Doug Gottlieb - Tom Brady Brings Both Wanted and Unwanted Attention to Tampa Bay

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DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW - Doug Gottlieb reacts to more fallout from Bruce Arians publicly calling out Tom Brady for his shortcomings against the New Orleans Saints over the weekend. The latest comes from former quarterback, Brett Favre who was disappointed that Arians called out Brady as he did.
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Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton Fan since 2010
Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton Fan since 2010 Oy oldin
Diss the Lovely Maria Taylor again and see what happens.....
Brandon Knox
Brandon Knox Oy oldin
doug needs some rest ....coke got him looks live a pale coke head
Jo Zaddy
Jo Zaddy Oy oldin
Giving himself way too much credit here lmao 50% c’mon now, I never even knew he was at espn
Vikaash Baynath
Vikaash Baynath Oy oldin
Waiting on Doug’s Clippers and Kawhi excuses
Heysus Christo
Heysus Christo Oy oldin
If the Bucs get eliminated from playoff contention early, things are going to go south VERY FAST. That team is going to implode. Can you imagine benching Brady? You have to let him finish the season, but will the young guys go along? How does Gronk fit in? I hope they win, for their sake. Otherwise, things are gonna get nasty in Tampa
" White Mans Perspective " by Douglass Gottlieb
Larry Thornton
Larry Thornton Oy oldin
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Oy oldin
BULLSHIT, tom brady makes your organization RELEVANT. if an organization does NOT have a tb12, you are IRRELEVANT unless you have a GOAT mahomes INSTEAD, who's BETTER than tb12. bucs would TRADE tb12 for GOAT mahomes RIGHT DAMN NOW if they COULD. he's just THAT DAMN DOMINANT
j 77
j 77 Oy oldin
Token white guy perspective. 😂
j 77
j 77 Oy oldin
@DigitallyVeiled Not really. I'm glad he did it. And I wish he didn't walk it back.
DigitallyVeiled Oy oldin
a lil awkward ..
M Oy oldin
Welcome to Tampa Bay, Tom.
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