Colin Cowherd & Doug Gottlieb - Doc Rivers Got Fired Because Paul George is a Weak 'Number 2'

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THE HERD - Colin Cowherd comes to the defense of the firing of Doc Rivers by the LA Clippers. Cowherd believes Rivers could have got the job done but Paul George wasn't strong enough to provide the push needed to get the Clippers over the Denver Nuggets. Doug Gottlieb joins the conversation later.
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Snicky G
Snicky G 12 kun oldin
No, overrated, lazy rivers got fired because he has been with the clippers SEVEN YEARS and did not accomplish one damn thing! There was no chemistry on that team and that is overrated rivers' fault. Also, there was problems in the locker room and that was overrated rivers' fault. I do not understand how anything will be better with the 76ers next season. It appears rivers should give up coaching and be a politician. I see he was blowing his big mouth already again today about something that is none of his damn business. I think the 76ers will end up paying this overrated fool four years for no service!
Cado 12 kun oldin
This guy is speaking facts about lebron and the lakers. He builds teams by weakening other teams because he grabs their stars player(s) who kept them competitive. They keep asking if lebron leaves this team or that team, the question should be if lebron didn't have wade, kyrie, or AD, would he win championships? The answer is no.
Firestarter 12 kun oldin
Mike D’Antoni is available 🤣 😭 😂
Dee Ng
Dee Ng 12 kun oldin
Doc got fired cuz he CAN'T coach. All the idiots thinking he's an ELITE are delusional AF!
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 14 kun oldin
The mute leader was good enough for you to claim they'd win it all though right Doug?
Kenneth Renquist
Kenneth Renquist 15 kun oldin
The lakers ddnt make it to the playoffs w/o ad even though they had lebron. The opposite would result in the same thing
W Taps
W Taps 16 kun oldin
You play who’s in front of you! Champions don’t make excuses. You’re saying not to take anything from LeBron but your making excuses. Clippers couldn’t get it done period. Nuggets were the better team, if the Clippers could beat the Lakers they would’ve been in the conference finals. You guys picked the Clippers to win in PreSeason. Don’t back pedal now and make excuses cuz what you predicted now didn’t come true. Oh the bubble was hard...You know what’s hard is doing time in prison. The bubble isn’t prison quit making excuses these guys get paid millions. Your pick “the clowns” weren’t ready and locked in. They need to stop paying these who’re guys who’ve probably never stepped on the court besides the YMCA. That’s why I’m glad to see the players crossover to the media...most of them. But hearing ppl like Skip Bayless, Doug Gotlieb talk about sports and being biased y’all need to stop.
Ian B
Ian B 17 kun oldin
Wait basically if Bron isn’t in the west I promise you this man is saying “the nuggets probably would beat this Cleveland team, he wouldn’t make it in the west”
Rossi Patterson
Rossi Patterson 17 kun oldin
Doug needs to stops talking about basketball.
Lord Clarke
Lord Clarke 17 kun oldin
Andy Reid had a top Qb in Donovan McNabb cut your fuckery
TheBizKore 17 kun oldin
Paul G is clutch. What are you talking about. In Indian he was clutch in OKC he was 3rd in MVP. Doc all year played Zu and had the worst first quarter team defensively. Doc never doubled Luka who was attacking Zu same with Murray in Denver. You can not win a nba finals with out a defensive center who can switch in a pick and roll league. Toronto would not win a chip without a defence centre. Bogat got hurt cost Gst the finals. KD had to play center for Gst to win.
Bill Davis
Bill Davis 17 kun oldin
Warriors owned Lebron and he fucken knows it
Wise Legette
Wise Legette 17 kun oldin
You was wrong about Carmelo...but I agree with everything else.
moneyearl78 17 kun oldin
This is why Gottlieb is trash. He really still mad he didnt make the league
moneyearl78 17 kun oldin
Lol. Leonard played like trash too tho. The #1 guy
Brown Crewmate
Brown Crewmate 17 kun oldin
0:55 This dude is a clown. Carmelo never played for the Clippers.
Hassan Nur
Hassan Nur 17 kun oldin
Lool how mad is Doug 🤣😂😂 he always thinks hes right
Javiel Paulino
Javiel Paulino 17 kun oldin
George Paul got Doc fired cus he's a bum
Jah Radicks LeBron R35
Jah Radicks LeBron R35 17 kun oldin
Sooo, y'all gonna pretend as if he didn't call Uncle Drew " Headcase"??
Anton Olufayo
Anton Olufayo 17 kun oldin
Frank vogal is the talk of the town...
SabuPtolemy 18 kun oldin
Doc is a trash coach (and a worse GM) but Kawhi is who forced the Clippers to mortgage their future on a bum like Paul George. Kawhi had no clue how great SGA was - exactly the type of PG they needed in the playoffs.
Once a leo turned lion now judah
Once a leo turned lion now judah 18 kun oldin
Paul George is Clyde drexler with no heart.
Johnathan Meeks
Johnathan Meeks 18 kun oldin
"It's pinball out there. Everybody bouncing around can't hit anybody." 😂👏
Venosa Veillard
Venosa Veillard 18 kun oldin
😂 you will need a super team in order to beat a lebron james gsw must sign giannis
K Grishankov
K Grishankov 18 kun oldin
Love Doug Gottlieb’s analysis
jaygr81ne 19 kun oldin
Colin let that “bruh” go in 2020 🤷🏾‍♂️.
Reginald White
Reginald White 19 kun oldin
Delusional Doug again saying that bosh and wade were competition on they’re own teams? I’ll point out the previous year Miami didn’t make the playoffs and the raptors got bounced out in the first round
Reginald White
Reginald White 19 kun oldin
Doc was a great coach last year BEFORE Kawhi and PG came aboard. People were raving about how great they’re nucleus was and how they won 2 games against the warriors bring in those guys he’s gone that’s crazy
E Redd
E Redd 19 kun oldin
Doug mad 🤣. Remove lebron and lakers maybe a 6 seed and ar home. Pelicans with ad were a better team than lakers. Folks keep bring up the clippers like they didn't lose to the nuggets that's on them. Jordan also never beat tbe celtics so what we saying?
Isaiah Austin
Isaiah Austin 19 kun oldin
I agree with alot of stuff Colin said in the beginning of the video except with the fact that He said Carmelo and Blake are overrated and they are definitely not overrated. Other then that I agree with everything Colin said. Doc Rivers should not have been fired and he was screwed over by the clippers and the players. Doug making excuses for the clippers and making excuses for why the clippers choked
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 19 kun oldin
Jordan won a couple chips without a dependable #2. Pippen played like playoff P a couple times in the finals.
Lenny Joseph
Lenny Joseph 19 kun oldin
Thank you Doug for keeping Lebrons title run in context 👏🏿
Morty 215 ,30 Z9TPK RZ3
Morty 215 ,30 Z9TPK RZ3 19 kun oldin
How many of yall thought it said Paul George is a weak nigga because it was cut off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ILL N3gr0
ILL N3gr0 19 kun oldin
Doc lead a team full of role players to the playoffs last year and almost won COY but now that all them weak ass "superstars" came up short this year for being too cocky..its Doc's fault lol
eastern2western 19 kun oldin
He got fired because he lost s.second 3/1 advantage with the same team.
Shudigg 19 kun oldin
“Look at Doc Rivers resume” his resume is literally one season in 2008 when KG and Ray Allen were traded to Boston and they won the championship. Didnt matter who was the coach, big 3 were on a mission and going to win a ring regardless
D.E.P H MC. 19 kun oldin
Never knew why everyone thought Paul G was so good?
Jeremiah Screen
Jeremiah Screen 19 kun oldin
Why is it the Lakers fault that the Clippers choke Clippers nation stop making excuses
Jeremiah Screen
Jeremiah Screen 19 kun oldin
Skip needs to hear this cause he swear Jordan did all by him self
William Thomas
William Thomas 19 kun oldin
I hate that whole “but they didn’t play the clippers” what does that have to do with anything?? They beat the team that beat the clippers! That’s how sports work! The better team wins!
basedgod1281 16 kun oldin
Ditto!!!!!!!!!!! 🤔
Trusound Drums
Trusound Drums 19 kun oldin
Colin makes the same point over and over and over its annoying
hans pat Mpouma
hans pat Mpouma 19 kun oldin
so brady deserves more credit for pats dynasty because he saved bill from being middle of the pack coach.
Original Gr8 Minds
Original Gr8 Minds 19 kun oldin
Cheated on his daughter and got him fired SMH !!
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 19 kun oldin
Notice how this clown wants to say Lebron didn't play the Clippers but crowned Kawhi the best AFTER beating that super weak Warriors team? Doug didn't say, but he didn't play KD. He said he was great and won a great Title, now he's crapping on Bron's title. Come on man, why didn't Colin call this hater out? 🤦‍♂️
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 19 kun oldin
Doug try again, you're trying it but the Clippers CHOKED!!! They don't get credit, if they couldn't win 1 game against the damn nuggets to close out, how are you telling people the Clippers would of been a challenge. Stop it man.
Goldie Smith
Goldie Smith 20 kun oldin
The Celtics won a title because Andrew Bynum was injured !
James-Earl Bonez
James-Earl Bonez 20 kun oldin
Stop it that Pacers team was not more talented than the Nuggets Pacers have one all star one hofr Reggie Miller Doug is full of crap
808bboarder 20 kun oldin
Undermining Lebrons run this year just cause he didn’t play the Clippers is the dumbest thing these analysts say. He beat the team that beat The Clippers. Clippers weren’t good enough and got bounced. It’s simple as that.
Will Parker
Will Parker 20 kun oldin
The biggest loser will be Steve ballmer he will regret buying into the nba where players have most of the leverage. If I’m a coach I would not want the clippers job. No way anyone comes in and rights that ship. I can win the lottery today buying an nba team unless it’s in a big market is a terrible investment. The labor contracts are terrible. Now baseball a football team or soccer we can talk.
Avery Denos
Avery Denos 20 kun oldin
He already beat the worriors gtfo with that nonsense. You can't for 10 years say the east weak and as soon as he does it in the west the west is weak everyone is weak compared to Lebron just admit it
youmeanthemost tome
youmeanthemost tome 20 kun oldin
Would people stop lying about this going to be a good series nonsense
jtv jtv
jtv jtv 20 kun oldin
I love how kawhi receives NONE of the blame here. We all know Playoff P was a joke and doc is overrated. Kawhi was supposed to be THE guy who is "clutch" and went 6-22 and scored 14. How is kawhi not at fault?
shamory small
shamory small 20 kun oldin
I haven’t listened to Colin since late last year and this man still bringing up Westbrook, i’m convinced Westbrook stole his girl or his parking spot And Doug with the ether to colins
Block Bully Records
Block Bully Records 20 kun oldin
Doug sounds stupid 😕 he mad cuz the clippers got beat he was riding they nuts so hard didn't realize the clippers were sorry they sorry. Now we going to see who the clippers are against real teams next year.
Michael Brice
Michael Brice 20 kun oldin
Gotlieb is the worst
A Toast To The Men
A Toast To The Men 20 kun oldin
No Doc was fired because he’s not a very good coach. He’s a hype job and media darling. He should have at least three championships with the teams he’s had. He’s wasted three 3-1 series leads. He’s poor at mid-game adjustments. He should be defensive coordinator and that’s questionable. He’s been protected by the media for years because he’s personable and available to them. No player he’s coached has ever raved about Doc’s basketball IQ. Find one player he’s coached. I’ll wait.
ubadman1 20 kun oldin
kawhii's name should be in the title of the video and he should be the center talking point of the clippers failure and the reason they dont have a future. kawaii Leonard demanded this man PG join him. kawaii forced the clippers to leverage their entire future on a player EVERYONE knew is a spotty playoff performer.
Big Gui
Big Gui 20 kun oldin
This season has stripped a lot of these so called analysts of their credibility it’s becoming more clear who actually watches the games & who gets paid to make a hot take
Jay Desrouleaux
Jay Desrouleaux 20 kun oldin
Lmao why he keep saying Lebron didn’t play the clippers like it’s his fault
rokkstar inc
rokkstar inc 20 kun oldin
Were the Clippers up 3-1? and up 19,16,12 point leds. And the Lakers didnt play the Clips. Stop Doug Gottlieb. lol Clips had a chance an FAILED just say it.
Farhad Chowdhury
Farhad Chowdhury 20 kun oldin
Kawhi is not a captain - stop playing PG
RaShawn Boyd
RaShawn Boyd 20 kun oldin
Blame Khawi !!! He’s “suppose” to be the “best player in the world”
xcen1 20 kun oldin
Colin is sounding not right more and more... Doc was wrong in that he blew a 3-1 lead, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. All you had to do was make proper adjustments and get some role players to step up and make some new plays and get that 1 win. You can say pg isn't good #2 if they lost to lakers, but no they blew a 3-1 lead to denver.
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams 20 kun oldin
Bruh. The bulls were good for one year without mJ. The 2nd year when he came back they were ass and he dragged them to the playoffs. Stop 🛑
ILiveUnderSoundDoctrine 20 kun oldin
Number two not clutch? Didn’t Kawhi melt down in game 7 too?
A1 Sawse
A1 Sawse 20 kun oldin
Doug just hates on Lebron and joy being mad since he left Miami
Matej Matković
Matej Matković 20 kun oldin
When will it be enough of excuses for Doc Rivers? Blown 3 3-1 leads, got 1 championship with potentially 4 HOF players on the celtics and in 7 years with the clippers he has won 3 playoff series... 3!!! He is simply not a great coach that everyone pretends he is.
Michel M
Michel M 20 kun oldin
Thanks Gottlieb for checking that Jordan blasphemy coming out Cowherd. :D
R Lee
R Lee 20 kun oldin
why do they need to play the clippers? they didnt make it lol. its like saying mj didnt play the best row of teams every post season. stupid. if lakers destroyed the nuggets then they would have destroyed the clippers. they were trash.
R Lee
R Lee 20 kun oldin
if u go by resumes youll never fire a coach. fail take.
yong aquino
yong aquino 20 kun oldin
listening to doug to me is a waste of time..
Corey Parsons
Corey Parsons 20 kun oldin
Doc was a vocal leader on a team who’s top star is not a talker. Who else’s is going to be vocal? If anything they needed a vet with leadership running the point. Why you think all the rumours are swirling about CP3.
Captain Eyebrows
Captain Eyebrows 20 kun oldin
I probably would have traded PG and kept doc for one more year. I’ve seen him lose to a rookie Donovan Mitchell, Dame dolla and blow a 3-1 lead against chicken nuggets.
James Hall II
James Hall II 18 kun oldin
And Kawhi would’ve left after next season then you’d be SOL since they mortgaged their future to get those 2.
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 20 kun oldin
10:37 also saying that he activated 'playoff mode' and missed the playoffs entirely. Yeap give these LeBron emotional fans a wakeup call Doug.
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 20 kun oldin
Lol Michael Jordan played in the 1997/98 season with a Pippen that was having his issues and missing 38 games and then injuring his back in the finals. And then you had Dennis Rodman who was more distracted than focused and yet won MVP, FMVP, All Star MVP, 1st Team All defence and took the Bulls to 62-20 record.
Anthony Adkins
Anthony Adkins 20 kun oldin
He keep saying warriors didn't play so these are the same teams the warriors beat so was the warriors path the the finals easier than lebron with a better team so he was tired when he played them?
Vikaash Baynath
Vikaash Baynath 20 kun oldin
Doug looks like didn't sleep since the choke job
Shayne Nb
Shayne Nb 20 kun oldin
paul george played the finals with no passion .... should have watch the highlights of jordan, kobe, lebron... those guys played with greatness.... paul george sat in the bus
B. Chandler
B. Chandler 20 kun oldin
So it’s LeBron’s “fault” he didn’t go through the Clippers in the playoffs, yet he was waiting for LAC, while they needed a Heimlich maneuver for choking to Denver up 3-1. And the Lakers SPLIT the season series vs LAC. Doug is acting like the Clippers went 4-0 vs LAL in the regular season.
Isaac DaGoat21
Isaac DaGoat21 18 kun oldin
1 of those games the clippers were missing 36 points a game off the bench n still lost by like 2.
Christopher Prince
Christopher Prince 20 kun oldin
backwards hat?
Jordan Sanvicente
Jordan Sanvicente 20 kun oldin
Cos Bron didn’t go through the Clippers? Who’s fault is that? Clippers CHOKED game 7. Lakers took care of their business and waited for the Clippers in the WCF.
Stocks And Books By Bre
Stocks And Books By Bre 20 kun oldin
Jordan had bad games in the playoffs, but he had guys who could carry the team...
Wynton McCurdy
Wynton McCurdy 20 kun oldin
They’re going after a title for Kobe.....
Vu 20 kun oldin
The warriors healthy without kd is not elite anymore. Iggy barbosa McGee west we’re all so vital before kd. Lakers just smoked the team better than both warriors and clips so what’s the argument here
Robert Weekes
Robert Weekes 20 kun oldin
Tell Kawhi to call Fred VanVleet ☎️
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 20 kun oldin
Paul George is a nice guy! Please stop being mean, leave him alone 😢
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 20 kun oldin
Shaq was the two to kobe not the other way around.
Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty 20 kun oldin
I'll pay someone 1 million dollars if you can name 1 season that Doc Rivers has been with the Clippers that was a success
Karabani 20 kun oldin
Westbrook was a two to KD, Steph is a one!
Andy Vo
Andy Vo 20 kun oldin
I hate Colin but this is the most sense he’s ever made.
Eric Lind
Eric Lind 20 kun oldin
Why is Cowherd using football coaches to compare to basketball coaches. Different game. Doc is the only coach to lose 3 series up 3-1. What does that say? Doc had a big three with the 6th man of the year at LAC before and he choked while being up 3-1 too!
King Shabazz
King Shabazz 20 kun oldin
LeBron haters still bringing up “they didn’t play the Clippers” like that’s the Lakers fault. Smh
MrKoolCash 12 kun oldin
They act like the NBA wouldn't allow the clippers to make it to the conference finals.. lol . They just weren't as good as everyone thought. They lost to the better team.
Ricktonomous Prime
Ricktonomous Prime 20 kun oldin
😂😂😂 amén to that
dbarz 20 kun oldin
Lakers > Nuggets > Clippers. Whats the debate?
Jazmen Williams
Jazmen Williams 20 kun oldin
Exactly! The Lakers were waiting on the sorry ass Clippers! They couldn't hold up their end of the bargain.
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo 20 kun oldin
Did he say Carmelo in LA? When did that happen?
Sawsing Teyob
Sawsing Teyob 20 kun oldin
This clown hates Carmelo so much, keep mentioning his name for no reason. Put that hate on Carmelo out of your mouth clown
Patrick Blasa
Patrick Blasa 20 kun oldin
all of us laker fans who were feeling jilted by PG last year are now drinking redemption juice
Muhammad Cushmeer
Muhammad Cushmeer 20 kun oldin
Nick Nurse didnt have a number two....he had two or three guys to step up
Muhammad Cushmeer
Muhammad Cushmeer 20 kun oldin
Doug Goutlieb is a clown analyst...has he ever played anything....
crush1221 20 kun oldin
Every time I hear one of these journo's cite the last dance like it wasn't a self-signed autobiography docu-drama I want to punch myself in the face.
Master Pierce
Master Pierce 20 kun oldin
All i know is the flippers lost but they say the lakers didnt get to play the droppers. Tell the chokers to gone ahead and finsih the deal cause the lakers were waiting to play them.
NKruman Santos
NKruman Santos 20 kun oldin
The Lakers should sign Fred Vanvleet and either Gasol or Ibaka. Doc and PG should go.
RaptorsFanGirl 14 kun oldin
Kawhi should just come back to what you mean.
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