Colin Cowherd - Kawhi Leonard Should've Teamed Up With LeBron James

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THE HERD - Colin Cowherd reacts to the Clippers being eliminated by the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Playoffs.
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Spanna Banna
Spanna Banna 17 kun oldin
Stay with Lebron..he will take the pressure, he will take the big shots...AND HE WILL TAKE ALL THE CREDIT
Peter Stark
Peter Stark 18 kun oldin
No. Lebron already has AD. Kawhi is another top 5 player. U cant have 3 top 5 players in 1 team. Just the thought of it is ridiculously unfair.
Tony Dorralo
Tony Dorralo 20 kun oldin
Don't blame the bubble every player on the Clippers are born loses all you Clipper fans need to face the truth stop making excuses for that sorry ass team bye doc
SuperCushcush 23 kun oldin
Nope. Kwahi SHOULD have stayed in Toronto.
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 25 kun oldin
HhahaahahahnI said this same thing over and over....he could of been James Worthy while Bro and AD are Magic and Kareem 2.0. He listened to his dumb uncle think Brand is more important 🤦‍♂️ Nobody diminished that Magic team, so why would they hate on this Laker team if Kawhi joined. It could've been amazing.
DAT 52
DAT 52 27 kun oldin
Y not try to be the greatest clipper and bring them their first championship rather then teaming up with Lebron
GMS Hagnos Anastrophe
GMS Hagnos Anastrophe 28 kun oldin
As long as the jersey says Clippers, you get what you get
s QUADAIMAT 28 kun oldin
Leonard by joining the Clippers ruined his legacy in my opinion if he joined the Lakers and King Lebron he would have elevated his legacy tremendously, but life is all what decisions we take. Leonard's fault is overvaluing himself, and also his mistake by wanting Paul George as his teammate. Paul George his best game left him long time age he is no more than just another good player..
mos 855
mos 855 28 kun oldin
I remember now why I unsubscribed from the herd channel lol you the one who said lbj is done man
Big Ounce
Big Ounce 28 kun oldin
Imagine having the most talented team in the NBA and then saying it's not a championship or bust year. This generation of players is so weird.
M H 28 kun oldin
Kawhi is doodoo water....
youmeanthemost tome
youmeanthemost tome 28 kun oldin
No he shouldn't there needs to be competition. Kawhi join LeBron then it's free wins. That boring these are the same people who cried about the warriors. LeBron gets a superteam it's fine. Everyone else it's not good for the league. SMH
Ceasar Nunez
Ceasar Nunez 28 kun oldin
Doc rivers is not a good coach. He’s just a friendly guy, so the media loves him. Had this been any other coach, they would’ve fired him the next day. LAC will remain losing til they rid of Doc
Ezekiel Zion
Ezekiel Zion 29 kun oldin
Clipper need to just move to Seattle.
The North Remembers
The North Remembers 29 kun oldin
Kiwi had 4 option actually: 1/ Stay with the Raptors 2/ Join Bron and AD 3/ Go to the Flippers, Mortgage the team future to get pandemic p 4/ Go to the flippers and keep everyone aka grow with them.
Michael Pqyton
Michael Pqyton 29 kun oldin
Kawhi should have went to the Lakers!!!! He thought he was being clever ( so did the rest of the idiots ), he stalled out the Lakers by saying he was gonna join them, every viable free agents the Lakers could have acquired, joined other teams, while waiting on Kawhi. Kawhi was working on a plan to join the Clippers along with Paul George, his uncle probably influenced his decision!!! It all blew up in his face!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
John N.
John N. 29 kun oldin
If you picked the clippers then you gotta ride with Denver. The Lake Show is sold out. No room for you strays.
SimbaUzumaki 29 kun oldin
Clippers choked on it.
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz 29 kun oldin
Dumbest decisions of all time: 1.) Kawhi picking Paul George over NBA Champion Toronto and LeBron James/AD.
iWillBiAM Sleezi
iWillBiAM Sleezi 29 kun oldin
48laws of power... Law #2.. Former opponents make better friends... He should've chose the Lakes!!! Dumbass!!! Ka"WHY" is now "Ka"WHO"??? LMFAO
Jimmy Darcy
Jimmy Darcy Oy oldin
Colin you need to eat this were ready to make Kawhi better than Kobe & Shaq & duncan if he won 9 more games 1 now he's over rated
DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)
DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) Oy oldin
Colin, thank you for posting this segment and not the Nick Wright segment! :)
francisco Vasquez
francisco Vasquez Oy oldin
Doc needs to go 👋👋👋
Orville Wright
Orville Wright Oy oldin
Playing with a glory hogging rival that plays the same position as themselves is extremely unappealing to competitive players like that.
Harlem Legend
Harlem Legend Oy oldin
Watch everything go right for lebron these next two years he gone get 5 or 6 rings
Orville Wright
Orville Wright Oy oldin
Kawhi has no intention of playing second or third fiddle to LeBron and AD especially after winning a championship with no superstar MVP rival help. The Lakers without LeBron was more appealing to him and Paul George.
Lagundo Burnett
Lagundo Burnett Oy oldin
Well they both at home now
Orville Wright
Orville Wright Oy oldin
They try to play prevent defense and can’t make shots because they were playing with nervous anxiety and anticipation of their expectations. Kawhi was taking too many 3s which is not his strength and the role players were not aggressive enough like the Raptors last year.
Orville Wright
Orville Wright Oy oldin
The Clippers were complacent with big leads in the second half of games 5 and 6 against the Nuggets. They stopped playing to win and started playing with overconfidence and played not to lose.
Orville Wright
Orville Wright Oy oldin
Kawhi led the Toronto Raptors to the first championship in team history with teammates who were beaten by LeBron and the Cavaliers the previous 2 seasons in the playoffs.
C Y Oy oldin
Or he should’ve just stayed in Toronto.
Jeffrey Juliano
Jeffrey Juliano Oy oldin
Sports media pushes dumb storylines all day
Dj The Shooter
Dj The Shooter Oy oldin
Leonard should have remained in Toronto. They would have made the finals again.
Hugh Dougall
Hugh Dougall Oy oldin
Life is overwhelmingly about where you were born/who your parents are. Then choices
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
You don’t leave a team that you won a chip with n the hole team comes back n your to High on yourself.. To see that you had everything you needed in Toronto you’re on moron your uncle and you started believe in your own hype
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
So you’re telling me kawhi last year in the playoffs didn’t have 120 points a game 50 rebounds 25 Assists seven blocks..So you’re telling me Toronto and Kawai did it together oh so it’s hard to win a championship and you do need a team behind you OK because you guys are saying it was all Kawaii last month
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson Oy oldin
No he shouldn't have. Lakers dont need him. Lakers winning without him. Plus if he was on the Lakers, Lakers would get less credit people saying, "Of course ur gonna win it, you got 3 superstars".. nah, I'll take what we got right now instead of a guy who chokes away 3 4th quarters games in a row.
Robert Weekes
Robert Weekes Oy oldin
Saying the championship is the _goal_ doesn’t mean it’s championship or bust. Yeah there were some chemistry/ commitment problems and the bubble was bad timing for the Clippers but the biggest problem is the coaching. Doc Rivers *consistently fails to make adjustments* in the playoffs
HieuN87 Oy oldin
Let's just call it what it is, you & the Clippers thought they were champions already. It was a terrible take. Quit changing the narrative and just take the L.
Ross Caruana
Ross Caruana Oy oldin
Should of stayed exactly where he was! in Toronto!
maurice tarver
maurice tarver Oy oldin
Everything Colin said is true. Kawhi just messed up joining the Clippers. He ain't a leader. He is Kawhi the silent killer.
hailem hailem
hailem hailem Oy oldin
brooo not everyone wants a eazy ring
Food TV
Food TV Oy oldin
Wait ! Wait!! Kahwi is not overrated? But you people put him over labron, kobe and MJ?
Duane Crooms
Duane Crooms Oy oldin
Would’ve been the worst decision of his life. Plus I thought Lebron was soft for even trying to get him on the team . Super duper teams ruins the league and competition
Marcel Ali Delaleu
Marcel Ali Delaleu Oy oldin
Kawhi just seems depressed, sad, idk just LOW energy! In Pro Ball you gotta be that Dog that can BARK and Bite, to be “the one”
Joshua Hunter
Joshua Hunter Oy oldin
Bro people put wayyyyyyy too much stock in that first finals mvp. Like guys... the spurs played such amazing team basketball that no one stood out. Kawhi did not stand out in that series, save for him spending the most time on Lebron. It wasn’t because he was individually a great player that series. There was no individuality for that team in that finals.
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones Oy oldin
This man proclaimed them champions after they went up 3-1 said this is why they’ll be great and how he was right and then game 6 he said they’ll close them out but now he’s trying to blame it on chemistry even tho the lakers have a brand new coach and team? He even said lakers and rockets aren’t build to win a title the clippers are 😂😂 what a joke
Doomah Oy oldin
Who else remembers Colin dissing bron for going to la for Hollywood and said kawhi went for championships. Lol
K Dub
K Dub Oy oldin
Superteams are for suckas! Only weak minded players want to form them.
King Trawal
King Trawal Oy oldin
Kawhi ain't a sellout like L36ron. better to lose than sellout.
Coach Rob Newell
Coach Rob Newell Oy oldin
@King Trawal he sold you out. Not me.
King Trawal
King Trawal Oy oldin
@Coach Rob Newell I agree. he's a sellout. and he needed to sellout or not win a ring
Coach Rob Newell
Coach Rob Newell Oy oldin
@King Trawal people not from Cleveland hate him more than the people in Cleveland. "He sold Cleveland out." Get over it.
Coach Rob Newell
Coach Rob Newell Oy oldin
@King Trawal Then he delivered. So he can sail away in CALIFORNIA. Akuna matata.
King Trawal
King Trawal Oy oldin
@Coach Rob Newell no rings before selling out and going to Miami. Not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 LOLLLLLLLLLLLL
D. Jackson
D. Jackson Oy oldin
No he should of stayed in Toronto and had a cake walk to the Eastern Conference Finals the next 3-4 years that team is good & discipline, now Giannis is going there 👌🏽 if Ujiri stay
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
He’s staying this is how he dose his job quit n gets the things he wants set up n then It’s go time he is just trying to figure out if he wants to stay in basketball with Raptors or move on to bigger and better so that’s it he’s not going to any other team that’s a pipe dream
Great Scott
Great Scott Oy oldin
Joy brings me joy!
Camren Sims
Camren Sims Oy oldin
Lebron never needed Kawhi he only wanted to play with him
thaGOAT Oy oldin
AD Been his best teammate to date ...
Frank Traub
Frank Traub Oy oldin
I just like how the media holds LBJ to one standard and all other stars to another, and quite frankly that is the saddest part in all of this. I cannot fathom the manner in which they would have eviscerated LBJ had he come out this small.
Marcus Thomas
Marcus Thomas Oy oldin
I blame George Paul. Pandemic P
ChiefTv Oy oldin
Did you just act like kawhi beat lebron and wade and bosh...NO..tim Duncan manu and Tony Parker beat em..kawhi just played some good defense
JASON SeAY 28 kun oldin
ChiefTv who guarded Lebron all series long , two years in a row in the finals ? Who gave Lebron fits in those series ? Kawhi , who got the finals Mvp , kawhi. No he didn’t do it on his own . But kawhi was outplaying everyone in his team with that older spurs team. He might have outplayed everyone besides Lebron but because kawhi’s team won he got the mvp. Plus the ray Allen shot saved the heat.
mark anderson
mark anderson Oy oldin
If ain’t broke don’t fix kwahi Leonard should of stayed with Toronto Raptors not join lakers
Michael M
Michael M Oy oldin
And he could have load managed till the ECF
define crazy
define crazy Oy oldin
No he should have stayed in Toronto. And then Raptors would have beaten Celtics and Miami and they would have matched up very well with Lakers because they had Kawhi,Danny Green and OG to throw at Lebron and had Siakim,Gasol and Ilbaka to slow down AD. But that was his decision and you gotta respect that.
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
Still makes him a moron
Dee Man
Dee Man Oy oldin
Dear Colin. I only listen/watch you because I find your content entertaining. I like your analogies regarding sports and the business world. Saying that, I also enjoy watching you contradict yourself on a daily basis in a way only seen by Donald Trump. Your opinions change with the wind with no acknowledgement of your previous position. I know you have the segment "When Colin Was Wrong/Right but I think your show should change it's name to "When Colin Talks Out Both Sides Of His Ass".
missSs Oy oldin
If he joined lakers, there wouldve been no reason to watch the NBA anymore. So I applaud him for not choosing Lakers!
sean nguyen
sean nguyen Oy oldin
Damn, colin is such a flip flop.
Godmarz Popy
Godmarz Popy Oy oldin
Kawhi should stay with the raptors and the east. This game 7 turmoil plus 3-1blew up gonna hurt his legacy.
Zee S
Zee S Oy oldin
This moron was saying that Kawhi should go to the Clippers all last year. Wtf is this?
okir rama
okir rama Oy oldin
Worst argument ive ever read....
Joseph Adrian Loja
Joseph Adrian Loja Oy oldin
Nope. They were just beaten by their ownself. It's a very good loss coz they get lesson really hard.
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam Oy oldin
Lol no. He shouldn't have. Because everyone would have given him no credit if they won and given him all the blame if they lost.
cyrah69 **
cyrah69 ** Oy oldin
cyrah69 **
cyrah69 ** Oy oldin
Team up???naaahh there's no reason kawhi should team up with ur lebron hahaha..the clippers had an overrated coach....that's why
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner Oy oldin
He TOLD you it was a Chemistry Issue.. Stop repeating what black analyst already said... You HACK
Adam Rodriguez
Adam Rodriguez Oy oldin
All bad Colin coward, you weren't singing that tone 1 month ago. YOU FAKE LIKE MOST
nicholas gakuu
nicholas gakuu Oy oldin
its good he did not,lebron and kahwi is overkill.
Happy Chow TV
Happy Chow TV Oy oldin
Blame the Uncle of Kawhi Leonard
Dis Co
Dis Co Oy oldin
Why doesn't anyone recognize AD?
Fin6as Oy oldin
“Lebron power and leadership”? Lol didn’t cowherd question bron’s leadership when the lakers lost to the blazers in game 1?
olin hill
olin hill Oy oldin
Man have we forgot about team loyalty and competition. Chasing ring mentality has made the nba boring.
Coach Rob Newell
Coach Rob Newell Oy oldin
Loyalty? Even Dwyane Wade didnt have loyalty $ with his franchise. He gave Riley loyalty and Riley gave him the shaft when it was time to pay up. Loyalty.... Haha.. Were the colonials loyal to King George? Yall funny.
smiTTy Rodgerz
smiTTy Rodgerz Oy oldin
Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton Fan since 2010
Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton Fan since 2010 Oy oldin
LA Rams town? 🤣🤣🤣
Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton Fan since 2010
Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton Fan since 2010 Oy oldin
KD, Westbrook was battling the Lakers in 2010 at the young age of 21. STFU Colin
James Kirk
James Kirk Oy oldin
David Edwards checking in from N.C. It amazes me that so many talking heads across so many shows picked the clippers to win the title, remember a franchise that traditionally has one nothing!
Ralph Swift
Ralph Swift Oy oldin
Say that again I don't think they heard ya 50 years and counting 😂😂
Jamal Garlan
Jamal Garlan Oy oldin
It’s just the bubble
Mollywhopp Oy oldin
No there not good.. they have no rim Protection bad teams put up 120 on them all year go back listen to what Nick right side and then go watch some games from the season and you will see they were not and they won’t be good next year there’s no way to fix this big mistake sending 17 draft picks for Paul George and your best young player all they had to do was sign Kawhi Leonard and bring him into the team they had and they probably would’ve went to chip but Kawhi tried to b a gm n fucked up the clippers
Alexander Fitzgerald
Alexander Fitzgerald Oy oldin
Paul George was trash in the playoffs and they could have had chemistry but instead they were load managing
MVP Season
MVP Season Oy oldin
So Kawhi was better off joining Lebron and AD? I dont think so but This coming from Colin isnt that bad cuz he wasnt one to clown KD for his GS move.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Oy oldin
He beat bron wade and bosh? Wtf? Was he even the guy for that team? He isnt even the 2nd or 3rd best. That finals MVP is like the Andre Iggy trophy, the player that can atleast slow lebron down will be given the award.
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Oy oldin
“Clippers got these dogs, but guess what? They do a lot of barking and no biting. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić went over the fence and got their ball, they figured the dog was friendly. They started petting the dog, the dog started wagging his tail and they walked straight out the front door with their ball and took the dog; and on their way out the Clippers had a sweet potato pie and a bottled water to give them on their way out the front door. So I don’t want to hear nothing bout chemistry problems.” - Kendrick Perkins
Greg Lewis
Greg Lewis Oy oldin
He should of stayed with Raptors they already had great Chemistry and they made it to a game 7 Semi Conference without him
Greg Lewis
Greg Lewis Oy oldin
@Ross Caruana facts 💯..
Ross Caruana
Ross Caruana Oy oldin
They most likely would of won this year again!
Michael Kirschner
Michael Kirschner Oy oldin
And they almost won.
KungFuFEMA FAM Oy oldin
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson Oy oldin
The bubble had an affect on Paul George
Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton Fan since 2010
Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton Fan since 2010 Oy oldin
Paul George always chokes
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson Oy oldin
He would have looked weird playing with LeBron
Jay Ousley
Jay Ousley Oy oldin
He would've been better off tho fam. He could've load management the whole year with the lakers
Brenton Iverson
Brenton Iverson Oy oldin
He looks weird for taking that "L" and choosing the Clippers.
Korey Paul
Korey Paul Oy oldin
Colin's voice reminds me of Special Ed from Crank Yankees at times.
Phenomenon Oy oldin
I’m taking the walk of shame with y’all...
C. K.
C. K. Oy oldin
If Kawhi joined up with LeBron and AD, that would have basically put us back to where we left off with the Warriors (superteam)
Pratesh Ramjohn
Pratesh Ramjohn 16 kun oldin
Yes, but when the warriors make trades and get a big 4, it would've been a competitive western conference
youmeanthemost tome
youmeanthemost tome 28 kun oldin
@Blue Bankroll Army 😂So the team that is playing right now while just adding kawhi would have no chemistry 😂😂..Lakers have tons of chemistry.. Have not watch them play 😂
youmeanthemost tome
youmeanthemost tome 28 kun oldin
@Nicolas Alcalde magic Lakers bird Celtics. Secondly don't down play the bullshit that would have been LeBron,Ad, Kawhi. Third you acting like the Lakers have trash bench lol
Freezy DMX
Freezy DMX 28 kun oldin
Blue Bankroll Army bruh LeBron Kawhi and AD? 3 of the top 5 best players in the league? It’s over no matter what.
Elijah barber
Elijah barber 29 kun oldin
@Blue Bankroll Army kwahi is in the middle of his prime Payton and Malone were at the end of their career
OO7angelo Oy oldin
Sure. And all that load management really helped building that chemistry. This guy has an excuse for everything. Lmao 🤣
Thatguy Me
Thatguy Me Oy oldin
Kawhi on the way
Herb Young
Herb Young Oy oldin
Last offseason, Colin compared LeBron to fat Elvis. Said he only went to LA for movies. Said he was done.
Alvaro Hernandez
Alvaro Hernandez 29 kun oldin
You know he needs view i stop to lisen to this clow long ago
Rawstatus TV
Rawstatus TV Oy oldin
Colin is a loud mouthed ignoramus.
Antzzz Manzzz
Antzzz Manzzz Oy oldin
Yep. Colin grabs headline n spew lol
Alejandrox2020 Oy oldin
Doc Rivers is sooooo overrrrrrrared.
Fin6as Oy oldin
Kawhi is
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Oy oldin
he ABSOLUTELY did. who tf would've been able to have a PRAYER of even CONTAINING a lbj, klaw, and brow TRIO ? i mean, GOOD LORD
MVP Season
MVP Season Oy oldin
Jared Thomas were u complaining about the Warriors? Because according to ESPN, AD & Kawhi CENTURIES better than Steph & Klay....
toad sage
toad sage Oy oldin
No pressure in Toronto?? Lol
StunnersSquadEnt Oy oldin
Colin is such a Flip Flopper 😃
Tim Scott
Tim Scott Oy oldin
Simple.. Doc Rivers the Coach. Is the no success if the Clippers . Coach is not a fit for the western conf. System.
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