Dan Patrick Reacts to the Collapse of the LA Clippers

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DAN PATRICK SHOW - Dan Patrick reacts to the LA Clippers allowing the Denver Nuggets to get the best of them in the NBA Playoffs.
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Derrick Tillison
Derrick Tillison 3 kun oldin
But they were supposed to be so so tough!!!!
Derrick Tillison
Derrick Tillison 3 kun oldin
Eddie Vo
Eddie Vo 4 kun oldin
Wayoff PG, he is only concerned and focused on his game rating, not winning. Tyrone better straight him out.
PTPOG Practicing The Presence of God Ministries
PTPOG Practicing The Presence of God Ministries 5 kun oldin
I find great irony in the fact that he talked about Kawhi not getting the blame for the losses by the media, while at the same time he never plays any sound bites of Kawhi’s reaction to the losses. He played sound bites of Doc and PG, but no Kawhi. He literally is fulfilling his own analysis of the media reaction to KL by not showing any reaction of his to the loss. If LJ had lost like this all they would do is play his reaction and his post interview to the media all month long.
Andrew Olive Tree Mixing
Andrew Olive Tree Mixing 12 kun oldin
Considering that Jerry West helped to put this team together it probably makes his blood boil and make him sick to hear his player say it wasn't a championship or bust season to him.
Nalla Dlanor Gomez
Nalla Dlanor Gomez 21 kun oldin
clippers is a fraud it's only build to dissapoint!
John McClain
John McClain Oy oldin
Why why !! Kawhi did you go to the Clippers. 👈
Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams Oy oldin
Clippers only worried about dethroning lebron, load managing too much
oey pena
oey pena Oy oldin
Ballmer should require the clippers to stay in the bubble and watch the lakers-nuggets series as punishment
Para RezKo
Para RezKo Oy oldin
Would love to drive my fist in Wayoff P’s face... damn he makes me mad just by breathing
John Napolitana
John Napolitana Oy oldin
Its not having all thé dogs its exécution as a team on not needs Doc Rivers didnt stand up to thèse dogs he bad he was to soft with thèm Harrell was winking to fans l'after 1 basket in 1st quater Morris was out of line in all playoffs acting like a punk thats not championship material Doc Did nothing about it he should go now
John Napolitana
John Napolitana Oy oldin
I think thé Clippers lost because of selfish overconfidence and attitude problems with some players
hockeyguy515 Oy oldin
Every single media-pushed narrative this year about the LA teams was bullshit. They said the clippers had so much depth and the lakers lacked depth, meanwhile the lakers are literally 10 deep and are blowing teams out when Bron scores less than 20 points. They said AD didn’t have that “It factor” and “wasn’t a closer”, when you could legitimately argue he’d be the best player on the clippers. They said “oh doc rivers and ty lue, clippers have the coaching advantage” meanwhile Vogel and his staff have drawn up defenses to shut down dame and 2 of the last 4 mvps. The fact that Lebron and prime Anthony Davis were never the overwhelming favorite in a season without the OP warriors is laughable.
fanboy98 Oy oldin
Instead of complaining about the clippers, let’s address why this old guy is acting like he’s not old. Dude you sound like an old guy who thinks he’s not
mistah Jackson
mistah Jackson Oy oldin
Kawhi recruited Paul G. So he's responsible. Doc didn't recruit him Kawhi did. On top of that Paul G said at the beginning of season this is a championship season. Kevin Hart interviewed him. So cut the crap. Kawhi is a star player same as Paul G. They need a superstar around them to lead them or an airtight system like Raptors had. Kawhi didn't even have to practice with the Raptors and they were ready to go.
ib2nyce4u Oy oldin
DP with the facts
Iamtrue Toyou
Iamtrue Toyou Oy oldin
If Im Ballmer i will not wait a minute to fire these guys. They wasted his money blah blah blah dont worry boss will be back next year.
Nalaz One
Nalaz One Oy oldin
Clips got robbed with all those first rd picks they lost for PG and Marcus Morris..they are screwed after next year and won’t have cap space or picks. Best thing to do is get rid of Kawhi and start over. Especially when he load manages all yr. ain’t worth the money.
Tariq Simpkins
Tariq Simpkins Oy oldin
“They can bring in Ty Lue” yikes. He doesn’t know Ty Lue is an assistant coach on the clippers...that’s not good. Overall this take Sounds like its is from a casual fan with a professional fan job...
Troy Duffie
Troy Duffie Oy oldin
Tariq Simpkins bring in as in promote. He knows he works with the clippers.
Richard Oracin
Richard Oracin Oy oldin
I picked Denver over Clippers. It will be Mia vs Denver in the finals. I picked Mia to go to the finals in March b4 Covid19 shut down.
Dr. Caleb Mc Cloggan - Endocrinologist
Dr. Caleb Mc Cloggan - Endocrinologist Oy oldin
Dan you have a new subscriber here bro. Great take.
Dr. Caleb Mc Cloggan - Endocrinologist
Dr. Caleb Mc Cloggan - Endocrinologist Oy oldin
I think 🤔 that Nick Wright is the best sports analyst in the league. This guy needs a raise. He has always been on point over and over again despite the odds. He has a special type of vision.
Scratchin' Samurai
Scratchin' Samurai Oy oldin
They need a coaching combination of McMillan and Joerger.
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa Oy oldin
KAWHI- early in career CHAMPIONSHIP learn how to be a champion...didn't like champion TRAINING,.left to a well discipline team had to fit in wanted to show S.A they made a mistake,.an show Raptors I ain't the bad guy...played his ass off got lucky cause they had the PEICES jus needed someone to show what winning looks like...he was the leader, but not the leader...an won...now with winning showing S.A up...an making Toronto n NBA world think he did all that by himself wanted to go to L.A now he got the keys it's his car with no one to prove anything to his on top of the mountain STARTED to believe that he did all that work an don't worry bout me you see me when you see me...well we see what happened...but they gave him a pass...LEBRON 17 yrs still not taking anything for granted... GREAT👑NESS
Joseph Adrian Loja
Joseph Adrian Loja Oy oldin
It's a championship or bust season. This is also their best chance because if they could have face the lakers in a normal environment, for sure it will be a 7 road games for them in the staples. But they acted so priveledged the whole season even until the bubble. They should be thankful to the dallas series coz it showed them a little bit of their problem. But, they acted so priveledged again and at the very best timing they were hit of something that they did'nt expected. It's the best collapse in history. Everyone could be blamed but they need to stitch every problems and stop acting so priveledged again. They should be humbled next season, act tough and stop being a baby and stop disrespecting the season as just a warm up to the playoffs.
Antzzz Manzzz
Antzzz Manzzz Oy oldin
Good stuff Dan Patric
MT TheGreat
MT TheGreat Oy oldin
The Nuggets played better they had the better team and better stars simple
Brian Camacho
Brian Camacho Oy oldin
Clippers need to gtfo of LA. They legit do not deserve to have this city in their name
Light23K Oy oldin
Same thing when PG said he was alway a clipper fan, not a Laker fan.
Charles Williams
Charles Williams Oy oldin
If Lebron did what Kawhi did, every sports personality would be killing him right now. He is getting a total pass. The animosity toward Lebron James is so ridiculous.
The Final Say
The Final Say Oy oldin
I swear u thought Lakers going to get smashed by Clippers.
KvMx7rQbo48= Oy oldin
1:46 doesnt sound convincing even his voice breaks
Paco Abrigo
Paco Abrigo Oy oldin
Nick Wright said BEFORE the playoffs started, that the Denver Nuggets would beat the Clippers. He might have been the only one in the national media, keeping it real
gobear2002 Oy oldin
They will trade for gjannis or joel embid getting rid of paul, montreez, lou
718 Summer
718 Summer Oy oldin
He’s not on the same level as the Kang now y’all can stop 🛑 the bs
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Oy oldin
“Clippers got these dogs, but guess what? They do a lot of barking and no biting. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić went over the fence and got their ball, they figured the dog was friendly. They started petting the dog, the dog started wagging his tail and they walked straight out the front door with their ball and took the dog; and on their way out the Clippers had a sweet potato pie and a bottled water to give them on their way out the front door. So I don’t want to hear nothing bout chemistry problems.” - Kendrick Perkins
phantomcyrano Oy oldin
I will always like this quote no matter how many videos I see it on. Shout outs to the great KP.
Vu Oy oldin
How the hell can that idiot defend kawhi?? It’s game 7 and you’re 1/11 in the second half? I don’t care how many dudes are guarding you. You have to at least get to the free throw line. You gotta communicate better instead of being a damn mute all the time. He is no leader you would want
Tongan Super Vaki
Tongan Super Vaki Oy oldin
Finally some facts 👏🏽
The North Remembers
The North Remembers Oy oldin
They laid an egg on national tv plain and simple!
Michael Tamares
Michael Tamares Oy oldin
Extreme load management.. kawhi and paul did not play
dragonsleeper31471 Oy oldin
Let's face it, Kawhi is a system player. Spurs and Raps have great systems, Doc has no system at all so Kawhi gets exposed
PTPOG Practicing The Presence of God Ministries
PTPOG Practicing The Presence of God Ministries 5 kun oldin
Kawhi is nothing more than a hired gun. The Clippers were looking for a leader. What they got was somebody who just comes and does their job (supposedly) when they have to only. He doesn’t know how to lead, he doesn’t want to lead. And neither does PG. it’s a pretty amazing feat to get this far as a player without being any type of a leader.
Navakid Productions
Navakid Productions Oy oldin
"Clippers Collapse 2020" will be searched forever
benjamin padilla
benjamin padilla Oy oldin
Herb Young
Herb Young Oy oldin
Take it easy on the San Diego Clippers. They tried 😂🤣😂
will liam
will liam Oy oldin
I waiting for all those minority sportscasters to blast Doc
will liam
will liam Oy oldin
How did Ballmer look when they presented kawhi n PG? Doc way OVER RATED. and they can't even replace him bec those 2 guys are signed for only 1 more year
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Oy oldin
doc has to go and PANDEMIC P has to go too
Long Shots
Long Shots Oy oldin
Kawhi did not shut down jokic
Steven Primo
Steven Primo Oy oldin
Rivers has gotten way too many chances. Won with Thibodeau and Big 3. I'll take Murray and Jokic vs Heat. Leonard should stayed up north
Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols
Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols Oy oldin
Lol Kawhi=Robert Horry🤔?
Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols
Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols Oy oldin
At this point in his career Paul is Coasting. If he wins Cool, if he don't Cool. It's written ALL OVER HIS FACE AND BODY LANGUAGE.
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Oy oldin
Go peel Phil Jackson off the couch.
Ryan Sawyer
Ryan Sawyer Oy oldin
From the start of Bubble Basketball, Doc Rivers was the worst coach in the league.
2boliviano Oy oldin
Clippers just social distancing from the finals
Hi Oy oldin
LA going to the finals. Not the clippers
Samurai Blk
Samurai Blk Oy oldin
Shawn R
Shawn R Oy oldin
This might sound ridiculous, but i think there's a bad omen around the Clippers organization from the days of Sterling. Lingering karma still remains from the racism and penny pinching on contracts to players. Too many people feel they've been wronged by the organization and it's karma playing out. When the bad feelings go away the omen will be lifted...lol
Diamond Bevel
Diamond Bevel Oy oldin
Dont defend kuwai please.. he didn't score in the 4th..he wasnt get quadruple teamed, he was simply being defended and couldnt make shots. He didnt shut the joker down...joker simply found the open man 15 plus times. Kuwai and doc get all the blame. Leornard wanted pg, so ur responsible for him. Doc rivers let leornard and pg and montrezl and Lou and beverly load manage , go to strip clubs, talk, taunt, more than play. Kuwai brang that lazy regular season culture to this team that played hard last year and now they are at home...good. Pg is still a good player...but like harden or westbrook , hes a choker... But please dont make it seem like he was any worse than leornard bc he really wasnt during this game
Robert Weekes
Robert Weekes Oy oldin
You make a great point about Doc letting the players get too distracted, leave the bubble too much, and clown around. Clearly didn’t enforce enough discipline with this team. That and he failed to make any meaningful adjustments against the Nuggets - and it showed big time. Losing from 3-1 is supposed to be rare but it’s not with Doc. He just doesn’t have what it takes to put his players in the best position. Kawhi was great in 5 out of 7 games against the Nugs so don’t blame him, blame PG and the coach
uniaguilar Oy oldin
Im going to agree with your post, I really let Kawaii get away with the load management, now we know it was a mistake
Howdidhenotseeme Oy oldin
Diamond Bevel Exactly Spot on! Kawhi’s cool no care about regular season, entitled attitude got them to this point. He couldn’t lead them and had been riding the raptors and spurs culture. Now that he has his own team to set the culture, he can’t do it
Larry Thornton
Larry Thornton Oy oldin
There shouldn’t be a tough decision to make. Doc should’ve already been fired.
Benn Miller
Benn Miller Oy oldin
Pop isn’t going to deal with those posers none of em would make it through pops training camp
King Me
King Me Oy oldin
Larry Thornton He should swallow his pride and humble himself
Larry Thornton
Larry Thornton Oy oldin
Myles Graham Kawhi left Popovich already. Lol
King Me
King Me Oy oldin
What if Doc gets fired and the Clippers get... GREGG POPAVICH!!
Will Strickland
Will Strickland Oy oldin
Al Abdel
Al Abdel Oy oldin
"playoff p" says..."as a player, you want that pressure of title expectation"...then later says "this was not a championship or bust season for us". If this guy were a little smarter he would realize how stupid he sounds.
Scratchin' Samurai
Scratchin' Samurai Oy oldin
He married a striper he got pregnent,he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
William Carpenter
William Carpenter Oy oldin
Sounds like a total loser... wait he is!!
Joe Juan
Joe Juan Oy oldin
wayoff pee is the opposite of mamba mentality
Korey Paul
Korey Paul Oy oldin
He doesn't want *ANY* pressure lol
Damon Player
Damon Player Oy oldin
Hell No let Doc bum ass go
Alex Oy oldin
Dam!! dan your inspiring. Everything was on point
Joah Curry
Joah Curry Oy oldin
Ty Lue offense was just as stagnant. Iso and pick and roll only. He definitely not the answer
Joah Curry
Joah Curry 23 kun oldin
@Deepak Natarajan exactly but now you don't have one person who gonna have the ball 85% of the time. And it works until you finally play a real team which was all in the Western Conference
Deepak Natarajan
Deepak Natarajan 23 kun oldin
Lebron made it work
Great Scott
Great Scott Oy oldin
Those that said the nba would rig the west to get the clippers & lakers. Did the nba fail in its rigging?
Great Scott
Great Scott Oy oldin
Sephiroth766 so they did attempt to rig but the players didn’t do their part?
Sephiroth766 Oy oldin
It's hard when two stars play like crap and are down 20 in the 4th.
Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown Oy oldin
@Great Scott Great Point
Nice2787 Oy oldin
Kawhi 6-22 what is this clown talking about. Why kawhi couldn’t have stop Murray he had 40
dbarz Oy oldin
There was a point last night when the Nuggets was making a run after a bucket the Refs thought Doc called a time out and blew the whistle, Doc said no time-out he was just getting up. Even the refs knew at that point a time-out was needed but Doc thought everything was fine.
coolrunning2006 Oy oldin
Kisembe Namusyule
Kisembe Namusyule Oy oldin
Techwood16 Oy oldin
PG may never shake this
Joe Juan
Joe Juan Oy oldin
he won’t. wayoff pee is the opposite of mamba mentality
Korey Paul
Korey Paul Oy oldin
@Techwood16 I *almost* feel for him too lol! But then I remember I'm a Lakers fan and watched him make this bed with his comments, decisions and bad play lol! But I agree, he's probably going to be in his head all the more so going forward...
Techwood16 Oy oldin
@joits smh 🤣 I almost feel bad for em
joits Oy oldin
Pandemic P not only struggles in big games, he struggles even more during post game press conferences... lol.
Annalicia Chemin
Annalicia Chemin Oy oldin
Nothing but respect for the Nuggets- Good Luck to them in the Finals ! ❤️
Annalicia Chemin
Annalicia Chemin Oy oldin
Korey Paul One can only hope 😊
Korey Paul
Korey Paul Oy oldin
Yeah? So they just leapfrogging the Lakers now? Lol
Annalicia Chemin
Annalicia Chemin Oy oldin
Clippers are a better team on Paper but I feel like it came down to the Theory vs Practice concept. Theory assumes an outcome, while practice allows you to test the theory and see if it is accurate. This is why so many media outlets picked the Clippers to Win the Chip. . The better team won-Denver took time to build their team/roster, worked hard to find their rhythm and play within their system and they hustled ! They used their Youth and Chemistry to take it from the Clippers, because those Ws definitely weren’t given.
Korey Paul
Korey Paul Oy oldin
Well said!!
Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson Oy oldin
To bad you don't play ball on paper
2boliviano Oy oldin
Looking that much better when you sound this sexy
Caleb Attinger
Caleb Attinger Oy oldin
How did Doc Rivers develop this reputation he has for being an elite coach? I legitimately want to know.. because all I've seen from him is 1 ring with a stacked boston team, underachieving with the lob city clippers, and now this...
Robert Weekes
Robert Weekes Oy oldin
Someone said the Boston team should’ve won 2 or 3 rings not just 1
68sattish Oy oldin
You are right, as per big Baby Davis Doc was over-rated and also it was "Thibodeau led the Celtics to the best rating in several defensive categories in 2007-08 and was a key factor in containing Kobe Bryant during the 2008 Finals."-- Wiki.
pj Julian
pj Julian Oy oldin
They have that opportunity with lob city Then that donald sterling incident and they deliberately lost that series which is stupid. They put those issues first rather than competing for a trophy. Stupid!!
Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson Oy oldin
jdelgado216 Oy oldin
Thanks to Boston
darrell Jones
darrell Jones Oy oldin
Bron need to go ahead and cancel Christmas on they ass lol
Rambo Assil
Rambo Assil Oy oldin
Kawhi should have ran with Jimmy Butler. George Paul is trash
Larry Thornton
Larry Thornton Oy oldin
He tried to get him.
Grant Wragg
Grant Wragg Oy oldin
It feels like with the load management, Doc was never fully in charge. He coached them but they acted entitled the whole way. It got to the point he publicly called them ‘mentally weak’. I don’t think he wants to own this. So I think Ballmer has to sack him, and the new coach instil different mindset. That’s the only way they change.
Heysus Christo
Heysus Christo Oy oldin
This year has a giant asterisk. This chip's value is decreased. The crowd in LA would've helped the Clippers play better over those last 4 games. Playing in an empty arena with no fans is just not the same at all. It's like rec league ball. The psychological element has been totally removed.
ROW paige
ROW paige Oy oldin
U sound and look as stupid as your balrog picture lol
Leonardo Moore
Leonardo Moore Oy oldin
Heysus Christo sounding like a straight ass clown with now excuses for your'e clippers! If the clippers had won the word asterisk would never have came out of your'e mouth but since they lost and embarrassed u are making excuses knowing lebron is about to get that 4 ring and u can't accept that.
Kevin Chuang
Kevin Chuang Oy oldin
No it doesn’t. The home field advantage was taken away from every team. Every team didn’t have to travel, stayed in the same hotels, in the same bubble. This might be the most fair playoffs we have ever seen.
Kahari Scarlett
Kahari Scarlett Oy oldin
And the Nuggest didn’t have advantage of playing in their climate, besides clippers games would’ve been filled with lakers fans.
joits Oy oldin
The asterisk should be there to indicate that this championship was a true test because the games were played on a neutral site. There was no advantages such as having homecourt or disadvantages like playing on the road... all the teams had to stay in the bubble, didn't have to travel back and forth... it was just two teams playing each other on equal terms.
KungFuFEMA FAM Oy oldin
show me the Pat Bev memes
Did Uknow
Did Uknow Oy oldin
Paul Georges statement shows you why he's a looser and why kawai picked the wrong teammate.
joits Oy oldin
PG was his backup plan. He originally asked KD to see if they would join forces. Doing a quick google, you see that Kawhi tried to recruit a few other star players and when he couldn't, he asked PG.
K L Sutton
K L Sutton Oy oldin
David Brown that’s interesting, that’s probably true. Makes sense.
KungFuFEMA FAM Oy oldin
Jimmy is the answer for most teams.
Even 8 seeds don't have that mentality. Loser mindset
K L Sutton
K L Sutton Oy oldin
Facts. He should’ve asked for Jimmy Butler instead.
Jared Wadley
Jared Wadley Oy oldin
I think Doc's position as coach must be evaluated. Perhaps it's time for a change at HC
Jared Wadley
Jared Wadley Oy oldin
@William Carpenter It shouldn't have even gone to Game 7, not with solid leads in Games 5 and 6
William Carpenter
William Carpenter Oy oldin
True but doc Rivers was not the one throwing up Bricks all 4th Quarter! Kuwai and PG were horrible...... so much for super stars.... weak and pathetic performances... no excuse for it.... they were brought in and paid $$$$$$$ to get it done... and the Clips gave away five 1st round pics!! Clips are F#*cked
Great Scott
Great Scott Oy oldin
Henry Sheppard
Henry Sheppard Oy oldin
He was coty candidate last year. His roster full of chokers except 1 guy
Patrick Wells Valenti
Patrick Wells Valenti Oy oldin
Nick Wright picked Denver and stuck with his pick. And he said from the beginning of the season they wouldn't make it past the 2nd round.
Nalla Dlanor Gomez
Nalla Dlanor Gomez 21 kun oldin
facts! uncle shay shay to! right skip!? lmao
Mahlon Thomas
Mahlon Thomas Oy oldin
It was the truth
Geechie Bug
Geechie Bug Oy oldin
100% Agree
Great Scott
Great Scott Oy oldin
OGcuisine I don’t think you read my comment well
OGcuisine Oy oldin
@Great Scott Tatum isn't a top 5 player
FoshoGotFlow Oy oldin
There’s a black cat running around the Los Angeles Clippers organization..
DsLmaNiaC Oy oldin
@William Ramirez that too.
William Ramirez
William Ramirez Oy oldin
Nope just chokers
K Dub
K Dub Oy oldin
The ghost of Donald Sterling
Alex Oy oldin
DsLmaNiaC Oy oldin
Ty Lue and Doc.
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