Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - What Does a Finals MVP Mean for Anthony Davis' Legacy

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob parker react to the Lakers defeating the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.
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Just Budd
Just Budd 22 kun oldin
Chill with the AD 2nd best or best power forward of all time talk gotta relax with that
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 23 kun oldin
Tui Lane
Tui Lane 24 kun oldin
What happen to no way no how
William Hicks
William Hicks 24 kun oldin
If LeBron wins a ring in his SEVENTEENTH YEAR and doesn't get the finals mvp, that a knock to him?????
Lord Clarke
Lord Clarke 24 kun oldin
No way in hell AD passes KG, KG has a ring, MVP, and DPOY. Plus he took his own team to WCF and multiple playoff appearances.
YUSSIF JEFF 24 kun oldin
Rob is just hating...old head.smh
Romeo montero
Romeo montero 24 kun oldin
Tim Duncan won 3 and he could’ve won 5
BLACK THANOS 24 kun oldin
MJ played against a league full of guys who would be in the G league and overseas today. I watched all of those games. Most of those guys couldn't shoot to save their lives. The athletes are far superior today.
Xavier Charles Steel
Xavier Charles Steel 24 kun oldin
Lol, lebron is the point guard....his job is to set up AD.... So of course AD will get more and great how can you fault Lebron if he doesn't win finals MVP!!! SMH
Bookie Allen
Bookie Allen 25 kun oldin
LeBron was trying to stat pad when they was up by double digits trying to get A tripledoube in Game 1
godek chen
godek chen 25 kun oldin
Lbj Will win the MVP....29.12.10
Andrea Stephenlyttle
Andrea Stephenlyttle 25 kun oldin
You guys keep pushing the bar when it comes to LBJ.
Andrea Stephenlyttle
Andrea Stephenlyttle 25 kun oldin
Rob is ridiculous. Lebron is happy for AD. Like he said, “No Jealousy” Rob hates Lebron too. Best topic for your Podcast is Lebron anyway.
swacfan100 25 kun oldin
If Lebron isn't GOAT now, I got a feeling he will be before its said and done.
Derek Andrew
Derek Andrew 25 kun oldin
Look at this Bron Stan talking about AD winning finals MVP boosts LeBron's legacy.
Lenox W
Lenox W 25 kun oldin
Tim Duncan didnt like playing center but he played more minutes at center than at power forwards
JON HUMBLE 25 kun oldin
Am tired of centers being called power forward yo...we need to chill on that...tim and AD aint power forwards...they centers hence twin towers term in San Antonio with tim and david...nah stop calling them PF they centers.
chosen elite76
chosen elite76 25 kun oldin
You can tell the hatred for lebron is personal with some of these analysts you can hear it in thier voice
Kybron Jirving
Kybron Jirving 25 kun oldin
He wasn't mad he didn't win. He was mad he only got 16 votes. Rob your a loser
T Bizz
T Bizz 25 kun oldin
I really don't understand the hate for a man playing the whole game of basketball. Why should he have to sit down?
D Kitt
D Kitt 25 kun oldin
We can definitely nitpick with MJ you old guys just choose to gloss over his lack of competition! Here's the list of every opp MJ beat otw to 6 chips! [ ] MJXPIPPENXGRANT 91: R1-NYK: 1 ⭐, Pat Ewing R2-Phil: 1 1/2 ⭐, Barkley and Hersey Hawkins R3-Pistons: 2 ⭐ 1 was beat up (right wrist was shot!) NBAF-Lakers: 1⭐, who retired at the end of the year (Worthy was injured) [ ] MJXPIPPENXGRANT 92: R1-MIA: 0 ⭐, Mia was and expansion team with a baby Glen Rice! R2-NYK: 1 ⭐, Pat Ewing R3-Cavs: 1 combined ⭐, in Larry Nance Sr & Mark Price NBAF-Blazers: 1 ⭐, Drexler [ ] MJXPIPPENXGRANT 93: R1-Atl: 1 ⭐ Dominique R2-Cavs: 1 combined ⭐ in Larry Nance Sr and Mark Price R3-NYK: 1 ⭐ Pat Ewing NBAF-Suns: 1 1/2 ⭐ Barkley and Kevin Johnson [ ] MJXPIPPENXHARPER 95: R1-Hornets: 1 1/2 Star, Muggsy 1/2 ⭐, Baby LJ 1/2,⭐, Baby Morning 1/2⭐. R2-Magic: 2 ⭐⭐, ShaQ & Penny. MJ lost in 6 🤷🏾‍♂️ [ ] MJXPIPPENXRODMAN 96: R1-Mia: 1 1/2⭐, Tim Hardaway & Baby Morning! R2-NYK: 1 ⭐, Pat Ewing R3-Magic: 2 ⭐, ShaQ & Penny. NBAF-SSS: 2 ⭐, Payton & Kemp. [ ] MJXPIPPENXRODMAN 97: R1-Wash: 1 1/2⭐, Chris Webber & Tim Legler R2-Atl: 1/2 ⭐, Mutombo R3-Mia: 2 ⭐, Tim Hardaway & Mourning yr4. NBAF-Jazz: 2 ⭐, Old Stockton & Old Malone. [ ] MJxPippenxRodman 98: R1-NJN: 1 1/2⭐, Sam Cassell 1/2, Jayson Williams 1/2 & Xavier McDaniel. R2-Hornets: 1 1/2⭐, Muggsy, B.J. Armstrong & Glen Rice. R3-Pacers: 1 ⭐, Reggie. NBAF-Jazz: 2 ⭐, Stockton & Malone.
Jeff Berg
Jeff Berg 25 kun oldin
It will take 3 rings minimum to equal Malone.
Carson Phelps
Carson Phelps 25 kun oldin
Winning 1 is SO HARD THOUGH.
Ashen One
Ashen One 25 kun oldin
Lebron don't want anthony to win MVP. Hes desperate to win that.
forrest brewton
forrest brewton 25 kun oldin
Rob is a hater😅😂🤣
mark washington
mark washington 25 kun oldin
I guess Rob didn’t see that LeBron was sitting until Miami cut the game down from 30 to 12 points. He has to say that LeBron was only in the game to pad his stats. That dude is disingenuous.
mark washington
mark washington 25 kun oldin
Rob Parker always tries to take LeBron down bcuz he feels that no one should be compared to Jordan
dionysis e
dionysis e 25 kun oldin
1996 Finals Mvp should go to Rodman
Mike Cobb
Mike Cobb 25 kun oldin
Lebron shade show
SugarRay2 25 kun oldin
LeBron is mvp. He has always been consistent and gives you leadership on top of a triple double every game. AD given his height forgets to rebound.
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 25 kun oldin
That last caller was the biggest modern day basketball hater ever. McHale GOAT PF?!?! Damn good but not close to Duncan or even KG/Dirk
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 25 kun oldin
AD 2P%, 3P%, PER all higher in playoffs with Lebron
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 25 kun oldin
Jordan’s “Yea But” is he was owned in the 80s vs all time great teams, lost 3 first round series (Bucks loss was bad), and was 7-24 in playoff games vs Celtics and Pistons in 80s! MJ had great timing. Lebron happened to face all time great teams in FINALS (8/10 had 3-5 HOF, Mavs had 2 and Heat unknown 1-3 when all is said and done but they’re favorites so he finally got a break in Finals!). MJ in 6 NBA Finals NEVER faced a team with 3 HOF in finals! 4/6 had 1! 2/6 had 2!
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 25 kun oldin
AD was out there late also nothing said about it
Kristion 25 kun oldin
Davis will never, because Bron has media fanboys and Bron always has the ball in his hands.
Josh Bryan
Josh Bryan 26 kun oldin
I think if AD was in the east he would have had a much different legacy before LA
Sir Michael S. Burton III
Sir Michael S. Burton III 26 kun oldin
They’ll give LBJ MVP of the finals because he missed out on regular season MVP
Raymond Muur
Raymond Muur 26 kun oldin
What happened to Lebron not having a Killer Instinct?
Northboro AES
Northboro AES 26 kun oldin
The emergence of AD??? I guess Klove, Kyrie, Bosh, Wade all emerged and ascended to the next level when they didn’t have Bron to hold them back anymore🤔. Not!!!🤬
J C 26 kun oldin
If ad wins finals mvp that proves that bron is not the best player on his team. 2011 wade was the best player on the. Mj was always the best player on the court just saying
Kee the Black
Kee the Black 24 kun oldin
You might have a point if Wade or AD was runner-up or winner of regular season MVP. LBJ was runner-up this season and in 2011. One series don't make you the best. Nice try though...
Bertong Pader
Bertong Pader 26 kun oldin
GOAT distinction is at the hand of fans so shutup.. Get lebron out of Lakers and you can see that Davis Pelicans is better than Davis Lakers. The difference maker is Lebron.
Neptunes Vag
Neptunes Vag 26 kun oldin
kyrie and kd sounding like a bunch of females when they try to run a company. "we dont need a manager, every one of us can manage the company." company files for bankruptcy after no growth and losing profit. never mind, they both were raised by single baby mommas. no wonder.
shamory small
shamory small 26 kun oldin
AD winning finals mvp won’t mean anything because he’s the best player on a lebron lead team he’ll be like kawhi on his first ring on a Tim Duncan lead team , Barkley and Karl Malone was the best players on a team that they lead and both ran into Jordan without Jordan they would’ve won a ring and a finals mvp but Jordan took both 2x against them
2682shark 26 kun oldin
If Heat win 2011 , Lebron wasn’t winning Finals mvp..
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 26 kun oldin
rob bayless will die on his LeBron Hate Hill
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 26 kun oldin
davis NOT gettn finals MVP this year
franki 26 kun oldin
Does Rob parker live in a 1 bedroom apartment?
Lemmy Lemz
Lemmy Lemz 26 kun oldin
Fact is Lebron carried a team of nobodys to the Finals. Devin Booker cant, Anthony Davis couldn't, Kyrie couldnt, KD couldnt, Steph couldnt,Russ couldnt, Harden coudlnt, Michael Jordan couldnt. Last year the Lakers were 4rth in the West. It was Bron with Lonzo Ball, Ingram and Caldwell Pope and Javell McGee. Replace Lebron witj any aforementioned stars and and they get the 8th seed at best. Concerning the finals ' losses, i take out his first trip, the latest two finals against the impossible Warriors, the one whe he had Delavadova as his sidekick. That being said, outside of the Thunder, all of the teams Lebron faced in the finals were tougher than the teams Jordan faced. The Spurs and the Warriors, were better than the injured Lakers, the Blazers, the Sonics, the Jazz and the Suns. Can somebody name a player who was better than Popovich, Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, KD, Steph, Klay at the moment of the finals? Barkley wasnt, Malone wasnt, Stockton wasnt, Hornacek wasnt Majerle wasnt, Kevin Johnson wasnt, Magic was injured, the rest were old, Drexler wasnt. I am a big fan of Jordan, but hell no Lebron have proven me time and time again that he is the greatest. And its not over yet. With his durability, he will win more title as the sidekick of AD, Booker or Doncic.
Homero Eggert
Homero Eggert 26 kun oldin
2 of the best players got injured for the Heat...Chris laughs.
divanti rivera
divanti rivera 26 kun oldin
The game was already over😂
Supreme Abdul-Jabbar
Supreme Abdul-Jabbar 26 kun oldin
Rob Parker will damn near always pick against whatever team LeBron is on.
Share Of Money - Make Money Online
Share Of Money - Make Money Online 26 kun oldin
I know AD is good but I can’t think about putting him in the conversation with Tim Duncan. I think he benefits from Lebron’s presence in the court.
rahman mosby
rahman mosby 26 kun oldin
What did AD do without Lebron?
VinRoc Jean
VinRoc Jean 26 kun oldin
Rob Parker number one hater
Nalaz One
Nalaz One 26 kun oldin
Rob I’m not a switcher? That explains everything.
Shawn Jack
Shawn Jack 26 kun oldin
AD was still in the game, guess he was stat stuffing also. You and skip really will say anything to discredit Lebron.
Ham 1982
Ham 1982 26 kun oldin
Parker and Chris please accept opposite opinion and don t belittle those who say something different than you cos you could simply be wrong no
Steven Horton
Steven Horton 26 kun oldin
If AD wins the MVP.... 6 rings for LeBron is totally in play
Ketch 509
Ketch 509 24 kun oldin
I see them going for a 3 peat. Unless Giannis goes to Golden State for an other super team.
Ham 1982
Ham 1982 26 kun oldin
if Lakers lose it will Lebron epic colossal failure but if they win it should be some one else who wins the MVP at any cost don t give it Lebron this is the logic of Rob Parker and the rest of analysts living in the past
carlos vega
carlos vega 26 kun oldin
Isaiah Ross
Isaiah Ross 26 kun oldin
AD missed a lot of games with the Pelicans. That should be taken into account with his lack of success there.
Maque Martin
Maque Martin 26 kun oldin
dont listen to Rob... because he is always wrong!!
Timothy Latty
Timothy Latty 26 kun oldin
They talk over guests they disagree with. Sorry ahh show
Isaiah Ross
Isaiah Ross 26 kun oldin
This title means nothing, so the same goes for the FMVP.
C King
C King 26 kun oldin
So now that his about to win his 4th ring..the conversation has shifted to “it’s all about will he win Finals MVP”?? His not better then Jordan because he only has 3FMVPs to Jordan’s 6..okkay I get that 6 is better then 3 but also is Bills 11 to 6 championships
Fullmetal 26 kun oldin
Lebron is stat padding thats not hating we all see it its ok AD is leading this team and is their best player on defense
florian eissfeller
florian eissfeller 26 kun oldin
i think rob is more hater than skip
Wendell Glo
Wendell Glo 26 kun oldin
if its about rings why Bill russel not the goat ?
Bpm340 26 kun oldin
He also said Lebron is the best Chris. Stop Iiit!
Troain Dickens Jr.
Troain Dickens Jr. 26 kun oldin
I don’t see how rob is a hater when he has Lebron number 2 all time out of 50 all time players 🤷🏾‍♂️ it’s not an insult. Y’all gotta realize being objective is not hating...simple
Greg Harper
Greg Harper 25 kun oldin
Lmfaooo that’s ridiculous!! Being Objective?!?!?!? Are you shitting me?!? Hie wouldn’t know objective if it sneezed in his face! Him negatively criticizing Lebron for Every little thing that he does is absolutely hating and they try to disguise it as nitpicking! It’s blasphemous to think otherwise!!
Shoshana Sadeh
Shoshana Sadeh 26 kun oldin
Rob, Haters can't Read correctly, Bron was upset at the number of votes not winning the MVP. Pippen on a MEDIA ROUND to HATE BRON and trying to cause a division between AD and Bron. Is Pippen a Pawn and speaking for someone that is jealous or threaten. Pippen downplays the Bubble but he couldn't handle the pressure when Jordan left the Bulls. We have too many Negatives things going on in America right now. I'm out, too much HATE.
J Rizz
J Rizz 26 kun oldin
Bruh yall are boomers Stop pretending. If its about rings than russell is the goat. If its not rings its lebron. All this mj nut hugging still in 2020 is embarrassing
BrotherO4 26 kun oldin
first lebron wont pass the first round narrative, than he cant win vs the 2 mvp narrative, than these nuggets are on fire narrative, he is lucky he didn't face the clippers narrative (even though the nuggets are the better team), West is weak narrative, and now that is all but confirm lebron will be a 4th time Champ.....uhm uhm AD MvP narrative. jesus christ.
smutton 26 kun oldin
That last caller with his idiot take lol
Szilárd Oberritter
Szilárd Oberritter 26 kun oldin
So no matter what Lebron does he will never be better than Jordan, but by winning in the finals and if AD edges him out in FMVP it hurts his case... okay... people who have Magic over Lebron will still have the same opinion which it is all about.. opinions
Szilárd Oberritter
Szilárd Oberritter 26 kun oldin
Omg Rob Parker is so pathetic I cant even explain it ... makes me cringe when he says “Lebron is afraid AD wins FMVP” ... come on you cant be such an ass
Shawn Carter
Shawn Carter 26 kun oldin
Rob sounds a little salty 😂😂😂
Militarize 26 kun oldin
Lebron James needs the finals mvp to stay in the goat debate. Because that debate ended years ago and lebron knows it. That's why he chases other records that have little to do with winning the chip. Scoring at least 10 pts every game, trying to become the all time leading scorer, getting rebounds and assists, that's why he plays when he doesn't need too. You see him mean face the other teams during the bubble when he didn't do anything special? Fmvp would definitely boost AD. It makes him more valuable especially after this season when he gets to renegotiate his contract with the Lakers. AD gets to start his championship runs with a perfect 1-0 start, something lebron never got to do.
Militarize 26 kun oldin
@Main Man worst I'm a Knicks fan
Main Man
Main Man 26 kun oldin
You must be a clippers fan lol
E. O.
E. O. 26 kun oldin
Rob is a sad hater. Even Skip doesn't sound this ridiculous.
Darwin Laureano
Darwin Laureano 26 kun oldin
Rob is more annoying than skip. this haters dont deserve any publicity!
RUBIROSE OYAO 26 kun oldin
I'm outta here.
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 26 kun oldin
What a whack caller, giving credit to LeBron for making AD into a superstar?? Lmao did LeBron feed milk to AD so he could grow 7 inches or something. If not I can't see how exactly did LeBron "turn" a perennial All star and All Nba player, transcendent superstar at his position into a superstar. Lmfaoooooo idiots these days
Marquis Gunn
Marquis Gunn 26 kun oldin
Funny how NBA has evolved and sport writers having
Phumelela lekhoathi
Phumelela lekhoathi 26 kun oldin
Rob is deluded man.. he's nothing but a hater now The journalist in him is out the window
Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks 26 kun oldin
AD had Rondo...
Dayo Daniels
Dayo Daniels 26 kun oldin
Please how can this Rob Baker lecture at the university for all this wrong jives he is throwing out about King James , ROB Paker and Skip Bayless HAS BEEN WRONG THE WHOLE YEAR GOT BACK TO YOUR ABC / YOUR DRAWING BD
Jocsan Isaac Rangel
Jocsan Isaac Rangel 26 kun oldin
Lebron James and AD = Magic and Kareem, just the roles flipped.
Captn Clutch
Captn Clutch 26 kun oldin
How would AD be FMVP if lebron was Better in both the Blazers and Rockets series and thy both were damn near the same in the nuggets series even tht I will give it to Lebron cus he closed out... Y’all just reaching 😂
yuhboiii Kaleb
yuhboiii Kaleb 26 kun oldin
AD is the best all around player rn like he’s literally 7 ft n playing like a 1 n he’s a DAWG on both sides of the court man. I hope he get finals mvp
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 26 kun oldin
Rob really you're not an FLIP flopper 😑
Cedric Roney
Cedric Roney 26 kun oldin
Rob sounds so silly sometimes.
Jaamal 6
Jaamal 6 26 kun oldin
Phil 26 kun oldin
Rob hates Lebron..why ask him questions about L.A hes a him Rob Bayless
Brian Gakaria
Brian Gakaria 26 kun oldin
I know controversy sells but Rob Parker though 😂😂😂
Michael C
Michael C 26 kun oldin
Since when did we start devaluing championships? Why is it that when Lebron wins there's ALWAYS a stipulation or derogatory effect behind him winning? I legit don't understand. It doesn't happen in any other sport or to any other player other than Lebron James. He's got to be the GOAT because the criticism alone is of GOAT status
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 26 kun oldin
And him being finals MVP was on who's watch??? Lebron.PERIOD. AD is one of the greats, but does he shine without a facilitator like Lebron? That's all I'm saying. Can you lead without Lebron, we know Lebron is taking the Lakers to the conference final without AD, is AD.
Corey Parsons
Corey Parsons 26 kun oldin
Don’t get it twisted. Ballers and coaches are scouting AD. I bet his shot attempts even if they win it this year won’t be as easy next season.
Redclxxd ;
Redclxxd ; 26 kun oldin
Rob is just a bad as skip at this point.
Ariel Pascual
Ariel Pascual 26 kun oldin
MASTah 0115
MASTah 0115 26 kun oldin
Hating cause LBJ success stop it.
Dope Dope
Dope Dope 26 kun oldin
Rob still pick miami to win, how can you trust this sports analyst? everything againts lebron, Rob is all out..
Volcom Stone
Volcom Stone 26 kun oldin
Rob" Flipped and Flopped just like the Plippers!
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Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Who Will Be the NBA Finals MVP?
My Unlicensed Hovercraft Bar Is Technically Legal
Tom Scott
Ko‘rishlar soni 486 ming
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