Doug Gottlieb - Deshaun Watson Got Bill O'Brien Fired

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DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb reacts to the firing of Bill O'Brien by the Houston Texans and thinks everybody is taking aim at just the coach when the quarterback deserves a little blame as well.
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Collin Walters
Collin Walters Kun oldin
Don't mind me, I'm just watching this take age poorly.
APEX 1NE Kun oldin
Jerry Cochran
Jerry Cochran 4 kun oldin
I think you nailed it. You gave the numbers and they don't lie.
SwaeRod 5 kun oldin
you are a goofball
sean_mikel 5 kun oldin
I feel like this video didnt age that well since the week after bob gets fired Watson had a solid game. We shall see how the rest of the season goes.
ahdfakjh ajfdandkj
ahdfakjh ajfdandkj 5 kun oldin
This guy is an idiot
Michael McMullen
Michael McMullen 7 kun oldin
This guy is a clown. Worst take I've ever seen lol
Cris Hova
Cris Hova 8 kun oldin
Jesus Christ this guy sucks... How on earth did Watson get Bill fired? Bill sucked
eugene ortiz
eugene ortiz 8 kun oldin
This didn’t age well
Anthony Glover
Anthony Glover 8 kun oldin
Riley McKenna
Riley McKenna 8 kun oldin
This is a really bad take
Jt Money
Jt Money 9 kun oldin
He is a hater
kevin thomas
kevin thomas 9 kun oldin
You are really dumb I can’t believe I watched this deshaun didn’t get bill fire bill got bill fire
True Barbers EST. 2018
True Barbers EST. 2018 9 kun oldin
Dumb take. There is no doubt that Deshaun Watson is a Star. All he needs is a better culture and head coach.
Mr. Simon
Mr. Simon 10 kun oldin
Brooooooooo🤥....horrible take on this one🤥 might have gotten yourself fired 🧐
Mr. Simon
Mr. Simon 10 kun oldin
O'Brien was a clown
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 10 kun oldin
He would he wouldn’t have started oh and four if you didn’t have Nouri wide receivers he would’ve started oh and four if he had Hopkins I’m not saying that he needs Hopkins what I’m saying is he need a time with new receivers and to start out the season that rough how to sync and the only receiver you have is Kenny stills that’s never hurt and actually had timing down with he wouldn’t of started oh and four if he didn’t have new receivers
Daniel Yaniel
Daniel Yaniel 10 kun oldin
Bruh Everybody Know JJ got "Bob" Bill O'Brian Out the Door, You even know the Scoop by Now Douglous
DarkSaint411 10 kun oldin
This is why you get 6k views on your videos. Your takes are garbage.
Dylan Stump
Dylan Stump 11 kun oldin
You should probably know that mike Williams and deshaun Watson came out in the same draft, just sayin
ViewsOfPhoenix 11 kun oldin
This dude is so bad.
G’arfiel L’zanya
G’arfiel L’zanya 11 kun oldin
I don’t understand how Doug still gets air time... dude jus spews garbage takes
Abraham Jackson
Abraham Jackson 11 kun oldin
Newsflash: JJ got the head coach fired. You are the "Carrot Top" of talk show host, truly the dumbest human on the planet, Bill o'brian dismantled an ascending team, 500 winning percentage trades away one of the best receivers in the game for nothing .You will be hard pressed finding anyone to defend that. " You mentioned the benefit of the doubt" Try keeping your mouth shut and let people assume you're stupid, then open it and remove all doubt. There's a reason no one else said it but you moron....
Tony Ephraim
Tony Ephraim 11 kun oldin
Chiefs ravens and steelers all have great coaches +offensive play calling and a o line ..put bill O'Brian on any of those teams they become balls
kingchad333 12 kun oldin
Doug can't believe this bullshit
Tim Tate
Tim Tate 12 kun oldin
Deshaun Watson didn't get Bill O'brien fired Bill O'brien got Bill O'brien fired
Dolo 12 kun oldin
Compared tyreek hill Kielce Watkins hardman Clyde to the Texans weapons idiot
Dolo 12 kun oldin
Dior 12 kun oldin
These are idiots networks today give radio shows
Sundiata 9seven
Sundiata 9seven 12 kun oldin
Let’s pray you get fired tryna be colin cowherd just as bill obrien tried to be Bill Belichick ....
Jay Jonah
Jay Jonah 12 kun oldin
Everything was making sense & sounding good until he started hatin' on Watson saying he's "not sure he's a star quarterback". 👎🏾
Travis Blair
Travis Blair 12 kun oldin
Doug is such an in idiot! Smh😔
T. Rizbone
T. Rizbone 12 kun oldin
Bill O'Brien got Bill O'Brien fired.. He is the one that got rid of DeAndre Hopkins for nothing.. I bet he didn't even have the common sense to ask Watson how he felt about the move. Plus there was reports of O'Brien getting into it with JJ Watt as well. So basically he was at odds with all of the stars on his team..
Marquis Hill
Marquis Hill 12 kun oldin
This guy obviously hasn't actually watched the game just looked at highlights and looked up accolades. Bob was predictable to nauseum. My wife who doesn't even really watch football was calling out his plays before they happened. He repeatedly played his players out of position. Bob isn't known for his work with QBs... who exactly has he coached up to success. His coach got himself fired.
casanova76544 12 kun oldin
I can’t take a guy serious who wears their hat
James Dman
James Dman 12 kun oldin
This fool has no idea what he's talking about he doesn't live in houston so he's nowhere close to the situation down here,and doesn't even know how bad it was either.
Gerard's Place
Gerard's Place 12 kun oldin
It was JJ watt so your wrong
Trevor Thompson
Trevor Thompson 12 kun oldin
Worst take in sports.
Conservative Troll
Conservative Troll 12 kun oldin
Doug do you have anything Positive to say about Black players..? Doug are you jealous that you didn’t make it to the pros bro (nba)..? O’Brien was trash, gave away all his talent leaving Deshaun with no help. Why do you even have a show right now..?
Conservative Troll
Conservative Troll 12 kun oldin
Bill O’Brian was trash as GM and you know it... Stop trying to dump this on DeShaun!!
Blake Harris
Blake Harris 12 kun oldin
I'm normally close to the edge of crazy with Doug but nahhhhh not this time. Watson is great, he was a decent defense away from upsetting the Chiefs last year.
Nycfinest197 12 kun oldin
Doug you lost me when u said u not sure if hes a starting qb. Please lol,
Jupiter 19
Jupiter 19 12 kun oldin
What an idiot. That’s all I have to say.
Aaron Graham
Aaron Graham 12 kun oldin
Based on your eyes in the thumbnail and blaming Watson for so many questionable decisions O’Brien made that led to him getting the boot would lead me to suggest you need to lay off the controlled substances
Truth Adams
Truth Adams 12 kun oldin
Doug, is snorting cocaine.
Je Jo
Je Jo 12 kun oldin
Someone should probably tell this "Smart guy" JJ WATT got him fired. Nice try though buddy. Keep up the good work. Lol
opeoluwa otegbade
opeoluwa otegbade 12 kun oldin
I've never wanted to reach into a video and smack someone as much as I do now.
Jordan Hutton
Jordan Hutton 12 kun oldin
Gottlieb is an idiot. To make things even worse it has been reported an argument with JJ Watt at practice was the catalyst for his dismissal
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 12 kun oldin
This is the dumbest take! O'brien got himself fired!
THE ELECTRIC GRID 12 kun oldin
I know he got his hat on backwards but I wish you could twist his whole head around. With those stupid takes. Bill O'Brien got Bill O'Brien fired. How you get rid of of one of the best wide receivers in the NFL for a running back with injury problems
Brandon Knox
Brandon Knox 12 kun oldin
doug needs 2 lay off the blow n get some rest
1970Gambino 12 kun oldin
This guy will blame black athletes for everything....... so happy just came out that JJ Watt had the biggest problem with Bill O'Brien.. let's see if he come back and say anything bad about a white athlete.. good luck waiting for that.....
Johnathan Meeks
Johnathan Meeks 13 kun oldin
soooo you laid out all the facts how Bill got himself fired and then blamed Deshaun. Sounds like you just want to blame a black guy. Real reporters are saying JJ Watt speaking out was the last straw.
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott 13 kun oldin
Now we all just heard JJ Watt was the reason and had a lot to do with Bob getting fired where is he getting Hopkins and Watson from
Vick Mcfadden
Vick Mcfadden 13 kun oldin
As a Texan fan you outsiders aren't telling the whole story. O'brien had a winning record but losing record against winning teams. O'brien didn't use Watson strengths like Greg Roman is doing in Baltimore or how he did with Kaep in SF. DeShaun is an athlete and O'Brien couldn't adjust like a good coach should. Week after week O'brien was out coached 9 out of 10 times. That playoff game against Buffalo Texans was losing and DeShaun willed them to a victory despite O'Brien not because O'brien and more proof was week later O'Brien decides to go for fake punt on his own 30 yard line he just was touted as a offensive guru but rode Tom Brady's coat tails like every NE assistant did
workwitme 13 kun oldin
Nobody is they right mind thinks the Texans WRs are comparable to the cheifs WRs
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 13 kun oldin
John Downey
John Downey 13 kun oldin
Terrible take
Will Seest
Will Seest 13 kun oldin
Bill obrien got himself fired still. Hes playcalling sux. You can blame watson for not performing great but lets see how much play calling effects the game.
Jonathan Dancy
Jonathan Dancy 13 kun oldin
Doug gottlieb is usually better than this. This is the kinda take you make for headlines
Trenton Jones
Trenton Jones 13 kun oldin
U smoking major dope bro stop it!!!!!
49er &Lakers
49er &Lakers 13 kun oldin
xiholliday 13 kun oldin
After watching the first 2 minutes and 31 seconds of this video I have officially proclaimed this man is ignorantly distorting the situation and doesn't know what he's talking about... nor did his friends
49er &Lakers
49er &Lakers 13 kun oldin
Is this moron kidding me?
charles mackk
charles mackk 13 kun oldin
Man shut up and stop talking Texans football...It's clear you haven't watched a Texans game in years....
Christopher Scruggs
Christopher Scruggs 13 kun oldin
This is an obvious troll. Nothing to see here
Quinn Williams
Quinn Williams 13 kun oldin
JJ Watt got O'Brien fired.
Tin 1978
Tin 1978 13 kun oldin
Was there a video made when DeShaun made him look good?
FRANKIE Esquivel
FRANKIE Esquivel 13 kun oldin
Bill never improved Watsons flaws only reason why these other qb are great is because they have the coach that can help them improve 💯
Isaac Huerta
Isaac Huerta 13 kun oldin
This dude must be a friend of Billy O. What a load of crap.
jlserna11 13 kun oldin
Cocaine is one hell of a drug
Daniel Guel
Daniel Guel 13 kun oldin
Watson was brilliant in 2017, 2018, and 2019. I think his take is recency bias.
Joe Montana
Joe Montana 13 kun oldin
Only reason bill lasted this long was cuz of deshaun Watson
bobby yarbrough
bobby yarbrough 13 kun oldin
There's no way you actually believe the bullshit coming out of your mouth.
Btru 2392
Btru 2392 13 kun oldin
This dude really said Watson got O’Brien fired 😂😂😂 last I saw was Watson always getting sacked no time to throw and having to force throws because nobody got open O’Brien got himself fired that’s for damn sure and especially having an OC who’s an ex defensive player ya O’Brien did that to himself
CHUCKY RED 13 kun oldin
Oh you mean like trump yo guy
Yae Yae!!
Yae Yae!! 13 kun oldin
Lol sorry man this ain't it chief are talking 💩
Damion Laverne
Damion Laverne 13 kun oldin
O’Brien is flawed. I can tell that Doug hasn’t watched the Texans the last few years. OB inherited a good defense and let it rot. The Texans spent so much draft capital and money on an O-Line that can’t pass block. No adjustments to the offense Yes, Watson hasn’t played well, but to give him near equal footing on why the coach got fired is absolutely absurd
Joseph R
Joseph R 13 kun oldin
Deshaun Watson isn’t Mahomes level. I can say Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow are both already better than Watson. 🤷🏾 it seems like Nuk really made Deshaun Watson made better than what he is.
kingsspc 13 kun oldin
He should stick to college basketball he knows nothing about football
upyall 13 kun oldin
I've seen enough, Doug Gottlieb is just a polite racist. He should not be covering sports. This firing is not that complicated.
Charles Williams
Charles Williams 13 kun oldin
No cap Doug been sounding crazy for awhile now he said all that to blame Deshaun. Lol
ya boy pito
ya boy pito 13 kun oldin
Is this title a joke
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 13 kun oldin
Foolish comments my brother bc it's not him you are incredibly wrong
Danny Guevara
Danny Guevara 13 kun oldin
Bill the GM and coach who routinely threw away winning chances and ruined a roster got himself fired, its a no brainer
joedawg713 13 kun oldin
BOB got rid of a pro bowl left tackle for next to nothing. Used two first round picks and a second round pick to replace him with a worse player. He did this without having a contract in place. Then he had to over pay the guy buy 4 million a year over the 2nd highest payed left tackle in the nfl. That's not even betting into the clownly or hopkins disasters. Watson is zero % of the problem.
Terran Wilder
Terran Wilder 13 kun oldin
This title is misleading. Bill O'Brien got himself fired. Don't throw Deshaun Watson under the bus like that in the title 🤬🤬🤬 No excuses for Bill O'Brien. Hold O'Brien accountable for his OWN actions, which caused him to get fired.
Jakeee FromstateFarm
Jakeee FromstateFarm 13 kun oldin
Your obviously not watching every Houston game nor do you live in this city . TRUST US HOUSTONIANS ‼️‼️ It was O’Brien ‼️‼️ DW4 hasn’t been playing good but O’Brien dug this grave 3 years ago
Antoine Rogers
Antoine Rogers 13 kun oldin
He literally just said hes good but hes average in other words mediocre like make up ya mind. Its strange how the GM/Coach signed him long term for just being average.
suave skins
suave skins 13 kun oldin
Bill got himself fired with dumb ass trades
CyrustheWolf OWO
CyrustheWolf OWO 13 kun oldin
Holy s**t this is a God awful take!!! How dafuq did you get a job on Fox Radio!!!
It’s Me Flacko
It’s Me Flacko 13 kun oldin
I can tell by the comments alot of y'all just read the title and got butthurt if u listen to the video he literally says o'brien deserve like 90% of the blame y can't deshaun have the other 10%?
NattaNerNutta 13 kun oldin
This is a brutally bad take. Big oof.
Hooper 13 kun oldin
He’s not good
Syed Hassan
Syed Hassan 13 kun oldin
I thought gottlieb was smarter than this dude is being plain dumb
All Might
All Might 13 kun oldin
You clearly don’t watch the texan
Nikao Harbour
Nikao Harbour 13 kun oldin
You're killing the chiefs 21 0 at 4th and 2 and settle for field goal.... Yeah bill o brien lost that game. But once again for no reason everybody doubt Watson who should have then the number two pick if not number one and that is not hindsight
karl thomas
karl thomas 13 kun oldin
now explain why the other teams that the texans play put up so many points so easily on the texans.find a why to blame watson.
Truth Adams
Truth Adams 13 kun oldin
Doug is a racist.
Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty 13 kun oldin
Why does this have so many dislikes?
C Mac
C Mac 13 kun oldin
Man this dude a clown right here boy... so dak, baker, brady and mahomes can have great skill position player's while deshaun don't and he's trash now, also not every qb can win super bowl's clown boy but the player can still be a good qb man smh
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