Doug Gottlieb Disputes Nick Wright's 'Case Against Michael Jordan' Rant

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DOUG GOTTLIEB - Doug Gottlieb reacts to Nick Wright's rant that makes a strong case against the legacy of Michael Jordan. After the Lakers won an NBA Championship with LeBron James at the helm, Nick took it upon himself to showcase what he feels the media doesn't want fans to hear. Doug disputes this and provides the context Nick Wright left out.
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D. to the O. C
D. to the O. C 22 daqiqa oldin
I was waiting on someone to dispute the nick always wrong guy. smh. nick is nuts I tell you
vic demize
vic demize 43 daqiqa oldin
I appreciate your common sense and perspective. Its too bad these kids didn't get to see how truly great MJ was. Nobody pimping Labron as the goat honestly ever watched MJ play. There us no discussion here if you had. I have yet to hear a single NBA player claim Labron is the goat. Just young, dumb talking heads for ratings.
Lance Hood
Lance Hood 58 daqiqa oldin
He does realize that that 2005-2006 Cavs roster was better than the 1984-1989 Chicago bulls roster...... Before pippen really start going
Braylen Durden
Braylen Durden 8 soat oldin
Jordan couldn't beat the Celtics 4 HOF yea let's hold that against him. It's simply illogical
The 82s
The 82s 10 soat oldin
Nicks case against MJ is laughable and could be used against LBJ more than MJ. All LBJ has ever done is stacked top tier NBA talent on his team to beat teams built on the draft. He’s already played with THREE 1st overall picks as teammates. MJ never did. Then LBJ had a big 4. He took Allen off his own alleged ‘big 3’ and added him to his team. He was the Reggie Miller of his time. Imagine if MJ recruited Reggie Miller to play on the Bulls. How many more titles does he win? Or adding Hakeem or Barkley? Look at the long list of former MVPs, NBA Champions and NBA All Stars LBJ has played with then done tell me this man didn’t have help or that he “carried” anyone. Also, don’t let any of this distract you from his pathetic 2011 NBA Finals Performance.
Mopar man
Mopar man 17 soat oldin
Yall know Nick getting paid to say this stuff. Y even take him serious
vissysoundkiller 20 soat oldin
Nick is a young damn fool!
smoothoper8tor77 21 soat oldin
Nick be D ridin lebron
DUBBGOTTI 23 soat oldin
“Other teams won against Jordan because they had better teams” ok lebron was favored in what 3 or 4 finals. He played against better teams many times. Big 3 Celtics magic were better in 2009 warriors Spurs lol what is he talking about. Then he says “ these guys were out their primes!” Then says bill walton was on the Celtics LOL stop
MegaSteve 23 soat oldin
Nick wright shouldn’t talk about sports cause he don’t know what he’s talking about
DUBBGOTTI 23 soat oldin
“Scotty wasn’t considered a hall of famer until he won multiple championships” what 😂😂😂😂 what kind of point is that niggas just be talking people downplay Scottie contributions all the time to make Jordan seem perfect. No Scottie pippin in 1990ECF and Jordan LOST he couldn’t get ONE game without pippin. Before Scottie Jordan could barely get out the first round. Yes he was undermatched but don’t say that then act like Scottie didn’t contribute big time. He’s the one that took magic to help the bulls capture their first title. Have some respect. Jordan was the alpha the best player and the scorer and closer Scottie was everything else!
DUBBGOTTI 23 soat oldin
Then says jordan played on a bad team. So did bron. The difference? The bulls actually drafted a player that had potential and then developed that player into something. Cavs never gave lebron anyone to run with, partially because the draft was different back then and because lebron came in and instantly contributed to winning 40-42 in his first season, they didn’t get high draft picks. But they didn’t make smart moves overall just going for names instead of picking pieces that fit and complement lebron.
Sonny Pickens
Sonny Pickens 23 soat oldin
Everything Nick said was a FACT. The comment section is hilarious. Please tell what he LIED about. Doug didnt dispute anything.
Randy Decena
Randy Decena Kun oldin
Nick Wright is a Lunatic! Lol! Heck who listens to this guy anyway? Haha! We only listen to him when we want to laugh.. Because he is a JOKE! LoL!
Joshua Bailey
Joshua Bailey Kun oldin
I like how nick wrong and Shannon sharpe always say Jordan got bump in the first round of the playoffs when he first got into the league but conveniently omit that Lebron wasn’t in the playoffs his first two years to get bumped
Searzist Kun oldin
People dont forget that those teams had all those greats, and that they were better teams. The argument Nick is making is people hold lebron losing to more talented and better teams(no excuse for dallas) against him, but dont when it comes to jordan. Nick is simply saying compare them as fairly as you can(which clearly cant be due to different eras, rules etc).
Alisson Hamid
Alisson Hamid Kun oldin
lol.. the real goat won 6 finals appearance without losing a single championship series while the other guy wannabe goat lost 6 finals series in his career..
Edward Rivera
Edward Rivera Kun oldin
So he is naming all hall of famers who won lmao 😂 bro Dirk Nowitiki beat Lebron mic drop
Edward Rivera
Edward Rivera Kun oldin
Was the East any good when lebron was in Cleveland?
Edward Rivera
Edward Rivera Kun oldin
Hey Nick how much were those hair plugs buddy?
Big Pay Willz
Big Pay Willz Kun oldin
Name 5 shooting guards Jordan played against??? He beat up on Starks, Leonard, Redd, and a bunch of truly less talented shooter other than Reggie Miller. Then A I came along.
Tyrell Gray
Tyrell Gray Kun oldin
Im 30 and i have more basketball knowledge and know more about basketball then nick wright. I never disrespect those who came before. My top 4 is Mj 🐐 Kareem 🐐 Kobe🐍 LBJ
Da King
Da King Kun oldin
Selective memory or just ignorant....STFU! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Johnny Gerosimo
Johnny Gerosimo Kun oldin
The Bulls beat the Pistons .. wtf is Nick talking about? - stay safe y'aLL ...just us here...
SalinasBMW Kun oldin
In a must win game... I’ll take Jordan 100% of the time!! Over 20 years.... yea, I’d take Lebron. Too bad we can’t see them play head to head.
deiby valenzuela
deiby valenzuela Kun oldin
Dy Chhoeun
Dy Chhoeun Kun oldin
Lebron is the Goat, Jordan is a close second
Michael N
Michael N Kun oldin
Was he fantastic in year 17? The equivalent of stealing Anthony Davis via Klutch would be mj saying hey shaq u don’t really want to play in Orlando do you? Are you telling me shaq and mj don’t win it all?
Bryan Kun oldin
Dude LeBron took teams to the finals that are garbage, I mean last place teams with him gone.
Bryan Kun oldin
When Bird and Magic were in their prime Jordan was like Dame Lillard good but nobody took him serious as a real threat.
Bryan Kun oldin
How many Hall of Famers did the Cleveland Calivers have again?
Bryan Kun oldin
Nick is right. Larry Bird went to a last-place Celtics team they went to the conference finals in his first year.
Thomas Dematteo
Thomas Dematteo Kun oldin
You hit all the right points
lo ko
lo ko Kun oldin
Marco Pignone
Marco Pignone Kun oldin
How can anyone listen to all of the "screaming sports pundits"? It must be difficult to engage in careful analysis when you're screaming all day. Ignore all the stats and championships. Which NBA player caused a revolution in the way that athletes move? The way they actually move, jump, change direction... the way they accelerate, the way they walk in between points? That's what Jordan did. To some extent, I think Messi and Ronaldo have done that for soccer. These are very rare talents and Lebron isn't one of them. After Lebron completely reinvents basketball footwork, we can start a discussion about this again. Lebron has very good stats and longevity, the latter of which probably has something to do with modern athletic training, but to me anyone with a good 10 year run qualifies for GOAT. Racking up more stats over a longer period of time means something, but if an average player played for 30 seasons and was average every season I hope no one would argue that that player is in the GOAT discussion. If we are going solely by stats, it's Wilt. Just look at his first 10 years in the league at what we can see today doesn't even include what would certainly have been an absurd number of blocks. Lebron doesn't have a superstar mentality, he isn't clutch, and he doesn't have two three-peats. Jordan is the GOAT for the reasons stated above. Steph Curry has revolutionized the game. Why aren't we talking about him? He has produced an effective FG% 4% higher than Lebron, and at the point guard position. Ah, but he hasn't proclaimed himself the GOAT... because no one would do that... except Lebron. Ok, Ali did do that as well but he was a showman and I give him a pass given he was the most fun to watch and in his younger days probably was the best ever heavyweight.
C&K Gaming
C&K Gaming Kun oldin
23 and 1 lol
RMuzic -JR
RMuzic -JR 2 kun oldin
MJ made the playoffs every year with the bulls...LBJ didn't make it to the playoffs until his 3rd year.
RMuzic -JR
RMuzic -JR 2 kun oldin
Nick Wright is 36...I'm 41 and was a SR in high school when MJ won his last title so that means he had to be in 7th or 8th grade so how much awareness did he have of the bulls during that time...I noticed most ppl around that age seem to favor more LBJ.
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson 2 kun oldin
Nick actually tried to point out who won rings while Michael played. Clyde Drexler...who Michael beat in the finals and Drexler only won when Michael went to play baseball. And then he tried to mention Kobe and Shaq. Those two won after Michael retired and when he joined the Wizards, which is far from his prime.
4ever Young
4ever Young 2 kun oldin
Pippen wasn’t the reason jordan won, it was Phil Jackson.
William Elam
William Elam 2 kun oldin
How many times has lebum won a title without a super team and then gets all the credit for winning. What happens last year when the queen didn’t make the playoffs and then quit before the season was over faking an injury because he couldn’t lead a team to a championship then he cries for anthony Davis an gets his way and now all of a sudden has a different type of energy an wants to go all out and play hard. Jordan would have never done that and Jordan would have never been a cry baby and begged for somebody to come play with him or even wanted to join another team cause he couldn’t win... heck Kobe wouldn’t even do that crap but he’s all on this mans nuts cause he flip flops more than a dolphin jumping from ship to ship and padding his stats to be considered one of the greats. Nick wrong needs to get a life cause I’m sick of this idiot on tv spouting stats
You Tube Channel
You Tube Channel 2 kun oldin
Shah Humayun
Shah Humayun 2 kun oldin
People totally forget the i Thomas and G Hayward were in the Celtics before there injuries and Toronto was tough as well
Shah Humayun
Shah Humayun 2 kun oldin
6:47 what about the Celtics in 11-12 12-13
Shah Humayun
Shah Humayun 2 kun oldin
The bulls had the best defence and the best 3 point shooters of the era but they were over shadowed by jordan just like people overshadowed love's defence in the 2016 finals by LBJ
Shah Humayun
Shah Humayun 2 kun oldin
Pipen was not good because he was like 35 36 after Jordan retirement like the hell u saying man!
SummerAwe99 2 kun oldin
This guy brings up a 57 win Mark Price led Cavs team? hahahaha MJ lost because he had a crummy team... uhhhh thats why Lebrons lost 3 of his finals You say the celtics were a 66 win team and MJ should have lost but fail to mention Lebrons faced a 73-9 team that added Durant and the Spurs... Eventually got Ray Allen as well. lmao Allen was 36 and went SCORELESS in game 7. The 'best player on the raptors' went scoreless too. This is just as biased... just in MJ's favour. Typical old head nostalgia. Failed to mention the 6 expansion teams that came in when MJ started winning. mentions the superteams MJ didnt beat but fails to mention Lebron has lost to superteams..
drizzle 2 kun oldin
Nick doesn’t even believe what he’s saying. He’s like an ESPN assigned defense lawyer that has to defend a clearly guilty person.
Paul Albert Antonio
Paul Albert Antonio 2 kun oldin
The best argument for this is to put both MJ and Lebron's highlights side by side then ask the people who is the greatest.
Luke Watson
Luke Watson 2 kun oldin
Now days there are teams that TANK and win 50 games a year and get a 3 seed. Yeah, that is how bad the NBA is now. Everyone is tanking so someone has to win.
Skooney Skoo
Skooney Skoo 2 kun oldin
The year david robinson won jordan didnt play so thats a lie
Roderick Aspiras
Roderick Aspiras 2 kun oldin
Queen LeBron will never be goat. This is another one of those click bait by that Nick somebody. Whatever.
Devon Richards
Devon Richards 2 kun oldin
If I’m not mistaken Lebron has played with more superstars than any other “goat” like it’s not even close how many superstars he’s had to be successful and he still has a losing record in the finals.
Tyler Nolan
Tyler Nolan 2 kun oldin
We spend so much time on these issues instead of staying in the moment. Who cares. Can’t win this argument. If you like accolades, Bill Russell is your guy. You want all around, Lebron. Most dominant, Shaq. Want finals dominance, MJ. Want an anti-hero?-Kobe.
Tyler Nolan
Tyler Nolan 2 kun oldin
At least nick mentioning Kobe I’m a positive light finally
Dwayne Dwayne
Dwayne Dwayne 2 kun oldin
Nick is 🗑. Anybody that’s says Jordan ain’t the 🐐 is a FOOL. Their opinions on life policy and anything else are meaningless.
Becar Hodzic
Becar Hodzic 2 kun oldin
I honestly don’t understand why the majority of these talk show/radio people feel the need the yell. I don’t get it, like we can hear you fine if you just speak like a regular human.
Tstan Da'ManDontChanoo
Tstan Da'ManDontChanoo 2 kun oldin
Nick nose 👃🏼 nothing
michael jordan
michael jordan 2 kun oldin
Gotlieb is not even doing a good job of refuting Nick’s idiotic claims. The fact is that no player in history has ever won a ring with a garbage squad. So why would you be surprised about Jordan getting knocked out in his early days? The only reason Lebron made it to the finals in early cavs days was cake walk East. MJ on the other hand faced the bad big pistons in the first round
michael jordan
michael jordan 2 kun oldin
Regardless who you think is better between MJ and Lebron, Nick is just a complete moron. He doesn’t even make a good case for Lebron and just comes off looking like an imbicile
Rick Medrano
Rick Medrano 2 kun oldin
Doesn't matter what nick says. He will never change anyone's mind about who's better. Those of us who watched Jordan play knows Jordan is better. Lots of great players lose in the playoffs but when jordans bulls finally got to the finals they never lost and the competition was way better than it is now.
darren gordon
darren gordon 2 kun oldin
Excuses excuses they’re both great players let’s leave it at that!!!
JP Ag08
JP Ag08 2 kun oldin
“Scottie had one good year when Jordan was out”. Let’s not completely go the reverse direction in the argument. The Bulls were one of the best teams in the league without Jordan when he first retired. Can’t deny that. If not for a terrible call they would of been in the conference finals. That can be true at the same time that Jordan is the GOAT. But don’t do what politics due and go in the reverse extreme direction to make your point
Marlin Ellis
Marlin Ellis 2 kun oldin
So the excuse is that MJ lost to better teams but when GOAT James loses to a BETTER TEAM it’s still held against him. Y’all kill me
Mr Right
Mr Right 3 kun oldin
Jordan need to have a good team mate to win.lebron can make his team mate to be good on the court. People vision is very narrow you only see what you only want to see
Jimmy Peterson
Jimmy Peterson 3 kun oldin
Doug you are so right
Arael4 3 kun oldin
How many shows did Nick Wright get the lead in before CC left? Anyways, Steph, Klay and Draymond got 3 rings off Lebron. Lebron made steve kerr a HOF coach. You don't get yo ass whooped by the same team 3 times in the finals and be the GOAT. Nick the cassowary , STFU
J B 3 kun oldin
Jordan never beat a team as good as the 2012-13 Spurs or 2015-16 Warriors but top to bottom Jordan's playoff competition was probably better.
Harry K
Harry K 3 kun oldin
Mj won all 6 finals all by himself!
Eric Pangan
Eric Pangan 3 kun oldin
Wondering how much money media pays these clowns nick and shanon as if MJ is not MJ wtf! Lebron rider dudes lol! Kobe to me has a better career than lebron so stop it!
Heinzy Ketchupy
Heinzy Ketchupy 3 kun oldin
MJ fanboys and Lebron haters, they probably ask their wives to wear a Jordan jersey during sex
Rod Franklin
Rod Franklin 3 kun oldin
Skooney Skoo
Skooney Skoo 2 kun oldin
Right and the season david robinson won jordan didnt play that season so nick lied on national tv
1quickster 3 kun oldin
Lebron won a ring in Miami, Cleveland, Lakers. Jordan only won all his rings with Chicago but he suck in Charlotte. Lebron just need three rings to be the GOAT.
Charles Waples
Charles Waples 3 kun oldin
LeBron got lucky with a weak conference, Michael Jordan got lucky with the weak opponent in the finals.
DSmoke8195 3 kun oldin
ESPN always capping on everything now.
Seye Joseph
Seye Joseph 3 kun oldin
Dude your argument is horrible 😒. Nick is Wright ... Right. LBJ 🐐
Jericho Cordero
Jericho Cordero 3 kun oldin
Ofcourse, Nick accepts Lebron GIFTS just like Shannon sharpe on his vlogs.What do you expect😅👌
manuel manuel
manuel manuel 3 kun oldin
Jordan was from a different planet and bigger than basketball ... He was 10x more fun to watch than Lebron...Jordan's team did have one more star than the competition, whether it was pacers, sonics, utah .... But I think Jordan was the goat at making good teams champions, while evidence suggests that Lebron is better than jordan at making poor team contenders .. Still, I prefer Jordan ... but Nick Wright does have a point. If team's success is the comparing measurement, in all but 2 seasons Lebron was equal (4 times) or better than Jordan...and most Jordan's fan would not admit so...
Alessandro ram Mezza
Alessandro ram Mezza 3 kun oldin
The fact is this ,amd I watch iordan from the start : Jordan didn’t do absolutely nothing whit out phill Jackson (phill Jackson won 5 whit out jordan ) ,now in the other side Lebron won until now (4) and the coaches won with Lebron ,never WON NOTHING WITH OUT LEBRON ..this facts mean whit logic Lebron wit all the famer coach will be win 10-12 championship like russel
Rafa Alvarez
Rafa Alvarez 3 kun oldin
Wonder what Crying James would do if he played in an era where both sides of the ball were important. I remember one clip of Kobe guarding James, and seemed so overwhelmed, like, why am I being guarded so close. Jordan took triple teams and made them look futile
KEVIN Lee 3 kun oldin
When your peers call you "Black Jesus" and call you "The King", who is true royalty?
Old School
Old School 3 kun oldin
I died when I seen he never beat Larry bird. So that’s why he’s not the goat ? Like we are going to takeaway everything Jordan accomplished bc he couldn’t be bird 😂
Old School
Old School 3 kun oldin
Ahh interesting 3 super teams in the east. When you talk to lebron fans apparently he only played plumbers
ZX10R kawasaki
ZX10R kawasaki 3 kun oldin
You are huge Lebron hater! Listen, Phil Jackson/Pippin can say that jordan couldn't have won 1 championship without them; that's a fact. Nobody can say that about Lebron. Hater; very sad
buttdavis 4 kun oldin
Are we even taking nick wright seriously at this point? I quit a long time ago
Rogered Moore
Rogered Moore 4 kun oldin
Doug always looks baked.
Adam Valerino
Adam Valerino 4 kun oldin
I'm not a LeBron fan by any stretch but I respect his game but I'm a Jordan guy. LeBron to me is 3rd on the all time list still behind MJ and Kareem
Francis de la Cruz
Francis de la Cruz 4 kun oldin
MJ lost to Bird, Doc, Isaiah.....LeBron lost to Dallas??? With the eye test it's obvious MJ was the best player in the league. People vote with their $$$, MJ sells more today retired than any active player by a large Margin.
G TV Network
G TV Network 4 kun oldin
Nick has been exposed as a clown.
Joel Driver
Joel Driver 4 kun oldin
Nick Wright sounds like one of these ass clowns that believes earth is flat and has to try to figure out ad hoc explanations to back his case which obviously is completely impossible. Jordan was better than Lebron at literally every part of the game of basketball and clearly more clutch and a better winner when it mattered the most. Wright is making an absolute fool out of himself.
Lebron took multiple coaches to the finals and Michael Jordan and (rip) Kobe never won without Phil and Jordan missed the championship 14 times and Lebron appeared 3 times less than the times Jordan missed and oh yeah he won his 4th ring the same age as Michael won his 4th with 7 more appearances and Larry won 3 league MVPS on his watch and Lebron won 4 out of 5 MVPs besides the D.rose robbery which would of made 5 in a row but the media disrespect lebron because of that hidden check these critics be getting from Nike to keep that Jordan sneaker alive. LBJ. = Mr. 40,000 plus 10,000 plus, 10,000 plus ... Yall need straight jackets !!!!! The joke is over👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Mark Bantz
Mark Bantz 4 kun oldin
Nick is a homer!
Smoov Smoov
Smoov Smoov 4 kun oldin
Damn! I have been waiting for an analyst to say these FACTS! He broke this down to the damn Tee! Preach!!!!!!! 💯
NYSYD Mark 4 kun oldin
Nick Wrong is an idiot. Everyone knows that
23thelegend23 4 kun oldin
The same Nick Wrong who was wrong about the Celtics lol
Dan Ny
Dan Ny 4 kun oldin
The league is now much talented than Jordan’s era. I can name 10 players better than Jordan from today’s NBA ( talent wise).
jersey4life31 4 kun oldin
NO ONE has ever been killed over a pair of lebrons ....PERIOD!!!!
jersey4life31 4 kun oldin
Wow....thanks Doug for the common sense. Nothing but facts!!!!
jersey4life31 4 kun oldin
MJ 6-0 in the finals ......thx
THE BEAR JEW 4 kun oldin
Wait wait hold up. Shaq, Kobe, Robinson, Duncan, Hakeem, and Drexler never won in MJ's prime. Last I checked, MJ was 1-0 against Magic in the Finals, and obviously he never faced Kareem in the playoffs as far as I know. Bird and IT both beat MJ several times but Bird literally had the best team in the league and was only rivaled by the Lakers. IT and the Pistons were just as loaded and they got taken to 7 then defeated. Really aside from the Celtics, MJ beat everyone. I mean, people keep talking about the Lakers and Pistons getting old but in 1990-1991 both of those teams were doing great. They were still seen as some of the best teams in the league. The Bulls and Knicks just so happened to rise up in around 91-92 and become the new top dogs, but it's not like IT, Dumars, Magic, and Worthy were 34 or something...they were like 30 years old.
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