Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Anthony Davis Plans to Re-Sign with the Lakers

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Anthony Davis' intention to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers and wonder where he stacks up among teammates that played alongside LeBron James.
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Jody Hillard
Jody Hillard 12 soat oldin
Right Golden State warriors back and Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving back Denver nuggets back and Dallas Mavericks all will be back ok good very good but they talking like the Lakers won't be better and not going to make any 👉BIG !!👈 moves like Lakers going to just laid down ok make yo picks now so once again 👑 james snatch out y'all hearts and throw them shits away.
Tsunami Rob
Tsunami Rob 15 soat oldin
I’ve never seen a team being disrespected all year win the championship & still be disrespected smh
Turtle 19 soat oldin
Rob needs to get off the internet. He is a dam fool .
Sin City
Sin City Kun oldin
What happened to they was going never win a championship for the Lakers you choking like the Clippers come on now.
bernard kasamba
bernard kasamba Kun oldin
Rob Parker a hater lol
Kemal Mutlu
Kemal Mutlu Kun oldin
I don't understand how someone as rich-minded as Chris would work with such a stupid hater . Like there's no one else out to debate. SHUT UP ROB. YOU HAVE NO DIFFERENT THAN SKIP.
KOD Kun oldin
LBJ would of got 2 in Cleveland if Kyrie and Love had not got injured.. You have to remember LBJ was only with Kyrie 3 seasons but also only played in 2 NBA finals with him because number 1 Love and Kyrie were injured.. Golden State were not being beaten after adding KD to a 73-9 championship team..
KOD Kun oldin
thats bad coaching what happened to Bosh.. And 6 rebounds... Looking at Bosh's career though he appears a little over rated. He was averaging 24 points in best year and 22 in the others.. But was putting up shots on a bad team.. And his three point shooting was pretty bad.. I dunno I really think he may be a little overrated..
KOD Kun oldin
AD is better than Wade as he is in his Prime Wade was not.. Also yes the fit the best team mate LeBron has ever had is AD.. If they could add a Beal or Klay to this team they would be unstoppable.. or Kawhi which actually would of been overkill but awesome. Obviously not going to happen unfortunately..
KOD Kun oldin
Lets not act like LBJ and AD didnt just gentleman sweep the west though..
James Nichols
James Nichols Kun oldin
🗑 slowly becoming 🗑
KOD Kun oldin
Please Kyrie and KD would never have won this year neither would the diminished GSW.. If GSW can make a move lets see but Lakers would of beaten anyone for this title KD or not.. Steph or not.. It will be tough though.. Clipper, GSW and Nets will be good..Bucks will get better and so will the nuggets..
Anthony Banz
Anthony Banz Kun oldin
What rob meant to say was I wish lebron would slow down not eventually lmao
Uche Akusobi
Uche Akusobi 2 kun oldin
I aint even start the video but how do i know Michael Jordan will be brought up
Kenric D
Kenric D 2 kun oldin
I don’t want to hear anymore about the Clippers until they get the to conference finals. If I were the Lakers I’d be more afraid of the Nuggets and Mavericks.
randy lee
randy lee 2 kun oldin
Are yall nutz?? Anthony davis is a better player than wade period.... better shooter...attacker .. better defender... im confused on why this a debate
Massimo Lombardo
Massimo Lombardo 2 kun oldin
AD is the best teammate LeBron has ever had, and D-Wade is the best player LeBron has ever played with.
Jarvis Searight
Jarvis Searight 2 kun oldin
Lebron :40 in year 21 Rob Parker: I told you he would slow down. 🤦🏿‍♂️
Virgil Roberts Jr
Virgil Roberts Jr 2 kun oldin
Of course the Lakers are the team to beat this coming year! 😎
Fab Richards
Fab Richards 3 kun oldin
Prime AD could never see D Wade.. compare him to Bosh and KLove. Foh.
florian eissfeller
florian eissfeller 3 kun oldin
rob parker ist hating again haha what a great suprise
Stephen J
Stephen J 3 kun oldin
Obviously when someone says the best teammate that Bron has had they mean while playing with him. Then these bozos go on to talk about Wade's championship in 2006. Bro Wade was a shell of himself by the time Bron got there. AD is the first teammate to ever get 1st team all nba while on the same team as Bron. End of story
Stephen J
Stephen J 3 kun oldin
"Dallas is there" yea such threats on the road to a championship
bson Chi
bson Chi 3 kun oldin
AD is Lebron most talented teammate; while Wade is his most accomplished .
king bean
king bean 3 kun oldin
Wade won’t be for long
J-08 3 kun oldin
Lebron and Ad will be better next year. That was year 1.
Mike Breezy
Mike Breezy 3 kun oldin
Rob clown skip old bird bayless
louis ayala
louis ayala 3 kun oldin
AD is the most talented teammate LeBron has ever had.
SlimSleeper _
SlimSleeper _ 3 kun oldin
Does Rob ever get tired of doubting Lebron led teams? Lol does KD still have Steph?? Does Steph n Klay still have KD?? Lol like seriously, bron went against the greatest reg season team of all time and came back down 3-1. Then had to face KD n Steph for 2 straight finals lol he not scared of BK or GSW!!
Killa Kam
Killa Kam 3 kun oldin
Naw they can win more...this was the Clippers best chance
taylor malone
taylor malone 3 kun oldin
I'm surprised Rob's scrub ass even has the audacity to ever talk sports again.
Deepack Shivjattan
Deepack Shivjattan 3 kun oldin
Fukin flippers rob really!!!!
Fwckin 3 kun oldin
“Lebron use 2 get his way with kd be4 he join gsw” Broussard I fwu but provide context kd was young also he avg bout 30 ppl against lbj in the finals & they numbers goin against each other is even so.... let’s not talk like he stomped all over kd cuz nobody in the nba has
Précieux Miab
Précieux Miab 3 kun oldin
Everybody will be better but the lakers huh ? Lmao
Pramis Montero
Pramis Montero 3 kun oldin
They REALLY TONED DOWN THE LEBRON HATE this episode, even Rob aint hating. People killed em these last few days
Richard Oracin
Richard Oracin 3 kun oldin
Wade, and it ain't close.
bozz 400
bozz 400 3 kun oldin
Fox Sports Radio became a „how to hate on Lebron any means necessary“ Rob and Gottlieb are jokes fox sports should fire them,they not analyzing they straight up hating at least skip gives Lebron credit sometimes, it’s getting embarrassing Broussard should leave this and team up with nick wright
Jag __
Jag __ 3 kun oldin
They should fire brandon and replace him with Broussard
Gary Haye
Gary Haye 3 kun oldin
Ad is a better talent then dwayne and dwayne was finish by lebron got there
Honcho 3 kun oldin
Rob and Chris are a joke now, especially Rob this guy is lost. Y’all try and change Narratives to hide the fact that y’all always wrong
King 27
King 27 3 kun oldin
Rob is the same guy that was trying to clown Lebron because Paul George chose the Clippers over the Lakers. Now the excuse is "Oh Durant wasn’t playing that's why Lebron won," 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Yall don't get tired of coming up with these ridiculous narratives
JUST CHRIS 3 kun oldin
Portland Houston Denver... Lebron can’t win in the West... Wait until Golden State... Wait until kd come back... y’all stay hatin on Lebron OMG 😂
Moe Lew
Moe Lew 3 kun oldin
Diehard Miami Heat fan here. I HATE the take that D Wade taught Lebron how to win. Our Miami Heat team in 2005-2006 was loaded with veterans, finals experience and young D Wade. After that championship, we never even made it out of the first round. Meanwhile, Lebron was battling in ECF’s against the east elite with Mo Williams as his Batman. We can all agree here that D Wade is Lebrons most accomplished teammate. But as far as best, Wade was a shell of himself the last 2.5 years of the Heatles run, due to injury. God bless you all
J Shaqface
J Shaqface 3 kun oldin
People keep forgetting this is the lakers first year together like the clippers
Kay Thompson
Kay Thompson 3 kun oldin
One thing you didn’t hear in Jordan era after they won was that the league was gona be better the next year after
Ethan White
Ethan White 3 kun oldin
Truly believe there are people here obsessed with rob, trying to “expose” him for hating every time this man tells it how he sees it. At the end of the day he’s covered the League longer than some of you commenting “hater” have been on this earth. We get it. You like to make excuses for LBJ and Rob doesn’t, stop crying.
Jag __
Jag __ 3 kun oldin
What excuse is anybody making? Bron won the chip and fmvp
swacfan100 3 kun oldin
This is a tough era, I'm old enough to say that, I saw late 80s all the 90s. Players today are faster, more skilled, more athletic. Back in the day, they beat you up more, but that was it. To win a title today is an achievement, you pretty much HAVE to have more than one star. At least two or three.
DeAndre Hobbs
DeAndre Hobbs 3 kun oldin
What’s the call in number?
ATLAS X 3 kun oldin
It will be a whole season in a bubble
David Vang
David Vang 4 kun oldin
"There's gonna be a lot of good teams in the west next season." Didn't people say that last season. Then when Lakers won the finals, oh the west was a calk walk.
Xalpha23 4 kun oldin
Man I heard at least 5 (possibly 10) bullshit arguments in the first 10 minutes. And also no mention that their third best player all season (Avery Bradley) was completely absent. Rob really doesn’t bring anything to the table. The guy is a dummy, uninteresting, creates double- and triple-standards, and has had laughable takes for years about LeBron. He is a knock-off Skip Bayless aka about as smart as your average UZpost commenter.
D Kitt
D Kitt 4 kun oldin
Smdh lol, these two contradict themselves constantly! Out one side of the mouth they say "LeBron James was a part of a super team and they should've won against the 2014 Spurs", out the other they'll say "Chris Bosh was a Glorified roll player" and "DWade was breaking down towards the end". These guys need to retire...
rxtsec1 4 kun oldin
When Lebron said it was la's last chance this year he really meant they weren't gonna win it
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 4 kun oldin
wade health was already breaking down after year 1 with LeBron
Ben Stamos
Ben Stamos 4 kun oldin
Lakers gonna be better too. Whole squad got championship experience now...
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith 4 kun oldin
I don’t get why they say wade is the best teammate lebron ever had, but then reference 2006 to make their point. They realize that is 5 years before lebron played with wade right?
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith 4 kun oldin
“Eventually lebron will slow down, I keep waiting for it” Tell us how you really feel Rob
VJ 3 kun oldin
Lol he’s good with being wrong until he’s right
Timothy Cohen
Timothy Cohen 4 kun oldin
It wont be easy? It never is! Alot of teams will be better as will the Lakers. Anything associated with LeBron they try to discredit or deminish. THEY JUST WON A RING and will make moves to get better. They should be in the convo until the next champion is crowned
718empire 4 kun oldin
When the media prays for one man's downfall it's so shameless 😩😭😭
Tahajjud Vance
Tahajjud Vance 2 kun oldin
The fact that a black man is wishing that on another black man shameless
daniel abraham
daniel abraham 4 kun oldin
Naming all of this teams SMH. Lakers will only face 3 teams in the West playoffs. Other teams will have to cancel each other. What the hell is naming all these teams for. I remember last year, they were saying, Jazz, Rockets, Clippers, Nuggets, GSW, Blazzers etc, and so Lakers won't get it done. Well, they did it. We will see about next year.
JEFFREY ROEDEL 4 kun oldin
Bosh took a back seat on offense because LeBron and DWayde of course are going to take more shots, but he was always a threat which helped the other two, and of course he was big on defense.
prosports 4 kun oldin
AD will be remembered as a player that gravy rode on labumboy train! lol
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 4 kun oldin
Why would KD being back matter? KD without GS had done the same thing that Kyree without Lebron: Nada, zero, nothing. And they seem to be operating under the assumption that everyone besides the Lakers will improve.
Ra Ward
Ra Ward 4 kun oldin
Rob is a straight Lebron Hater!! I sense some jealousy and envy in that hate.
Blake Curry
Blake Curry 4 kun oldin
D-Wade taught LeBron how to win? Reach. They only won the chip when D-Wade played the Robin role... Also, LeBron was playing in bigger games (including a finals) before D-Wade won I think. I don't think its wrong to say "maybe AD". So far he's done exactly what D-Wade and Bron did. And actually did it in the first year... and they're not in each others way and there's no drama... well, crap... it's def gon be AD if they win another.
Mike Geyen
Mike Geyen 4 kun oldin
So nobody's going to acknowledge the fact that Wade and LeBron lost their first championship when they were together the first year and ad and LeBron won their first championship when they were together for a year.. so weird
Sachin Rajat
Sachin Rajat 4 kun oldin
1:10 I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Love4dave __
Love4dave __ 4 kun oldin
First video Chris and Rob ever made about lebron without bashing him props
jon snipe
jon snipe 4 kun oldin
No way they repeat... .west will be loaded.. And lebron and AD will get hurt
J2RILL3R 4 kun oldin
Rob hates on the Lakers and Lebron to get attention and to stay relevant. That’s sad 😂
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 4 kun oldin
LeBron over dribbling like MJ doesn’t have the highest usage rate ever
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 4 kun oldin
“Wade taught LeBron how to win” 🤣. Riley I agree not Wade
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 4 kun oldin
Love has missed playoff 0/8 years when he wasn’t with LeBron. Missed 2015 finals and averaged 8 ppg in 2016 finals. Bosh had ZERO in Game7 of 2013 finals
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 4 kun oldin
“Eventually will slow down. It hasn’t happened you keep waiting for it.” He wants him to slow down so bad
richard78420 4 kun oldin
The only team that can beat the Lakers next year is the Nuggets. All them teams Rob call out are mentally weak.
Big Mo
Big Mo 4 kun oldin
Chris Broussard needs to stop saying “some people are saying” “others are saying” as a way to not be held accountable for things HE IS SAYING.
Dee Sackie
Dee Sackie 4 kun oldin
Question wat does gotta do with the topic?
A Queen Plays
A Queen Plays 4 kun oldin
Everything about Rob Parker is trash. The face, the voice, the takes, the hate, the body language. Just trash overall
Eddie 4 kun oldin
More commercials than the superbowl
ramiro contreras
ramiro contreras 4 kun oldin
Rob Parker, even though you loved and predicted the Clippers last season to win the nba championship, you still can't give LeBron an ounce of love!
lancernightful 4 kun oldin
people also forgot that Kobe in the olympic and dwayne as his partner taught Lebron how to be a champ.
lancernightful 4 kun oldin
@arronnov Listen to yourself man lol. Before Kobe, Lebron failed to deliver gold medal, before dwayne , Lebron did not know how to take over a game. Before all that Lebron did not have any go to move. Those 2 showed him how to get it done buddy. Lebron team up with champs so he could learn what do you think "learn on his own"? LOL He also team up with closer cause he knew that was his weak sauce.
arronnov 4 kun oldin
They didn't teach Lebron how to be a champ. Lebron played with team and teammates who won a championship. He learned it on his own.
Kang MufasaRed
Kang MufasaRed 4 kun oldin
Anthony Davis is the best teammate hands down. Why? They won a championship on the first attempt.
La'Juan R
La'Juan R 4 kun oldin
That Cavs team wasn't a SUPER TEAM.
NÈG LAKAY 4 kun oldin
Eventually LeBron will slow down. Don't hold your breath, Rob.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leveled Head
Leveled Head 4 kun oldin
Rob be hating on Lebron.. he said this same nonsense last yr.. how many times can you be wrong
epicwolf 4 kun oldin
AD resign with the Lakers is the most predictable thing in sports history. I mean where is he going to go? Back to his home town Chicago to the bulls and be irrelevant again? I mean this is such a non story that people tryin to make it out to be a story
Jus Chilln
Jus Chilln 4 kun oldin
Miami should have won 3 outta 4 chris, you are right, and they would've...if Lebron didnt Choke!! 😂😂👊🏾
swagg 2much
swagg 2much 4 kun oldin
I’m sick of rob I might just stop watching the show he just a hater all around about all types of things its ridiculous
youmeanthemost tome
youmeanthemost tome 4 kun oldin
This is not breaking news 😂The real question will LeBron stay. We know he likes hopping around to different teams
daquan beamon
daquan beamon 4 kun oldin
Even if the lakers beat all of those teams next year, skip and rob will still hate
Him 4 kun oldin
He joined to get a ring for his “legacy”, but no one cares about him winning a ring 😂
GrimmyCity 4 kun oldin
Rob may be worst than skip 🤦🏽‍♂️
William Marshall4472
William Marshall4472 4 kun oldin
Whenever you have an elite perimeter player paired up with a dominant big man, that will FOREVER be the best fit.
Devon Dolphin
Devon Dolphin 4 kun oldin
I think denver has met its peak
Chris Sadler
Chris Sadler 4 kun oldin
Rob, Skip, Gottlieb, and Whitlock are on the petty against LeBron regardless of what he achieves
Made Money86
Made Money86 4 kun oldin
Look at the tapes. Miami had on red game 3.
Made Money86
Made Money86 4 kun oldin
Can we please just look at the tapes. 2011 Finals Game 1 Wade, Game 2 Wade, Game 3 Wade. Yells at Lebron on National TV game 3 Google the footage. Lebron pride was like damn on TV bro you screaming. Ok cool game 4 8 points. Give you something to scream at. Wade saw and said damn I gotta dumb my game down so you can shine.
Made Money86
Made Money86 4 kun oldin
2011 Finals Wade ave 26 ppg 2011 Finals Lebron ave 17 ppg. I'm going with Wade.
Faithful9er 4 kun oldin
Edry M
Edry M 4 kun oldin
When rob WISH for lebron to HOPEFULLY slow down, you know the HATE is REAL🤢BLM😂...
E Craig
E Craig 4 kun oldin
How does Rob Parker still have a job after all of his dumb takes, his hate and past comments?
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