Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Did Kyrie Irving's Comments Throw Shade At LeBron James?

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26 kun oldin

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to recent comments from Kyrie Irving that could be seen as a dig at LeBron James. Kyrie felt that joining forces with Kevin Durant has finally given him a shooter he can rely on in key moments, other than himself.
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Josh K
Josh K 4 kun oldin
Rob, it doesn’t matter what you think about Lebron being clutch. The numbers speak for themselves. Quit lying to everyone Rob.
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa 10 kun oldin
The POWER of being the give haters a platform to get paid an feed their families...damn LEBRON you should be on alot of these dude's tax forms...PEOPLE'S 👑 CHAMP...
Cj Prince
Cj Prince 14 kun oldin
I knew rob would bring some logic to this, made Chris Broussard switch up so fast. Ive never seen people contradict themselves over and over when talking about Lebron and this topic. He’s never been that guy to score at the end of games he’s just had to be that guy cuz nobody could. That’s why he left Cleveland in the first place. Furthermore when is everybody gonna stop riding Kyries nuts every time he speaks. Putting another mans name in his mouth tf is that 😂😂😂😂😂😂. This never should’ve been a topic I think the media just wanted to stir up some controversy out of thin air.
Lil Drezzy
Lil Drezzy 17 kun oldin
Jon Summers
Jon Summers 19 kun oldin
Derrick Rose is more of a hall of gamer than kyrie
Mark Warner
Mark Warner 20 kun oldin
Rob Parker's false narrative: "No on wants to play with lebron". Tell that to AD who is on the verge of finally get a chip because of LeBron and said he wants to play 9 more years with LeBron.
R0YAL K1NG 21 kun oldin
Kyrie Tweaking off them $100 8ths
M 22 kun oldin
Who cares?
Charles Charles
Charles Charles 22 kun oldin
But that don't mean anything it just made that at the end of the time you have to shoot the ball they don't mean that he is the better player did Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan Kyrie was just run it down but he had to make the shop that'll mean anything Big Lots just me at the last minute of the game you had to take the shot that's all maybe did do it more times did Kobe or Michael Jordan so what I tell you what both of them still have more championships and that's all that matters the more Championship the more wins and even now look who LeBron James have to play against they ain't even superstars as of this year is no one else left in the Western Conference Finals that was better than before the Western Conference is finally weak starting 2019 the Westin Conference Finals Ben weak
Charles Charles
Charles Charles 22 kun oldin
Is something else I want to say I guarantee you that the Lakers players if not there for Kobe Bryant them guys went to the Lakers to enhance LeBron James game he is not there for Kobe Bryant. I guarantee you that most of them guys couldn't stand Kobe Bryant this Laker roster, it's only there for LeBron Jame. They can play it off like they are there for Kobe but me I know better they are there for LeBron James if you look back and look at the team they could not stay Kobe Bryant. Now they may feel sad down or whatever you want to call it because of his death but in real reality they are there for LeBron James. I guarantee you that.
Sebastian Montoya
Sebastian Montoya 22 kun oldin
How is Rob Parker still relevant? He should be banned from talking sports after he said that the Lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs when they got AD a year ago
HotGritz910 22 kun oldin
Chris sometimes misses the point...he just spits out stats.. but then wont double down.. go ahead and say you would pick lebron over jordan or kobe in the clutch.. stand on your sqaure.
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera 22 kun oldin
Rob is just jealous nd LAbron HATER!! I want to see his face when lakers win the ring.
Akshay Aheer
Akshay Aheer 22 kun oldin
LeBron tied the game 89-89 when they were down 89-83.... yea kyrie hit that shot but that wouldn't have meant anything had Bron never tied it up.
kim jackson
kim jackson 22 kun oldin
Just a fan. I know LBJ is one of the all time greats. And I have no argument with that. But I do not see him as clutch. 🤷🏽‍♀️
kim jackson
kim jackson 22 kun oldin
Can Kyrie have an opinion? Ya’ll need to stop.
Muscle Mind Connection
Muscle Mind Connection 22 kun oldin
Being fearless dont make you clutch. Hitting the damn shot when its needed most at the end of games makes you clutch.
Kyng 45
Kyng 45 23 kun oldin
Chris... always making excuses for LeTrash. Just face it... dude is not a shooter...
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 23 kun oldin
so yall say LeBron is GM well LeBron should be executive of the year damn near EVERY year then.. btw how well was kyrie GM doing b4 LeBron got the job
Anthony Mallard
Anthony Mallard 23 kun oldin
Media hates kyrie because he killed alot of their lebron narratives When u debunk any media narrative they paint u as crazy alot of the things kyrie says and does goes against alot of their narratives about lebron that they need us to believe
Andrew Hogue
Andrew Hogue 23 kun oldin
Rob does not like this conversation
Grim Kreaper
Grim Kreaper 23 kun oldin
Even with the facts Rob Parker is still saying he don’t believe it 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Guess Who
Guess Who 23 kun oldin
Yawn bait to launch kd pod ...and the rest of the world ..can't be this stupid to fall for this ...
GotAL2Say 23 kun oldin
Rob puts on his hater glasses.
TeeJ RollDamn
TeeJ RollDamn 23 kun oldin
Hate to break it to you dinosaurs but this is a generation of proof and stats because we like to have evidence for our claims. You no longer get credit for just having a "hot take" if anything it makes you look dumb now. Chris will adapt better than Rob as a personality if he can maintain being honest about things and having proof to back it up!
santosonly7 23 kun oldin
Kyrie should be largely ignored until he clears up his flat-earth statements. THAT is a good start on just how cautiously we should approach what he says.
A Toast To The Men
A Toast To The Men 24 kun oldin
I’ve never seen a player more hated than Lebron that wasn’t labeled a “villain” or “enforcer”. He will be truly missed when he leaves the game.
E Tagman
E Tagman 24 kun oldin
Kyrie who? Kyrie 'A.I' Irving...Always Injured he is nothing without LBJ
b7major 24 kun oldin
What people think of a LeBron doesn't matter when he has the moments to discount the narrative... this is just a topic to fill up airtime. Nothing more, nothing less.
Brendan Young
Brendan Young 24 kun oldin
Just because you got the last points that brought you over the top does not mean it was clutch
Tomi Fadiran
Tomi Fadiran 24 kun oldin
I honestly don't get it. We dont THINK of him as clutch because of the NARRATIVE. not the actual TRUTH. I know stats aren't everything but making a basket in clutch time is clutch no matter how u spin it. and Lebron has done that plenty of times. That's facts. Rob defending Kyrie implying that Bron can't make a shot is ridiculous. Kyrie isn't some casual basketball fan. He's a teammate and got to see Bron work up close and personal. He knows he's wrong
Khuns Traveler
Khuns Traveler 24 kun oldin
LeBron is not clutch because he doesn't take bad shots. Smh. Pass to a wide open Kyle korver, and that's bad but Jordan Is clutch for passing to Steve Kerr and Bill Wennington? Smh. The LeBron hate can no longer be denied
Action Jackson
Action Jackson 24 kun oldin
Kyrie skills are out of this world but his brain is trash...if Kingjames never returned to Cleveland kyrie would not be a champion
TeddyRuc TeddyRuc
TeddyRuc TeddyRuc 24 kun oldin
Lebron should have responded with " for the 1st time I have a reliable team mate that can stay healthy in the playoffs "
the bossman
the bossman 24 kun oldin
Lakers all the way
Jimir Pierre
Jimir Pierre 24 kun oldin
Most of LeBrons game winners were out of timeout layups. They’re not iso shot making. LeBron told Ty Lue to give that finals shot to Kyrie. Kyrie has a point.
Antonio Davis
Antonio Davis 24 kun oldin
He was talking about one teammate and one teammate only LeBron James he wasn't that alone with Tatum and brown stop it
Ahmed Meshref
Ahmed Meshref 24 kun oldin
What’s so WOW anout that comment? 😂😂 when kai and bron were together, he closed most games, and kd has been really clutch for the past 3 years.
Lamar Love
Lamar Love 24 kun oldin
Kyrie and Kevin Durant are too emotional but wives
Rambo Assil
Rambo Assil 24 kun oldin
3-6 is not clutch
Lamar Love
Lamar Love 24 kun oldin
If it wasn't for LeBron kyrie wouldn't have even been in position to hit that big shot. Before LeBron came back to Cleveland all kyrie was doing is losing
Rajtilak Singha
Rajtilak Singha 24 kun oldin
Brussorad! Is this the topic you guys are discussing? Let me share something-- Why you people always talk about Clutch time? If you don't play well from the beginning , is there any clutch discussion? It means if a team plays well from beginning then we speak about Clutch when it's almost tie or competitive till the end. So respect those player who carrie the game from the start. Without LJ, Kyrie is as like Kemba who was in Hornets before.😄😄🤭🤭💯💯
Karlo Blažek
Karlo Blažek 24 kun oldin
The name "The odd couple" of this podcast really fits. I don't know what's Chris doing with Rob.
Juvens Charles
Juvens Charles 24 kun oldin
Kyrie jealous lebron about to get another ring, and the media is saying there a better duo then wade and bron and not even talking about kyrie n bron
Chris Green
Chris Green 24 kun oldin
I’m just going to defend and side with everyone against Lebron Rob Parker
drawfirst 24 kun oldin
Do you want a guy who takes the last shot or do you want a championship..your choice.
drawfirst 24 kun oldin
Where do guys who love to take the last shot, no matter the circumstances, end up?..thats right, in Cancun.
Professor 24 kun oldin
He plyd with lebron and he aint tlkn about highschool lets be real.jason taytum way better than Irving plus he green asf
William McKay
William McKay 24 kun oldin
“Ya i see the numbers but nah LeBrons not clutch” cmon bro really? 🤦🏼‍♂️ i guess all these playoff game winners happened by accident.
Custom Shade
Custom Shade 24 kun oldin
Take two months off everybody--take the wife & kids for 'wings' at Magic City, spread the virus around and all that--and we'll see everybody **back in the bubble** to open the next season on Sunday, December 6th!
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 24 kun oldin
Chris Broussard said somwthing that I want to question: Why is Kyrie Irving an automatic Hall Of Famer? Because he got a championship? Because of that shot? i personally don't think he is a hall of famer. He hasn't done enough.
EA Travi
EA Travi 24 kun oldin
Y’all really want these ratings ..
Khuns Traveler
Khuns Traveler 24 kun oldin
People don't look at Lebron like that because of people like Rob Bayless and their false narrative that Lebron isn't clutch. It's just stupid people mad cuz they're wrong and don't want to admit it
Omar E
Omar E 24 kun oldin
So Kyrie doesn't think Kyle Korver can take the shot?!
Mr. Cartwright
Mr. Cartwright 24 kun oldin
I think if kyrie would have stuck to just saying something along the lines hey KD is the best Shooter I've ever played with hes deadly from everywhere on court midrange, 3 threes, driving and free throws and with his length hes almost unguardable. Noone would even have challenged that comment. Him just saying clutch made it very vague and general especially since he played with lebron. The word clutch in itself is overused by itself its usually deeper than that.
You don't know s*** about basketball Chris Broussard that's first (Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant SHAQ×IVERSON)players like that are closers LeBron James Magic Johnson John Stockton players like that are pass-first PLAYERS dummies....
will liam
will liam 24 kun oldin
Of course it's throwing shades on bron because he felt bron never respected him, treated him as just the kid
will liam
will liam 24 kun oldin
No Chris, Lebron was afraud to take the shot in several crunch times. Other times he doesn't even want to get fouled and go to the FT line
Lenny Beason
Lenny Beason 24 kun oldin
Lebron has showed more fear to take the last shot than Kobe and MJ and others. Players know who's clutch and who's not despite numbers without context.
L.A. 24 kun oldin
"Rafiel in Brazil" Hahahaha Its Ra-fa-el very simple
Avery Brown
Avery Brown 24 kun oldin
So many people is going to lose their job when Lebron James retires because they want be able to hate any longer.😪
harlequin75 24 kun oldin
What are Durant’s clutch numbers
Jacansupreme 24 kun oldin
Why they always say Kobe hit 1 playoff game winner when he hit another one in the finals against the pistons ? Also Kobe has more game winners in the regular season then Mike and Lebron and beat more 50 win teams in playoffs combined! That's never mentioned tho smh....
Anthony Celestin
Anthony Celestin 24 kun oldin
Most of Lebron game winners are layups. In Lebron famous 48 point game vs Pistons in 07, his gamewinner was a layup
jdelgado216 24 kun oldin
Because usually people believe only shooters are clutch even if their efficiency is low, Lebron has been crucified for making the right play at the end of games over the years and having guys like Skip Bayless talking crap all the time does not help either
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo 24 kun oldin
There’s a possibility they don’t workout. Me and my homeboy we tight like brothers but I could never be roommate with him.. Kyrie and KD gonna beef. Just watch
Damon Player
Damon Player 24 kun oldin
Making a long distance jump shot is different then puttn your head down and bulling your way to the rim I think he talking jump shot if so he right
Damon Player
Damon Player 24 kun oldin
No stop it not even top 20 shot of all time NO
jan ching
jan ching 24 kun oldin
kyrie > bron. bron a sheep. remember china? bron puffin hes chest cuz hes in the finals this year gtfo. go work for china. Lebron trump
T C 24 kun oldin
Why didn’t anyone catch LeBron the day before throwing shade on Kylie.. I’m not much of a fan of either but they both threw passive aggressive shade the same week of each other.
At OBI's Gym
At OBI's Gym 24 kun oldin
What makes me happy is each time Lebron succeeds it makes Skip and Rob Parker Mad. Paul Pierce got tired.
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 22 kun oldin
And some muthafuka had the NERVE to try to tell me that pierce is/was better than Kobe AND Wade....I just lmao and smh
Rene Sotelo
Rene Sotelo 24 kun oldin
Speaking of l36ron? I got no freaking choice but to listen that's all y'all talk about bunch of losers js
SODA 24 kun oldin
How dumb are the players for electing Kyrie vp of players Association. It might be reach but this why i dont think these players trying to be the head of social justice issues is a good idea. The players are mostly just a delusional as Kyrie. They live in thier on bubbles.
4qua Affinity
4qua Affinity 24 kun oldin
The fact is ....... if the game is tied on a last shot Lebron would take it
Walkerwayz 24 kun oldin
So in Rob, Skip and all these other idiots minds only clutch shots are buzzer beaters and anything before that doesn't count. Kyrie, who put your ungrateful ass in the position to hit that game winner? Because you damn sure couldn't guard anybody...
First World
First World 24 kun oldin
Rob is a idiot
Black Clover
Black Clover 24 kun oldin
Kyrie is a total idiot just like rob parker
latoni11 24 kun oldin
rob hates on lebron so much its not even funny
Rico L
Rico L 24 kun oldin
What Chris & all the Labron fans don't mention is Labron played 270 more games than Jordan, HE SHOULD HAVE MORE OF EVERYTHING
mobetter25 24 kun oldin
They also dont mention all the first round exist that Jordan had.
Jack Wayne
Jack Wayne 25 kun oldin
Skip and Rob can never be objective about LeBRON, it’s just not in them..
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 25 kun oldin
Let's see how much broussard hugs lebron's shoe laces in this video.
Myron White
Myron White 25 kun oldin
I dont understand how what kyrie said was so wrong...he is absolutely right...kd can make any shot period he is a crazy good offensive talent....he can make any shot kyrie can....alot of lebron winners are off catch and shoot...kyrie and kd are iso masters...he didnt say anything wrong
William Bolden
William Bolden 25 kun oldin
Brooklyn nets next year will be "HEAD CASE CENTRAL"
Orlino Jr. Llauderes
Orlino Jr. Llauderes 25 kun oldin
Don’t ask Rob about Lebron......he doesn’t like LBJ...
kydrek alexander
kydrek alexander 25 kun oldin
The same way Bron is giving AD the game, Bron tried to do the same for Kyrie but he ain’t want it, he’s mad bc DWADE and AD is the best teammates Bron played with and they not talking about him
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell 25 kun oldin
Feelings over facts is always what it is when it comes to judging LeBron
Kelvin Quartey
Kelvin Quartey 25 kun oldin
The media gets so bored sometimes that they have to come up when new topics smfh
CED FADER 25 kun oldin
Michael Jordan deferred to John Paxson and Steve Kerr, he only had 3 clutch game winning shots in the playoffs in his 15 year career.
Alec Edwards
Alec Edwards 25 kun oldin
All imma say is nets ain’t coming out the East.
RD 25 kun oldin
Of course lebron has taken and made more clutch shots in the playoffs than anyone else. He's played more playoff games than everyone else. An apples to apples comparison would be the ratio of clutch shots/games played.
rosdon87 25 kun oldin
It’s how how “experts” like rob and skip can just ignore the numbers and still be considered professional
D Jones
D Jones 25 kun oldin
It would have been a dumbass forced shot vs if draymond blocks it then what you say Bron should have passed it..dude can’t win lol imagine if people viewed Bron with the facts instead of feelings!
Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson 25 kun oldin
Rob parker is natural born pure HATER!
D Jones
D Jones 25 kun oldin
Because they look at Bron with feelings and facts ..I been saying this for years...they look at Bron because of narrative....without actually watching
Barrett 25 kun oldin
That’s so strange, I’ve always thoughts about LeBron as someone you “give the ball to and get out the way.” I think the media hacks are faithful at talking down LeBron’s legacy because if they’re honest about things it would become clear that LeBron eclipses their personal all time favorite.
Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson 25 kun oldin
Which team did kyrie make better
JZL 25 kun oldin
Kyrie is such a dumb, spoiled brat
Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson 25 kun oldin
How many teams did kyrie carry🤔
Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson 25 kun oldin
How many rings does kyrie Irving have 🤔
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic 25 kun oldin
Lebron drops 50 in the first finals game vs Golden State. Has Curry on him on the last possession down 1. Instead of shooting the last shot he passes to Hill. NOT CLUTCH! NOT A KILLER!
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