Doug Gottlieb - You're a Hater If you Don't Think Jon Gruden's Plan Is Working

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DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb reminds us of when he believed that Jon Gruden was on the right track years ago when he was brought in to coach the Las Vegas Raiders. After a series of team moves thought to be questionable by fans and media, Gruden's plan is starting to look like it's working now.
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Trevor Rotan
Trevor Rotan 22 kun oldin
And today you say?
Bob Olson
Bob Olson 22 kun oldin
Am I a hater if I say they sucked yesterday?
APEX 1NE 22 kun oldin
kendall Evans
kendall Evans 22 kun oldin
Really? He got out coached yesterday against the Patriots.
Keith Nowak
Keith Nowak 22 kun oldin
They'll blow it again. I'm done with these pansies. They should play in dresses because they play like girls.
Black Governor
Black Governor 23 kun oldin
Right on que got they ass whooped
jose lopez
jose lopez 23 kun oldin
Oh its working butt still F THE RAIDERS
Antonio River
Antonio River 23 kun oldin
Gottleib is a hater , won't admit he's wrong on Allen
Dustin Adams
Dustin Adams 23 kun oldin
Leaving Oakland was a jerk move.
Abdul Smith
Abdul Smith 23 kun oldin
Doug Gottlieb I'm loving how you were breaking us down earlier when talking about the fans from the Nation, Raider Nation! You were on point. RN4L RN4E
GWAREB RAIDER 24 kun oldin
They will be making a gruden grinder football video game like madden football soon enough.
Phillip Ozia
Phillip Ozia 24 kun oldin
Says the Hater
Nick Collins
Nick Collins 24 kun oldin
That stadium is going to be absolutely insane when fans get in there. The speed, violence, and momentum tum tum
C Faulk
C Faulk 24 kun oldin
The season's feeling pretty good so far
TheTRAINOR11 24 kun oldin
We're most definitely moving in the right direction. Each week is a challenge and a learning experience for growth. Let's keeping supporting our team and pray they improve in all facets of the game. GO RAIIDERS !!!!
Jay Raider
Jay Raider 24 kun oldin
I'm from Kansas City and a huge Raider fan. Black and Sliver all year!!!!! Raider Nation is real!!!!
Raider JohnJuan
Raider JohnJuan 24 kun oldin
The REAL OROY Josh Jacobs🏴‍☠️
Arun 25 kun oldin
The Mack trade was genius.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 25 kun oldin
Chucky and Mayock are building a family, not just a football team . We are heading in the right direction. Raider nation!!
George Christensen
George Christensen 25 kun oldin
I'd fly to London to watch em play
William Hill
William Hill 25 kun oldin
Gotta beat the cheifs!
G Rezz
G Rezz 25 kun oldin
kendall Evans
kendall Evans 22 kun oldin
Anytime someone uses a slang word such as "bruh" you can assume: Education stopped at high school, if that and they probably have some low level, blue collar job. They probably drink lots of beer and their truck/car is VERY important to them.
Geraldo S
Geraldo S 25 kun oldin
His plan has worked when we see playoff wins and a Championship. You don’t get a trophy for getting better. They was terrible, they had nowhere to go but up.....I’m not giving him credit for being better than trash.
Nate King
Nate King 25 kun oldin
They may have been terrible but they werent the worst team in the league. So, they could have regressed more. But, they didnt. I agree the game is played to win a championship. But you cant deny that it isn't working. That's like saying dan Marino isn't great because he never won a ring
B ray
B ray 25 kun oldin
These bastards will always hate on raider nation. Even in 2016 when they made the playoffs and would have beat the Texans in the playoffs if DC wasn't hurt they always gonna hate. We love the hate!
varsitycamplife 25 kun oldin
Nice clip, I hung in until the end, but 5 ad cycles?
DrunkenMolesterPaul 25 kun oldin
Without the Mack trade there’s no Josh Jacobs. Trading Mack was a great move. That was too much money for that position and the pick got us a franchise running back. I’d take Jacobs over Mack any day.
dreamshot 2 kun oldin
👍💯 jj over km any day all day RN4L☠️🏴‍☠️
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 4 kun oldin
@DrunkenMolesterPaul you just prove my point !
DrunkenMolesterPaul 6 kun oldin
@Ice Berg we used our pick for Ferrell. We picked Abram with the Cowboys pick and Jacobs with the Bears pick. Without the trade there’s no Jacobs
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 6 kun oldin
you need a pass rush to get to and forced the qb to cause turnovers and stop drives ....I will take an elite pass rusher and 3 b to c levels running backs !
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 6 kun oldin
not true we had a high #1 pick cause we were terrible...drafting a running back is one of the almost sure fire picks in the draft ...hell you and I could not have mess up picking a running back !
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 25 kun oldin
since trading Cooper to cowboys their top receivers had been tight ends Cook and Waller their pass rush consists of Crosby who this year is off to a bad start (only too assists in the MN game no tacked no sacks) yes I am a hater he has a guarantee contract ! He will need to deliver more than one super bowl win to redeem him self in my eyes! Chucky is a curse to the raider nation !
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 25 kun oldin
@DrunkenMolesterPaul so in other words still no top talent at wide receiver
DrunkenMolesterPaul 25 kun oldin
Cooper had a severe case of the drops and never wanted to play for the Raiders. The trade saved a ton of cap space and the pick was used for Jonathon Abram.
Juan Delgado
Juan Delgado 25 kun oldin
You rock doug Go raiders
Max Deleon III
Max Deleon III 25 kun oldin
They can’t stand it ! Just Admit it , the saints got they ass kicked , talking about the saints were not at full capacity.. HEY neither were the raiders , you media bitches .
slamtimeson 25 kun oldin
slamtimeson 25 kun oldin
I'm in Dallas and there is a TON of raiders fans right here in Cowboy town haha, we are everywhere, we are the NATION!!!! people forget late 70's 80's and early 90's the raiders sold more raiders gear than the rest of the league combined!!!! and at one time had the highest win% of any team in any pro sport edging out team Penske, well losing for a long time will drop all that haha, but the NATION is the sleeping giant, we are waking back up!!!
Mack Sermon
Mack Sermon 25 kun oldin
Attendance never fell off in Oakland-- it was a dump but it was a sold out dump. And let's be realistic, the RAIDERS are second only to the LAKERS in the LA market. They were the home team in LA against the Rams and Chargers-- huge turnouts, all silver and black, and it will continue. We are always the home team in Mexico and London. Hell, we'll be the home team next time we play in San Fran. Vegas is just our latest conquest. We are the ONE Nation that is a NATION. 💀💀💀
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot 24 kun oldin
Dodgers are second. No question.
matthew 25 kun oldin
Colin cowherd needs to listen to this.
Nuineb Ziaweet
Nuineb Ziaweet 26 kun oldin
"All of California & Nevada's team" No lie
Raiderscockinyour Mouth
Raiderscockinyour Mouth 25 kun oldin
Facts 💯
M 26 kun oldin
It's only week two.
Hella Hatin'it
Hella Hatin'it 26 kun oldin
Absolutely! Gruden and Mayock are crushing it and will continue to keep this team ascending for years to come. The entire organization under Mark Davis and Mark Badain have done amazing at every level
k block
k block 26 kun oldin
S u c k a z G o t t G o t t y o o o o o o o o o o o o o ! ! !
Mike Riley
Mike Riley 26 kun oldin
I would say Waller is close to becoming a superstar TE. Just a few more primetime performances like this past Monday.
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez 26 kun oldin
Stephen a logic:the raiders didn’t win the saints just lost
rose sweet
rose sweet 26 kun oldin
First Law is First light.Let there be light which is what love is in living Spirit. That means we are a free Spirit and don't let other free will perspectives hold our hearts and minds Captive to lower density consciousness consciousness. They love disharmony. Why? Because they prefer lower density consciousness experiences. So the only way they can feed on our light,is to hold our light captive to their lower density disharmony consciousness. Turn the channel to a higher frequency bandwidth power station. We run the powerful Vortex of light in our Wheel House. That's a light wheel. We spin more data in our light,which expands what we are aware of they are not. We live in a bigger Universe. How do you expect to experience thieving relationships and Star Nation communities if you can't even live in peace,love and harmony with your own planet,let alone the local Super Cluster of Laniakea? They don't want nothing to do with you,because of living in FEAR of what love is in living Spirit. That's FEAR in a bidirectional holographic mirror of this simulator when you log in here.
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas 26 kun oldin
Let's get it raiders haters gone hate😜
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 26 kun oldin
A bunch of guys that seem to love to play together. A mixture for winning.
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 23 kun oldin
Scott Clark hey cuz, Clark’s are special people aren’t we, 😂😂😂😂. I mean in a crazy sorta way.
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 23 kun oldin
I said that same thing Chris it looks like they really want to play together
Munckin Munk
Munckin Munk 26 kun oldin
Richard Vernon
Richard Vernon 26 kun oldin
I have great respect for the New Orleans saints they've been through a lot and they've come through a lot but this could be Oakland's time to shine sorry I meant Las Vegas raiders time to shine it's hard to keep up with these guys! But I wouldn't be surprised if the raiders end up in the super bowl against another worthy opponent! There's a lot of good football teams this year and some really Young quarterback talent keep in mind Patrick Mahomes is still young as well! Plus Baltimore plus Tennessee plus the chargers plus plus plus and don't count out the Bengals either or the browns any one of these teams could be good enough to take the super bowl! it's going to be interesting to see which team pulls away from the other!
Richard Vernon
Richard Vernon 26 kun oldin
I think Jon gruden ever since he took over the former Oakland raiders Los Angeles raiders any raiders now the Las Vegas raiders hopefully this is the last town of the raiders is on the right track with his raiders just like he was with Tampa Bay they have got a once in a lifetime coach who really understands the game of football and got his team going on the right track! There's nothing but the ceiling for the Las Vegas raiders and I have a feeling they're going to clear that!
OSUBuckeyes1 26 kun oldin
This Vegas move and Gruden will make the Raiders elite for years to come. Not there yet but the foundation has been set.
johnny916er King
johnny916er King 24 kun oldin
There closer then you think there defense Gelling together close..
Oh No
Oh No 26 kun oldin
Not a hater been a Raider fan for 25years and I wish them the best but Gruden is wash up and Carr is too weak. Now I don't pull for any team.
Rene Basavand
Rene Basavand 26 kun oldin
Lets goooo raideerrrsssss
Soapcloud705 26 kun oldin
How did a 10 minute video have 4 commercial interruptions along with commercials before and after the video? Sheesh. Dougs on point in this clip for sure.
Rodney 25 kun oldin
NFL don’t want you to focus on his message
lonewarrior2332 26 kun oldin
Thanks Doug :)
craig keene
craig keene 26 kun oldin
Paging Mike Florio.
dg5301 24 kun oldin
Florio's latest expert take on the Raiders is that Gruden doesn't have the discipline to play ball control offense, and that they will fall to 1-2 after Sunday. It's really hard to tell whether he's that much of a moron or a master troll.
NV Progressive
NV Progressive 26 kun oldin
Raiders are going to do good off the vegas energy. It has done good for the golden knights, it will be even more electrifying for the raiders.
Marco - conut
Marco - conut 26 kun oldin
Raiiiiderrrrsss 🏴🏈☠️
Juan Hitter Quitter
Juan Hitter Quitter 26 kun oldin
They didn't sign Jon to a 10 yr contract for nothing, mind you Jon had to be the play by play caller for games, so he absorb a lot of knowledge and that going to favor the Raiders success.
My two bæs
My two bæs 26 kun oldin
Ozark Survivalist
Ozark Survivalist 26 kun oldin
Raider fans behind enemy lines in missouri!
Michael Curtis
Michael Curtis 24 kun oldin
Same but in iowa
edward markle
edward markle 24 kun oldin
San Antonio Raider fan here!!
Jay Raider
Jay Raider 24 kun oldin
Kansas City
Raider Nation
Raider Nation 24 kun oldin
Kansas City, Kansas has entered the chat
KC Shuffle
KC Shuffle 25 kun oldin
I used to live right down the road from Arrowhead so I know the feeling. Can’t stand the Chiefs. Now I live in Las Vegas. RN4L!
Him 26 kun oldin
Gruden won that super bowl with Tony Dungy’s team
Easter Worshipper
Easter Worshipper 25 kun oldin
Callahan went to the super bowl with chucky's Team.
Billy Jordhamo
Billy Jordhamo 25 kun oldin
Dungy should of kept with it. Gruden won it not dungy
Rene Basavand
Rene Basavand 26 kun oldin
Gruden too two teams to the superbowl in one year!!! Y r u so stupid!! Dungybsucked as a coach!!!
WiL45 26 kun oldin
he played against his old team it should have been Dungy vs Gruden but Al didn't like Gruden having so much control.
Him 26 kun oldin
Tougher than a $2 steak. He stole Jim Ross’ line.
kendall Evans
kendall Evans 22 kun oldin
@Landon Caron Jim Rome has all the originality of a Xerox copy machine. His lifetime highlight was when Jim Everett bitch slapped him on his own show and he cried like a baby
kendall Evans
kendall Evans 22 kun oldin
That line's as old as your wife, it's been around since the 50's
VGK #1
VGK #1 25 kun oldin
its a well known saying
Landon Caron
Landon Caron 26 kun oldin
Jim rome?
Chandois Gaines
Chandois Gaines 26 kun oldin
And don't forget about Phoenix Arizona, there are thousands of raider fans here.
Nasario Gomez
Nasario Gomez 26 kun oldin
Let’s gooo Raider Nation
Blake Harris
Blake Harris 26 kun oldin
The Raiders have like 47 TEs and a beast at RB. It's working.
Josh _ 925
Josh _ 925 27 kun oldin
Imagine what this offense would look like if AB didn't lose his mind
Josh _ 925
Josh _ 925 25 kun oldin
@Frank White , true that
Frank White
Frank White 25 kun oldin
Just imagine how annoying it would be listening to the media circus constantly talking about AB and his problem child antics. F AB!!!!!
Dohpie 25 kun oldin
Who cares
Jason Sharpe
Jason Sharpe 25 kun oldin
🏴‍☠️F AB🏴‍☠️
Raider from Rosa
Raider from Rosa 26 kun oldin
if he stayed we would have went to the playoffs last year. we only neede 1 more game to get in
Queens Finest
Queens Finest 27 kun oldin
They are hating on Gruden because he isn’t black! If he were black everyone would be screaming Gruden for President !
Khari Lane
Khari Lane 26 kun oldin
GTFOH with that BS
Ginga 27 kun oldin
8:23 Waller is 28 and has overcome his demons. Doubt he needs Witten to keep him on the right path.
dreamshot 2 kun oldin
Witten is a solid addition RN4L☠️🏴‍☠️
Ginga 26 kun oldin
@Khari Lane True dat
Khari Lane
Khari Lane 26 kun oldin
It doesn't hurt to have an older wiser head in the room with you though.
Ser Winzzalot
Ser Winzzalot 27 kun oldin
Catering towards blacks and hispanics is going against the grain. True statement that still sucks
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 27 kun oldin
Yeah the offense is as sleek as it ever was. Deuce Gruden is working, them boys are getting ripped. Everyone made fun of Mayock but Abram just put the exclamation point on an epic draft class. Waller was an epic find. I thought Cable was a terrible hire but his cross training and assigning Incognito to mentor Miller is working. The team as a whole is professional, smart, and gritty, all Gruden Grinders. It’s all working.
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards 24 kun oldin
Yeah and we got a older mindset incognito too that was big and every one hated it
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 25 kun oldin
Ice Berg better because Mack and Carr just fell into their laps and because of the hits later in the draft and UFAs. Can you imagine if the Texans had taken Mack as an OLB and Carr? The only reason they didn’t is they thought Clowney was better and because of their history with David Carr.
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 25 kun oldin
Yup right up there with Mack at #1 carr at #2 and Gabe at #3
Raiderscockinyour Mouth
Raiderscockinyour Mouth 25 kun oldin
They laying the foundation to our Dynasty. Extend Mayock NOW.
Reef B
Reef B 27 kun oldin
People still dont get it! Mack was a luxury the Raiders could’nt afford and even with him the defense was never better than 26th! I told my friends who are mostly Cowboys, Giants, Steelers and Jets fans that this team would get better by 3 to 4 wins every year for the next 3 years!,
Cyph3R 20 soat oldin
@Ice Berg you can't franchise tag a player who is still under contract. Mack was in his last year of his rookie deal. Plus he was holding out, didn't show up for camp. Also, franchising someone doesn't insure the player will show up. Players can hold out if they don't come and sign the tag. Sit out a year and become free agent, like Leveon Bell did. Raiders offered few million less a year with less guarantee money. He didn't want it, wanted to be the highest defensive player. Raiders couldn't afford to pay him that much with other holes to fill on offense and defense. Gruden's contract is not guaranteed for 10 years lol. Where'd you get this info? Out of a unicorns ass? Gruden's contract is only guaranteed 5 years. He can be cut after year 5 without dead money. Coaches contract has nothing to do with the cap. Raiders made the right call. I don't really know what your arguments about. You try to sound like you know what you're talking about but you clearly don't.
Khari Lane
Khari Lane 2 kun oldin
@Ice Berg No player wants to be on the franchise tag. It sours the relationship between the team and the player. Plus its fully guaranteed. The Raiders just didn't have the funds for it at that time.
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 5 kun oldin
@Eric Miller bears have a better defense than the raiders ...I am a bigger raider fan than you...Chucky did say after trading mack "I did not know finding another pass rusher would be so hard " hell I knew that most fans knew that so what in the hell is he getting a guarantee 10 year contract for ! 😜
Eric Miller
Eric Miller 5 kun oldin
@Ice Berg Yea uh huh sure Ice Berg No one sane was paying him that money Bears front office is dogshit
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 5 kun oldin
@Eric Miller its a quarteback league so have a pass rusher to hurrier the quarteback , sack the qb, stripe the ball from the qb ! the salary cap goes up by 10 million every year, rams paid macdonald the same amount of money....The Bears have a new QB which was the root problem to their offense !
flavio castro
flavio castro 27 kun oldin
Hey cowherd - The Raiders are no longer dysfunctional! At least give us that much! Listen to Dugger!
Jon Da Don
Jon Da Don 27 kun oldin
Stephen A. Smith a hater, or all a sudden Drew Brees did so bad that's why they won, or his age becomes a factor all a sudden, people can't give them their credit. Gruden&Mayock we trust 🏴‍☠️
Rodney 25 kun oldin
All the analysts were wet when the saints beat the bucs on week 1, they switched up their opinion real quick after we beat them on Monday night
Rodney Jackson
Rodney Jackson 25 kun oldin
They were favored to win the Super Bowl when they beat the Bucs now all of a sudden instead of giving the Raiders credit for being the better team if not for just tonight the excuse is Brees didn’t play well, let them all hate. Go Raiders!!!!!!!
Demetrio Gordo
Demetrio Gordo 26 kun oldin
Jon Da Don facts 💯
Stan Archer
Stan Archer 26 kun oldin
Why would you even watch the clown let alone care what he says. He's a loudmouthed spastic.
Vegas Andrew
Vegas Andrew 27 kun oldin
The stadium will be packed regardless of tourism. Locals in Vegas love sports, VGK has a rabid fan base, every game is sold out forever and always will be. If the Raiders have 70% of the success VGK has had, the Raiders in Vegas is Golden.
johnny916er King
johnny916er King 24 kun oldin
Trust me Northern California will be in Vagas and so will the Rest of the Raider Nation.. you're from Vegas and I think you're not understanding what's coming
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 25 kun oldin
We’re traveling from Oakland every home game
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz 25 kun oldin
Raiders have a world wide fan base I am from New Jersey and a Raiders fan and when we play the jets there are more Raiders fan than Jets at MetLife stadium
asdfguz57 26 kun oldin
Has nothing to do with Vegas imo. Raider Nation travels period. Vegas is closer to LA, where theres a huge fan base. Still close enough to the bay for a close trip. They're gonna fill that stadium regardless of how Vegas receives them.
D Bags
D Bags 27 kun oldin
Gruden felt the need to discredit Reggie McKenzie for no reason. He kept him instead of firing him so he would have a fall guy. Low life move by a low life man.
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold 25 kun oldin
@D Bags Better than people would think. It's hard to tell right now because we have a lot of rookies that are starting so it might take time. If we beat the Patriots or at least look competitive I'd say we'll make the play offs because the Pats looked strong against the Seahawks. Reguardless, we are set up for the future so we will make noise for the next decade if everything goes like it's supposed to. Thanks for asking, How's your team looking?
FLORIDA-BOY 26 kun oldin
@D Bags i got love for the ravens. my cousin played for both teams
D Bags
D Bags 26 kun oldin
FLORIDA-BOY copy that. I’m a Ravens fan. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the raiders in the playoffs.
FLORIDA-BOY 26 kun oldin
D Bags I’m holding off on that until the bye week. By then we will know what team we really are
D Bags
D Bags 26 kun oldin
Steve Arnold @reggie I respect your views as raiders fans so I’ll stand down. What do you think of your chances this year?
APEX 1NE 27 kun oldin
Khari Lane
Khari Lane 26 kun oldin
If you actually listened to the vid you would see that he's not basing his take on JUST the 2-0 start. Gruden/Carr's win total went from 4 to 7 in the first two years. Mayock is hitting more often than not on his draft picks, and free agents actually want to be Raiders now. When you buy a beat up old car and take out all the bad parts you have to replace them with better ones and then test it out to make sure it works. Right now we are in the testing phase but we can hear the engine revving up and we know that the car isn't that far off from being ready for the big races. So yes Gruden does deserve a pat on the back for what he's done. Anyone who expected Gruden to turn around the team overnight was and is delusional. Good plans take time to develop properly and all indications are that this plan is working very well!!!
bernardthefourth 27 kun oldin
The Raiders were spending on their stadium and legit could not afford Mack or Cooper.
J Cory
J Cory 25 kun oldin
Cooper is overrated
bernardthefourth 26 kun oldin
@Thorne 123 You have to escrow tons of cash for guaranteed signings. The Raiders didn't have it.
Thorne 123
Thorne 123 26 kun oldin
This comment is so ignorant of how the finances work in the NFL, you should delete it. Seriously, it makes you look dumb.
bernardthefourth 26 kun oldin
@Khari Lane That is true to some degree but when teams give contracts the guaranteed money goes into escrow. The Raiders did not have that cash legit.
Khari Lane
Khari Lane 26 kun oldin
Stadium money and the salary cap money are two different unrelated things. What Mack and Cooper would have done to our future cap space was the reason they are no longer on the team.
Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen 27 kun oldin
Me and Doug think the same way hey maybe they are not as good as the chiefs Steelers or ravens right now but they are fun to watch and they are going to get better soon they need to improve on their defense but they are on their way to "yes we can do it"😃
Mark Hannig
Mark Hannig 27 kun oldin
I walked into a room with the game on. 2 minutes later a BLM-NFL commercial came on. I walked out. Not watching the NFL support a racist, Marxist organization with an explicit goal to destroy the family. And, BTW, BLM is a feminist organization that HATES men. NFL - you will learn: get woke, go broke.
Joshua Dolo
Joshua Dolo 27 kun oldin
For 10 years and $100 Million his plan better be working
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 25 kun oldin
Matthew Davis you are high he still needs to put together 12 and 4 season like del Rio
cjb cjb
cjb cjb 27 kun oldin
Joshua Dolo after the 10 years he's getting a share of the team, that's why he signed that contract. He's gonna make more in the long run.
Joshua Dolo
Joshua Dolo 27 kun oldin
@Matthew Davis can't say he's worth every penny when he hasn't won anything for the organization yet...those are the types of Contracts that should be given to the Belichicks/Sean Paytons of the world Gruden was always an overrated coach
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 27 kun oldin
He took a pay cut to coach the Raiders when they were always awful and very short on NFL talent. I think he’s worth every penny to the organization.
Daddy SmokesYams
Daddy SmokesYams 27 kun oldin
He could've gotten a lot more if he stayed in the booth. In 5 yrs, his contract will look like a bargain.
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson 27 kun oldin
It’s too early
GuUdA COA 27 kun oldin
All he said is they’re competitive.
Kj 8923
Kj 8923 28 kun oldin
Still waiting on Doug's vid on the Clippers........looks like he's going to brush that under the rug
Rene Basavand
Rene Basavand 26 kun oldin
Clippers and kawhi suckkkkkkk
AilmanMM 27 kun oldin
I thought they won 3-4 rings already based on how he was talking about them.
angelo belcher
angelo belcher 28 kun oldin
Of course you do 🤣, coke head!
Jimno 28 kun oldin
Boot It Up
Boot It Up 28 kun oldin
Raiders are gonna be 2-5
Khari Lane
Khari Lane 26 kun oldin
We do have some tough games ahead but we showed on Monday night that we can win a tough game. I still think the Chiefs will most likely beat us but we have a good chance at beating the Pats, Bills, Buccs and Browns. I think we lose to the Chiefs and Bills but beat the Pats, Buccs, and definitely the Browns. If the Charger make the right call and start Herbert over Taylor they might be tough but still winnable so we go into the second half of the season at 6-2 with winnable games against the Broncos twice, Falcons, Jets, and Dolphins. We win those five games and we go 11-5. It could even be as high as 13-3 if we sweep the Bolts and beat the Colts in Week 13. Anything can happen!!!
Jason Tabor
Jason Tabor 27 kun oldin
Stay high
vinny soori
vinny soori 28 kun oldin
Doug, why do you hate on Lebron ? Aren't you a hater...let people hate on the Raiders because they have given us plenty of material to hate on...Ylu hate on Bron because you're also a hater but it's okay to be a hater....we all have to hate on something
Faithful9er 28 kun oldin
No im a realest
Mind of the North Star
Mind of the North Star 28 kun oldin
Doug talking about "haters" 24 hours after dropping a video about how Cam is only having success because he's on the Pats
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 25 kun oldin
SUPERPREDATOR NYC yes and he’s 31 now. Teams weren’t exactly banging down his door for his services so it’s not just my opinion, it’s theirs. Plus he’s on a one year deal in New England. I don’t hate the guy, he needed the right situation, the right coach. He’s got that now. I think he’s an MVP candidate *this* year.
Raiderscockinyour Mouth
Raiderscockinyour Mouth 25 kun oldin
So just facts then.
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 27 kun oldin
I’m with him. Outside of NE I’m not sure Cam succeeds. But in NE he’s a monster. Sometimes you can have super star talent, but it’s unorthodox, you need the right fit. Amari Cooper and Mahomes are two other great examples.
Carl Stokes
Carl Stokes 28 kun oldin
And you're dumb if you think 2 games is enough of a sample size to make such a determination...
Carl Stokes
Carl Stokes 26 kun oldin
@Big Poppa Trump The point is, 2 games don't give us a true assessment. At least wait for 6 games and some divisional games before declaring mission accomplished.
Big Poppa Trump
Big Poppa Trump 26 kun oldin
Did you not see all of the improvement they made last year compared to year one lmao?
GuUdA COA 27 kun oldin
It’s not from just two games as he explained.
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It’s pronounced GIF.
Tom Scott
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The ACE Family
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Dueling Town Halls Cold Open - SNL
Saturday Night Live
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NFL Brothers Shannon & Sterling Sharpe | EPISODE 1 | CLUB SHAY SHAY
Doug Gottlieb - Aaron Rodgers Has Still Got It and NEVER Lost It
Jon Gruden's Best Mic'd Up Moments | Sound FX | NFL Films
Josh Jacobs and Jon Gruden’s Diverse Run Game | Film Room
Cam Newton goes through Gruden's QB Camp (2011) | ESPN Archive
It’s pronounced GIF.
Tom Scott
Ko‘rishlar soni 826 ming
The ACE Family
Ko‘rishlar soni 5 mln
Dueling Town Halls Cold Open - SNL
Saturday Night Live
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Getafe 1 - 0 Barcelona - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - (10/17/2020)
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Using Numbers To Find The Most Difficult NBA Championship Ever Won