyrie! Dosen't matter what you get in return, as long as you get poison kyrie out. Go after C PAUL.
salsa salsero1
salsa salsero1 21 kun oldin
Kyrie what have you done without Lebron James? Nothing! Nothing! Kyrie the 3 team make the play-off right after you leave. Kyrie as soon as you skill drop 1% no one will even talk to you. You're an idiot.
kinte1870 21 kun oldin
Doug has that perpetual look of being hungover.
Blazing Bolts
Blazing Bolts 21 kun oldin
Kyrie has lost his damn mind
It’s All Black
It’s All Black 21 kun oldin
Draymond said Bron still the best player in the league
It’s All Black
It’s All Black 21 kun oldin
Kyrie faked that injury all season cus he couldn’t take the heat the nets was trash before he got hurt
It’s All Black
It’s All Black 21 kun oldin
He hit one big shot and only got there cus Bron
young low
young low 21 kun oldin
Boaaaa u preaching to the choir on this video
Jing Qi
Jing Qi 21 kun oldin
I hope Nash runs em early and lays down the law about who's boss. 🤣
alwong604 21 kun oldin
What the difference between Kyrie Irving and a tranquilized Gopher? One's a numb digger...
Alaa Kilany
Alaa Kilany 21 kun oldin
They weren't the same when he left, that's pure bs, with him they won the finals, without him they got swept in the finals, big difference between champions and not champions Doug, not that I agree with this arrogant kyrie, and everyone's needs a good coach, his arrogance and ignorance is abysmal
Boss Hog Zoomer
Boss Hog Zoomer 21 kun oldin
Both Kyrie and Durant have played their best basketball. Either player is a 82gm player. Nobody likes Kyrie and Durant will be pissed,once he discovers Kyrie is too eccentric to be coachable enough to win a ring. Steve Nash isn't a confrontational type,so now you have a leadership issue.
Brooklyn Alpha
Brooklyn Alpha 22 kun oldin
kd and kyrie are not only coach killers but organization killers. trade kyrie now not worth the headache.
Thunder Up
Thunder Up 22 kun oldin
Kd and Kyrie are both idiots that think they’re intellectuals. It’s the worst kind of person. It’s why they get along though.
Adrian T
Adrian T 22 kun oldin
Can u be anymore cocky
Jay Rice
Jay Rice 22 kun oldin
OMG this clown wants to be Kobe soooooooo bad. He thinks he's smart but he's dumb as Hell.
Dom T
Dom T 22 kun oldin
Always enjoy Doug’s points
tim killian
tim killian 22 kun oldin
tim killian
tim killian 22 kun oldin
staxsum 22 kun oldin
Kyrie is a smart dumb ass
The Big Bad Wolf
The Big Bad Wolf 22 kun oldin
Can we start giving bron credit for winning with this arrogant ego driven pre Madonna lol
The Big Bad Wolf
The Big Bad Wolf 22 kun oldin
“Imagine if Tom Brady said that” “imagine if Lebron said that” bro, NOBODY puts Kyrie in that category lol
Master U
Master U 22 kun oldin
Kyrie really duded..........Wow welcome to chaos steve nash. Lol
Lucio 22 kun oldin
they going to the finals next year
JiveT 22 kun oldin
Does LeBron like to have a head coach? Im just asking
Michael Tamares
Michael Tamares 22 kun oldin
Naah will resign after this year
Warren305 22 kun oldin
Kyrie is the definition of a Pseudo-intellectual. He sounds like such a fool when hes attempting to sound smart.
tez2k007 23 kun oldin
Nash took the wrong job. Should have went somewhere like New Orleans. Those 2 clowns are gonna get him fired.
David Y.
David Y. 23 kun oldin
Everyone starting to realize now why they chose the nets.. cuz they can come there n disrespect everything and anything an organization should stand for.. cuz let’s face it it’s the nets n they know that.. kyrie is a diva and the fact that durant is his yes man shows me a lot of what kd is made of too.
D King
D King 23 kun oldin
If u don’t have to travel then doesn’t everyone get to hoop better due to no travel wouldn’t that make it harder
The Bronx Boglehead
The Bronx Boglehead 23 kun oldin
The day Kyrie scored 50 against the Tonberwolves and still lost was the day I knew Kyrie will never win a championship as the leader of a team.
FatStarZzzz 23 kun oldin
I had sympathy for Kyrie...then he opened his mouth.. He's a snake; lack respect for what u ever done 4 him and we he was in charge he was THE WORST . Prick.
Richard Sansbury
Richard Sansbury 23 kun oldin
Nets could use a team of the best psychologist money can buy.
Maury P
Maury P 23 kun oldin
Get Kyrie out the league dude is a disease
fbi taha
fbi taha 23 kun oldin
Cant win with that dude. Meanwhile Kyrie pulled off the greatest comeback in basketball alongside lebron
kuujajin 23 kun oldin
Nets is going to be really fun to watch next year, for all the wrong reasons.
Joshua Batts
Joshua Batts 23 kun oldin
Kyrie is out of his mind and bipolar
ChiefTv 23 kun oldin
He's a better passer than who?
Skip Lemuix
Skip Lemuix 23 kun oldin
Staight dissed steve nash , reverse racism nash should sue the nba
Paul Le Fevre
Paul Le Fevre 23 kun oldin
Your takes are spot on Doug. Kyrie is a moron and anyone that thought KD was a leader is sadly mistaken.
pookie clay
pookie clay 23 kun oldin
Lebron was the worst thing to ever happen to Kyrie
Chosen Two
Chosen Two 23 kun oldin
How much coke does Doug sniff before these segmemts
AnjoJamber 24 kun oldin
Kanye Irving
joseph davis
joseph davis 24 kun oldin
"Can't win with that dude" what? 2016 finals? But the giannis comment was funny, I'll give you that lol. 6'3 kyrie guarding giannis is hilarious
JV 24 kun oldin
The funny thing is KD sign off on whatever his BFF says like a female . Watch these two fall out , I give them 1 season
Indivisionaire LLC
Indivisionaire LLC 24 kun oldin
The fact that y’all are taking this LITERALLY shows that y’all are the stupid ones. Y’all never played a day in your lives, yet y’all sit back and ridicule these players smh. Y’all are the reason players are creating their own podcasts because y’all would rather brew up negative news rather than to use your common sense and making positive content. Where’s the moral responsibility smh. Non of the idiots in these comments went to listen to the content on their own, he didn’t say they don’t need a head coach, they said they don’t look at Nash as a head coach because they played him before and they don’t need a head coach coming to impose their philosophy on the team.
Moor Moorish
Moor Moorish 24 kun oldin
Kyrie is a fool, and he’s not going to the final
Efrain Brown
Efrain Brown 24 kun oldin
No respect for authority good leaders are humble to respect leaders.
M H 24 kun oldin
KD sounds just as stupid as KI...
Jide Ajibola
Jide Ajibola 24 kun oldin
Kyrie is the Kanye West of sports. Both are narcissistic egomaniacs who think they are geniuses or the best thing since sliced bread!
Jide Ajibola
Jide Ajibola 24 kun oldin
He is simply uncoachable!
Peter H
Peter H 24 kun oldin
Net''s head coach will let Kyrie & KD to come off the bench
Ang Pagbabago
Ang Pagbabago 24 kun oldin
They say Lebron is a coach killer, I think Kyrie is worse.
Junior LLedo
Junior LLedo 24 kun oldin
Nets are NOT going to beat Lakers if they meet in the Finals. LeBron will put Kyrie in a pick and roll and abuse him.
Howard Hill
Howard Hill 24 kun oldin
Right on point Doug. Arrogance and stupidity of Kyrie keeps him from being a real winner.
Jocsan Isaac Rangel
Jocsan Isaac Rangel 24 kun oldin
First time I agree with you 100%
UtotheJ 24 kun oldin
Nash is my favorite player of all time and Kyrie is my least favorite player of all time... not even close
Matt Bayley
Matt Bayley 24 kun oldin
steve nash should run for the hills
sonya rowe
sonya rowe 24 kun oldin
Kyrie sounds like Kanye talking.
Upstairs Web-Series
Upstairs Web-Series 24 kun oldin
Can’t believe I’m sitting here agreeing with Doug. Steve won’t make it through the season. He’s going to look up in January and say I don’t need this.
Brian Fasulo
Brian Fasulo 24 kun oldin
If they’re so woke don’t they know by now socialism doesn’t work???? Let the man coach! Kyrie ever going to hit a weight room while making max money??? Or he just gonna dog that and not maximize his skill like Steve Nash did religiously while he was a player. Interesting Nash is now coaching kyrie. They’re oppo
Will Parker
Will Parker 24 kun oldin
Well this is what happens when you let high school players skip college. Letting high school players only stay in college for one year is the worst thing the nba did to their business model. History will not be favorable to that decision.
Adrian Mercado
Adrian Mercado 24 kun oldin
Kyrie isn't right in the head.
Sly Fox
Sly Fox 24 kun oldin
Im just waiting on the season to start....... Mr. Nash is hoping the season never starts or that it ends quickly.
A Clockwork Black
A Clockwork Black 24 kun oldin
Speak that truth, Dougie Doug.
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie 24 kun oldin
The Nets are about to be the Clippers 2.0 except this time it’s going to be obvious
DizzyDrew 2KVET
DizzyDrew 2KVET 24 kun oldin
Their in the East. They get to the finals
Magoo and DadTV
Magoo and DadTV 24 kun oldin
this is kyrie flat earth . STUPID ! o0o
Denim Davis
Denim Davis 24 kun oldin
Kyrie is authentic other athletes are not
Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz 24 kun oldin
"Not as accomplished as Lebron James?" Really? Talk about an understatement! What has Kyrie "accomplished" exactly - that would expand his head to this size???
Terence Ofoi
Terence Ofoi 24 kun oldin
Kyrie is brilliant but...he lacks Wisdom...
Devan Szpak
Devan Szpak 24 kun oldin
i would really think about trading kyrie, this guy is arrogant and ridiculous, none of the qualities u want in a teammate
lilrog0909 24 kun oldin
😂 depending where Giannis goes... Lebron got 2 ring in the bag easily. Clippers done Brooklyn Disaster Toronto falls short Boston Decent threat Denver Dangerous Warriors bastards might get Giannis Miami might get Giannis Dallas might get Giannis
iDREAM Pham 24 kun oldin
Kyrie, he simple is so stupid and damn without the basketball and you know what I mean... Because the earth is flat, hehe, lol.
lilrog0909 24 kun oldin
Nash run for your life this will be a disaster. Brooklyn will be another failure. He should have went to clippers
Larry Legend
Larry Legend 24 kun oldin
They played together in the 2016 Olympics ya fool
MJ Castro cmacmac
MJ Castro cmacmac 24 kun oldin
I like you doug you elaborate all sides ...your brilliant to explain the facts of kyrie..hehe. in short kyrie is a big fans of jealously..kyrie is a big fans of ego hehe.but lebron is always be a winner when people's hated him hehe... god is good all the time...go lebron dont listen to others..go and get the bacon haha.4 tittles hehe...
A Cloud World
A Cloud World 24 kun oldin
Kyrie is loved by purists and the streets for his style of play and 'that' handle. I don't understand why he says these things. He thinks he's hated by everyone but he's a loved player. Makes it tough to support him when he behaves this way.
epicwolf 24 kun oldin
Doug probably crying all night or something. I cant be the only one distracted by his red eye. Did he take a red eye flight to his show? And for Kyrie and also KD. Those two deserve each other. Kyrie a cancer and uncoachable. He even admit he is uncoachable cus he doesnt want a coach. KD also uncoachable because he agrees and even say stupid things. KD have amazing talent and hall of fame talent but the most sensative professional player in history. He will create burner accounts just to trash Kyrie and Nash if and when the nets loses. Nets just created a dumpster fire and Kyrie just started the fire before the dumpster even arrived
Shaun Brooks
Shaun Brooks 24 kun oldin
It's the dumbest stuff I ever heard ever from a top talent
Ebhota Emmanuel
Ebhota Emmanuel 24 kun oldin
KD has joined another Westbrook
Tom Ace
Tom Ace 24 kun oldin
good watch Doug...get some rest
Ezekiel Zion
Ezekiel Zion 24 kun oldin
I'm a Celtics fans and and my favorite player since his 1st year in the league has been Lebron. Doug said exactly what most Boston fans have been thinking after he left. He's a divisive dude. When he was in Boston there was a split in the fanbase on wether to keep him or not😆 I called a local sports radio show before the playoffs started 2 years ago and suggested a trade Kawhi for Kyrie and was laughed at because they said Kawhi didn't want to be here. Turns out Kyrie didn't either even after giving his word on staying. Lebron was right all along. Both teams went further without him.
Jermaine 25 kun oldin
For once I agree with Doug. Nash get to the chopper in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. This is gonna end bad for him. Talented players, but neither are leaders. KD is a follower and he'll go by kyries lead. Neither of these guys have ever had the pressure on them to win like Lebron. KD had the warriors 3-1 and couldn't close them out so how clutch is he? You can't blame 3 straight losses on Russ. Him and Russ repeatedly took bad shots in the closing minutes of those games. It's much easier to pull that 3 on lebron when you know your team is much better and not to mention your 7ft tall and can shoot over anybody.
Jermaine 22 kun oldin
@easymoneyshakur they won't because they have no leader and neither have won anything with the pressure and expectations of winning. It takes more than talent to win a championship. These two are in their own world. No team leader and already disrespecting the coach. This team will go as kyrie goes. KD is a follower never been a leader.
easymoneyshakur 23 kun oldin
Just keep talking about 2016, because Brooklyn winning the chip cuz
edssence/xzavier X.p.r rivera
edssence/xzavier X.p.r rivera 25 kun oldin
I wish kyrie played for Miami heat i bet pat Riley will humble his ass
kostas pap
kostas pap 23 kun oldin
Kyrie knows what type of team he wants to play for...A team without discipline so all the others can do what he wants them to do...He tries to pretend he is like Lebron and Kobe as a mentor but in reality he is more of a Bradley Beal with a ring as Nick Wright said. He is not a bad person at all but he is immature and has some bad habits
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos 25 kun oldin
Dough finally got something right
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos 25 kun oldin
Kyrie hasn't done anything since James he's an idiot
Tina Casper
Tina Casper 25 kun oldin
Yeah they lost to LIBERTY 😂😂😂
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