Doug Gottlieb - Victory Over Chiefs is More Proof Jon Gruden's Plan is Working

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DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb breaks down what he observed from Raiders VS Chiefs over the weekend. Doug thinks everything he said about the Raiders hiring Jon Gruden and the moves Raiders made is coming to fruition.
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Tarek Abdelmeguid
Tarek Abdelmeguid 31 daqiqa oldin
I hate to be that guy but Crosby was a 4th not a 6th and Ruggs wasn't the Coop pick, that was Abram and then Jacobs + Arnette were the 2 1sts we got for Mack but with that being said, I get what you're saying and agree with it to a certain extent. The one person that should be getting a lot more credit here is Mike Mayock and his staff💯‼️☠ Because if you look at the draft Gruden had before him, i don't even think any of those guys are still on the roster. Pretty much just Mo Hurst...just sayin🤷‍♂️
D'Andre Smith
D'Andre Smith 4 soat oldin
This video just made me subscribe.
Richard Ramsawh
Richard Ramsawh 10 soat oldin
Allen is not a scheme fit for us, Ferrell is having a better year and Maxx was a 4th rounder.
Darren Damiani
Darren Damiani 11 soat oldin
Trading for Cooper was a bad move by Dallas. Should’ve used that 1st rd pick on Defense & used that money on defense lol
Anthony Herrera
Anthony Herrera Kun oldin
This foo look high as hell 🤣😂
Samuel Cruz
Samuel Cruz Kun oldin
Raidersssss we going 2 da ship
John J. Vela
John J. Vela Kun oldin
John J. Vela
John J. Vela Kun oldin
Just Win Baby!!!
Kc c
Kc c 2 kun oldin
Really better player maybe you should look at that again cle according to pff comes in at like the 6th best in the whole league. And is only getting better
jbruner17 2 kun oldin
Coach of the year candidate for sure! GM of the year for sure!
Andnrew Morris
Andnrew Morris 3 kun oldin
Waller is one of the best blocking and catching TE's in the game. He can block his ass off. People hate on Gruden because of the $100 mill. He and Mayock are building a bully. They straight beat up the Chiefs.
P.o.B pedals
P.o.B pedals 3 kun oldin
Stephen A is a moron he should stick to basketball
jon dumph
jon dumph 3 kun oldin
Superbowl bound .....guaranteed......
Ryan Tremper
Ryan Tremper 3 kun oldin
Mahomes isn't as good as you think, he's always had a A- to A+ receiving corp, just sayin🤷‍♂️ the guy never dealt with adversity yet....... He's been thrown into a lucky situation and to have sammy watkins as your 2nd or 3rd string receiver........
BillyMays Kun oldin
@Ryan Tremper being down by double digits in all three playoff games and winning every one of them is overcoming adversary. There is no hype with mahomes he is 32-9 as a starter, won a mvp and a super bowl in 2 seasons. Its not hype its just reality. We just went through this last year, where people believe the raiders have a chance in the division then by week 14 KC clinches it.
Ryan Tremper
Ryan Tremper Kun oldin
@BillyMays look what happened when the raiders finally had the pieces to match yours!!!!!! YOU LOST
Ryan Tremper
Ryan Tremper Kun oldin
@BillyMays give aron rodgers your offense and coach🔥🔥🔥 better than mahomes all day you bum
Ryan Tremper
Ryan Tremper Kun oldin
@BillyMays when, are you talking about a sore ankle😆😆😆 try a snapped bone or C- receiving corp with no TE or a RB, just sayin🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ your the one who lying to yourself getting caught up in the hype
BillyMays Kun oldin
No adversity? Why are you lying?
Mr. Raider
Mr. Raider 3 kun oldin
Gruden is electric baby! Just win baby!☠️
Swag Yolo 69
Swag Yolo 69 3 kun oldin
Broncos fan here so I don’t care much for the Raiders but I wanna see the AFC West at the top of the league so since my Broncos are tanking this season I hope the AFC West holds on
Hustla Jones Tarot
Hustla Jones Tarot 3 kun oldin
Their not tanking there simply loosing big difference tanking is loosing on purpose
Kevin Kaatz
Kevin Kaatz 3 kun oldin
Lol, he wasn't playing a character
Kevin Kaatz
Kevin Kaatz 3 kun oldin
Nice face
Steven Vicijan
Steven Vicijan 3 kun oldin
Hey Douuuug ..... troll thee not . . .
Lew Fez
Lew Fez 3 kun oldin
Gruden has exceeded my expectations in that he has fixed Carr.
Lew Fez
Lew Fez 3 kun oldin
Get a grip. It’s football. He looked lost and was pretty awful the last two years.
Hustla Jones Tarot
Hustla Jones Tarot 3 kun oldin
First off he didn’t fix Carr dumbass he got Carr some real weapons that can actually create separation and catch and actually run routes you fakeass fans are hilarious
65 Toss Power Trap
65 Toss Power Trap 4 kun oldin
Nice that 3 minutes into the video we got to hear about something other than LeBron and actually get to hear what the thumbnail suggested
Ben Hatch
Ben Hatch 4 kun oldin
Changing GM and going to Mayock is when the plan started working. He is a good talent evaluator and is a good counter to gruden.
richie anderson
richie anderson 4 kun oldin
Doug you also said 3 yrs ago on ''The Herd'' that LBJ was descending and couldn't get any better. What do we expect from a guy that CBS showed making a chest pass to a teammate as your biggest highlight in college.
Mike Pasley
Mike Pasley 4 kun oldin
Crosby is a forth rounder
Create Channel
Create Channel 4 kun oldin
FERREL reminds me of a young cam Jordan.
shannon churchill
shannon churchill 4 kun oldin
When you talk about stocking a team with young talent, it’s not just about who you pick over the 3 days of the draft. It’s late round and UDFA gold like Maxx, Renfrow and Ingold that really help offset overreaches like Ferrel at # 4 for example. Don’t get me wrong, he’s good and I like him, but he’s not a 1st rounder. But if you overlook who was drafted where and just look at the overall “draft class” including traders up or down, and UDFA’s, you have to agree we’ve done very well the last 2 years, especially when compared to McKenzie’s bad draft decisions.
Peter Nunez
Peter Nunez 4 kun oldin
Doug you on your way to getting a Raidernation patch! Only one Nation... Raidernation! ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️
OzzyGoLive 4 kun oldin
Thank god he mentioned our schedule. The weakest team we played is the Carolina panthers and they are 3-2
slamtimeson 4 kun oldin
but i also remember when Vick or RGIII was gonna change everything forever, give it some time haha
slamtimeson 4 kun oldin
Guenther running Key as a spy on Mahommes is something all teams will look at, it shut him down, just covered and spied him to stop his legs, it works as good as anything can against him which none of it works well lol.
slamtimeson 4 kun oldin
people should be talking a lot more about Wittens blocking for the raiders, he is basically another O lineman when he is blocking
Robert Jackman
Robert Jackman 4 kun oldin
Cooper pick was J.Abram. But the point still stands
Robert Jackman
Robert Jackman 4 kun oldin
Crosby was 4th round pick. But the point still stands
Death Bredon
Death Bredon 4 kun oldin
"Max Crosby was a 6th round pick "????? Try the 4th round
Joseph Costanzo
Joseph Costanzo 5 kun oldin
Doug’s “internet dork” voice is literally his normal voice
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 5 kun oldin
Chiefs are chumps. Got beat tf down in their own house. RN4L
Dust Devil
Dust Devil 5 kun oldin
Coop was and still is soft. Sorry . Don't miss Mack much either. Great player. Can't be ur highest paid .
dreamshot 5 kun oldin
Nothing to say but, 🖕🏾DC4🔥 haters🖕🏾 RN4L☠️🏴‍☠️
Miguel Delgado
Miguel Delgado 5 kun oldin
That's true, our Chuky is simple: Always the same football guy.
Cbo F
Cbo F 5 kun oldin
Damn dog been hitting the sauce pretty hard
David Kerley
David Kerley 5 kun oldin
Thanks for the props for my Raiders. We are getting better w allot of upside...
Adrian Anguiano
Adrian Anguiano 5 kun oldin
People are doubting, but a few years ago nobody would expect the chiefs and 49ers to have played in the Super Bowl.
Chris Crane
Chris Crane 5 kun oldin
I loved Coop ... but as a Raiders fan, he wasn't a legit #1. He was a 'tweener. Between a 1 and 2. Amari took over about 1 in every 5-6 games. He would entirely disappear for waaaaaay too many games. Also, a lot more drops than Ruggs. I think Ruggs only dropped 3 passes while at Bama. Faster and better hands? I'll take Ruggs. Also, going to echo comments below - Cle is a man. Another key point not talked about, Ferrell got really sick his rookie season and lost 15 pounds! He never got back to himself until about week 11 or 12. And, Cle is a true leader and the glue (along with Crosby) on that D-line. I love the pick.
Tosin Babatunde
Tosin Babatunde 5 kun oldin
Trolls don’t talk like that😆😂
bill hawk
bill hawk 5 kun oldin
Then they'll lose a game an media will tear them up again!
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell 5 kun oldin
West Oakland Raiders
Michael James
Michael James 5 kun oldin
Let's see how we look vs Tampa
Harry Ruiz
Harry Ruiz 5 kun oldin
Maxx was a 4th round pick, not a 6th round pick.
talat aleem
talat aleem 5 kun oldin
Don’t listen to “analysts” like this Cle Ferrell is a great player and Josh Allen is overrated
Luis David
Luis David 5 kun oldin
Big Fan Doug. Love your talk show.
talat aleem
talat aleem 5 kun oldin
bernardthefourth 5 kun oldin
Big credit to Mike Mayock. Every one of those players are at least solid starters if not stars like Ruggs and Jacobs.
YourBioDad 5 kun oldin
Raiders killed that draft! Everybody from that draft from top to bottom is now a starter on the team playing really good ball! It’s rated as the best draft class in the past decade
Kevin Kaatz
Kevin Kaatz 5 kun oldin
Music to my ears
VGK #1
VGK #1 5 kun oldin
Mad Maxx was a 4th rd pick not a 6th. and i always liked the idea of trading away mack and cooper they didnt want to be a RAIDER and we couldnt build a team around them if wed paid em.
joe short
joe short 5 kun oldin
People knock Gruden because it's trendy. Everyone said "ah man that was Tony's team." Yet they fail to metion Gruden's team was his opponent in that super bowl. So either way Gruden had a team in the Super Bowl and the shirt he was wearing won the game. He was a very successful coach. Raiders have been to the playoffs how many times since he left?? Now he's back doing a rebuild and they'll probably make playoffs this year and have progressed each year after they started the rebuild.
Michael Stinnett
Michael Stinnett 2 kun oldin
They also seem to forget, Tony didn’t get them there. It’s not like Tampa was winning or even in Super Bowls before Gruden got there...
cp541 6 kun oldin
Nice to hear about the raiders and not whats wrong with the teams they beat. Thank u Doug.
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 6 kun oldin
Gruden has been worth every penny. Bringing in Mayock was a stroke of genius that everyone mocked at the time.
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 6 kun oldin
Bosa is on IR, Allen is just another speed rusher, and Ferrell made a huge impact against KC. Just saying, it’s not over yet.
Nick Bielak
Nick Bielak 6 kun oldin
Be good 10
Robert Dircks
Robert Dircks 6 kun oldin
Let’s go thank you Doug we will be great give us a chance
Wray2real w
Wray2real w 6 kun oldin
First round picks are supposed to be good players. People who think every first rounder is supposed to be a monster hall of famer is getting it wrong.
Rick Lujan
Rick Lujan 6 kun oldin
You are the funniest man in the country... with that ( voice move ) !! ... My LV Raiders.... D- line playing better against Chiefs
Kyp Mitchell
Kyp Mitchell 6 kun oldin
The Raider drafted 7 starters in one draft. That's great and isn't talked about enough. How many teams can say they drafted 7 starters? Mullen, Renfrow, Jacobs, Abrams, Ferrell, Crosby and if you want to quibble about Ingold not actually being drafted, fine. He was still selected and is starting. So to stay on topic, I'd say the plan is working thus far.
Strum 2 kun oldin
Honestly one of the best draft classes I’ve seen.
Peter Nunez
Peter Nunez 4 kun oldin
You forgot Foster...he just getting back from injury but he gots some 👐!
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas 6 kun oldin
Raiders nation let's go!!!!
Jimno 6 kun oldin
Mike Z
Mike Z 6 kun oldin
3:25 - Raiders talk
foxfire1112 6 kun oldin
Too many of you all focus on tiny details and miss the point
Freedom Works
Freedom Works 6 kun oldin
Gruden will get Oakland back to the super bowl again
PingPong InDingDang
PingPong InDingDang 6 kun oldin
Doug is hamboned
flavio castro
flavio castro 6 kun oldin
Best thing the Raiders did was move off of Mack and Cooper.
Deacon Gowan
Deacon Gowan 12 soat oldin
I think we broke the unpopular opinionated tennessean, he ran like a coward with his tail between his legs
Robert Dore
Robert Dore Kun oldin
I think you may be right; we've benefitted from the Mack trade
Louis Cuadras
Louis Cuadras Kun oldin
Imagine if we still had Mack tho our defense would be scary
Raider Sin
Raider Sin 2 kun oldin
@Ricky Harrison I'm not disagreeing, just pointing out what the Mack trade specifically brought in.
Ricky Harrison
Ricky Harrison 2 kun oldin
@Raider Sin JJ28 is already a young stud and he has superstar potential but, this Henry Ruggs kid is the TRUTH There are those who can run then there are those who can flat out FLY
michael preller
michael preller 6 kun oldin
Lol! in 2016 the AFC West had the Chiefs and Raiders both 12-4. and the Broncos were 9-7. "In 2016 every team in the AFC west was dysfunctional" WTF are you talking about?
Jesus Marquez
Jesus Marquez 5 kun oldin
That was widely considered the best division in football that year lol. Idk where he got that from. I watched most all those Games. The chargers were even good, they just lost a lot of close games. 3 winning record teams in one division and its “disfuncional” he also said Maxx Crosby was a 6th round pick when he wasn’t. These things make a Person lose an argument and an audience.
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez 5 kun oldin
And we could’ve gone 13-3 had DC not got hurt in week 16
BOROMIR420 7 kun oldin
Dude is Doug fuckin stoned? Lolz
James Clary
James Clary 7 kun oldin
Been a die hard Raider’s fan since 1965. I was completely FOR the Gruden hire, the Mack trade and the Cooper trade. Gruden and Mayock are all about football CHARACTER, NOT just talent. And Doug is spot on. The plan IS working!
Angel Huerta
Angel Huerta 5 kun oldin
Yeah I wasn't happy when Al got rid of Gruden the first time.
Oozzie Halifa
Oozzie Halifa 7 kun oldin
And Carr broke his leg last week of that season
My Name Is
My Name Is 7 kun oldin
What’s ironic is Cle Ferrell is a huge reason why they won that game yesterday. He put constant pressure on Mahomes, batted a ball down and caused at least 1 sack and made good tackles.
Richard Ramsawh
Richard Ramsawh 10 soat oldin
Nothing ironic about it, Guenther finally left him on the edge where he belongs.
Shun Tao
Shun Tao 2 kun oldin
If Cel and Condor play the same way for the rest of the season, they win 11-12 games make playoffs and scare some people. Hard to keep the motor working like that though. But they learned what they HAD to do.
Marty McSmartyns
Marty McSmartyns 3 kun oldin
@JD Raider 24 sooo true... you can affect football plays outcomes with out ever sacking the QB
JD Raider 24
JD Raider 24 3 kun oldin
9 pressures from Ferrell alone. He ranks 10 among ALL DE's in the league. His game against the run has been much improved. Sacks will come, but like says Gruden it's about when they come. Impact football plays
Marty McSmartyns
Marty McSmartyns 4 kun oldin
Cle was brought in to defend the run and play both DE and DT and be a LEADER which he has done in spades! and Mayock and Gruden both said that they wanted to trade back but didn't have any takers.... and i love the way Cle plays! he is a super smart DE, rarely gets beat on screens and is a smart pass rusher
Marc Torres
Marc Torres 7 kun oldin
Amari Cooper was a league leader in dropped passes when with the Raiders
Mc001Rem002 3 soat oldin
@Romero Christian lol what
Romero Christian
Romero Christian 3 soat oldin
@Mc001Rem002 change the name to Edwards lol
Dennis Cummins
Dennis Cummins 2 kun oldin
@Mc001Rem002 throw it in the dumpster
Dennis Cummins
Dennis Cummins 3 kun oldin
Gruden and mayock are building something that is like the pink Floyd verse it could be made into a monster if we all pull together as a team remember this all the Raiders haters
Mc001Rem002 5 kun oldin
@Mike Sheldon Lmao prolly because i, me, myself bought a cooper jersey, still have it, wow
Ricky Harrison
Ricky Harrison 7 kun oldin
Wish people would STOP with Ferrell crisitcism. The man is being asked to play the entire D-Line and has been effective. How can we judge a player who CAN play multiple positions
Ricky Harrison
Ricky Harrison 2 kun oldin
@JD Raider 24 PREACH!!!!!
JD Raider 24
JD Raider 24 3 kun oldin
Ferrell is rated 10 amongst ALL DE's. Some 15-16 pressures. He's been a stud in the run game too I expect him to be more like Howie Long and Reggie White than a Bruce Smith. Forget sack numbers. As Gruden has said, it's about when the sack comes. Impact plays.
Deacon Gowan
Deacon Gowan 5 kun oldin
He is a complete end, not just a pass rusher. He is better against the run, that is his strength. They got the pass rusher in Crosby.
bill hawk
bill hawk 5 kun oldin
You're exactly right!!!!
Troy Butcher
Troy Butcher 7 kun oldin
The Raiders are going to win between 8-10 of their next 11 games. We've already played the toughest schedule in the NFL to this point.. 3-2 Panthers, 3-2 Saints, 2-2 Patriots, 4-0 Bill's, 4-1 Chiefs now.. Next we play the 3-2 Buccaneers, then the 4-1 Browns! No one has played or start with a harder schedule then The Raiders have.. Yet we're 3-2, haven't even came close to being relatively healthy yet! We have the best SOV win in the NFL to this point and we we're still really banged up against the Chiefs! The Raiders are going to be a Dynasty and people will finally take notice when we're really making 🌊🌊 in the playoffs! ☠RAIDER☠NATION☠ 12-4 2020 DC4MVP Our FLOOR is The Playoffs & The SKY is The LIMIT!
Shun Tao
Shun Tao 2 kun oldin
@D Dubs none of team in our way have schedule's that much harder. All can win 10 and have tie breakers
Shun Tao
Shun Tao 2 kun oldin
I hope the win 8, cause 7 may mean miss the playoffs. Looking at Pitt, Cele, Balt, NE, Colts, Tenn, None of them have that hard of a schedule. Cele can split with Pit Balt and still win 11. Going to be a tight season. We have to beat Cleve and Indy, 2 from Denver (not easy) and a split with the Chargers (should split)
D Dubs
D Dubs 5 kun oldin
Exactly. Start of season schedule was brutal. Time to tally up a lot of W's coming up here
TONYRYO13 7 kun oldin
Out of all the teams Jon could have chosen, he chose the Raiders... Why? Carr. He saw who he can coach. Trust the system.
Mark Heady
Mark Heady 3 kun oldin
Exactly, he wanted Carr since his QB camp.
D Dubs
D Dubs 5 kun oldin
Gruden is just a perfect fit for the Raiders and what the Raiders stand for.
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 5 kun oldin
What I like about Gruden and what everyone has to understand is that there is gonna be teams that we can't shut down..we can only contain those teams and match their intensity..Eagles did it with TB in the Sb..they knew they couldn't stop brady and their offense so they tried their best to contain him and match his intensity and won the SB..
DEAD RAIDER 6 kun oldin
Redemption and control. No single organization can offer more. Ever. It’s fate
Wade Kemmsies
Wade Kemmsies 7 kun oldin
Plus the 100 million dollar contract didn't hurt
dan tos
dan tos 7 kun oldin
This man just went 10 minutes without making a point
Hustla Jones Tarot
Hustla Jones Tarot 7 kun oldin
Thomas Latimer
Thomas Latimer 7 kun oldin
Doug the man!
Buckshot Roberts
Buckshot Roberts 7 kun oldin
I will say this is proof that Grudens dink and dunk system DOES NOT WORK!!! wasn't until Carr started throwing long that the team started moving the ball.. I am glad they won and I am glad they turned it around.. But it wasn't Grudens first instinct..he was wrong and forced to change....
Buckshot Roberts
Buckshot Roberts 6 kun oldin
@Plotskosis II well said..Yes he does.. and if Mayock and Gruden hit on another draft this team can be a dynasty... I am so tired of the Patriots and the 9ers..they get lots of love from the NFL....If Gruden wants to build something build a team that instills dread in the opposition...back in the day when teams had to face our defenses ..they knew they would pay... guys like Tatum and Alzado..even Howie Long... I want to see the glory days return not some candy a$$ dink and dunk flag football crap.....I hope Gruden realizes this isn't the 70's and he is not bill Walsh...
Plotskosis II
Plotskosis II 7 kun oldin
Ruggs was out the last 2 weeks. He really makes this O unpredictable. He stretches the field.
My two bæs
My two bæs 7 kun oldin
U suck Doug but your right on this one
Ryan Santos
Ryan Santos 7 kun oldin
Madd Maxx 4th Rounder
Eric Ross
Eric Ross 7 kun oldin
Stephen A. Smith sometimes LOVES when certain players and coaches get "paid", but not others. I haven't figured out his logic lol
Erick M
Erick M 7 kun oldin
Breh were you up all night on meth and crying? What's wrong man lol? But I agree, Raiders LIT.
Eric Suave
Eric Suave 7 kun oldin
Love ur show man! Keep up the great work!
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez 7 kun oldin
Cooper quit several times through 3 seasons with the Raiders. That's why the Raiders showed him the door!
Richard Ramsawh
Richard Ramsawh 10 soat oldin
Carr quit on him
Glen Todd
Glen Todd 20 soat oldin
@Dorian Gray So, what if he is?
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez Kun oldin
@Dorian Gray that has nothing to but with football!!!
Robert Dore
Robert Dore Kun oldin
He did seem as if he was 'on the rag' half the time..
JR Rubio
JR Rubio 4 kun oldin
Who do the cowboys throw to in critical situations? If your answer is not Cooper, you would be correct. Who did the raiders go to in critical situations? Same answer
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold 7 kun oldin
As far as the Mack trade goes... The raiders defense WITH Khalil Mack was ranked dead last. His rookie deal was up and he’s asking for 25+ million a year. How bad do you think are defense would have been if we have 25 million less to spend on defense than the year we were dead last? We would have been screwed. The guy is asking for good quarterback type money. It’s not about having Khalil Mack or 2 first round picks, it’s about having Khalil Mack for 25+ million a year or two new CHEAP rookies the next two years.
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 5 kun oldin
@Michael Smith Whats 144 divided by 5..144 million 5 yr contract..thats roughly 25mil a year
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 5 kun oldin
@Michael Smith No it was 25 mil a year all together..Gruden offered mack 20 mil a year but his agent was greedy and wanted more money..only team stupid enough to pay that was the bears..and they don't even have a playoff win to show for it..if they don't make it to the SB this wasmt worth only pay people money like that if your on the cusp of a Championship..they not even it wasn't worth it
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 7 kun oldin
He was asking for 20+ at the time get your facts straight please
Kipp Smithers
Kipp Smithers 7 kun oldin
Mad Maxx was a 4th round pick buddy....
Boot It Up
Boot It Up 7 kun oldin
They are 3-2 chill
Jimno 6 kun oldin
Every team they played has a winning record. No other team can say that
Brendan Lake
Brendan Lake 7 kun oldin
Chiefs played a crap game and they still scored 32 points and Mahomes still made a dozen plays that were amazing. There is no blueprint to beating Kansas City. The Raiders played an amazing game but it still came down to the last minute so im not worried about the Chiefs they will still dominate most games.
Edgar Bonilla
Edgar Bonilla 6 kun oldin
Pats set the blu print so its pretty much a copy cat league..KC Oline is not that good...when u only rush 3 and still apply pressure is not a good sign
DEAD RAIDER 6 kun oldin
Dominating over two seasons is impressive. Mahomes is phenomenal. So good teams mimic or build to beat em. And here we are.
Hustla Jones Tarot
Hustla Jones Tarot 7 kun oldin
Exactly there is Dont blitz get pressure with front four, and cover THE SAME BLUEPRINT ITS BEEN TO STOP EVERY HIGH POWERED OFFENSIVE IVE SEEN SINCE WATCHING FOOTBALL 😂😂😂😂 the media is hilarious
John Brubaker
John Brubaker 7 kun oldin
I am a member of Silver and Black Nation. I agree with this. Raiders needed to play a near perfect game and we did. In fairness our IR is much larger than KCs. Bottom line is it was an existential make or break game for Carr and Guenther. And huge for Gruden Mayock. Meant more to us than KC And we Just Won Baby!!
f58534 7 kun oldin
I am that was wrong
duet steam
duet steam 7 kun oldin
got ur eyes glassyyyyyyyyy
JolskieWolskie 7 kun oldin
Doug get more sleep you look like you should be auditioning for a zombie role on walking dead
Everette Wingfield
Everette Wingfield 6 kun oldin
Doug smoking some good ass weed
Captain BP&J
Captain BP&J 7 kun oldin
Lol it's 1 game bro
Sam Winston James
Sam Winston James 7 kun oldin
Doug stop drinking the koolade. I have been a raider fan for 40yrs. I refuse to expend any more emotions with this franchise. I flew 5000 miles to see the last game at the coliseum and they could not win that one even though they played Jacksonville and their was a tremendous incentive to win that game. Raiders will set u up emotionally and then drop u unemotionally with stupid penalties or an injury to a main player. The Raiders use that as an excuse, where Belichick would just plug someone else in (even if it’s Brady)and move on. We never play a complete game on both sides of the line. If u have heard the term, one step forward, two steps back. That’s the Raiders and that’s where we are right now. Imagine they had not beaten Kansas City in 8yrs (wait/what). Sunday was a good day for me: we finally beat KC and Lakers won the Championship.
fwdfdfsa111133 7 kun oldin
John gruden copies every other coach in the league and he has a history of building off the success of other people's accomplishments. He even coined the phrase, "copy cat league"
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 5 kun oldin
Its alright..haters will hate
Natural Creature
Natural Creature 7 kun oldin
Same with belichick reid mcvay Peterson lol ya it is!
mela della
mela della 7 kun oldin
That awkward moment when you realize that the Chiefs who was on this 13th game win streak and didn't lose a game since LAST YEAR just wanted that strange feeling of what a loss felt like.Since they have been sitting at the 🏖️ for some time getting fed grapes while polishing all their Championship Hardware.🏆🥂🍾🍾
Eric Suave
Eric Suave 7 kun oldin
Teams are finally starting to figure Mahomes out! They have been held to 3 points multiple games for 3 quarters! RAAAIDERSSS BABY!!!!!
Brendan Lake
Brendan Lake 7 kun oldin
I think it’s actually good for the Chiefs to lose a game for once, it will make them clean some things up and remember to not get cocky. They lost but only by 8 points and it came down to the last minute so Chiefs are still the best team in the league.
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🔴 Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Tucson, AZ 10-19-20
Clemson vs. Georgia Tech Condensed Game | 2020 ACC Football
ACC Digital Network
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Why Michael Jordan Is Better Than Bill Russell!
Chris Smoove
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