Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Is LeBron James' Age Catching Up To Him?

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28 kun oldin

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the performance of LeBron James in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between the LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets
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Vincent Mason
Vincent Mason 21 kun oldin
This aged bad...get it?
BEKARI MUSIK 21 kun oldin
nobody listen to rob parker, i just come for the comments
Brandon Christopher
Brandon Christopher 21 kun oldin
Rob is the prisoner of the moment
PRIME SHAQ 22 kun oldin
This aged well guys
Carter Sosa
Carter Sosa 22 kun oldin
This didn’t age well
PRIME SHAQ 22 kun oldin
Aged like fine.....expired milk
Tank White
Tank White 22 kun oldin
Dyms Josma
Dyms Josma 22 kun oldin
Once again Lebron makes you all look like fools.
Larry Lewis
Larry Lewis 22 kun oldin
Rob Parker please stop hating this man.This man is pure greatness.Where is Kahwi now?
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover 22 kun oldin
The Rock
The Rock 22 kun oldin
I think age is catching up with Tyler Herro, from 37 to 17..lmao 30points is old age 😂 🤣 💀
thetarheel2010j 22 kun oldin
38-16-10 close out game 5
L B 22 kun oldin
Chris...but it's not one and done..Denver gone
L B 22 kun oldin
What now Rob ? Denver is done
Flow2crazy 23 kun oldin
Love seeing videos with titles like this the day after lebron goes 38 16 and 10 wit a clutch 4th quarter and trip to the finals 😁
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 23 kun oldin
This is gone look real stupid tomorrow...
cooperken871 23 kun oldin
Imagine being so wrong and they have video evidence showing how ridiculous they sound🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Tootie Pootie
Tootie Pootie 23 kun oldin
Chris broussard you are bugging the clippers clearly are not better than the nuggets. Let it go man u picked wrong , clippers got beat by a better team hands down
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 22 kun oldin
People equate better to how talented the team is. If that team don’t have chemistry they are not gonna always be better then a team that does.
T J 23 kun oldin
Let's make this really clear Chris and Rob look every bit of retirement based on looks they both look like senior citizens talking about a 35 year old man who can still jump and hoop and clutch over 25 year old boys put some respect on LeBron's Age you geriatric Bengay smelling Chris and Rob elderly looking fools 😤😤😤😤
Antbeast23 23 kun oldin
The answer is nope
Melvin Manuel
Melvin Manuel 23 kun oldin
shut up
EastGate 613
EastGate 613 23 kun oldin
Once again,This didnt age well.
Rubin McCullors
Rubin McCullors 23 kun oldin
This guy Rob Parker hates Lebron so much it's SAD.
Shankin2daBank 23 kun oldin
“If it goes 7”😂😂😂😂
Cass Ricardo
Cass Ricardo 23 kun oldin
Tob just stop ulooking worst hating on Lebron
Q C 23 kun oldin
Lakers in the finals lebron finished with 38p 16r 10a in game 5 to send the nuggets home fan or not respect the greatness when it's gone you'll miss it MJ KOBE .......
Eyce Veins
Eyce Veins 23 kun oldin
Who else is here after Lebron scores 38 16 rebounds 10 assists.
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 23 kun oldin
Lmao guess who was the star of stars when it was time to close the deal the last 2 games 😂
Bismark Yeboah
Bismark Yeboah 23 kun oldin
It’s time for people to appreciate the greatness of Lebron James. This guy just went to another final. Remember these discussions when people start saying it was a cake walk. People doubted him all playoffs and he’s still here. No player is gonna go to 6 finals and win all as final mvp like MJ and he’s the goat. But nobody in history, will be able to go to 10 finals as the best player, with three teams and with 5 different coaches. This same convo was had after the Celtics beat Cavs in game 5 of 2018 East finals. But he dropped 40 and 30 in game 6 and 7 to take Cavs to the finals. He’s the second greatest player to ever live in my opinion.
LeBron James
LeBron James 23 kun oldin
4 days later, lebron goes for 38-16-10 and finish series in 5... smh 🤦‍♂️
LeBron James
LeBron James 19 kun oldin
Phillip Schuman right
Phillip Schuman
Phillip Schuman 23 kun oldin
Sure, but 'only' 16 points in the 4th quarter, including 9 straight. Oh, wait! Just another in his all-time best close out game percentages and averages. These guys should both apologize on their next show for these takes, or at least say they were very wrong.
Kenny Brown
Kenny Brown 23 kun oldin
Once again wrong .... Lakers in the finals waiting 4-1
George0880 23 kun oldin
Smh. Been seeing this topic since 2015
Gas Mags Marcelo
Gas Mags Marcelo 24 kun oldin
IMHO, life is always having "pros & cons," likewise "pro or anti," at the end of the day, "you cannot please all and sundry, period! But, thing is, such particular person who are at the center of such thinking are mostly person/s who are doing great success in their career or chosen field!!! That person/s in focus have done or have been showing above the norm feat or act, one who is spent time, effort & money, as well as, invested his energy & resources focussing to excel!!! For me, these are people who have a vision to be great, excellent, cut above the rest (i.e. in BBall) late Mamba-Kobe, King Lebron & MJ, are those who had shown "par excellence persona," coz' of their great, super, extra-ordinary thinking, attitude,, behavior or concentration to play BBall, they possess: 1) "never-say-die" attitude, 2) everything is possible mentality, 3) killer instinct thinking, 4) high BBall I.Q., and 5) dynamic communicator & leader inside the hardcourt. Am i right??? So, my question, where are they, in terms of BBall accomplishments? That's why, always find a way to praise and be friendly in criticizing??? We can't do just criticizing without praising!!! Well, Well, click "LIKE " if you agree!!! Thanks! God bless!!!
M Heavy
M Heavy 24 kun oldin
He salty about his pick
Steven Horton
Steven Horton 24 kun oldin
I've been saying this since 2017. The problem is LeBron being his head too much. He dribbles all the clock out and then takes a bad shot or pass it to someone else to take at 3. If he had a better post-game he could play till he's 45
ominous450 24 kun oldin
That dude said LeBron should retire 💀💀💀 LeBron has more records to beat
Phillip Schuman
Phillip Schuman 23 kun oldin
Many of those records are him beating his own records he already owns, also.
Anviator 24 kun oldin
disliked before watching the video because of Rob Parker
Meteor Ology
Meteor Ology 24 kun oldin
He’s going to push it if you know Lebron
Keshawn Harris
Keshawn Harris 24 kun oldin
Lebron in year 17 come on man I love Lebron he is the 🐐 in my opinion but if he’s slowing down after 17 years in the nba so what
Roger Arnold
Roger Arnold 24 kun oldin
LOL is Chris on drugs about Lebron showing his age? What about Kawhi and Paul G play in the 4th quarter? They didn't do nothing!
Jusluv Jusluv
Jusluv Jusluv 24 kun oldin
They can’t make this stuff up fast enough.. everybody wants to be right or the first ..
Richard Paek
Richard Paek 24 kun oldin
Broussard, I’ve always respected you because of your objective viewpoints. But when you start talking about LeBron shooing 42% in the second half so he’s showing age.... I was willing to forgive the fact that you chose the Clips to win the whole thing and wanted to change your mind before the end of the series against the Nuggets. You’re going down hill. You need to wake up!
Sonia Mota
Sonia Mota 25 kun oldin
Haters gonna hate.
Robert Crocker
Robert Crocker 25 kun oldin
Who's watching after lebron shut Murray down 4 the last 6 minutes of game 4?
36090pburke 25 kun oldin
Yes it has been but here's still the best
Junior Barton
Junior Barton 25 kun oldin
LeBum is leaving it all out on the floor because he knows this is his last shot to win a title. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some sort of surgery before next season because he will not let it out now but he is hanging on by a thread & willing himself at this point
JAY2K 25 kun oldin
LeBron hides it well. Ever since the bubble he has been very passive and reliant on AD on the offense. LeBron drives less to the basket and plays pretty conservative. He saves his high energy boosts from time to time. He wants to play point guard now to adapt his game to high stats while not making fans really notice
Smerk Tyg
Smerk Tyg 25 kun oldin
In basketball the best team ALWAYS wins! If you can beat a team 4 times out of 7 how is that team better than yours? Now if this was football or college I would agree but since it’s so many games the better team has to win
Jay Marbles
Jay Marbles 25 kun oldin
That one caller that said he should retire should never speak about anything ever in life for the rest of his life.
Jermaine Major
Jermaine Major 24 kun oldin
Man is averaging 25/10/8 with a pandemic outside and they call him washed. Crazy.
Jay Marbles
Jay Marbles 25 kun oldin
Lebron is avg 25 9 9 this series. Regular season 26 10 8. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jay Marbles
Jay Marbles 25 kun oldin
And yet Giannis can't play more than 35 minutes but we knocking Lebron for possibly not playing as many minutes as he did in the past. The disrespect never fails for Bron. Smh
caracasaltavista 25 kun oldin
No credibility......... After the clippers lost, is hard to believe anything these people say....
Kahari Scarlett
Kahari Scarlett 25 kun oldin
Man had a 30 point triple dub and they saying this😂
smiTTy Rodgerz
smiTTy Rodgerz 25 kun oldin
You guys seem so lost now lol ... damn that Kawaii messed up your basketball credibility
Ultra Mystic
Ultra Mystic 25 kun oldin
If lakers can get a younger pg like morate or a Murray they can win 4 chips 🍟
Black Tonight
Black Tonight 25 kun oldin
So is Lebron being 35 is different from everybody else smh
Supreme Abdul-Jabbar
Supreme Abdul-Jabbar 25 kun oldin
His legs are getting Dirkish..., dude looks like he's walking on peg legs, by the end of every game.
User166437 Gffg
User166437 Gffg 25 kun oldin
Relax maaaan, lakers up 3-1!))) lets go LAL!!!! And yes, fk u Rob Parker!!!
A Queen Plays
A Queen Plays 25 kun oldin
Another day. Another to be better and Rob Parker is still a stupid piece of trash
se7en Zee
se7en Zee 25 kun oldin
Lebron didn't get to rest in the 4th quarter. The problem with him is Lebron can't make his outside shots. if he can 5 a game, the Lakers would not lose.
Hugo Armaiz
Hugo Armaiz 25 kun oldin
Sometimes I really do not want to hear this people (the media in general) any more... the hypocrisy is unbelievable... that's the difference between been objective and trying to push a false narrative and a prisoner of the moment
jon snipe
jon snipe 25 kun oldin
Wow they reaching on thia topic.. Lebron is fine.. Its his teammates that suck
Chicho Johnson
Chicho Johnson 25 kun oldin
30 points triple double but he aging.cause he lebron wow rob get ur old ass out there🤣🤣🤣
jerry allover
jerry allover 25 kun oldin
Lebron has always been overrated
Mark Swauger
Mark Swauger 25 kun oldin
Change your name the DUMB DUMB COUPLE
Mr. Nippletitties Network
Mr. Nippletitties Network 26 kun oldin
Rob Parker never has anything positive to say regarding LeBron James. honestly kind of explains why he's almost 60 and single. He's a phony not to be trusted
Joe F’n Roby
Joe F’n Roby 26 kun oldin
HGH. I’m out
will liam
will liam 26 kun oldin
Nuggets showed mental toughness after AD game winner. Game 4 is very very important
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 26 kun oldin
Lebron is washed
no name
no name 26 kun oldin
This is fricking insane. Lakers are the only team where people lose their damn minds when they lose a game. A. GAME. Lakers have to win them all or else "they're in trouble" or "Lebron's getting old." Clippers had to go to game 7 with 5 minutes left before these guys admitted they were in trouble. Lakers lose a single game and people lose their damn minds.
Rellie Lorenzo
Rellie Lorenzo 26 kun oldin
it doesnt matter if the lakers are a better team if they are out of shape compared to the mile high nuggets
Tony Y
Tony Y 26 kun oldin
I doubt it’s age. He’s just too nonchalant and can’t do things with the ease he used to be able to do. It’s about effort & overthinking, not abilities.
Angel 23
Angel 23 26 kun oldin
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa 26 kun oldin
If it was eazy CLIPPERS still be playing🤭's part of the GRIND...they were singing the same song when LAKERS dropped the 1st games in both previous series...any thing that comes eazy...ain't WORTH the (time) fight...this here is worth the GRIND...
Will McMillan
Will McMillan 26 kun oldin
I’m rolling my eyes smh
Jay Mula
Jay Mula 26 kun oldin
I firmly believe they will win the championships* lol bro U picked The clippers!
Michael James
Michael James 26 kun oldin
Lebron is the goat 🐐.. 28 ..8..7 speaks for itself but the way he plays can sometimes be passive and cost games
stern jr
stern jr 26 kun oldin
Denver and Clippers can play a game 8, Clippers will still lose. Denver figure out how to beat Clippers. Denver is just better than Clippers head to head.
Malik Gordon
Malik Gordon 26 kun oldin
A-D Daigrepont
A-D Daigrepont 26 kun oldin
hey Queen James maybe u need to stop worrying bout CC !! lol
Swift Gigz
Swift Gigz 26 kun oldin
They been wrong so much. I’m nervous for my lakers
bob bill
bob bill 26 kun oldin
Someone help me out here, is every other day games normal for the playoffs? Or is that just the bubble? I can’t remember the normal playoff schedule but I feel like it wasn’t eod.
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 26 kun oldin
There usually is a 2 day gap between games 2 & 3 because of travel.
King Louie
King Louie 26 kun oldin
Media loves saying triple double lol
Troy Duffie
Troy Duffie 26 kun oldin
The whole team looked tired at the end of the game.
Troy Duffie
Troy Duffie 26 kun oldin
Let this sink in: Bron had a thirty point triple double in a game three loss and is getting more criticism from Rob than Kawhi did after scoring 14 points in a game 7 loss.
Amun Ra
Amun Ra 26 kun oldin
It just proves that LeBron is still the best player in the league cuz nobody gets the criticism like him games when they win he scores and 14 points or 28 he get criticized and games he loses he scores 30 point triple doubles he get criticized it doesn't matter he has to literally save the world to get the credit
R SS 26 kun oldin
Lakers not gonna beat the heat ok Broussard. EXCUSE ALREADY FOR THEIR God. Broussard started to waking up when it comes to bron. Its gonna rain today.
swalker0731 26 kun oldin
iamphil84 26 kun oldin
Rob and skip hate Nick because of the lebron debate lol
savage Lauren juraghi
savage Lauren juraghi 26 kun oldin
What up Rob
King 26 kun oldin
I bet Rob breath stinks 😱😷💀
King 26 kun oldin
I bet Rob breath stinks 😱😷💀
ctnative203 26 kun oldin
the man is one game from being up 3 zip, just beat 2 teams in 5 games and they talking like he about to get swept.
Skip Brainless
Skip Brainless 26 kun oldin
I know LeBron the goat after people saying that he looks bad now after he dropped a 30 pt trip double in the conference finals shooting 56 ish percentage.
Martin Land
Martin Land 26 kun oldin
This topic make no sense, both look like clowns trying to find anything to discredit LBJ
Précieux Miab
Précieux Miab 26 kun oldin
Where was that energy when the clippers chocked ?? What’s wrong with Chris Broussard
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick 26 kun oldin
Unlike Rob (and Skip and Gottlieb), Shannon is actually objective when it comes to Lebron.
ANTHONY SOBERS 25 kun oldin
Spencer Mumford
Spencer Mumford 26 kun oldin
Rob just gets worse & worse lol
Frantz Nelson
Frantz Nelson 26 kun oldin
I don't know what Rob is even trying to say. Denver is to be respected but Lakers lose one game and now you're ready to question is Lebron getting old? What I saw is a guy who, in a bad game for him, had a 30 point triple double. If that's age catching up with you, then I suspect most players want age to catch up with them.
Almighttyy1 Monte
Almighttyy1 Monte 26 kun oldin
These dudes clearly hate the Lakers because all these dudes picked the Clippers to win it all and they got demolished by the Nuggets.. Now they want the same thing to happen to the Lakers so they can justify that the Clippers are still the better team
Elliott McGee
Elliott McGee 26 kun oldin
Steroids help with aging. Lebron isn’t losing this series one bit. At best, it goes 6. Denver just doesn’t have enough firepower. I think it’s all just a show to make the series seem tougher than it is.
Clay Slade
Clay Slade 26 kun oldin
The two oldest cats on the team brought them back and they take the blame for not getting the win. LeBron is getting older, showing his age and falling off. 30 points 11 assists and 10 rebounds. THAT IS WHY LEBRON IS DIFFERENT AND THE GOAT. Who else gets this criticism for those numbers with 3 7 footers getting 4 rebounds? THAT TELLS YOU WHO THE GOAT IS.
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