Doug Gottlieb & Ric Bucher React to the Lakers Winning the NBA Championship

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9 kun oldin

DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb & Ric Bucher talk in-depth about what they observed from the NBA Finals and what this means for LeBron James' legacy going forward.
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S O 8 soat oldin
Miami heat team underachieved imo
nicholas gakuu
nicholas gakuu 13 soat oldin
lebron did not talk about respect because of they trying to change the narrative...he was mad they called him the washed up king.
big D
big D Kun oldin
A straight up hater. Can't tell me otherwise. Every chance he gets he's gonna hate and try to discredit. It's absolutely pathetic. These guys hate on him 24/7 and then say "I'm not a hater".
Serg NYC
Serg NYC 2 kun oldin
Wrong. 1 no player ever scrutinized as much as LeBron. 2 You telling me every sports commentators like yourself didn't say Kawhi would be elevated almost top 10 if he won 3 titles w 3 MVPs if he won on 3 different teams but LeBron list a step? 3) Kobe copied his entire gane after MJ and wasn't scrutinized like LeBron.
Daimen Parker
Daimen Parker 2 kun oldin
Where’s the guys disrespecting Lebron? YOU are one of them. You’ve been a sneaky Lebron hater for a LONG time. Always finding ways to discredit or nitpick him. The audacity lol
Jeff Sullivan
Jeff Sullivan 3 kun oldin
This Lebron hate is ruining the league. Look, Jordan was great but he hasn't played in 20yrs. When today's best player is criticized even in success, that basically says the rest of the league is crap. Because to make Lebron look less then- no one else can be any good either. Hence the Heat aren't any good, the Western conference is all of a sudden not that good etc. Doug says Lakers didn't play any prestigious teams. News flash Doug, the teams that win are the teams with prestige. If you believe Jordan was the GOAT- Great! Move on and talk about something else.
Gordoh20 3 kun oldin
Dude, Lebron talking bout ur ass
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor 3 kun oldin
“Who are the guys disrespecting Lebron James?” Goes on to disrespect Lebron James.
C.T. Sains
C.T. Sains 3 kun oldin
He says who are the guys disrespecting lebron look in the mirror idiot
DNA DNA 3 kun oldin
Just stupid, NO PLAYER enjoyed the bubble, there is no player said this..... But these people that were not in the bubble are saying "meh it's not that bad" lol joketing
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 3 kun oldin
Lebron is talking to you Doug. Yes. You. Can you blame him?
Machado 4 kun oldin
In their prime, Jordan and James in the same court. Jordan wins.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 4 kun oldin
He’s talking to the people who said he went to Los Angeles for Hollywood reasons and not to win a championship.. Stop it Doug smh
Jag __
Jag __ 4 kun oldin
Lebron : I want my damn respect. Everybody: YOU'RE NOT THE GOAT!! JUST SHUT UP!!!
Jag __
Jag __ 4 kun oldin
Doug: who are the guys disrespecting lebron? Me: You, Rob, Ric, Skip, Bill simmons, and a hundred more "analysts"
Phenomenon 4 kun oldin
I'm a military veteran and I was away from my family for over a year, so they can miss me with the bubble being this impossible task. Service members have dealt with far harsher conditions and away from family. I understand it wasn't easy, but it was definitely overblown.
Kathleen Karmen
Kathleen Karmen Kun oldin
You chose to sign up for that.
anthony walton
anthony walton 5 kun oldin
At 12:44 yeah they tried to paint that narrative , which I’m not buying either. No distractions no side pieces, no flights just court and back to the dorm.= very do able , maybe you get a little bored off court but they had game rooms golf course movie theatre etc. it couldn’t of been all that bad. Being away from your family I get it but it is what it is.
Kathleen Karmen
Kathleen Karmen Kun oldin
Yet the bubble is harder than living in your cushy home....bad food, getting tested everyday, no side pieces, no freedom to go anywhere, no family, no friends, cant connect with business partners, everyone outside is sick, blm movement etc... The bubble is hard...traveling is a cake.
anthony walton
anthony walton 5 kun oldin
Nobody’s hating but you just won the chip so why are you complaining about respect? Oh because deep deep deep down you know your still number 2 behind Jordan.
Miguel Franco
Miguel Franco 5 kun oldin
Dude 😎. WTF stop it. LBJ. 👑🦁.. The G.O.A.T. .... I'M 46 YEARS YOUNG. ,, I Got to see Jordan from day one. And I was blessed to see LBJ from day one. . The chosen one # aka The King 👑 # THR G.O.A.T. DOUG S.T.F.U WITH THAT 🐂💩 . BS
SupremeJayQ 5 kun oldin
Get this guy off the radio
Anthony Adkins
Anthony Adkins 5 kun oldin
The ratings are down because people love to watch greatness and when the media who's fault the ratings are down lies and tries to blemish a man's greatness or just greatness in general especially people who seen the greats since the 80's play how can you watch a game when you don't respect or believe the people calling and speaking on the game? Plus you're talking away from the excitement of the greatness you're actually witnessing it's all the media fault even if you don't think he's the best at least let him and is enjoy the greatness in the court we love honest unbias opinions and predictions we actually get lots of money on these games to lose our money being mislead by jealousy just to bash a guy because he's better than your friend or a guy who's payroll you're under how can I get excited to watch the greatest play when soon as he wins you're acting like I just witness something that's not that great they need to fire all these bias reporters and get some real professionals to speak on the games and help us bet with our money and not their hearts it's sad and pathetic you bring up any real facts allowing why lebron is the goat they'll over talk you don't let you finish your point and basically bash the caller all because Jordan never won a game let alone a series against bird nobody won on his watch he played way more than 6 years the wizards happened his record before pippen never was a500 team in regular season and couldn't get out of first round in playoffs pippen redefined his position that's why he has point guard stats simulator to Jason Kidd and considered the best defenders of all time without a dfoy award proof that the awards are a popularity contest and pippen was a top 10 player in the league easily didn't win a title without Jordan but Jordan didn't win without him and pippen took the blazers to western conference finals game 7 and got cheated the first year Jordan retired to get back to finals Jordan went to wizards didn't smell playoffs but pippen went to wcf they both were old pippen had a horrible back issue and still carried his team further with simulator talent the wizards had rip Hamilton stackhouse caron Butler ty lue Brandon Haywood Antwan Jamison all that and pippen went further in the west than Jordan did in the weak ass east let's call it for what it was he guarded the best players on the other team lead bulls in assist second in scoring second in rebounds first in blocks and steals literally was asked to do way more than Jordan who really just shot 30 times a game to score 30 in a 90's era where no one else scored 30ppg in that 10 year span and had the only team with 2 or more hall of famers besides Utah and when he played them with a whopping 2 he had 4 at that moment not counting a hall of fame coach
whoa is that gofrankwitit?
whoa is that gofrankwitit? 6 kun oldin
LeBron is so good that they critique what he says
The Lckr
The Lckr 6 kun oldin
When 16 out of 100 plus vote him for mvp ! When rob is ranked 6 on GM ! Vogel not coach of the year ...
Doug asked "Has anyone ever disrespected Lebron James".Yes you,Skip,Rob continously disrespect him all the time
Aidan Glenane
Aidan Glenane 6 kun oldin
kawhi is there boyfriend thats why theres excuses
Stefan-Adrian Nastase
Stefan-Adrian Nastase 6 kun oldin
Rondo is the best passer on the Lakers
Stefan-Adrian Nastase
Stefan-Adrian Nastase Kun oldin
@Kathleen Karmen it's possible you wore your mask a bit too much. Rondo tied the record for most assists (25) in a game a few years ago, also was the leading assists player in the league multiple seasons. His basketball IQ is most evident however in the number of rebounds he gets. For a short player as he is, to get as many rbs he gets is amasing because it's clear that he using his knowledge to position himself on the court knowing where the ball is more likely to be based on who shoots it. The laketd supposetly are looking for CP3 when they already have the better version in terms of passing abilities already there.
Kathleen Karmen
Kathleen Karmen Kun oldin
Not even close
Stefan-Adrian Nastase
Stefan-Adrian Nastase 6 kun oldin
Doug needs to go to Outkick
Philip Henderson
Philip Henderson 6 kun oldin
You're one of the salties Dougie. Great to see you so bothered! Deal with it!!
Lucky Seven
Lucky Seven 6 kun oldin
They did play the bucks. This dude doesn’t know basketball.
Nexen 6 kun oldin
Doug " Have anybody ever disrespected Lebron ? (sarcastic playful tone) " are working in the same company as Skip Bayless LOL
KanesKorner216 6 kun oldin
Some of the biggest national TV host have made whole careers saying negative ridiculous things about this man film ratings and click bait, but the same media who said he was washed, and cane to LA for movies is looking around and pretending they been on his bandwagon.
Mario Galeano
Mario Galeano 6 kun oldin
top 10 goats jordan kareem bill magic kobe timny shaq lbj bird curry wilt dream durant isahia
Mario Galeano
Mario Galeano 5 kun oldin
@Darkskin Dinero lbj does not have more championship rings then bill,kareem,kobe,magic,timmy,or shaq he is 8th at best
Darkskin Dinero
Darkskin Dinero 5 kun oldin
@Mario Galeano if they don't have 4 finals MVPs or more you can't make an argument that they are better than LeBron and that's just facts sir
Darkskin Dinero
Darkskin Dinero 5 kun oldin
@Mario Galeano what you don't understand is it's all based off of personal preference and opinions and with that being said I have him ahead of those guys point black period no questions asked, deal with it, he has more all time points, assist, regular season MVPs, all nba selections and finals MVPs than everyone on the list except mj and kareem. Russell played in an era with less than 10 teams not to mention he shot less than 50 percent as for a career as a big man,Wilt was a stat padderr Kobe was literally a poor man's Jordan who won 5 chips but only have 2 finals MVPs not to mention 1 regular season MVP, Shaq isn't even in the conversation. Your only real argument is mj and kareem.
Mario Galeano
Mario Galeano 5 kun oldin
@Darkskin Dinero how are they all not ahead of lbj,they have what hes still trying to get more rings,even if he gets a 5 th ring he will never be able to surpass kareem,bill,kobe,magic and timmy because they all have way better finals records then lbj,even with a 5th ring the highest u can rank him is 7th behind timmy who beat him and has a better finals record,lbj is kool ,but hes no mike or kobe and hes no goat.
Darkskin Dinero
Darkskin Dinero 6 kun oldin
Your list lost credibility when I saw Currys name and there is no way that Kobe, Shaq, Duncan, or Russell are ahead of lebron
Renaldo Haywood
Renaldo Haywood 7 kun oldin
Sounds like haters typical American men.
barron james
barron james 7 kun oldin
A win is a win. U hatin
JJ Patrick
JJ Patrick 7 kun oldin
As he goes on to disrespect him
Boys of Summer
Boys of Summer 7 kun oldin
Seasons done. Nevertheless I disagree about Miami not being a top 5 team. Currently: 1. Lakers 2. Denver 3. Dallas 4. Clippers 5. Boston
mike prince
mike prince 7 kun oldin
This was the worst finals in 40 years ratings wise thats not good
Chris B.
Chris B. 7 kun oldin
I respect LeBron a lot less after he said that because he took a moment that should have been about the team, about Kobe, and made it about himself. He always has to make stuff about himself. Nah bruh, dont respect that
Joah Curry
Joah Curry 7 kun oldin
Don't some of those titles belong to Minneapolis 🤔
Deron Taylor
Deron Taylor 7 kun oldin
only kids and brainwashed medie old heads believe lebron deserve his respect smh
C Jones
C Jones 7 kun oldin
danny green jumped teams and got 3 ...lebron jumped AND created teams and only got 4 yet yall put this clown over people Like kobe and duncan who stayed loyal and made their team a dynasty playing with whoever..oh and they won more chips,and had REAL skill unlike the queen..hes good but stop tryna force this goat narritve on everybody ...real ones know....with that said doug spit alot of facts but the legroupies dont like objectivity
Deron Taylor
Deron Taylor 7 kun oldin
Lebron dont need respect he got to earn it,but its to late in my opinion
Blackenedification 7 kun oldin
The disrespect is proclaiming yourself the goat/the chosen one, hence showing no respect to great players that preceded him, then cry that people disrespect him because he's arrogant. Respect is earned.
Qool AzzIzz
Qool AzzIzz 7 kun oldin
Only LeBron can get criticized after winning a championship. These people are running out of reasons to hate, and scared cuz MJ's legacy is being eclipsed by a better player.
Darkskin Dinero
Darkskin Dinero 6 kun oldin
flauschiges purzel
flauschiges purzel 7 kun oldin
Caruso provable the 2. best or THE BEST passer 🤣🤣🤣
DAT 52
DAT 52 7 kun oldin
If you think Tyler herro scores 37 in TD garden or Jamal Murray scores 40 in staples center during the playoffs you probably count this title 🥴
Antony Napoli
Antony Napoli 7 kun oldin
This guy obviously makes his money from being a shock jock, not by providing honest analysis. Just stop mate, youre sounding like a hater.
JGS 7 kun oldin
....just awful
Abu Nation
Abu Nation 7 kun oldin
Doug you are an embarrassment
Evan James
Evan James 7 kun oldin
You were a carpetbagging short cut taker before this year and you’re STILL a carpetbagging short cut taker so no my opinion of you is unchanged lebron. Winning again in the same cowardly way you have before changes zilch!!!
Evan James
Evan James 7 kun oldin
Lbj winning his 4th ring in 10 attempts changes nothing from me. Lebron, based on your current avg if you can manage to make it to 4 more Finals maybe will tie The Real Goat at 6. It just took you 14 attempts to do it. Just keep your big mouth shut Lbj and be happy ppl consider you top 10.
Michael Brice
Michael Brice 7 kun oldin
Doug is a hater
R G 7 kun oldin
I just like it's LeBrons fault for not facing the clippers / bucks. If they were that good, then they would be in the championship. I don't believe LBJ is the GOAT, but he does get unnecessary hate.
Trevor Thompson
Trevor Thompson 7 kun oldin
The dude is an IDIOT!!!!
Nalaz One
Nalaz One 7 kun oldin
Bird could never guard LBJ look at his body? Cmon Doug!
Floyd Stuckey
Floyd Stuckey 7 kun oldin
Doug you suck in your arguments
AJ85 7 kun oldin
MJ is the 🐐. 4-6 and 2011 vs Dallas he will NEVER be considered above MJ never!
Dorsey Dorsey
Dorsey Dorsey 7 kun oldin
See that’s what’s James is talking about , we see that Jordan made up a lot of so called disrespect situations with people just to get his self going like he felt disrespected when the bulls got toney k. From Europe him and Scottie went out and embarrassed him in the Olympics it’s been plenty of times mike thought he was being disrespected by his own front office. When James made 8 straight finals you said he was doing that in the East and couldn’t do it in the west and now since he has won one in the west the first thing that come out of your mouths is well he didn’t play Golden state or he got lucky the clippers lost. Well they played the heat. Just give the man the same respect you gave Jordan and he is kool with being #2 I bet money on that.
apierre6 7 kun oldin
Doug needs to either get some rest or stop hitting the bottle. His eyes are super red and he looks like crap 🤣
Christian Grant
Christian Grant 7 kun oldin
Doug been up hating so much he looks tired.
One Love
One Love 7 kun oldin
People have been disrespecting LeBron his whole career especially this last year. Not because of his all time ranking but because of dumb asses like Doug that think Kawhi magically became better than LeBron in one year.
Vinny Brown
Vinny Brown 7 kun oldin
Wow what would lebron have to do to pass bird? Jesus
Snap mike
Snap mike 7 kun oldin
Doug is an idiot.
arronnov 7 kun oldin
He mention MJ retiring! He didn't say or mention, MJ got rest a whole year without games in 1994 and in 1995 miss the first 65 regular season games. No think about the late 70's to 85 Sixers teams, the 80's Celtics, Pistons and Lakers team, none of their star players in their runs took off 1 year and miss 65 games the next year to rest mentally and physically to recharge like MJ.
arronnov 7 kun oldin
@Ruler of Worlds That is rest! The fatigue and physical endurance in basketball is totally different in basketball. There was no pressure playing baseball for MJ. It was sideshow. It was pressure in the NBA.
Ruler of Worlds
Ruler of Worlds 7 kun oldin
He went played another sport That’s not rest
arronnov 7 kun oldin
Hmmm! He says the OKC team the Heat beat in 2012 wasn't ready but they beat the veteran Spurs team who went to the NBA finals in 2013 and 2014. He isn't making sense. Also, If Ibaka doesn't get hurt in the 2013 playoffs against the Spurs, OKC go to back to back NBA finals.
Chris Green
Chris Green 7 kun oldin
Dude you spent all this time complaining about what he said when could have been talking about how he along with rob and frank resurrected the lakers. You idiot but a hit dog will holler that’s why you just assumed you already knew what he was talking about cuz you assumed he was talking about haters like you who nitpick everything
Darien Brister
Darien Brister 7 kun oldin
Doug: the disrespect is not having him as in the top 5! Kenny Smith, Paul Pierce, Charles Barkley!!! That’s context to the disrespect he’s referring to!!!!!!!
Skip Brainless
Skip Brainless 7 kun oldin
caruso is the best or 2nd best passer they have??? so, LeBron and Rondo are catch and shoot guys i guess? SMH. How do people like these have such jobs. I'm not even joking. Like this is pure stupid. Not a take. Pure stupid.
Kathleen Karmen
Kathleen Karmen Kun oldin
He said lebron...not caruso
Niko Love
Niko Love 7 kun oldin
Fox hire me these people suck yall need some young bloods
Spencer Mumford
Spencer Mumford 7 kun oldin
Doug is stupid. That’s it
Boys of Summer
Boys of Summer 7 kun oldin
Look at y’all cowering. It ain’t about you saying he the goat because you don’t have to. It’s the ferocity you have with his failures that you don’t have for when he succeeds. Don’t act bigger than being a hater because the simple fact is you are.
Quentin Cassell
Quentin Cassell 7 kun oldin
You skip, and rob Parker.
George Wettlaufer
George Wettlaufer 7 kun oldin
There was alot of people disrespecting lebron and the lakers
ricardo barbosa
ricardo barbosa 7 kun oldin
this dude said carruso is the best defensive guard on the lakers, and LeBron is the 2nd best passer, lmao
Caay 7 kun oldin
He just said the heat didn’t face the Bucks but they did...
Alex Carfagno
Alex Carfagno 7 kun oldin
Why do we constantly devalue teams like miami in the finals when they beat the best regular season team in a 7 game series.....can't say lakers didn't play best teams in league because regular season record gets you in playoffs....up to team to play to win.....Lakers beat every team that won their way into playoffs.....period.
Michael James
Michael James 7 kun oldin
Lol guess he doesn’t listen to rob parker and skip
Kevin massoma
Kevin massoma 7 kun oldin
How is it lakers fault that bucks , Clippers choked while lakers took care of their business ? lakers were locked in since day 1 but this bogus analyst's didn't give them their probs. Why did Michael Jordan retired? Because he was fatigue mentally and physically ,he needed a break and motivation to Continue the journey.nothing proves that if he had stayed after the 3 title's , Bulls would have gone to win 5 or 8 title's in a row
lakers1234 7 kun oldin
How can you say the heat would lose to the celtics if they replayed the series? The played 6 games!! How can you have a podcast with that dumb ish coming out of your mouth
KungFuFEMA FAM 6 kun oldin
Hey Man if they played Best of 7 sets of 7 game series, Clippers would definitely have beaten the Nuggets
Dewayne Simon
Dewayne Simon 7 kun oldin
These so called “experts” & commentators just hate to be wrong!
smutton 7 kun oldin
The thief is on here talking like the fool he is once again.
Chef god
Chef god 7 kun oldin
Lefake Lecovid tainted ass title... like everything lefake ever had... another spoon fed ring... he'll never pass mj
Fullmetal 7 kun oldin
I got Bron around 10 all time don't see how that's disrespect that's all time great
Darkskin Dinero
Darkskin Dinero 6 kun oldin
I got him top 1- 2 but your entitled to your opinion
James Gabriel Turner
James Gabriel Turner 7 kun oldin
A hater is someone who unequally apples standards so that their narrative stays intact. That’s why you’re a hater Doug. Jordan is petty and honestly a little pathetic in his HOF speech still talking to Russell and people like you Doug, are like, that’s what makes him great at bball. Then...Lebron simply states I want my respect, which is hilariously inconspicuous, he may be talking to KD and Kyrie right? But you take it personally haha and you make it a referendum on media! How narcissistic is that!? And you call him weak for it....the circular psychological nature of some of your takes is insane
xSABERx 7 kun oldin
With the exception of Skip, there is literally a harem of talking heads jerking Lebron off.
BigSalomon123 7 kun oldin
Its hilarious how much he is downplaying the Heat. "Is the the Heat a top 5 team? They didn't play the bucks... if they play celtics again it'll be different" Gtfoh They beat Bucks (best record in the league w/ the MVP), beat the Celtics in 6 games
Austin Yentes
Austin Yentes 7 kun oldin
I only ever hear this guys basketball takes so I won’t say he’s a bad analyst all around . But he contradicts himself every other show he does . So basically he said Lebron haters don’t exist. Then he went on to say Lebron basically didn’t do anything this season meanwhile last year he made Kawhi hyped up to be the 2nd coming of Jordan saying how good he was in winning that title against a completely broken Warriors team. And here’s the biggest contradiction ... he said Lebron didn’t play the best teams with the best records .. earlier in the year when Lebron was playing regular season games while Kawhi was sitting he said “regular season doesn’t matter” so how can it not matter but when the playoffs come and a person doesn’t play someone with a good record they are considered lucky ? Lebron can only play the teams that are in front of him . Doug’s team the clippers choked not because the Nuggets got lucky it’s because the clippers weren’t as good as people said . That’s a fact nobody seems to wanna accept .
Love Bazile
Love Bazile 7 kun oldin
This man is hurt just like many others who were kissing kawhi's but in thrill thinking that he would dethrone LBJ and now they're nit picking everything that took place in series to minimize these guys achievements,all of the sudden the Rockets weren't this weren't that. the Heat was never a tough team 8s how they feel all of the sudden smh the heat smacked everyone fair and square in the east..Clippers would not have beaten the Heat the same way the bucks could not have.
David Debose
David Debose 7 kun oldin
Alex Caurso the Lakers best passer 🤣🤣 on a team with Lebron and Rondo Caurso is clearly the best smh... jesus doug
Akunne Ogalanya
Akunne Ogalanya 7 kun oldin
When he wins another championship I bet this clown will find a way to give Caruso more credit
Odi Gomez
Odi Gomez 7 kun oldin
So now being in the bubble was the easiest thing to do ? Y’all stop it. Try being away from home for almost 2 months, immediate family or not it gets old.
Odi Gomez
Odi Gomez 7 kun oldin
So now being in the bubble was the easiest thing to do ? Y’all stop it. Try being away from home for almost 2 months, immediate family or not it gets old.
Rob Ortiz
Rob Ortiz 7 kun oldin
This guys takes are always terrible
M 27
M 27 7 kun oldin
does kawhis chip last year count different because he played an injured KD KLay less warriors team doug ??????????
Brandon Bradwell
Brandon Bradwell 7 kun oldin
I realized it's on Fox that's why. Skip, Rob, doug all of em of fox sports does the most LeBron hating of of all sports entertainment. Espn could be critical sometimes but on his game, not some psychological bullshit they be pulling, he was clearly flexing
DattKiddsAmazin 7 kun oldin
Hmmm.. MJ never acknowledged his critics... did you not hear his hall of fame speech?
M 27
M 27 7 kun oldin
"who are the guys disrespecting lebron james ?" is this guy for real . YOURE ONE OF THEM YOU CLUELESS DWEEB
If he think getting me to place him above Kobe and Jordan is giving him his respect then he ain't gon never be respected..
mobetter25 7 kun oldin
Thunder beat the spurs,GTFO. These haters won't stop.
keefriff99 7 kun oldin
Your network employs SKIP BAYLESS and you pretend that LeBron isn’t disrespected?
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