Doug Gottlieb - Clippers Hire Ty Lue as Head Coach and Daryl Morey Resigns as Rockets GM

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DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb reacts to Ty Lue being hired as the LA Clippers head coach and Daryl Morey, long time GM of the Houston Rockets, stepping down from his duties.
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Kevin Marray
Kevin Marray 5 soat oldin
Daryl morey was really good GM. He did everything for that team. The players and/or coach couldn’t deliver
no name
no name Kun oldin
Did he forget that Doc Rivers won an NBA championship, just like Ty Lue. Maybe they respond better to Ty Lue than Doc but it won't have anything to do with the fact that he's won a championship. Right now they're a collection of talent that's mentally weak. Is he the one to fix that, we'll see.
Chris Odukwe
Chris Odukwe 2 kun oldin
Clippers were not that far removed from winning a championship? .... really? ... what BS!!!
Cheetahs Fly
Cheetahs Fly 3 kun oldin
6:00 minutes into this and it’s nothing but a garbled ramble on Ty Lue. What Doug?
Saidu Fofanah
Saidu Fofanah 3 kun oldin
I get what you’re saying but ty lue and Steve Nash were in way different situations. Ty lue has assistant coaching experience and head coaching experience oh and he’s been part of a team that went to 4 straight finals and he’s won a finals. Steve Nash has 0 coaching experience.
Dallas Richardson
Dallas Richardson 3 kun oldin
Doug u played against iverson in college too.....remember u were a frosh at notre dame an he was a sophomore at Georgetown?? He murdered u...remember?? U might have erased all those memories from that time frame in ur life bcuz of all the Vile grimey underhanded things u were doing at that time....
dfchang813 3 kun oldin
What does Tyronn offer that Doc didn’t?? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Thorn flex
Thorn flex 3 kun oldin
The hating on bron is catching up to this guy..
John Davis
John Davis 3 kun oldin
Clippers were said to have best backcourt. Now they don't have a pt guard?
Dywone Robinson
Dywone Robinson 3 kun oldin
No disrepect to my fellow blk man but david blatt had that team im first place at the break and still got fired i think cavs would have won regardless especially with everything that went down in tje finals before that ty lue was on the sideline damn near crying lol
Will Strickland
Will Strickland 3 kun oldin
NOT THE CLIPPERS? The Rockets were better than the Clippers
Will Strickland
Will Strickland 3 kun oldin
Tilman lost the few fans that were left
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith 3 kun oldin
After Covid places like Miami, Atlanta, and Houston are looking like better places to live. 😎
Jose Anibal Sotto
Jose Anibal Sotto 3 kun oldin
Just the matter of DIVERSITY!!
Alex Doyle
Alex Doyle 3 kun oldin
The Rockets were killed the last two years
Chris Green
Chris Green 4 kun oldin
Daryl did good until that Capela trade and Chris Paul trade. The rockets couldn’t beat the warriors and now Lebron which there is no shame in that we talking about an all time great team and all time great player
NJTDover 4 kun oldin
There are two types of teams in the NBA postseason: contender teams and punching bag teams. The Rockettes is the quintessence of punching bag teams. Fertitta on the record: Daryl is the greatest GM in the NBA today and I'll miss him so. Fertitta off the record: Get your sorry a** out of Texas and you can shove your analytics up your a**, as well.
Linda Bennett
Linda Bennett 4 kun oldin
I get a different voice but ,Seems like a downgrade from Doc
Julian Jefferies
Julian Jefferies 4 kun oldin
The Clippers should have never ever fired Doc Rivers. But hey, the superstars have the last say. So.....
That Boy From The Boot
That Boy From The Boot 4 kun oldin
To this day we're still shocked Ty made the league and Cookie Belcher didn't.
Thank You For Your Service!
Thank You For Your Service! 4 kun oldin
Lebron and lamar keep proving Doug wrong that’s why he’s always looking tired and stressed lol 😂
kwame nyame
kwame nyame 4 kun oldin
Doug your best bro!!!! It seems you the only person in nba media that tells the truth and not bias
Me First
Me First 4 kun oldin
they haven’t won or reached the conference final in 50 years!! this is the first pandemic issue how bout the other 49?
Jonathan Meyer
Jonathan Meyer 4 kun oldin
Soon LA gonna be the least desired destination. Everyone is leaving!!! Lol
Jacansupreme 4 kun oldin
Lol damn doug be getting killed in the comments on all his videos 😆😆😂
Ethan White
Ethan White 4 kun oldin
Why did Daryl leave Houston? After all, H-town still has the greatest scorer to ever lace up a pair of basketball shoes playing for them. Oh wait, That was all just a delusion...
The Reaper
The Reaper 4 kun oldin
Manicci Luxury Auto Styling
Manicci Luxury Auto Styling 4 kun oldin
If Kawahi won Doug would be bragging Clips best, Kawahi best player etc. So why can't he the same about Bron? Biased ! Bron is the only player in the history of the NBA who gets criticized for winning the Chip! lol
NJTDover 4 kun oldin
Lebroom is criticized for calling himself the 🐐, disrespecting Bill Russell's legendary resume (11 rings) and, of course, MJ who played and won his 6 rings when defenses were akin to a WW1 trench. That's all, dude.
R H 4 kun oldin
Doc Rivers getting caught up in BLM didn't help
TRIP 4 kun oldin
Is this man sick I hope not. Or is it drugs sleep something wrong wit these dude
needsalt 4 kun oldin
The making excuses for the clips still is lamely transparent, it's cause he's a kawhi partisan
Al Abdel
Al Abdel 4 kun oldin
The argument that ppl who picked the clippers gravitate to is "the clippers didn't want to be in the bubble", or "the clippers didn't have good chemistry". So what you mean to tell us is that the clippers decided to have chemistry issues once they were up 3-1 on the nuggs and double digits in the 2nf half? At that exact moment is when chemistry issues and a distaste for the bubble kept them from winning? Lol...some of these "analysts" literally get paid for nothing. Here's the reason they's because they were never as good as you dim-witted goofs said they were, it is really as simple as that. Next subject genius.
Colonel Gibbs
Colonel Gibbs 4 kun oldin
Don Ovan
Don Ovan 4 kun oldin
😳Dude said Iverson is only known for stepping over Ty🤦🏿
Replicant Roy
Replicant Roy 4 kun oldin
It's the other way around
Ezekiel-Ross Moodie
Ezekiel-Ross Moodie 4 kun oldin
Firing Kevin McHale was the end.
Z •
Z • 4 kun oldin
NBA markets that should be more popular than NY and LA : Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Boston, Denver, Atlanta
Z •
Z • 4 kun oldin
People dream of NY and LA because people are morons
Z •
Z • 4 kun oldin
I got news for you Doug... Houston is better than LA
Z •
Z • 4 kun oldin
I love doug... a lot... but he sometimes loses me for a minute
Robert Weekes
Robert Weekes 4 kun oldin
Fairness to Ty - you can’t overrule the head coach as an assistant coach. Ty Lue wasn’t in the driver’s seat making the decisions. Give him a chance
Adriel Hepburn
Adriel Hepburn 4 kun oldin
Doug is so sad trying to spin the Clippers into contenders. 1. Clippers make the 2nd round (like literally half the teams in the playoffs) and he claims they "weren't that far removed from winning a championship" 2. Says Lue can get through to them because he's won a championship as a coach. As if Doc didn't.
racingG Kun oldin
For sure Clippers not going a win a ship with Lue coaching.
Fiscal U.
Fiscal U. 3 kun oldin
Doug knows NOTHING about basketball! Clown!!!
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson 4 kun oldin
Shouldn’t have fired doc rivers
Jake from state farm
Jake from state farm 4 kun oldin
Wu tang
Geo Wilson
Geo Wilson 4 kun oldin
Houston MESSED UP when letn go of Clint Cappella
Anthony Adkins
Anthony Adkins 4 kun oldin
For the record Jordan played in 2 eras the 80's and 90's he only dominated 1 lebron played in 2 and dominated both not a weak ass 90's era when no one but Jordan scored 30ppg and all the teams had 1 hall of famer but him no lebron lost to super teams and beat super teams Jordan never won against a super team ever never won 1 game at all against bird Celtics ever so think about that before you talk about lebron lmao and the bulls never had a 500 record until pippen came he was making the playoffs under 500 he was the weak east lmao and longevity matters Jordan body couldn't take it that's why he kept retired you see him at the wizards he couldn't keep up like lebron and Jordan or Kobe won without Phil today's proof that Phil was needed more than Jordan because he actually had a player just like him that couldn't win without him also I'm just saying even tho Kobe is my goat I still think lebron better than Jordan
Anthony Adkins
Anthony Adkins 4 kun oldin
@Harun name top 10 players each position and tell me how many come from the 90's and rest of the eras then all the 90's had 1 hall of famer that magic lead team had no Kareem and worthy was hurt Barkley not a top 3 over Duncan garnett and Dirk at all and it's more and Jordan was the only player to averaged 30ppg in the 90's so that tells you how weak they they teams were he struggle with Reggie Miller 1 hall of famer team and pat ewing the same thing he never beat bird in the playoffs ever not even 1 game and you talking about centers look at the wing players Kobe and lebron both had to face compared to Jordan in a era where zone was illegal and you had to guard one on one hand checking means nothing if the guy guarding you isn't as talented as the people lebron and Kobe had to face I watched Jordan pippen gets no credit at all when he took Portland to the wcf after Jordan and the wizards really happened let's be real on that and you really think Jordan competition was harder than the 80's or early 2000's which lebron carried a lame team to the finals in that era let's not forget and this era right now the 2010's the 90's by far weaker than them not even close
Harun 4 kun oldin
I'm confused about what this video had to do with Jordan and Lebron. Anyway Jordan played in 3 eras not 2, and scored in all 3. He was already getting 30 a game in the 80s before Phil who had zero NBA coaching experience before Chicago, he was getting 24 a game when he came back in DC but he had knee problems so his scoring dipped. Michael won 50 games in 1987 with Pippen on the bench and the Utah Jazz had two hall of Famers with Karl Malone and Stockton who he beat 2x. You also said the 90s was weak when Jordan beat Magic who is a top 3 pg, Barkley who is a top 3 of all time, Gary Payton a top 3 defensive guard all time, and Malone a top 3 power forward all time. The 90s also had Hakeem, Shaq, and David Robinson who are top 10 centers. Lebron didnt just lose to super teams, he lost to Golden State in 2015 before they were a super team. The Spurs that beat Miami had an old Tim Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker. What team did Jordan beat in the 90s that is weaker than the Miami Heat team that Lebron just beat? Dont worry, I'll wait...... The Heat teams that Jordan beat in the playoffs in the 90s at least had Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning. This Heat team was Jimmy Butler and a bunch of rookies.
Joel Valdez
Joel Valdez 4 kun oldin
Nothing personal to the Clippers, but I think its goodbye again Year Two. Other teams will be healthier, and will better their roster.
Ronaldo Gilley
Ronaldo Gilley 4 kun oldin
My homie Doug need to get some sleep😩ppl keep puttin it on “substances” ALLEGEDLY...but whatever, talk yo sh1t Doug😄👊🏾💯
Saad K
Saad K 4 kun oldin
Doug gottlieb again with the clippers hype. THE CLIPPERS ARE A MESS. the Dawgs everyone assumed are trashy bench players with no veteren presence.
Pramis Montero
Pramis Montero 2 kun oldin
Steven Horton
Steven Horton 4 kun oldin
Thank God. Morey is the problem. The Rockets and the Clippers are built like college teams. both of them would lose to Denver the Lakers and Dallas because they have no answer for Porzingis Joker or Davis
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 5 kun oldin
doug said the players will remember Ty Lue playing. NOT. He was a terrible player and hasn't played since about 2007. These players were babies at that age.
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 4 kun oldin
@Christian Bender exactly if that. Such a weak hire.
Christian Bender
Christian Bender 4 kun oldin
Only thing they probably seen from him is when AI stepped over him 😂
Greatest Of All Time
Greatest Of All Time 5 kun oldin
Justin Scott
Justin Scott 5 kun oldin
Fox this guy is unbearable Please get rid off g This guy
Vincent Oravec
Vincent Oravec 4 kun oldin
Id trade a whole rail car full of Nick Wrights for one Doug Gottlieb.
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana 5 kun oldin
Rather have Sam casell man the ship
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana 4 kun oldin
@Darryl Davis him too and I really don’t know what’s so special about ty Lue
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 5 kun oldin
I think Chauncey would be a good leader
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 5 kun oldin
clippers hire another retread and that is why they lose.
JoeCJK 5 kun oldin
I agree. GMs should be lauded for trying to win, and Daryl Morey made a valiant effort for the Rockets. They might have fallen short but should be applauded for trying to win. The same cannot be said for many other teams.
Samurai Blk
Samurai Blk 5 kun oldin
I swear Doug having babies all the time or he has a coke habit........he always looks tired 🤷🏾‍♂️
JZL 2 kun oldin
@Bishop Hoods 😂😂😂
JZL 2 kun oldin
You know Doug fuccs with the coke
Nx2 Lacciin
Nx2 Lacciin 3 kun oldin
@jack lumsden bruh it's ok that the black dude took yo girlfriend, u dont have to hate black ppl cuz I wasnt lomg enough lmao
Tom storm
Tom storm 3 kun oldin
@jack lumsden I know that and I said I wasn’t one. What more do you want from me? Or are you just using me to make the point you wanted to make anyway?
jack lumsden
jack lumsden 3 kun oldin
@Tom storm oh, so there are a couple of you that aren't criminals? Crazy. Cuz you account for half the murder
Kawhi was flossin off his little prince crown on his key chain in that commercial and now people making excuses for him
Fiscal U.
Fiscal U. 3 kun oldin
dawitmenelik 5 kun oldin
I would trow a water bottle if this dork was on live ..u suck.
grahamjl766 5 kun oldin
I think getting Chauncey I'm the locker room will help more than people realize.
KLUV 5 kun oldin
Should have just hired Chauncey Billups imo
Alex Doyle
Alex Doyle 3 kun oldin
Yeah as the pg
Pre Law
Pre Law 4 kun oldin
I'd love to see Chauncey as the gm of the Rockets
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 5 kun oldin
I agree. Ty Lue doesn't seem like a leader and that Clippers team needs a vocal leader that can really push the players.
Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks 5 kun oldin
Daryl has been there 13 years and hasn’t won. Time for a change
Jeffrey San Nicolas
Jeffrey San Nicolas 5 kun oldin
The Clippers never seemed to play as a team the whole 2020 season, as well as in the playoffs.
Vincent Oravec
Vincent Oravec 5 kun oldin
With that hairdo, Gottlieb looks like a Turnbull AC from the movie "The Warriors".
Heysus Christo
Heysus Christo 5 kun oldin
Doug. Get a hairpiece, shave your head or get rid of that island in the center of your head. C'mon guy. Commit to one option. What is going on with your head dude? You have a cone head, so you should just get a hairpiece like Bron, on the low. Go see Brady's guy.
steven richter
steven richter 5 kun oldin
Marlin Walker
Marlin Walker 5 kun oldin
Doug stop all the excuse making for the ‘fraud’ clippers!!! You had them winning the chip!!! Your opinion is obviously biased!!
Fiscal U.
Fiscal U. 3 kun oldin
He is just another LeBron hater!!!
KLUV 5 kun oldin
It is alot of excuses....
TheCanadianConservative 5 kun oldin
If I have to hear the bum ass Clippers bench described as "junkyard dogs" one more freaking time....
Jim 83
Jim 83 5 kun oldin
Morey lost it when he made the first Chris Paul trade...
Boris Is a Johnson
Boris Is a Johnson 4 kun oldin
Agreed, cost em a bunch
Don Deebo
Don Deebo 4 kun oldin
@Pre Law I’ve just read it, reading isn’t hard lol
Jim 83
Jim 83 4 kun oldin
@Pre Law What a complete stranger chooses to do with their time isn’t really my concern, so I haven’t really thought about it tbh Why would I think about you when I don’t know you? That makes no sense and is literally impossible... Based on your desire to make comments like that I’m not really sure I’d want to either, you sound a bit negative tbh... 👍
Pre Law
Pre Law 4 kun oldin
@Jim 83 Do you really think anyone wants to read all that?
Jim 83
Jim 83 4 kun oldin
@Talha Rahim he gambled and lost, they had great depth, he gave away Lou will, Beverley and Harrell plus a pick and some filler for an ageing pure point guard on a huge contract... Getting to a game 7 of a conference finals and losing isn’t a success it’s a failure... and that is also only one of his seasons, the second year they regressed as did he personally Paul needs to be the main ball handler and allowed to run the team to be fully effective, when you have harden that is never going to happen and limits both players. Lou will is an excellent 6th man and the perfect guy to understudy when Harden is out or resting and can play the 4th quarter with him if you need scoring, Beverley is the perfect partner for Harden in many situations as he is a defender who doesn’t need the ball and Harrell is a really good big who can play in many situation and rotations and is excellent in the pick and roll... Paul’s stats also back up how he was effected by playing with Harden, his assists went down in year one as did his PER and ALL of his stats went down in year two to the point he had his worse career year since his rookie season, he also only played 58 regular season games in both years... Ultimately the egos of having Harden and Paul hurt the team and they couldn’t coexist( which most people saw coming from the start as the fit was bad) and he was traded, he was on such a big contract that he was hard to trade and his trade value was low, they had to make another awful trade and give away a ridiculous amount to get Paul out... They got Westbrook who was one of the only real options... Westbrook is a terrible team basketball player, hugely inefficient and again ageing and on a huge contract, they are now stuck with him and the rockets have no flexibility or chance of winning a title. The sensible thing to do would have been stick with what you have and wait, but Morey loves a trade and didn’t know when to hold fire and be patient
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor 5 kun oldin
Lol lue never won shyt bron won him his ring
Pramis Montero
Pramis Montero 2 kun oldin
He won chipr w/ lakers as playe
Mind of the North Star
Mind of the North Star 5 kun oldin
Daryl Morey did nothing wrong when it comes to his China statements
Kathleen Karmen
Kathleen Karmen 3 kun oldin
@Mind of the North Star seems like you have been triggered..but I know the dont.
KingPin Staxs
KingPin Staxs 3 kun oldin
@Kevin massoma I was waiting for someone to mention that! Worry about your house before you worry about your neighbor!
Mind of the North Star
Mind of the North Star 4 kun oldin
@Kathleen Karmen that's has to be the most ignorant comparison I've ever heard. You have no idea about this situation happening over there to saying something so stupid
Kathleen Karmen
Kathleen Karmen 4 kun oldin
Yes he did...Its the equivalent of saying...Free the Confederates....britain stole hong kong through dope smuggling and strong armed it from China. Thats a stain on China and they never recovered...China got hong kong back after the 99 year agreement but china has never forgot. To say Free hong kong...youre basically wanting to free someone who committed home invasion and violated you and took your belongings.
Mind of the North Star
Mind of the North Star 4 kun oldin
@Kevin massoma You mean "oppression". Are you saying unless you speak on the struggles of black Americans you can't say a word about any injustice in the world?
Pete Pan
Pete Pan 5 kun oldin
When the Clippers were up 3-1 on the Nuggets...not ONE person was saying "they are adversely affected by being in the bubble"
se7en Zee
se7en Zee 4 kun oldin
@Darryl Davis That's just your opinion based on the regular season games you saw. But playoff basketball is different. Teams play real defense and make adjustments. Yes. I agree that Kawhi is a better 1-on-1 player than Lebron is right now. So he might win the 1-on-1 battle but not the war/series. Lebron picks the weakest defender to attack and create mismatches. 1) Lakers defense has gotten much better since they play their secret weapon, Alex Caruso, more. 2) AD played much better in the playoffs. His outside shot and FT are much more accurate.
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 4 kun oldin
@Witten Friedland are you crying like a cry baby. did my words about doc and racist criminal jacob blake make you cry? Are you going to cry, baby??
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 4 kun oldin
@Antonio Cochran Had it been a real season and the Clippers and Lakers played then lebron would've fallen into a Kawhi vs Lebron one on one matchup and Kawhi wins that also lebron stops passing to AD inside their only advantage. Clippers in 6.
Antonio Cochran
Antonio Cochran 4 kun oldin
@Darryl Davis you just literally listed why ppl shouldn't have picked the Clippers but they did any way so they were WRONG.... and maybe you were too IDN but if they didn't want to be there they had an option.... if you don't believe me Google Avery Bradley
se7en Zee
se7en Zee 4 kun oldin
@Darryl Davis BS. looked at faces of PG and Kawhi after the loss. Don't tell me they didn't care. It was EPIC! Some basketball people picked them to win it all. The season is over. Forget about it and move forward.
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