Doug Gottlieb - Dak Prescott Steps Up, When to Fire Dan Quinn, & Seahawks are Wasting Russell Wilson

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DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb reacts to Dak Prescott stepping up and leading his team to victory after a rough start against the Atlanta Falcons. Doug also addresses when he thinks Dan Quinn is elgibble for the hot seat after the Falcons blew it BIG. Finally, Doug talks about the Seahawks lack of defense holding back Russell Wilson from the Super Bowl.
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Tech S
Tech S Oy oldin
They choked again fire him NOW before someone kills him
Kobe & Hazzel Furness
Kobe & Hazzel Furness Oy oldin
Hawks O line is much improved this year. Literally the only weekness of the team is the d line. If they can get just a mediocre pass rush the defense will be drastically better than the first 2 games
Dukat Oy oldin
this dude neeeds some eye drops or relax on the weeeeed
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez Oy oldin
Shut up bro you said diffrent last week you fool. KEEP Lying that damn hair will keep on receding I tell it's called Karma for Lying when you talk!!!
ben l
ben l Oy oldin
So if Doug came into Fox Sports with a mohawk...
Speak Up w Sean Marcus
Speak Up w Sean Marcus Oy oldin
Must be painful 😂😂 Yes I think ur a hater just being honest it's all in your face💯👍
hserfgroove Oy oldin
Just looking at results but not what led to results.
hserfgroove Oy oldin
Sup with this dudes eyes
Hattie Campbell
Hattie Campbell Oy oldin
he always looks like he did drugs just before a broadcast 🤣🤣
Alvy Hernandez
Alvy Hernandez Oy oldin
Rogers, Mahomes, Wilson... Ok But Watson? I mean
erik puka
erik puka Oy oldin
Seahawks have a really good Secondary and a great Linebackers core.Their D LINE is awful.Patriots have a top 3 O line in the league and mix it with a running QB like Cam-Seahawks are always gonna have trouble against good O Lines
marlonious76 Oy oldin
Cowboys should be 2 & 0. NFC EAST gone be a cake walk..
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Oy oldin
How is seattle wasting Russ
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Oy oldin
@Sam Beckett no u ain't a fan cuz nobody is wasting dude. If felt like that he wouldn't b there, this ain't got nothing to do with east coast. Y'all wasn't saying that when they was on top lol. Look what he doin now. He weapons again smh
Sam Beckett
Sam Beckett Oy oldin
Not letting make the calls and not letting him pass much more which he is incredible at doing. You're obviously not a fan and no, the NFL world does not revolve around the east coast.
S Duboss
S Duboss Oy oldin
Those dislikes are Ole Wheelchair fans
EXZY Dubstep
EXZY Dubstep Oy oldin
Diggs got ejected in the 1st quarter. They definitely wouldn’t have been passing on us like that with diggs still on the field. It out more pressure on Adams.hill and umadi are good. But they’re no diggs.
Joe Lee
Joe Lee Oy oldin
Not only Diggs got ejected, His backup Blair got injured, so they went with 3rd string safety in Lano Hill!
Dan Quinn needs to get fired. Enough is enough. When you are beating a team 29-10 you need to put that team away. Shut THE DOOR!!! Atlanta gave Dallas hope and that inside kick is unforgivable. When you have Matt Ryan, julio jones, calvin Ridley, etc is it too much to ask to stop with the breakdowns. Last couple of years haven't been kind to the Falcons which begs the question do you fire the coach and do a teardown or don't do a teardown and get a new coach and hopefully this team stops underachieving.
rose sweet
rose sweet Oy oldin
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Isaiah Richardson
Isaiah Richardson Oy oldin
Man where Chris and Rob
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson Oy oldin
DAT 52
DAT 52 Oy oldin
@Unbias Cowboy Fan I love Chris and rob but they do a lot of yelling too lol I think they have the better show tho
Unbias Cowboy Fan
Unbias Cowboy Fan Oy oldin
LaFlamee no they don’t, what are you watching. They might scream here and there but it’s not Skippppp!!! And skip banging the damn table when he’s mad all the time. plus the chemistry is better between rob and Chris because you can tell they’re friends off air but like I said just my opinion.
LaFlamee Oy oldin
Unbias Cowboy Fan Rob & Chris do jus as much yelling if not more lmao what are u talking bout ?? Chris screams into the mic sometimes lol
Unbias Cowboy Fan
Unbias Cowboy Fan Oy oldin
Sean45 M nah I would actually watch them over skip and Shannon because I don’t like hearing all that yelling. That’s just my opinion though
Black Hawk
Black Hawk Oy oldin
Doug Marrone has the jags balling all day long. Imagine what he could do if he had Sam Darnold
Play That Again Bruh
Play That Again Bruh Oy oldin
Isnt Gardner having a good start
Goat Herder
Goat Herder Oy oldin
Gardner > Darnold
Mr. Spider336
Mr. Spider336 Oy oldin
let’s be honest, Darnold’s a below average qb
Billy Dougherty
Billy Dougherty Oy oldin
turner0224 Oy oldin
Ah Doug, I rely on you to go against the grain, a voice of reason in a sea of lunacy . I might as well be sitting here with Skip Bayless....and playing on the franchise tag ? Seriously , the poor kid only making $31.4 million . Atlanta laid down and literally gave them the game, any QB could have pulled that one out especially pulling off the greatest onsides kick of all time. Loved it , watched the ball being kicked and 6, no not 5 but 6 Falcons stand there and watch it.....he wasn’t remarkable , not mesmerizing , not magical and definitely not walking on water. Very disappointed in you today........
Jovan Brooks
Jovan Brooks Oy oldin
@D Link naw I agree with you bro...
D Link
D Link Oy oldin
Jovan Brooks think you tagged the wrong person. I agree with your point
Jovan Brooks
Jovan Brooks Oy oldin
@D Link it took the 441st QB to do it 🤔....I guess that anybody was Dak.
D Link
D Link Oy oldin
@turner0224 Well considering the Falcons had Zero Turnovers and 39 points you can't just say ATL gave Dallas the game. If anything Dallas tried to give the game away with 3 turnovers, 2 missed fake punt attempts and a missed 2 Point conversion. Also Dak is the 1st QB in NFL history to throw for 450 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns so no not any qb could do what Dak did Sunday.
turner0224 Oy oldin
Gustavo ...Honestly how long have you had that one in the holster ha ha ? He did play well, but let’s not build him up so high that if he continues / or not he gets crushed. There’s no way in hell they should have won that game and that’s definitely not on him. As in last years performance personally did well but there were quite a few outliers of which he had no control.
Sean Gordon
Sean Gordon Oy oldin
Uh diggs got tossed. No one mentioned that
jonathanexplosive Oy oldin
So you don't know if Wilson threw incomplete passes against the Falcons!? Are you kidding me? Why are you covering sports if you aren't doing your homework????
erik puka
erik puka Oy oldin
He was 31/35 against Atlanta and je was 3 rushes for 29 yards running.Had 4 passing TD and 0 ints.That is as close to perfection as it gets
jonathanexplosive Oy oldin
@ivan k_8 trust me... this guy isn't joking. He has zero insight to what he talks about.
ivan k_8
ivan k_8 Oy oldin
Oh man you really swung and completely missed the joke. 😂
Larry Schad
Larry Schad Oy oldin
Quinn should have been fired after the SuperBowl. I wouldn’t had let him on the plane. Might have given him bus fare.
Kisembe Namusyule
Kisembe Namusyule Oy oldin
Let him buy his own bus ticket!
allen mobley
allen mobley Oy oldin
I'm sure it was really had to say good things about Dak. I'm sure he'll give him a back handed complement but never does it when complementing Wentz or other QBs 😒🙄
Parlay King 513
Parlay King 513 Oy oldin
Lmao he wants Atlanta to keep dan qinn glad u ain’t a GM
Ghostface 1
Ghostface 1 Oy oldin
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