Doug Gottlieb - I Feel Bad For LeBron James...NBA Finals Looks Like It's Over

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27 kun oldin

DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb reacts to the Miami Heat taking a massive loss to the LA Lakers in Game 1 of their NBA Finals series and can only feel terrible that LeBron won't get the credit he deserves for reaching this point in his career.
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Blade Runner
Blade Runner 11 kun oldin
Doug hates Lebron James so much it's funny. He lives in his head rent free. Hahahaha.
Romelus69 15 kun oldin
It's the Lakers fault that the Clippers failed to get the Championship?? They always talk crap when LeBron wins, the other teams sucked....and he was supposed to win!!!
whoody G Ponder
whoody G Ponder 16 kun oldin
Clippers were not that tough in the playoffs! They got exposed they had no answer to the big man! Anthony Davis Dwight Howard would have exposed them!!
Stephen Of Kent
Stephen Of Kent 19 kun oldin
I don’t know if a take could get any worse than this
Luc Cornel
Luc Cornel 22 kun oldin
what a nice and convoluted explanation of why the low rates... it has nothing to do with this blm crap that they are showing all the time, right?
Mana Muhsen
Mana Muhsen 23 kun oldin
How can somebody be so dumb
Joyful Joyful
Joyful Joyful 23 kun oldin
Clippers lost and LALakers would still be in this position bc they would have lost to LAL in semifinals.
Jay 24 kun oldin
Another Lebrron HATER...excuses are for the birds.....The Clippers lost because the Nuggets were the better team.
Ronaldo Gilley
Ronaldo Gilley 24 kun oldin
Lebron can’t be responsible for how bad Clippers played or other players injuries...Jeesh🤦🏾‍♂️Lebron fanboys are ridiculous but the critics against this guy are in Looneyville🙄I stand in the objective zone almost alone, I don’t think he’s GOAT, but man he’s damn good. Probably won’t be appreciated til after he retires😞
Rakhem Seku
Rakhem Seku 24 kun oldin
LMAO!!! You might not give him credit, but objective sports historians will. His legacy is secured, in-tact, and legendary regardless of what biased sports commentators say or believe.
Andy George
Andy George 24 kun oldin
KD and A.D. is who should be compare to each other LBJ is on a different level bro plus he is climbing down the mountain on his career .....kd style of play and shooting form is more pleasant on the eyes than LBJ ..but this is not about looks, it's about stats and achievements and i can guarantee that KD will never achieve/accomplished 3/4 of what LBJ did
Akunne Ogalanya
Akunne Ogalanya 24 kun oldin
Oh boy this guy. Who listens to this guy? For him to blame the Lakers for being successful. There’s going to be another troll session next year
Lush Don
Lush Don 24 kun oldin
LOL bro who asked these brothers to go game 7? Grow up bro ... please
Lush Don
Lush Don 24 kun oldin
What are you talking about??? How is all of this Lebrons fault?
Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth 24 kun oldin
Lmao because the clippers didn’t win 1 more game?
MrRhinosilver 24 kun oldin
The lakers took the nuggets out in 5 games the clippers got smoked by the nuggets. The lakers would have taken the clippers to school.
darren roberts
darren roberts 24 kun oldin
U such hater .. on Lerbon .. keep building that bad krama.. u stick
Mike Colin
Mike Colin 24 kun oldin
My God, did Lebron James slap this dude's mom? The hate!
The devil that the Bible speaks of White devil
The devil that the Bible speaks of White devil 24 kun oldin
As many dislikes as this dude CONSISTENTLY they still haven’t fired his ass smh . He never fails with these horrible takes lol
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 24 kun oldin
Nobody was saying ANY of this when the Warriors won with Kevin Love and Kyrie out. It was "No excuses". Now that Lebron has the advantage for once lets pick apart everything and find ways to sneak diss him. Who's fault is it that the Clippers lost?!?!??! Blame THEM!!! They choked. The Rockets have 2 MVP's . Smh...
Eazy 24 kun oldin
This series reminds me of the 07 Finals, LeBrons' first Finals versus the Spurs. After game 1 you could tell the Cavs absolutely had no chance of winning the series. One of the worst NBA Finals ever and this one is probably 2.
Luffy Mugiwara
Luffy Mugiwara 25 kun oldin
Still talking about the clippers????? They fired the coach they will not resign the 6thman of the year..they will loose morris-jackson they are a completly mess and an excecutive from the flippers is saying that the earth is flat and we should believe that sh*t about they will beat the lakers???
simo titi
simo titi 25 kun oldin
They didn't play the clippers but they played the team responsible for eliminating them, so what's your point ?
Low Class Yuppy
Low Class Yuppy 25 kun oldin
This was a great take only beta males think otherwise
will liam
will liam 25 kun oldin
To see is to believe. That's the Nets with those two knuckleheads
santosonly7 25 kun oldin
So funny how these guys strain themselves looking for anything to diminish what LBJ is doing. But after saying all that, LBJ continues to break records on his way to yet another title. It’s like listing all of the reasons why a Indy driver shouldn’t be winning while he’s crossing the finish line in first place in record setting fashion. Veerrrooommm!!! There goes Lebron. Long live the King.
sanbell 25 kun oldin
Translation: It’s LeBron’s fault the Clippers, Bucks, Raptors and Celtics fucked up.
sanbell 25 kun oldin
Media after the Lakers win championship: “I still think the Clippers are the better team”
Skip Brainless
Skip Brainless 25 kun oldin
With this squad, I'm taking lakers oveer warriors if they don't make crazy additions.
Blake Spadaro
Blake Spadaro 25 kun oldin
Lebron and AD the clear best duo in the NBA, and the lakers were waiting for kawhi pg and the “loaded clippers to beat Denver and have a battle of LA” . Lakers beat Denver in 5
Blake Spadaro
Blake Spadaro 25 kun oldin
Not Lebron and the lakers fault the clippers choked
Blake Spadaro
Blake Spadaro 25 kun oldin
Lol ok Gotliebb , you been saying Lebrons not top 5 for awhile now
Précieux Miab
Précieux Miab 25 kun oldin
I wish they get a pay cut every time they come up with some bad takes or horrible narrative
Supreme Legacy
Supreme Legacy 25 kun oldin
Jordan is god he can't do no wrong n gets praised to the highest power but lebron is Jesus he sacrificed his body his brand for us they been throwing stones at this man since he came in the league n has surpassed expectations its his 17th yr n they still hate on him has never did anything bad but leave his city n came back n still made good of his promise just remember u will never see nothing again like this so they cry when he is gone smh
Kevin Cabral
Kevin Cabral 25 kun oldin
I have a feeling that the Nets are gonna be like the clippers this year .
Chris Odukwe
Chris Odukwe 25 kun oldin
This is complete BS .... cant believe DG .. no matter what happens Lebron is the bad guy ... Clippers lose .. its Lebron's fault ... Warriors chose not to compete ... really!!? Please stop ranting ... FFS
Joe Mitchell
Joe Mitchell 25 kun oldin
Lakers 3 peating..remember this post!
Caleb Attinger
Caleb Attinger 25 kun oldin
Lol lots of fragile Lakers fans in the comments. Where were you last year when lebron couldn't make the playoffs without AD? Take your welfare bubble ring and get over the fact that some people call it like they see it. This trip to the trophy has got to be the easiest in modern NBA history.
Jasonjjw west
Jasonjjw west 25 kun oldin
Don’t feel bad for this loser. Michael Jordan set records for nba viewership and LeBron James is destroying it. .
Julio Ortiz
Julio Ortiz 25 kun oldin
Cry me a River. It’s not LeBron’s fault that the flippers couldn’t handle a 3-1 lead. He beat what is in front of him. Doug = Bum. 🤦🏾‍♂️
smutton 25 kun oldin
This dude gives us another dumb take.
KLUV 25 kun oldin
Thumbs down...
Steven Pooler
Steven Pooler 25 kun oldin
Doug, the media always will makeup storylines to meet there agenda.. Remember, befire the playoffs started, the Blazers were the best 8th seed ever, Harden and Russell is gonna give it to them in 7 games), the Nuggets are for real, and don't forget, LA can't shoot... As soon as the Lakers ran through them, "this is the easiest path to a championship ever".. Smh and lol...
dionysis e
dionysis e 25 kun oldin
Aday Shabaz
Aday Shabaz 25 kun oldin
STOP IT BRO if “If” were a 5th we’d all be drunk 🛑
joel ramirez
joel ramirez 25 kun oldin
You're a hack
Kahari Scarlett
Kahari Scarlett 25 kun oldin
I’ve never seen a a team as hyped as the clippers who have been getting so much passes for losing
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 25 kun oldin
& this is y doug sucks 🤣🤣
S. The Skeema
S. The Skeema 25 kun oldin
Just passed through to drop a thumbs down. Carry on.
Lift1One 26 kun oldin
Doug you didn't feel sorry for Crywhi Leonard when the Raptors beat a hobbled Warriors team. How about feeling sorry for the Warriors when they beat a hobbled Cavs team in 2015.
Noel Imhoff
Noel Imhoff 26 kun oldin
This entire segment didn’t make any sense, pointless topic, every champion in every sport gets some type of luck.
Tarun Bohra
Tarun Bohra 26 kun oldin
Bruh!! I see the same narrative. It was too easy for Lebron. Gtfoh. Every bit is earned and y’all say they didn’t play clippers everytime but forget that they choked away to a team that Lebron beat 4-1. Y’all don’t make these excuses for his losses when he faced like 5 all stars
Lift1One 26 kun oldin
My God, This is an awful segment. You know you're great when you get criticized for winning. It's the Lakers fault that they're that good. If we're going to play this game we will have to take all of Jordan rings from him because he never played a team as good or better than his team during his championship years.
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke 26 kun oldin
Let me help you Doug gotts...just shut up. Hows feel bad for a man who's the best player ever🤐
Danush Fernando
Danush Fernando 26 kun oldin
Before this season 'MJ' Bulls never played a game 7 , thats how dominating they was' Now 'LBJ' Lakers dominating games because he have it easy - he's eliminating playoff teams in 5 games, he has too much rest' 😅🤦🏽‍♂️
Nujersey Devil
Nujersey Devil 26 kun oldin
Talk about what the man is doing right now.. don’t go down a rabbit hole because someone said they will three peat just hating
old Detroit89
old Detroit89 26 kun oldin
I swear I hate that the lakers the only team that was able to pick their opponents in the playoffs, so unfair I hate that the lakers was the only team that was able to bring family to the bubble To rejuvenate them,smh just sad I hate the lakers was the only team to have that 2 day break with the protest!
mobetter25 26 kun oldin
Clippers lost plain and simple. I am so tired hearing about the Clippers. GTFO with this bullshit you talking.
davor vukovic
davor vukovic 26 kun oldin
you, sir, are a hater and a MORON.
mobetter25 26 kun oldin
Why would you feel sorry for a person that about to win a title.GTFO with this bullshit.
Rasta Shaw
Rasta Shaw 26 kun oldin
It’s crazy the hate and envy these guys have inside ... it’s just sports bro
HeGotJays 985
HeGotJays 985 26 kun oldin
If I could punch any media guy in the face it would be DOUG
Rasta Shaw
Rasta Shaw 26 kun oldin
Lakers didn’t play the Clippers “ who’s fault was that ? Smh .. when Lebron retires a lot these guys are gonna be without a job .
KapoNYC 26 kun oldin
This finals win shouldn't count
mwape bwalya
mwape bwalya 26 kun oldin
I think sometimes these guys just go an extra mile to find reasons to discredit Lebron.
Gerald Charles
Gerald Charles 26 kun oldin
He feels sorry for someone more accomplished and successful than he will ever be. A true idiot
A S 26 kun oldin
I’m watching
uchiha rain
uchiha rain 26 kun oldin
These all analyst needs to get beaten and smacked in their asses .. the way they talk as if clippers buck was great ... they got whooped by some other team. If they had faced lakers complete sweep .. its team game not one man game.
Houston Khanyile
Houston Khanyile 26 kun oldin
Doug didn't you have the same take when the season started but turned to be an idiot like you were already. you are clown dude but hey keep doing what you are doing.
Kwamie Williams
Kwamie Williams 26 kun oldin
These guys speak like the clippers did not lose
Vincent Mason
Vincent Mason 26 kun oldin
This really is FOX news
Bush Wacker
Bush Wacker 26 kun oldin
Rohith K R
Rohith K R 26 kun oldin
Lol blaming lebron and lakers for kawhi and giannis choking. Damn the hate lebron receives is unprecedented
Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks 26 kun oldin
No, the Clippers lost 3 straight...stop
Abdirahman Hassan
Abdirahman Hassan 26 kun oldin
Eric Paqz
Eric Paqz 26 kun oldin
"The clippers are probably better than the Lakers they just didn't win an extra game" ??????? I'm outa here I'm getting dumber...
Ricardo Bernard
Ricardo Bernard 26 kun oldin
Another Lebron hater. Nobody said anything when Kyrie and Kevin Love was hurt in the the finals against GS. Where is this energy. Media salty they were wrong about the Clippers.
Tae Love
Tae Love 26 kun oldin
You sir are dumb seriously . If the clippers are so better why coudlnt they get past the nuggets then . All of these ifs Ifs . Their just ass accept it .
Eric Paqz
Eric Paqz 26 kun oldin
I never believed that Clippers can beat the Lakers, especially when they took Pandemic P, coz he's Lebron's b*tch and always scared of Bron. Also their only center is Zubac common man.....
Mykeljohn Dc
Mykeljohn Dc 26 kun oldin
Stupid clown
Mykeljohn Dc
Mykeljohn Dc 26 kun oldin
Your just a lebron hater.
Mykeljohn Dc
Mykeljohn Dc 26 kun oldin
Stop talking about your clippers. Wtf move on. They choked. Let that sink in. They are no better team. Fvck
Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan 26 kun oldin
The Lakers were just put together this year to you’re the worst talk show host I’ve seen since Jason Whitlock.clippers lost to a better team you idiot 😂Kawhi and PG and doc choked
Bryan Seaman
Bryan Seaman 26 kun oldin
Cry harder Doug
Citi 808
Citi 808 26 kun oldin
Y’all be sleeping on bron you think this is a fluke Doug ok be ready for the back to back Wait when he beat KD and Kyrie your gonna say it’s because KD just got back from injury or new team smh
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 26 kun oldin
The quote from that clipper coach is literally the reason they lost
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 26 kun oldin
Doug..your literally embarrassing yourself
C King
C King 26 kun oldin
And that’s brons problem because????? No one thought he win again and you Doug were among them so 4th and 5th incoming next season lol flippers choked 😂😂😂retire Dougb
Wassupdun 26 kun oldin
If......if.....if....if.....if.....The Lakers did their part, if the Clippers were the better team they wouldn't have squandered soooooo many leads to Denver.
The Choosen1
The Choosen1 26 kun oldin
I guarantee if KD was in the bubble and the nets were about to win the championship he wouldn’t feel bad for KD. He’d be praising him and saying that’s why he’s the best player on the planet but for lebron he feels bad because the clippers lost and the nuggets rockets and trailblazers were trash so the path was ‘easy’ lol he sounds like a fool like the rest of the weird lebron critics
wayne cockerham
wayne cockerham 26 kun oldin
Has this man ever had a good take on anything ?
Dimitris Green
Dimitris Green 26 kun oldin
mr.c.p. brown
mr.c.p. brown 26 kun oldin
One more thing. The Warriors or Clippers won't win a title next season either. The Lakers & Nuggets will be the top 2 teams next season. & even with small ball the Rockets are better than the Clippers & Warriors next season.
mr.c.p. brown
mr.c.p. brown 26 kun oldin
WOW! I just can't believe some of the 💩 y'all come up with to fkn discredit LeBron. You discredit the guy for leading his teams to the finals 9 times. Just because he won only 3. Like just getting to the finals isn't an accomplishment within itself. Just because he didn't follow in Jordan's footsteps. Win 3 take almost 2 seasons off, come back win 3 more. And don't count his 3 first round losses nor count the loss to Orlando, but do count his 55 against New York & 30 pts a game. Y'all are fkn bias as hell. You blaming the Lakers because the Bucks & Clippers couldn't make it to play against the Lakers? This is hatin at it's best. Only thing this proves is that both Milwaukee & the Clippers were overrated teams with overrated ass players with Kawhi & Giannis. The UNDESERVING MVP'S. From the finals & regular season.
Dimitris Green
Dimitris Green 26 kun oldin
_2_first_names 26 kun oldin
Connor Clarke
Connor Clarke 26 kun oldin
this doug gottlieb i don't know about him...
Bruno Guedes
Bruno Guedes 26 kun oldin
"The Clippers are probably better than the Lakers." Where this probably comes knowing that: 1) Lakers had a better record 2) Lakers dominates the last match and Lebron goes through Kahwi and Giannis that same week making a strong statement 3) Clippers chocked and blew a 3-1 Lead with a pathetic performance by almost all their players including Kahwi that simply chocked in the game 7 I think this kind of statement just comes from his ass. It's simply amazing how any idiot can speak on the radio about anything those days.
Saidu Fofanah
Saidu Fofanah 14 kun oldin
@Yo Mammas Boo series was 2-2 regular season 😂😂
Yo Mammas Boo
Yo Mammas Boo 17 kun oldin
Clippers whooped the Lakers more times in the season but you dumbass Bronsexuals only see the last game as significant. Yeah the Clippers blew a 3-1 lead but Le3-6 is about to blow one too.
Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty 26 kun oldin
It was over when lebron did that crazy dunk after the buzzer at halftime like it was nothing
KneeGrowObama 26 kun oldin
Nobody is watching the NBA because they embraced Marxism, domestic terrorism, and LeWoke sports. They killed their own sport.
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