Chris Broussard - I No Longer Believe in the LA Clippers

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker prepare for the Clippers VS Nuggets match and decide where they stand in the remainder of the NBA Playoffs.
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Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams 17 kun oldin
What happened to All those 🐕 dogs that we heard about on defense for the clippers 🙄 locking down the perimeter and shutting down the paint 🧐. All those dogs you guys bragged about All season 😄
Desmond Addison
Desmond Addison 17 kun oldin
Rob parker got the attitude of a female when he don't get his way or he's wrong. And stumbles over his words when he knows damn well he's wrong
Hussein Ebrahim
Hussein Ebrahim Oy oldin
Why is loudmouth Rob Parker so quiet? Someone stuck a Jordan shoe in his mouth?
Doc Terminus
Doc Terminus Oy oldin
Rob Parker is worse for conversation than Nickelback is for music.
Lance Grimmez
Lance Grimmez Oy oldin
Chris Flip-flop Broussard! This guy was screaming how good the clippers were literally until the day before game 7!!
abdul moalim
abdul moalim Oy oldin
Clippers are like Memphis 2014 🤷‍♂️ regular season team not champions team
Malcolm Windmon
Malcolm Windmon Oy oldin
Oh Jason Whitlock how about them Lakers 😂 😂😂😂😂
Malcolm Windmon
Malcolm Windmon Oy oldin
Rob Parker how about them Lakers 😂😂😂😂
L.A. Rich Sama
L.A. Rich Sama Oy oldin
Chris got alottttta L’s with his picks 😂
Kola Alade
Kola Alade Oy oldin
Too late to jump ship now unstable Broussard. 😂😂😂
Jerrod Johnson
Jerrod Johnson Oy oldin
I blame kawi wit that load managing mess how u expect chemistry when missing halfs the games
TheMasterofallBulldogs S.C.P.
TheMasterofallBulldogs S.C.P. Oy oldin
Should of stayed in Toronto KL
klepto dathief
klepto dathief Oy oldin
fakers r destined to win the chip this year...with mamba RIP and rona almost destroying the year...also clippers were day kriptonite! if clips beat nuggets imo they beat the fakers! gonna be brons old team HEAT vs fakers..epic 7 gms finalz imo!
klepto dathief
klepto dathief Oy oldin
my sources say bro sard toks2 much lolz...never gives rob a word in...smh! STFU bro..
curtis Abrahams
curtis Abrahams Oy oldin
Speak clown Clown Parker!!
deathstroke Oy oldin
I respect the clips, I picked the lakers the whole way but I think the bubble had a lot to do with the clips and the bucks. Lebron just built different. He got AD, I see him retiring after next season with five rings.
Andrew Macias
Andrew Macias Oy oldin
He Did Not Flip Flop
djbugzy Oy oldin
what now rob? lol
Jovonne Alexander
Jovonne Alexander Oy oldin
Rob is horrible pairing with Chris Rob is horrible with anybody tbh
Coffee Curfews
Coffee Curfews Oy oldin
Rob Parker don’t know what he talking about. He act like he does but he really don’t. If a network invited you to apologize to the viewer that he made a mistake by picking the clippers - MAN UP ! SHOW UP ! Much respect to Chris B for showing up and admitting he made a mistake on couple of network. Rob Parker, your thrash !
Calvin Chambers
Calvin Chambers Oy oldin
Okay, so Rob Parker is wrong again, as usual. Rob Parker has an absurd "take" on a team, as usual. Where's the surprise? I wonder what he says today? My guess is that he does his usual Skip Bayless schtick and says LeBron will get the easiest ring ever, and not give him any credit at all. Why is Rob an analyst?
Tre Boogie
Tre Boogie Oy oldin
Who’s here after rob Parker still with the clippers
Jeff Narda
Jeff Narda Oy oldin
Can anyone tell me how Rob look right now?
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent Oy oldin
The Denver nuggets all for real you must be a football fan. You wait till the season starts to you and see what the Denver nuggets are capable of you might lose your job. Broussard two ears and one mouth.
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent Oy oldin
The clippers kept resting their two superstars like they knew they was going to go up against the Lakers in the western coast finals. came up with no chemistry. That is the coaches fault! Doc Rivers.
Kenny Tejeda
Kenny Tejeda Oy oldin
chris shut up and let rob talk. holy cow. so defensive
Junk Fu
Junk Fu Oy oldin
Same. They are a huge disappointment.
GoGoTwice Oy oldin
Hmmm Kawhi went to a strong Toronto team and did it. KD went to a stacked Warriors teams and did it. Kawhi went to a stacked Clippers team and should have done it or come close, but unfortunately he brought Paul George...big mistake! Too away too much time from Harrell, Beverley, Williams and the chemistry just wasn't there.
Kandy Ices
Kandy Ices Oy oldin
Rob Parker you don’t get a pass either! I thought you said LBJ was trash and the lakers wasn’t good lol
Irshad Zamir
Irshad Zamir Oy oldin
what's the point of being an analyst if you just keep flip flopping
littlesame Oy oldin
Lakers have more new players than your clipps, stop with this shallow excuse, clipps have a plenty of returning players
Brian Erwin
Brian Erwin Oy oldin
chris, just accept it, you flip flop all season.. you need to make your pick and stick to it.. when your pick doesn't make it, just admit you were wrong and move on.. it's not about examining current evidence and going where the evidence leads you, this isn't science
King Zulu
King Zulu Oy oldin
Rob just called Kawhai the best player in the world last week!
Eugene Hicks
Eugene Hicks Oy oldin
Chris, we are not talking about winning a championship...we are talking about the Clippers not getting out of the 2nd round... Think about that level of failure.
Robert Crocker
Robert Crocker Oy oldin
This is y Rob Parker is terrible at this. U mean to tell me his super dumb ass couldn't see by this point that the clippers weren't playing as well as the Lakers at this point?
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Oy oldin
This didn't age well..................LOL
Sunny Darko
Sunny Darko Oy oldin
Chris is hurtin
Benjamin Berman
Benjamin Berman Oy oldin
An analyst is not a fortune teller or a clairvoyant. Rob Parker personifies EXACTLY what is wrong with sports analysts today. They are forced to choose a player, team and narrative with incomplete information, and then they must continue to make a half- a**ed argument to make their “point”. At the end of the day, if you change your mind about something it shows that you have enough integrity to admit that you are wrong and also to watch the games with an open and critical mind.
venom74799 Oy oldin
The Son of No One
The Son of No One Oy oldin
Chris Broussard knows how to make adjustments, and has the mental capacity to know when a team is showing signs of self destruction. Some people, that don't have the mental awareness to notice things like that, and stick with their pick because of partiality and favoritism, the "ride or die trying" mentality, that a FANATICAL, narrow minded person has, and not an intelligent analyst and broadcaster.
The Son of No One
The Son of No One Oy oldin
I bet you take a lot of heat over that Chris, its because most people don't have that beautiful ability of emotional intelligence, and setting aside the one track mind of immature FANATICISM.
The Son of No One
The Son of No One Oy oldin
I have to totally disagree with ROB, Chris is right, it is not flip flopping, or front runners. When new INFORMATION comes available, people can change their pick. The clippers have terrible chemistry, and they don't function as a veteran team, some of this is because they are hardly ever healthy. From game to game, you don't know who is going to be playing. You can't load manage, and play 20 games together during the regular season, and expect to function as a cohesive unit, and beat NBA TEAMS, that are fighting for their lives. The clippers should move LouWill, Harrell, Zubac, and maybe even a PG, in order to have 5 starters on the squad.
EGO Oy oldin
rob parker talking like he's not always wrong. He's usually hating on somebody most of the time anyways. I understand broussard and what he's saying. But he too always doubts bron and has that Jordan bias. He doesn't give bron credit like he supposed too. They propped kawhi up because they wanted someone to be better than lebron. Notice how everytime a player was mentioned as being best player lebron was always player that was mentioned rather it be kd, kawhi, steph. they all were propped up because people just wanted to see lebron not on top. crazy I called it when bron went to LA. They are about to 3peat. understand
Larry Lewis
Larry Lewis Oy oldin
Rob Parker what happened to king Kawhi?!🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀😀😂😂😂😂
hoe hoe
hoe hoe Oy oldin
“I understand sport” said by the dude who look like my nuts when is moist
Alfred Lewis
Alfred Lewis Oy oldin
@ 0:14 Chris Broussard sounded like Drake when he said I For those that don't know what I'm talking about, listen to the end part of Drake's Time Flies 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kaine X
Kaine X Oy oldin
Smh. Chris is a mess
Jerome Chamblee
Jerome Chamblee Oy oldin
No Chris you had the Clippers to win it all. That means you had them picked to win every series
Verse Wonder
Verse Wonder Oy oldin
Great timing Chris you jumped off at the right time
Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity Oy oldin
no bullshit noone game miami that excuse i dnt wanna hear it! and then kawhi load managed all the fuckin time this wasnt a whole new team clippers were same squad added kawhi and pg then later Morris and Jackson who shoulda played more its about matchups
Christian Garrett
Christian Garrett Oy oldin
Good job nuggets
Christian Garrett
Christian Garrett Oy oldin
Clippers got clipped
Honcho Oy oldin
The Clippers looked bad and Chris has wanted to jump ship for a while now. He was smart to, if you picked Clippers and then after seeing them fold and disappoint you still had the Clippers winning, the real fool is you. At least Chris came to his senses and got off the Flipper train
C Jo
C Jo Oy oldin
If you wanna win a championship assuming health then the only options I see are LBJ, KD and Curry at the moment. I like kawhi but his first ring he was on the spurs as a puppy and while he played great defense on LeBron, there’s no way he was far and away the leader of that team. With Toronto he joined a 60ish win team and got them over the hump against the Magic, sixers, and bucks, all teams that weren’t as good as Toronto with Kawhi. Then the warriors were hurt. He definitely didn’t carry them as some people imply. Kawhi is a great player but he ain’t no best player in the league, especially after that game.
Michael Wojcicki
Michael Wojcicki Oy oldin
Clippers still have BLM but no NBA basketball to distract them.
Kyng 45
Kyng 45 Oy oldin
Chris Broussard is feminine.
Yea Man
Yea Man Oy oldin
Another easy way out no competition cakewalk for lebron
Mandelson Fleurival
Mandelson Fleurival Oy oldin
Well well well....
mike prince
mike prince Oy oldin
This is set up for king lame and his narrative ok he had the easiest schedule all season now his path is even more clear nba is so transparent bro
Mr. D .Bowen
Mr. D .Bowen Oy oldin
Chris always flip flopping on teams he been screaming LA Clippers all year now that they lost it wasn't enough time together yea yea
Ronald McZee
Ronald McZee Oy oldin
If Clippers lose they had issues where guys didn't play cause guys didn't practice alot also miss games cause various issues.
Kelon Lewis
Kelon Lewis Oy oldin
Ohhh Chris flippiddy flop Broussard, you have no legs to stand on here. Your argument is straight garbage bro. Take your L like a man.
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas Oy oldin
Chris u can't give them a pass with that excuse and that's what they was built to do with they roster and staff. Also LeBron and the lakers about to do it they first yr together and it would have been a failure as some say it was last yr LeBron 1st yr in LA even tho he got injured so I can't give them that pass when y'all had them winning the finals. Now y'all giving them a first yr together pass when they load managed throughout the season and now they wanna use chemistry as an excuse win that wouldn't be a conversation period if they made it to the finals and won like y'all said. Normally I be in agreence with you but can't agree or accept that as an excuse.
Caren Rebecca
Caren Rebecca Oy oldin
watching this after clippers lose to nuggets game 7
Louis Jenkins
Louis Jenkins Oy oldin
They lose stop!
GLENIS Oy oldin
Chris be getting in his feelings lol
Eddie Vo
Eddie Vo Oy oldin
Rob, you're just a fool and always a Lebron hater.
How Chris gone switch his pick at the last minute.. gone fishing 🎣
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart Oy oldin
Rob Parker has such a cringy voice
UnknownDude908 Oy oldin
This aged well
Ruel Esteban
Ruel Esteban Oy oldin
'Robbed Parker'
Play That Again Bruh
Play That Again Bruh Oy oldin
Broussard such a flip flopper
Smoove Talk
Smoove Talk Oy oldin
That's the same clippers team that took warriors to 6 game series last year they added kawhi and Goerge. The Lakers team is more of a new group.
Austin Lee Pope
Austin Lee Pope Oy oldin
Nah Broussard was flip-flopping, and he had his picks all year. Wasn’t just “for a couple weeks”. His picks were solid and consistent ALL YEAR Nothing wrong with changing them, just admit you were wrong 😉
paul alba
paul alba Oy oldin
Who tf said wow to sound like he surprised
J W Oy oldin
Chris knows he flips picks that's why he got all sensitive when Rob hit em up about it. NOPE!!! NOPE! NOPE! TAKE THAT L CHRIS We don't wanna hear a damn thing about you jumping off the Clippers wagon. We don't wanna hear any trepidation, no anxiety about the pick, no nothing. You've gone fishing right along with Doc, the "new king" of LA, and George Paul...and take that Somali pirate with cha too
flaaatz Oy oldin
Shut up and let Rob talk.. Being defensive.. 🤦🏾‍♂️
mrjinskorea Oy oldin
Welp, Chris was right about one thing. The Clippers definitely won't beat the Lakers in the WCF 😆
Chance Newman
Chance Newman Oy oldin
Clippers in 8
Callie Steele
Callie Steele Oy oldin
They only added 2 players the Lakers had to create a whole roster... we still making exercises for the clippers huh...
Jonny & Cici
Jonny & Cici Oy oldin
It’s crazy how they could have faith all year and say that they will beat the Lakers and that the regular season didn’t matter because they would turn it on in the playoffs... now you change your pick because clippers start to lose but the clippers haven’t showed that they could win off paper and you picked them anyway despite the history of the team
dontrell sessom
dontrell sessom Oy oldin
The lakers out played the clippers every game the clippers just had about ten great minutes in 4 games what are people watching
Gran Finale
Gran Finale Oy oldin
When, is Rob gonna bark on Chris and tell him to STFU and let him finish. His sensitive ass loves to interrupt you but 😭 when you do it to him.
SBR Fun Oy oldin
Rob Parker is just not very good at his job - period!
dontrell sessom
dontrell sessom Oy oldin
Wiley supposedly a smart guy now he as dumbs as he look
dontrell sessom
dontrell sessom Oy oldin
Yea man all these people just pushed the clippers ahead like they not the clippers they even said la is a clippers town how
Clay Slade
Clay Slade Oy oldin
LeBron made the Finals in his fist year with every team he went to except the Lakers. That whole team was injury city. Collectively they missed in a whole about 66 games throughout the year added up. Kawhi and Paul George did not make the WCF! Please stop with saying it's easy to do what LeBron does. It is not. Put some "ARETHA" on that man's name!
oskiworld1 Oy oldin
Chris ur full of it.. da clippers have been inconsistent all year bot just in the bubble.. and at leastvtge heat made it to the finals, clippers got bumped second round lmao
Isaiah aka IC
Isaiah aka IC Oy oldin
It won't be easier next year. GSW, PHX, GSW. This was their chance not next year
T C Oy oldin
Rob Parker won the bet Again.. Chris is a Sell Out
Obi Nwaeze
Obi Nwaeze Oy oldin
Rob Parker....Stfu
Alexander Liew
Alexander Liew Oy oldin
Just a month ago people and the media are treating the Lakers as the underdogs (even though they're the no. 1 seed) and Clippers as some unbeatable god. Now they quickly hop off the Clippers wagon and began to root for the Lakers to win it all. 😂
Frankie Oy oldin
Rob is usually wrong but kudos to him for challenging Chris’ undignified flip flopping!
Kyna Moten-Christopher
Kyna Moten-Christopher Oy oldin
It's something to b said about a team that's been together and have that chemistry Denver was 1 game from the WCF last year so give them credit... But what the world is gonna say is they don't have no chance vs the Lakers... Just wait and see but don't b surprised if Denver wins it
Render Tuflyy
Render Tuflyy Oy oldin
Y’all killed Bron for losing year one in Miami, and atleast he made the Finals.
Kyna Moten-Christopher
Kyna Moten-Christopher Oy oldin
Rob is right Chris always does this he always flip flop and the problem is those problems with those teams already existed but somehow he overlooks it all the time just like it's no guarantee that the Lakers will win Denver is a great team they been together for awhile
show*n*telligence Oy oldin
Chris Broussard the realest in the sports media field. Only one that's not a narcissist
Alex Berry
Alex Berry Oy oldin
Thanks that’s a lot of excuses now you peak them to win a championship now because they don’t have s chemistry’s
Tony Son
Tony Son Oy oldin
Gio Oy oldin
Both wrong in their predictions LOL
Ivan Madic
Ivan Madic Oy oldin
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