Doug Gottlieb - Clippers Owner is a 'Clown Show' By Prematurely Firing Doc Rivers

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DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb rips into the Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer for getting rid of Doc Rivers prematurely and makes the case that Ballmer has no idea what he's doing in terms basketball.
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Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen 20 kun oldin
Never been a fan of Ballmer, he got lucky and made his fortune at the beginning of the dot com boom, but he was a terrible CEO at Microsoft, no vision and no creativity, he’s a businessman and frankly, not a good one. When I see him doing his enthusiasm on TV for his team, I just think it’s so fake and ingenuine, it’s like he’s trying to be Mark Cuban 2.0 but you can tell, Mark’s passion is real, Ballmer is just a clown
moneyearl78 23 kun oldin
Gottlieb with the trash analysis per usual
Ali Naqvi
Ali Naqvi 23 kun oldin
Yes, Ballmer is stupid, but this Doug guy speaking in this video is also an idiot. He claims to know basketball, but has given not a single rational argument to keep a joke named Doc Rivers. Let us see what this Doug idiot has to say after Doc has shown his colors in his new job. Lot of idiots together. That's why they say: every Clipper has a dream -- to be an ex-Clipper.
Vic Shephard
Vic Shephard 24 kun oldin
7 years of championship expectations not realized is premature. 😂😂 Okay, dude.
Dion S
Dion S 24 kun oldin
I don’t believe it was premature at all, he wasn’t following the analytics and he wasn’t making good adjustments and second 3-1 lead he’s blown in 7 years with the clippers
gerrick duran
gerrick duran 25 kun oldin
Prematurely?😂 someone is still mad their pick was garbage. Nobody wants to admit the Clippers were overrated. It doesn't matter who the coach is they can't win with that team.
Biswanath Hota
Biswanath Hota 25 kun oldin
If blowing two 3-1 lead is not a good enough reason to fire a coach then doug what is a good reason?
Arvin Brisson
Arvin Brisson 25 kun oldin
How did he not mention a 3 -1 lead.
Kevin Le
Kevin Le 25 kun oldin
Gottlieb is so wrong. Doc had so many years to win. Let's move on. It's a good fire.
Althea Aris
Althea Aris 25 kun oldin
Doc's coaching with the Clippers has Plateud, thats why he need to go.
DsLmaNiaC 25 kun oldin
Prematurely? Rofl.
andy chau
andy chau 26 kun oldin
Come on Doug, prematurely?! Seriously?! Mr Ballmer should have dumped Doc 3 years ago, he made a right call this time just a little bit late.
Andres Lopez
Andres Lopez 27 kun oldin
Everyone in this comment section is dead wrong 😂 firing doc is not as easy of a decision
Vince Nguyen
Vince Nguyen 27 kun oldin
dumbest take ever...why the hell keep doc around any longer...the guy under achieved for 7 years. Doug has the nerves to call a Billionaire who gave Doc everything to be successful an idiot. What a joke
Greek Sun
Greek Sun 28 kun oldin
How can you call a billionaire an idiot? 🤔
Kristion 28 kun oldin
Late he should’ve been gone.
Rick Deez
Rick Deez 28 kun oldin
I’m all for black coaches maintaining professional jobs...but in this case he had to go.
Alejandro The Great
Alejandro The Great 28 kun oldin
Says the guy that claimed Kawhi is the best player 🙄 Doc deserved that. Can’t trade the entire team
Spote Jay74
Spote Jay74 28 kun oldin
What’s up with the media’s drummed up infatuation with Doc Rivers?! He hasn’t done anything since the Boston big three and I can make a legitimate argument that coach Thib’s defensive play calling won that chip ! He made no adjustments and got out coached in both rounds this year.
Mont 28 kun oldin
The only clown here is you, Doug
Psych Major
Psych Major 28 kun oldin
Calling a Billionaire, a clown show. Makes you look crazy.
Chris Green
Chris Green 28 kun oldin
Doug is a clown
smiTTy Rodgerz
smiTTy Rodgerz 28 kun oldin
Noooo Doug ... you told us that Balmer was the better owner ... Jerry West was the guru and Doc was the best coach ... And Kawaii was the best player ... SURVEY SAYS “THAT WAS A LIE!!!!!!”
Daniel Perry
Daniel Perry 28 kun oldin
Come on Doug.. I get it because you like someone personally you refuse to see his shortcomings as a coach. The possibility that Doc could fix things? Dont you think that the time to fix them would have been when you were losing a 3-1 series lead?
Goku HeartAttack
Goku HeartAttack 28 kun oldin
people need to stop listening to the media, it was docs fault that he got fired not Kawhi nor PG
KLUV 28 kun oldin
Trying to overtake the Lakers in L.A. already is hilarious but he is wealthy so he will do what he wants while others under and around him will get the real consequences....
Vishnu Prakash
Vishnu Prakash 28 kun oldin
Clown show? Is he really talking about a man who's worth 70 Billion with a B Dumbass.
Eric Paqz
Eric Paqz 28 kun oldin
If being a clown will give you Billions someday, sign me up !!!!
Custom Shade
Custom Shade 28 kun oldin
Poor people are idiots. Steve Ballmer is eccentric.
AJ RX 28 kun oldin
jason young
jason young 28 kun oldin
This is a good firing , Firing has some bad connotation but it means a change to malfunctioning organization.
Thank You For Your Service!
Thank You For Your Service! 28 kun oldin
So George Steinbrenner who fired and hired guys like nothing was an idiot owner........
Preston Pfeifer
Preston Pfeifer 28 kun oldin
Yo Steve Ballmer is worth 70 billion
Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty 28 kun oldin
Name me one season that doc rivers has been with the clippers that has been a success... ill wait
benjamin padilla
benjamin padilla 28 kun oldin
Stf its a championship or bust season you need to have rolling down the aisle .
Kruppt808 28 kun oldin
Clippers losing to Denver was in your words a miracle. I thought you play 7 games to avoid fluke stuff and the better team always wins. No major injuries, no home courts, no excuses.
CapnKrunk123 28 kun oldin
Doug, you probably don't read comments, but you are so wrong about this.
Ceasar Nunez
Ceasar Nunez 28 kun oldin
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 28 kun oldin
The only idiot is doug for keeping that peninsula shaped hairline
Mark Warner
Mark Warner 28 kun oldin
Doug Gottlieb says, you're an idiot; 70 bill says, you're a genius. Let's see here who's opinion would Steve Balmer take seriously.
KaNe Stra8 Up MeNaCe
KaNe Stra8 Up MeNaCe 28 kun oldin
They Traded all they Picks To OKC for Pandemic P Aka George Paul 😂 😂 whoever Come in to Coach the Clipper the 1st thing he should do is Tell Kawhi He Can No Longer “Load Manage” and Miss Practice when he wants who the hell he think he is? He’s Not On King 👑 James Level!!!!
gundahlyangachi 28 kun oldin
Doc is trash as a GM and a coach. Doc Rivers lost all credibility to me when he gave his son Austin a $35 million/3 years contract that he didn't deserve during the Lob City era. Austin Rivers belongs in the G-league. When Doc was GM, he decided to go with nepotism instead of doing what was good for the team. As a coach he choked with a stacked Lob City Team against a mediocre Rockets team. He choked with the current stacked roster of Kawhi and PG-13 and a great supporting cast against a mediocre Nuggets team. You put Pop or Phil Jackson in his place during the last 7 years and Clippers would have had at least 2-3 championships by now easy.
nba talkz
nba talkz 28 kun oldin
Dont need too know much about basketball yo know that doc as underachieved.
Darien Brister
Darien Brister 28 kun oldin
Doug being Doug........ Zero substance to majority of his takes!!!
Darien Brister
Darien Brister 28 kun oldin
@Samuel Brown glad he has a fan. Absolutely nothing he said in this 3:15 clip substantiated his claim of Balmar being an idiot or a "Clown show." Doug is great at stating some facts that don't have much connection to the topic. He took this same angle when talking about Vikes signing Cousins a few seasons ago. If you truly believe the "if not him than who" argument is substantial than you might be in a bubble yourself mentally. 7 seasons, 3 playoff series wins, no WCF Finals appearances and TWO blown 3-1 post season leads. What coach is suppose to survive blowing TWO 3-1 post season leads for the same team?!?!?!?!??????
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 28 kun oldin
Darien Brister this is such a dumb criticism of Doug. Doug is a goofball dork but all his arguments are substantive. Shannon sharpe is someone who has zero substances just minstrel faces and stories about his grandparents
Ludi DaVinci
Ludi DaVinci 28 kun oldin
Doc Rivers: my guys can miss every practice they want and miss every 4th game cauze I'm a player friendly coach Also Doc Rivers: we didn't have enough chemistry
S H 28 kun oldin
Lebron is a bad example because LeBron has gone through a few coaches lol
S H 28 kun oldin
Prematurely???? Doc had the BARE minimum get a team with multiple stars to at least a conference finals.
O 28 kun oldin
Somebody gotta go, coach always take the fall..It’s never about the coach, it’s about the players talent..if you have a leader in your stars, your team will win..PG did Doc’s daughter wrong so that’s a mental drama for both Doc and PG right there..
flyupthere 28 kun oldin
Lebron should go to the clippers and win them one for the hell of it lol
Kruppt808 28 kun oldin
Lol, win one for LAL and the clip show 😂😂😂
Dillon Harp
Dillon Harp 28 kun oldin
One of the only times I've agreed with Gottlieb
define crazy
define crazy 28 kun oldin
You are so dumb Doug. Doc has blown 2 3-1 series why having t better team.
Tony Esquire
Tony Esquire 28 kun oldin
Damn that! I'm A Black American, and I COMPLETELY agree with the the decision to fire Doc Rivers. This guy had the "Lob City" Clippers, this newer (And better structured) Clippers, and a Celtics team that should have one at least 1 more title. *Black Lives Matter, and so does winning with stacked teams*
Jhon Agha
Jhon Agha 28 kun oldin
Did this fool just say they were really close? I swear 2020.
Kruppt808 28 kun oldin
skillethead15 28 kun oldin
Doc is almost the Jeff Fisher of basketball. He’s just an ok coach.
Kruppt808 28 kun oldin
keefriff99 28 kun oldin
$12 billion?? Ballmer is worth around $70 billion.
Ugongan 28 kun oldin
Doug you always wrong and you always saying controversial things so you can get more ratings
Steven Kraft
Steven Kraft 28 kun oldin
You can ask who out there is better than Doc Rivers for the Clippers coaching slot, but I am not surprised or unhappy that Doc is gone. He had Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, plus Jamal Crawford and J.J. Redick in some nice role-player slots. But Doc didn't get things done with that group, even if some untimely injuries hurt them. Then Steve Balmer comes in and the Clips mortgage their future to bring in Paul George, and they sign Kawhi Leonard. And they have Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams coming off the bench as a the NBA's best second unit. And Doc couldn't do any better with those guys, who were healthy, than he did with "Lob City" before that. As for the excuses about stress in the "bubble" environment, all the playoff teams had to deal with that. Some obviously dealt with it better than others.
marty mcfly
marty mcfly 28 kun oldin
Doug is the worst at this.
Brian Golden
Brian Golden 28 kun oldin
The CLIPPERS after giving up all those DRAFT picks along with good talent, & losing kawai & George paul after next season, WILL REALLY GO BACK TO BEING THE CLIPPERS!
Jonathan Eng
Jonathan Eng 28 kun oldin
Media talking heads who think the Clippers were wrong in firing Doc are utterly wrong. They only look at it from the national perspective, but the devil is in the details. The team losing a 3-1 lead in the manner that they lost, having double-digit leads in games 5 and 6. The team lost the final three games in the same exact manner. There were no adjustments made. Doc's legacy with the Clippers is secure. Every Clipper fan (myself included) is grateful for Doc's leadership in steering the organization during the Sterling fiasco and for turning the Clippers into a legit organization that is a free-agent destination. The Clippers are no longer a joke of an organization (for those who still think that way, look at the Knicks). However, the team underachieved under Doc and yes, a lot of the blame should go on the players, but Doc got thoroughly outcoached by Malone and Carlisle. He could have saved his job by excising the low-hanging fruit that was Trez because the Nuggets outscored the Clippers by a wide margin when Trez was on the floor and matched up with Jokic. That one adjustment, (including utilizing JaMychal Green more at the center spot and playing Zubac more) would have made the Clippers close the Nugets out in 5 or 6 games. Game 7 never would have happened.
88smjls 28 kun oldin
Doc is the most overrated coach in the league. The more talent he has the worse they do. So was it dumb when the bulls fired Collins and promoted Phil Jackson or when Riley came off commentary to be the coach?
JayQuan Quick
JayQuan Quick 28 kun oldin
I never thought I would ever agree with this
ThinkDifferent 28 kun oldin
Gershom-ology 28 kun oldin
Wow what a reach on this take by Doug...Doc was awful. facts prove it.
JAY... 28 kun oldin
He deserved to be fired...
The Poster King
The Poster King 28 kun oldin
Bi,lonzo,hart big difference
Will Strickland
Will Strickland 28 kun oldin
Bad owners let the media tell them how to run a team
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 28 kun oldin
Kyrian Washington Lol you are so dumb he’s agreeing with Doug.
Kyrian Washington
Kyrian Washington 28 kun oldin
Yea, he needs to find a new take. I like Doc, but it was time, he's had some amazing talent and never reached the conference finals and Balmer gave him everything he wanted
Rambo Assil
Rambo Assil 28 kun oldin
Dropped another 3-1 lead. There’s no more excuses for this one with the squad they had.
Moises Sobrepena
Moises Sobrepena 28 kun oldin
No wonder they a bunch of clowns lmao
Camelot 28 kun oldin
Is Doc standing on something? He is listed at 6'4" and Ballmer is 6'5" lol
Jermaine Royster
Jermaine Royster 28 kun oldin
I hope y’all treat him like y’all clown my Knicks with Dolan
Ceasar Nunez
Ceasar Nunez 28 kun oldin
Why would they treat Ballmer like Dolan? Who tf even plays for the Knicks???
WOLFSLYWALKER 28 kun oldin
Doc hella Overrated. Ballmer saving the Clippers. You my friend are the idiot here.
arrownoir 28 kun oldin
Premature? The firing was long looooooong overdue.
mzchocolatedoll 28 kun oldin
Thank you!!!
Jermaine Burgess
Jermaine Burgess 28 kun oldin
I blame the players pg is trash just like his tight ass sneakers
WayOff P.
WayOff P. 28 kun oldin
PreMature????? Wtf Doc got Cp3,D’Andre,Blake,Kwahi,Pg13 and a bunch of support guys that the owner paid big money to bring home the end result which is a championship..DOC friggin Rivers did not even reach the WCF in that 7yrs stint..and your saying Its pre-mature🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ this is the worst take so far..
Earl The Pearl
Earl The Pearl 28 kun oldin
And I suppose Doug is a basketball genius then? LOL
JorgeJR 28 kun oldin
If Doc Rivers were white people would've been calling for him to be fired along with those Lob City teams
smiTTy Rodgerz
smiTTy Rodgerz 28 kun oldin
Nah Doc was given the benefit of the doubt because of that one lucky ring
Colonel Gibbs
Colonel Gibbs 28 kun oldin
Jhon Agha it’s fax tho
Colonel Gibbs
Colonel Gibbs 28 kun oldin
arrownoir yea they do
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 28 kun oldin
Jhon Agha
Jhon Agha 28 kun oldin
WTF are you saying?
carlos cruz
carlos cruz 28 kun oldin
Doc rivera lost two 3-1 series with championship worthy teams... Yeah he should get fired
Anthony Slazas
Anthony Slazas 28 kun oldin
Go ahead hire Ty Lue nothing going to change they might not even make the second round.
Karthikeyan Loganathan
Karthikeyan Loganathan 26 kun oldin
Ty Lue was LeBron 's puppy 😂😂😂
Arcell Mcgowan
Arcell Mcgowan 28 kun oldin
Dude so rich he prolly could buy a division.
Jonny Smith
Jonny Smith 28 kun oldin
7 years 0 CONFERENCE finals appearances
DK 28 kun oldin
With all star teams to boot he can kick rocks
# 2
# 2 28 kun oldin
Lots of mediocrity and two blown 3-1 leads in the playoffs. Time for a change.
Tony Esquire
Tony Esquire 28 kun oldin
@Darien Brister Although he would most likely say no, I'd be on the phone with Coach K's agent. I'm also calling John Calapari, Mark Jackson, Tyrone Lue, Jason Kidd, and interviewing Sam Cassel.
Tony Esquire
Tony Esquire 28 kun oldin
@Ludi DaVinci Agreed. However, they didn't have Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, De'Andre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, Lou William's and JJ Reddick...on the same squad! Also, did you look the Clippers team? Doc doesn't have to win, but the Clippers should have made it to at least 1 finals. Doc simply didn't deliver.
Ludi DaVinci
Ludi DaVinci 28 kun oldin
@Darien Brister Jesus that's really embarrassing, didn't know that
Bradley Burnett
Bradley Burnett 28 kun oldin
Hes a joke for cutting the coach that has choked the most 3-1 leads in NBA history? Wild take 🤣
Elijah barber
Elijah barber 23 kun oldin
@Coops vogel is a great defensive coach...he needed players now he about to win a title
Coops 28 kun oldin
Good decision, overrated coach. Even Vogel is better
KreyzAim 28 kun oldin
He let Kawhi run through him and the franchise by setting his own rules. Not even KG got that much. He had to go
D Jones
D Jones 28 kun oldin
Remember they took doc out that front office position..that was frank Lawrence and jerry west and Steve balmer that gave kawhi all that
45ginola 28 kun oldin
He should have been fired when the clock ran out in game 7. You can have all the excuses you want, they failed to close out a Denver team after being up 3-1 and having 16 and 19 points leads late in 3rd quarters of back to back games. Regardless of any circumstances, as stacked as the Clippers are, this Denver series alone is worthy of firing Doc. Stop with the bullshit.
Anibal Carranza
Anibal Carranza 28 kun oldin
Doc is the clown that foo trash, trash p should be traded too for some picks & a point guard
Basket Sin Limites
Basket Sin Limites 28 kun oldin
Is the first time i agree with you. This time you're 100% right!
toad sage
toad sage 28 kun oldin
Doc was done with clippers. You just want to get mad 😂
Thathellcatguy 28 kun oldin
Prematurely? Come on now. Doc blew a 3-1 lead vs. The rockets a few years back. This 3-1 choke job was monumental considering that the were up 15-19-12 in games 5-7. The Clippers are no better (results wise) than they were when Vinny del Negro was fired. He was out coached by Rick Carlisle in round one and again by Mike Malone in round 2. He is rigid and either refuses to, or isn't aware of the adjustments needed to win in winning time. Period.
Adam Richard
Adam Richard 24 kun oldin
Nah u give him one more year
AbsolutelyAndre 28 kun oldin
Steve Ballmer is worth 70 billion dollars. He can do whatever tf he wants 🤣
You'reWrong&Here'sWhy ABC
You'reWrong&Here'sWhy ABC 5 kun oldin
@AbsolutelyAndre And use the "discreet" services Epstein provides on his island?
AbsolutelyAndre 5 kun oldin
@You'reWrong&Here'sWhy ABC yes
You'reWrong&Here'sWhy ABC
You'reWrong&Here'sWhy ABC 5 kun oldin
Like have friends such as Epstein?
Ruata Sanga
Ruata Sanga 23 kun oldin
@Dion S coz for whatever reason he seems to hate Ballmer
Dion S
Dion S 24 kun oldin
Why Doug said he’s worth 12 lol
420 Some where Right Now
420 Some where Right Now 28 kun oldin
Doc should've been fired when Blake Griffin found out he was traded via social media. However, the Clippers need a home. They want Kawhi to win in what is essentially Lebron's house! That's not right, they need their own stadium🤷🏽‍♀️💯💯
420 Some where Right Now
420 Some where Right Now 28 kun oldin
@KreyzAim Cp3, Blake,DeAndre Jordan Matt Barnes, they should have had a Playoff appearance, or at least Last standings in the Finals🤷🏽‍♀️. Let's see if the next coach can at least get us to the 3rd round in the finals! I'll take anything at this point. Last time they were in the playoffs I bought a Clippers jacket at the game. They lost that night and the finals were over for them. Damn jacket still has the tag on it!😅😅. And it's a whole new roster.😪💯💯
420 Some where Right Now
420 Some where Right Now 28 kun oldin
@KreyzAim 😅😅💯💯
KreyzAim 28 kun oldin
420 Some where Right Now I respect that you boldly said you are a Clipper fan. Once you’re team is set at the new stadium, I can give the Clippers my respect.
KreyzAim 28 kun oldin
420 Some where Right Now Chris Paul made the team for what it was. For a long time, Blake was a goofball and not taking the season seriously. He was extremely athletic, but overhyped for his postgame.
420 Some where Right Now
420 Some where Right Now 28 kun oldin
@KreyzAim I like Blake, but I'm a Clippers fan. I only followed him while he played for the Clippers and I saw a solid guy playing ball!💯💯 Ur opinion is different and I respect that!💯💯
Ice_man84 28 kun oldin
Doc is a great coach, but had opportunities to win championships. He definitely showed that he can’t make adjustments. In my opinion I feel like it was his time to go. He did do a great job of changing the culture there, but couldn’t get out of the second round.
Devin Pettit
Devin Pettit 28 kun oldin
A great coach who can't make adjustments? How great can he be? Doc always been overrated and would've been fired if the Celtics didn't trade for KG and Allen. They were literal trash the season before and that's with an all star in Pierce and a Bball genius in Rondo. He had this coming.
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen 28 kun oldin
Maybe he got fired for losing a third 3-1 lead in a series and twice with the Clippers.
Eric Lind
Eric Lind 24 kun oldin
Vic Shephard They would crush everyone under Pop.
Vic Shephard
Vic Shephard 24 kun oldin
@Eric Lind Pop would've beaten the Nuggets in 5 with that team.
Eric Lind
Eric Lind 28 kun oldin
Mack not 100% cause if he had gone to finals last year, he would get a pass.
Mack 28 kun oldin
He got Fired because of this year Period!!!
Eric Lind
Eric Lind 28 kun oldin
D Jones Imagine if Pop coached this Clippers team. They would be lockdown defensively and would bench anyone who didn’t play D. That means sitting Lou Williams if need be. Lou will pout of course but that won’t affect Pop.
D A 28 kun oldin
Doug you re wrong on this one. Doc has really been overrated and has not been able to show any real progress
Camilo Chaves
Camilo Chaves 26 kun oldin
He's wrong on Doc but not on Ballmer. The guy is the luckiest roommate in history and his claim to history is saying the iphone would never be a successful product. He is also infamously the worst CEO Microsoft or any big tech company could have ever had by a landslide.
Pre Law
Pre Law 28 kun oldin
@Tony Esquire But to your argument, I think Doc is 27-32 in the playoffs & that just isn't acceptable
Pre Law
Pre Law 28 kun oldin
@Tony Esquire Yeah but regular season success doesn't mean all that much in the playoffs it's about matchups & true star power. And about that Mavs team, they're heavily underrated criminally underrated! That team will have the #1 or 2 seed next season so yeah if the Unicorn was there i can see them losing but I'd put on PG, he was horrible in that series. And remember with those Lob city teams there was always an injury, CP3 would hurt his hamstring every single playoffs and then Blake had the knee problems.
Tony Esquire
Tony Esquire 28 kun oldin
@Pre Law Those guys delivered back to back 50+ win season...IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE! Sorry, but Lebron winning with 1/3 of that talent. (Ditto for Miami) Real talk, had Pozongas been around, the Clippers may have lost to the Mavs.
Pre Law
Pre Law 28 kun oldin
@Tony Esquire Look at the guys you named!
gb1style 28 kun oldin
Doug is reaching Doc deserved to be fired
Ronald Mendonca
Ronald Mendonca 25 kun oldin
@Pre Law In other words, it seems like he knew he was gonna end up taking the blame anyway. I think it was big of him to do that. Whether or not its justified to fire the coach when he wasn't one of the players on the floor remains to be seen. I wish him well. Seems like a nice guy.
Pre Law
Pre Law 25 kun oldin
@Ronald Mendonca What's your point? That's what a coach is supposed to say
Ronald Mendonca
Ronald Mendonca 25 kun oldin
@Pre Law Doc, himself after the loss said he took responsibility.
# 2
# 2 28 kun oldin
Pre Law deserved. 27-32 in the playoffs and TWO blown 3-1 leads. He’s the Marvin Lewis (with a chip) of the NBA.
Pre Law
Pre Law 28 kun oldin
Deserved? Not deserved but it's not a surprise
James Dman
James Dman 28 kun oldin
For once i think Gottlieb has a point look at Steve balmer in this thumbnail does this look like a guy that knows anything about basketball just ask yourself.
sladesurfer 28 kun oldin
you know Kawhi signed off on the firing which no ones talking about. If that was Lebron, the headline would have been "Lebron fired the coach" for some reason, Kawhi always gets a pass from the media. (if Kawhi went to the clippers and said, I want doc rivers next year i bet you they will say ok)
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall 23 kun oldin
That is because Kawhi understands how to fly beneath the radar. The first time he comes to a game with a goblet of wine in his hand, get back to me.
Elijah barber
Elijah barber 23 kun oldin
If clippers don't trade for PG the lakers would have had a big 3....kawhi still fucked up cause with AD and lebron he could sit out half the season and still win a title
Adin A
Adin A 28 kun oldin
@Goku HeartAttack oh, clippers wanted to trade for paul george before free agency? And to give up all of their picks?
Goku HeartAttack
Goku HeartAttack 28 kun oldin
@Adin A stop listening to the media
Adin A
Adin A 28 kun oldin
@Ceasar Nunez quiet guy who said ''get me paul george or I am going to the lakers''
Cri Gonal Gaming
Cri Gonal Gaming 28 kun oldin
They fired doc because he can't run schematics and adjustments. Plus the whole optics with PG cheating on Doc's daughter resulting to a lawsuit is kinda awkward too.
Mr Scratchy
Mr Scratchy 28 kun oldin
what if ppl were to say the warriors were idiots for firing mark jackson .
AKG927 28 kun oldin
@Zeke Jackson jackson literally lost to the clippers already lol
Zeke Jackson
Zeke Jackson 28 kun oldin
@AKG927 mark jackson ain't blowing 3-1 leads
Mr Scratchy
Mr Scratchy 28 kun oldin
AKG927 true but sometimes you have to roll the dice
AKG927 28 kun oldin
Doc is better than that guy
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