Denver Defeats Clippers to Advance to the NBA Conference Finals Against the Lakers

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THE JASON SMITH - Jason Smith & Mike Harmon react to the highly touted LA Clippers losing BIG to the young Denver Nuggets in a giant upset.
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TwArDxL 26 kun oldin
6:38 where they being for real or sarcastic?
Kenny Tejeda
Kenny Tejeda Oy oldin
kawhi is overrated? shocker lol. this is only being realized now. "pundits" in the media.
Sephiroth766 Oy oldin
I don't get how the Clippers were "tired". What was the point of all that load management then?
K C Oy oldin
They were too arrogant from the very start of the season, serves them right to lose.. they didn't earn anything.
Roosevelt Joseph
Roosevelt Joseph Oy oldin
I have more respect for the GSW teams. Having the best team on paper, doesn't mean you will automatically win a ring. Chemistry gotta be there
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Oy oldin
“Clippers got these dogs, but guess what? They do a lot of barking and no biting. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić went over the fence and got their ball, they figured the dog was friendly. They started petting the dog, the dog started wagging his tail and they walked straight out the front door with their ball and took the dog; and on their way out the Clippers had a sweet potato pie and a bottled water to give them on their way out the front door. So I don’t want to hear nothing bout chemistry problems.” - Kendrick Perkins
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Oy oldin
Go get Phil Jackson Clippers.
Yahir Sotelo
Yahir Sotelo Oy oldin
Bro what they talking about Fred deserved the FMVP over kawhi who did better then him at everything 🤨
Jason S
Jason S Oy oldin
You guys are boring af
chad chua
chad chua Oy oldin
Imagine, Clippers don’t have any picks until 2027 just to get pandemic P 😂
Foday Bangura
Foday Bangura Oy oldin
You guys stop lying to us, doc has to go
Fin6as Oy oldin
Nobody said Doc Rivers is the best coach in the NBA, but alot of people said Kawhi is the best. He’s getting away with this.
Marlon Ennis
Marlon Ennis Oy oldin
Kawhi and pg13 are drivers not jump shooter's. They shoot way too much
show*n*telligence Oy oldin
Van fleet did get robbed for finals mvp
Chris Webber
Chris Webber Oy oldin
Maybe Steve Ballmer has a side bet against his Clippers team so he can cash in during this pandemic while everyone loses money, like me. Didn’t see it coming just like the rest of everyone
Curtis Blyden
Curtis Blyden Oy oldin
Load management came back to bite them in the ass
C D Oy oldin
The Raptors without Kawhi reached the 2nd round. Same as the Clippers with Kawhi. Think about that.
C D Oy oldin
Doc Rivers is overrated. His only championship is when he had the Big 3.
Contel Bradford
Contel Bradford Oy oldin
SMH. Ya'll sports "experts" ruin everything it. Doc is wearing it. Kawhi is wearing it. PG is wearing it. They have no choice. It is what it is. But you try to make it more than what it is by overlooking them accepting accountability, which they all did several times in their post-game pressers, and pick out little nuggets (ha!) to make it seem like they're running from it. Talking heads sucks!
Chris Green
Chris Green Oy oldin
Kawhi thought he could load management his way to a title again. When last year he got lucky playing dysfunctional teams and then ran into an injured warriors team. Load management is over
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson Oy oldin
This is not Kawhi fault at all ....he was the only player who did his job throughout the series a couple of games
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson Oy oldin
This feels like a nightmare
88smjls Oy oldin
This man just said LeBron doesn’t have disappearing acts.
Cymande Jackson
Cymande Jackson 11 kun oldin
That was over a DECADE ago, think about that. His worst series was in the Finals 10 years ago and if it wasn't for an injury he would have made it 10 years in a row to the Finals and about to with the opportunity to win another chip at the age of 35 year 17. Nobody remembers MJ not getting nowhere without Pippen and Phil but y'all can't let on blemish go. Gtfo
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson Oy oldin
I don’t think they wanted to play in the bubble
TheAffiliates Oy oldin
Time to fire Doc Rivers and make some trades because this current team is not championship ready
Tony S.
Tony S. Oy oldin
Fire Doc. Bring in Mark Jackson.
Korey Paul
Korey Paul Oy oldin
I was told as a Lakers fan over and over again that Doc and his coaching staff is a superior coaching staff..I'd take Vogel over Doc *ALL* day. And to kick him in the pants on the way out: he was a lousy GM for them too..
Johnny Ali
Johnny Ali Oy oldin
Anthony Davis is the MVP. as soon as he got there Lakers are in the playoffs without him they weren't. AD gets no love
K L Sutton
K L Sutton Oy oldin
Doc Rivers is the most overrated coach in NBA history. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Solomon's Tech
Solomon's Tech Oy oldin
I can’t argue that
Rick Karras
Rick Karras Oy oldin
Fact checking now
Mariano pacheco
Mariano pacheco Oy oldin
Oh so no kawhi is not an all time great 😂 I swear the media just needs to embrace that lebron is and has been the best player for the the last 13 years at least 🤣
Israel Rosario Jr.
Israel Rosario Jr. Oy oldin
He hasn't proven that he's an all-time great as of yet so they're right.
slim Mason
slim Mason Oy oldin
Joman Joe Razonable
Joman Joe Razonable Oy oldin
Since start this season I always hear the clippers is a alpha dog best team in NBA.. LOL big scam 😂😂😂
Steven W
Steven W Oy oldin
Docky Rivers, well we’ll well. Stephen A said “ I guarantee that if Dantoni loses, he will and should lose his job” let’s see if he calls for Doc to lose his job for not leading the dream team to the championship. If not it cannot be anything but “black privilege”. We are waiting Stephen A.
The A.T.M Family !
The A.T.M Family ! Oy oldin
Like they said kawhi first tittle great system he just played in wasn’t the guy and 2nd tittle caught a lot of breaks injured GS team 🤦‍♂️
Mixamaka Oy oldin
The Jennifer Aniston comparison is so accurate!
GQ Harrison
GQ Harrison Oy oldin
Marilyn Miller
Marilyn Miller Oy oldin
I'm going to keep 💯 real. This is one of the many games that are fixed. And they are all in on it. Stay Safe and Vigilant!
Marilyn Miller
Marilyn Miller Oy oldin
@Patrick Wells why??? There are several reasons they do it. Think about this 🤔 do you believe Kawhi and PG just lost their shot 🤔 of all a sudden? They are all in on it. The greatest show of all time! Stay Safe and Vigilant!
Bobo Brazile
Bobo Brazile Oy oldin
No, Glenn Rivers is a loser. He has a rare talent for blowing 3/1 leads. He should be coach of the decade for faking....
Patrick Wells
Patrick Wells Oy oldin
Why would they ever fix a game against the Clippers??? The media has been building up clippers vs Lakers all year long.
Wayne Jeffery
Wayne Jeffery Oy oldin
Thank you Kawhi was the fourth wheel when my Spurs won that year, Duncan should have been the finals MVP
Guess Who
Guess Who Oy oldin
The claws D was a no show the entire series ...he couldn't try to stop Murray
Jay Marbles
Jay Marbles Oy oldin
I think it's safe to say Paul George is the worst big player in sports history. Seriously. I've never seen a dude unravel and looked scared to fuckin death in those moments like PG.
Baba Hathrangi
Baba Hathrangi Oy oldin
Ballz (As Lakers' Ms Buss called him), was a failure when he was the CEO of Microsoft. Is a failure as owner of Clippers. Doc is a failure. Kwahi is a failure. Paul George is pathetic... Lue is a failure... Pat Bev is a failure...
Contel Bradford
Contel Bradford Oy oldin
Vern Davenport Jr.
Vern Davenport Jr. Oy oldin
Caucasian hype job
Michael Lane
Michael Lane Oy oldin
Who is this clown over-criticizing Kawhi??? Toronto was a loaded team??? Where’s their titles prior to Kawhi being TRADED there? And then to say that the Raptors ALMOST making the conference finals this year is proof that they’re loaded, is absolute stupidity! So he must be saying that dude’s a fraud that has players with him to make it appear that he’s a beast??? Critics get so caught in the moment, their takes becomes clownish.
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Oy oldin
@allndadoe510 Giannis made it to the Conference Finals last year, so that negates the theory of him not getting out the 2nd round. Lebron owned the East and Toronto before Kawhi joined the team. So maybe you're thinking of the DeRozan era. I also want to mention how this Toronto team without Kawhi beat the Lakers in LA and in the bubble, even though this was only in the regular season. After Duncan retired, Kawhi led SA to 61 wins behind the Warriors 67 wins in 2017 during KDs first tenure. They met in the Conference Finals and Kawhi was killing them in Game 1, as they were up about 23 pts towards the end of the 3rd quarter. That's when he went down with the ankle injury. Lebron and his Heatles got waxed by Dallas in the 2011 Finals and he scored on 8pts in one of those game. He was able to bounce back, so...I also don't want to take anything from that Dallas squad because they did sweep the Kobe-led Lakers in the 2nd round.
allndadoe510 Oy oldin
@Michael Lane exactly and the first time ever Kawhi is expected to win a title , he's ELIMINATED out the 2ND ROUND !! Kawhi Blown 3-1 Lead, Kevin Durant Blown 3-1 Lead, Steph Curry Blown 3-1 Lead, Russell Westbrook Blown 3-1 Lead , Paul George Blown 3-1 Lead, Chris Paul Blown 3 - 1 , James harden Blown 3 -2 Lead, Giannis Can't get out the 2nd Round . King James 14 - 0 Leading a series 3 - 1, 4th Championship in his 17th season, still the absolute Best player in the World 👑
Michael Lane
Michael Lane Oy oldin
allndadoe510 When the big 3 left the Spurs, EVERY team in the West had zero title expectations due to a LOADED team from Oakland. The Warriors. You’re spot on about Toronto. I just don’t think Lebron owns the West right now. If he did, he would have been in the finals last season. The Lakers didn’t even make the playoffs.
allndadoe510 Oy oldin
@Michael Lane yeah and when all then retired, san Antonio had Zero title expectations. Toronto in no way shape or form comparable to the Warriors last couple years, not even close. LeBron OWNED the Eastern Conference, period. Kinda like he OWNS the Western Conference Now
Michael Lane
Michael Lane Oy oldin
allndadoe510 As far as the Spurs, a YOUNG Kawhi grew as a player to become a beast. Not only by winning the Finals MVP beating the Heat, he also became THE man in San Antonio before and after Duncan, Ginobli and Parker’s retirements. You’re proving my point as far as the Raptors. If they were a loaded team, Lebron would mean little to nothing. You that team that actually was loaded.....The Warriors! Now I will admit that last night was a huge choke job. But the aforementioned Warriors has the crown for the biggest choke job in NBA history.
The most savage thing I have ever heard about Jennifer Aniston 😂
Brooklyn Eight
Brooklyn Eight Oy oldin
🗣WHAT ABOUT KHAWI BLOWING A 3-1 LEAD AND BEATING A INJURED GSW TEAM LAST YEAR...wen steph did it he had to win 2 more rings just to quiet the noise and criticism...give khawi that same trouble
C. K.
C. K. Oy oldin
So much for the prospect of a competitive Western Conference Finals.
TheConundrum Oy oldin
I think Lakers will win but come on, we got to respect Denver at this point
gobear2002 Oy oldin
How can two superstar have bad game its unheard of..i.think pandemic p is affecting kwahi performance
media hub RN
media hub RN Oy oldin
No need to panic they are saving it for the playoffs... 🙄
Leo Israel
Leo Israel Oy oldin
I think like this show better than Chris and Robs
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe Oy oldin
I would say it depends on the subject matter. Chris and Rob are annoying together, but they post interesting questions or subjects for callers, and the comment section.
Ramone Alexander
Ramone Alexander Oy oldin
Rondos about to have 2 rings now with 3 finals appearances. Damn what about CP0 I’ll wait lmao .
Jay from MeloWorld
Jay from MeloWorld Oy oldin
Ok you're going to damn far....that finals MVP award Definitely went to the right person....quit playing around
Contel Bradford
Contel Bradford Oy oldin
Exactly. Mufuckas is caught up in the moment. SMH.
Ray Brun
Ray Brun Oy oldin
Not one lie told
Zen Master
Zen Master Oy oldin
It's a new era. It's time for a new era coach.
Leo Israel
Leo Israel Oy oldin
I agree, Doc is like the NBAs darling you can’t touch, but he does have to wear this one. I don’t put the blame on him, more on PG and Kawhi but Doc has to wear this also
Mathew Lobo
Mathew Lobo Oy oldin
It’s the Bumble 🤣🙄
jason young
jason young Oy oldin
clippers didn't win anything but somehow they acted liked they are aiming for 2nd 3peat.
Emmett Mombo
Emmett Mombo Oy oldin
Well True. I'm glad them and the dumb media ate some great tasting "Humble Pie"!! 😄
James Williams
James Williams Oy oldin
I agree with you 100%. Well said.
Aaron Schlesinger
Aaron Schlesinger Oy oldin
Doc should be replaced by a former white NBA player with no previous coaching experience, just to see the reactions of Smith, Parker, etc.😂!
Lakers In6
Lakers In6 Oy oldin
Is kawhi still gonna load manage next season🤣🤣
mg19cal Oy oldin
Tomorrow is going to be the best episode in Undisputed history
mg19cal Oy oldin
@EL-Nino Spanish Raging Bull of course he is. He may as well bring crutches to the set because he has no legs to stand on, just gonna be excuse making and competition diluting
EL-Nino Spanish Raging Bull
EL-Nino Spanish Raging Bull Oy oldin
Nah, Skip is going to bring up how this finals is a cake walk for the Lakers
Lintah Pius
Lintah Pius Oy oldin
For sure can't wait for it
alter ego
alter ego Oy oldin
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Oy oldin
OMEGALUL so true!
Antbeast23 Oy oldin
Despite all the talent chemistry wasn't there
ianbop Oy oldin
I made a Kawhi Leonard Mii
project chantalson
project chantalson Oy oldin
Those analysts were blind, now they see
Pac West
Pac West Oy oldin
Red Cloud
Red Cloud Oy oldin
Clippers led most of the time in the entire series--they were clearly the stronger more talented team. It's just that every time the 4th quarter begins they start to lose it---So this is different kind level of choking. Probably the second greatest choking in the history of basketball behind Golden State Warriors 2016 just because that one actually happened in the Finals.
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe Oy oldin
I would actually say the second half of games is when the Clippers start to lose it. They usually have a double-digit leading going into the third. Then Nuggets would come back and take a small lead. But CLippers never stop the bleeding. It ends up being a bad loss on the other end
Contel Bradford
Contel Bradford Oy oldin
Ehhh. Difference is the Warriors got beat. Barely. The Clippers choked. Choked and choked hard. So hard they looked like they got buttfucked without consent in the end.
Mr.BigBoss7 Oy oldin
It’s a lot easier mentally to take the double team and make the pass vs taking that last shot for the win. Skill wise maybe the other way around
Mr.BigBoss7 Oy oldin
Kawhi should have sat out game 5 to rest. Clearly he needs the rest from all these games he’s played
James A. Segui
James A. Segui Oy oldin
They should replace Doc, no adjustments, the same mistakes for three straight games, doesn’t call timeouts on big runs. I don’t think it’s all on him, Kawhi has a LOT of the blame because it’s his fault they don’t have chemistry due to load management & he played horribly this game, he was also supposed to be the best player in the planet and wasn’t even the best player on this series. Paul George is a choker, there’s nothing new there. If Kawhi would’ve stayed in Toronto he would’ve cruised to the finals once again, hell he could’ve gone to the Lakers and be the overwhelming favorite, he chose a player that constantly doesn’t perform in the playoffs, that’s on him. Heavy is the head that wears the crown 🤷🏻‍♂️
Titlebreaker Oy oldin
You're right. Because Kawhi is the leader of the team and had to load manage that sent the wrong message down to everyone in the team
Chris Webber
Chris Webber Oy oldin
Doc Rivers don’t call timeout on big runs?? Who does he think he is! Only Phil Jackson can do this without fking up. Even Popovich needs to call timeout after big runs. Rivers are too arrogant
Curtis Blyden
Curtis Blyden Oy oldin
Does doc even have an offensive scheme?
Korey Paul
Korey Paul Oy oldin
Spot. On.
Rod S
Rod S Oy oldin
Ooooo 🎯🎯🎯
Surprise Cat
Surprise Cat Oy oldin
How dare you question Kawhi as an all-time great. Funny how people are quick to forget how LeBron failed and got outscored by Jason Terry in the Finals with the first go around of the Heatles with a prime LeBron, Wade and Bosh. That team was way more top-heavy than this Clippers team and it's not even close. This is the reality that you need to build chemistry within a team. If L3-6bron is in the G.O.A.T debate with the likes of Michael Jordan, there is no credibility that Kawhi is not an all-time great because it's not like Kawhi just got carried in his championships. Last year with the Raptors, he dragged that team to the Finals and had All-Time great playoff averages that the likes of Michael Jordan only had. And also with the Spurs, they had Duncan, Ginobili and Parker, arguably 3 hall of fame basket players one being a first ballot and he still one Finals MVP as a 22 year old. So stop it. The team as a whole underperformed, Kawhi isn't excused from blame but let's not act this is the end of his career or he is old.
MR.Denzel Sausageton
MR.Denzel Sausageton Oy oldin
Surprise Cat exactly. It’s LeBron fans trying to have both ways. He’s in a Jordan conversation despite all his mishaps, But Kawaii can’t be considered the because you’re the best because he lost one playoff Series? This is why people slander LeBron he has a whole media apparatus of people defending him and trying to rewrite history that no other player has.
Lenox W
Lenox W Oy oldin
Nuggets in 7
Mr.BigBoss7 Oy oldin
All time greats don’t drop 14 in a game 7 loss
Korey Paul
Korey Paul Oy oldin
@Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA You can nickname people all you want, but they all better than your GOAT 😭
OhGeeGanksta Oy oldin
Called it. I wouldn't necessarily say Fred was the MVP, but him, Kawhi, and Siakam were all co-mvps. Kawhi is overrated as a player, and I would say is detrimental as a teammate.
OhGeeGanksta Oy oldin
@MR.Denzel Sausageton You take that one away from Lebron and he'd still have more than Kawhi. Not to mention, LBJ numbers when he won MVP was astronomical compared to Kawhi's.
MR.Denzel Sausageton
MR.Denzel Sausageton Oy oldin
If you’re going to do that why not give co MVP to Kyrie
MR.Denzel Sausageton
MR.Denzel Sausageton Oy oldin
Mr.BigBoss7 Oy oldin
Kawhi is the most luckiest dude ever. The chips he won were basically handed to him
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell Oy oldin
Jennifer Anniston is saucy lookin better older . I a pick her b4 mo den half a Hollywood no matter age or color. N me love my sistas
Mark Warner
Mark Warner Oy oldin
Dude what coach has been able to get the Clippers out of the second round, was the great Larry Brown able to do it? It don't matter who's coaching that team. The Clipper curse is bigger than Doc Rivers.
Contel Bradford
Contel Bradford Oy oldin
Good point. Coming from a Detroit Lions fan.
LeVelle Coley
LeVelle Coley Oy oldin
Club shay shay is about to open in like 8hrs and I’m in line like it’s Black Friday 😂😂😂
Israel Rosario Jr.
Israel Rosario Jr. Oy oldin
Just one more game to get that chemistry down...
Jay from MeloWorld
Jay from MeloWorld Oy oldin
Got dem hot L's ready to go
Gone is packed in the morning!!
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell Oy oldin
Wit dem Hot Ls
The Analytical Revolutionary
The Analytical Revolutionary Oy oldin
I wonder what excuses Colin will make tomorrow
James Williams
James Williams Oy oldin
Khairul Izzuddin
Khairul Izzuddin Oy oldin
Fire Doc and promote Ty lue as the head coach. Doc overrated as hell
dick heder
dick heder Oy oldin
george paul shud be traded, he chokes, kawhi choked too
Gary Nixon
Gary Nixon Oy oldin
Remember, Kawhi’s 1st option was Jimmy Buckets.
Marilyn Miller
Marilyn Miller Oy oldin
The game was fixed like many of the NBA 🏀 games. And they are in it while jerking the fans around.
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Oy oldin
Don't worry guys the Clippers will bounce back in game 8. They're still the best team in the league.
Ndea Monk
Ndea Monk Oy oldin
Robert StacKr47
Robert StacKr47 Oy oldin
Devonta Cosby
Devonta Cosby Oy oldin
@gobear2002 clippers are trash
Randy Watson
Randy Watson Oy oldin
Reggie 410
Reggie 410 Oy oldin
Evan Oy oldin
Cancun on 3
nba talkz
nba talkz Oy oldin
This guy really said toronto was a stacked team. If they were a stacked team why did they get a second rd exit. Kawhi is the real deal its obvious what happened. He literally carried the clips to this point. His tank was empty.
nba talkz
nba talkz Oy oldin
@Ethan M I'm not saying they were stacked I agree with you.
nba talkz
nba talkz Oy oldin
@Jon Jon Campbell he literally was a one man team in the playoffs
Ethan M
Ethan M Oy oldin
Angel Hernandez Why don’t you just get off the word ‘stacked ‘ lol. Raps is not a stacked team everyone knows that. They’re a cohesive well coached team that plays hard on both ends. They’re a very good TEAM
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell Oy oldin
How u gonna b on empty after 4months off
nba talkz
nba talkz Oy oldin
@Kenny Nguyen I like Toronto but they ain't a stacked team. They were literally gonna go down 0-3 if it wasn't for that miracle 3. I think think its safe to say that if your a stacked team you could at least get out of the second round
Polo Loco
Polo Loco Oy oldin
Alright enough of Jennifer Aniston for f's sake
Artiom Mikhailov
Artiom Mikhailov Oy oldin
Nuggets!!! Are you kidding me? Who are these guys? How are they continuing to be so clutch under pressure? It's like they all have ice in their veins. Twice?! Twice in a row from 3-1 down?! They made the clippers look absolutely helpless, just bullying them in the second half 3(!!!!) games in a row, and the clippers couldn't do a damn thing to stop it. They looked pathetic. At first their lead dwindling, then tight close game, then down by a few points to down by double digits - in a blink of an eye. It happened so fast, it completely crushed them. They didn't know what's hitting them. That's stunning!!! How can you not have sympathy for the Nuggets? When they go on these crazy runs, it's so much fun to watch.
nba talkz
nba talkz Oy oldin
Does anyone know how to start a petition on how to get doc fired ?
Bucky Houppert
Bucky Houppert Oy oldin
Did any1 notice Clippers lost 3 straight after doc ran his mouth about social justice. Maybe should have paid more attention 2 coaching
Mr.BigBoss7 Oy oldin
His black privilege will keep him coaching don’t you worry🤙🏼 I mean it’s most likely why he got a coaching job to begin with. So much talent went thru his nads and just one chip😆 sad man
Polo Loco
Polo Loco Oy oldin
Petition won't be needed after this choke job brother. Baller with have his head by friday.
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana Oy oldin
To be honest I think balmer personally fires doc
Chris Webber
Chris Webber Oy oldin
Maybe Steve Ballmer has a side bet against his Clippers team so he can cash in during this pandemic while everyone loses money, like me. Didn’t see it coming just like the rest of everyone
R H Oy oldin
They have to fire doc. Blowing a 3-1 lead is unrecoverable mentally.
Mental Mind
Mental Mind Oy oldin
Not to mention Doc did it before with the Clippers (2015)
gobear2002 Oy oldin
Mark Jackson Jeff.gundy should be coach hell bring back Vinny
Joseph Adrian Loja
Joseph Adrian Loja Oy oldin
100% fired. He did it 3 times in his resume now. Very OVERRRATED as per Big Baby Davis too.
Mindful Attraction 2.0
Mindful Attraction 2.0 Oy oldin
@KCKing32 😂
KCKing32 Oy oldin
@Polo Loco kd aint walking thru the door bruh
Boris Savovic
Boris Savovic Oy oldin
I dont know if they can fire Doc...too many black coaches fired...hire Mark Jackson 😁😁😁
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell Oy oldin
Jackson would not a done dat
LeVelle Coley
LeVelle Coley Oy oldin
Hell fire him lol. Black or white, bruh those coaching skills are weak most 3-1 losses?? 3x bruh he gone 😂
Greg Lewis
Greg Lewis Oy oldin
Doc is Trrraaasshh!!
sylvio1980 Oy oldin
Doc Rivers is the most overrated coach in recent history.
K L Sutton
K L Sutton Oy oldin
THANK YOU. Been saying this for years now
Reggie Salvador
Reggie Salvador Oy oldin
Yeah.. but if LeBron's loss.. it's all LeBron fault. 👑 .... Don't compare #2 to LBJ again.. never ..evvverrrrr pls
erasercool Oy oldin
Rivers is WAY overrated as a coach
Michael C
Michael C Oy oldin
James Williams / Doc knows more about coaching and how his team wants to be coached/needs to be coached than we do. Like he said, this isn't like the movies. His stars DIDN'T deliver. The Nuggets wanted it way more and had a dominate big in Joker at the skilled position and they couldn't answer for him all series. Murray had his way with Pat Bev all series while Pat Bev offered nothing on the offensive end. Paul George didn't show up at all. Kwahi didn't find that extra gear either. The team built no chemistry with Kwahi sitting out every other game, PG being hurt partially this season, Pat Bev being hurt in the bubble, and Trez losing his grandmother, Lou Will being suspended for the Magic City incident, Morris twin barking at everyone and getting tossed. Clips had ALOT going on this season. Alot. I want the Lakers to win it all but I also know the reality and culmination of things surrounding the Clips wasn't set for success
Michael C
Michael C Oy oldin
Paul Frantizek / crony all the way to the #2 seed in the West. The Heat didn't win the chip their first year either they assembled for their championship run. Neither did Lebrons year 1 with the Lakers. Even Steph Klay and Dray lost the finals down 3-1. Noone dragged Kerr but praised GS for getting KD. This was Docs first year with Kwahi and PG. I bet Balmer will keep him around. The West doesn't typically get worse, teams like Portland, Memphis, Sacramento, Phoenix, all lower seeded teams in the West are on the rise. The 8th seed West teams can knock the 1st, 2nd seed teams out. Not so much in the East. See Milwaukee the last 2 years
Paul Frantizek
Paul Frantizek Oy oldin
He's a crony coach, players like him because he doesn't rock their boats.
James Williams
James Williams Oy oldin
When Doc said speeches to the team are overrated , then I got on board with him being overrated. You are the coach. Your team is up 3-1, and now in a seventh game. You say nothing to hype the team for the game. You are overrated.
Michael C
Michael C Oy oldin
? What. Try Paul George not showing up and Kwahi not taking control at all the last 2 games. Not to say how well Denver and Mike Malone had meshed. This is the mighty west we're talking about. Both teams in the West Finals have 2 things in common. Great guard play and a true stretch big man. Clips had no real inside presence all series
Craig Stephen
Craig Stephen Oy oldin
He was not the best player on the Spurs when they won and he beat a warriors team with KD and Klay not playing. He’s yet to win a championship as “the guy” and beat real competition
slim Mason
slim Mason Oy oldin
MR.Denzel Sausageton
MR.Denzel Sausageton Oy oldin
MR.Denzel Sausageton
MR.Denzel Sausageton Oy oldin
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