Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Is LeBron Much Closer to GOAT Status Than He's Given Credit For?

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker debate with their producer Rob G about appreciating what LeBron James has accomplished up to this point and wonder if LeBron James is much closer to G.O.A.T. status that he's given credit for.
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keith keyes
keith keyes 16 daqiqa oldin
What about the first 7 years of his career he didnt make the 2nd round, when he got it going his players were old
Lamar Tonytonyt
Lamar Tonytonyt 2 kun oldin
I think Peyton Manning is the best QB
Lamar Tonytonyt
Lamar Tonytonyt 2 kun oldin
I’m giving it to LeBron james
Drew Escobar
Drew Escobar 2 kun oldin
Joseph Kelley
Joseph Kelley 2 kun oldin
Talk about making up criteria, they've made up categories for Lebron, such as consecutive times in the finals. So what!
Catalin Cristescu
Catalin Cristescu 3 kun oldin
Mad Pun057
Mad Pun057 4 kun oldin
Lebron is the goat!!!
Christian Garrett
Christian Garrett 4 kun oldin
My opinion is he gotta win at least a even amount of rings and I’ll give him the credit of beating mj
Phakkhapon Kaewmanee
Phakkhapon Kaewmanee 4 kun oldin
Is being talented enough to skip college a knock on Bron now?
King Spaghetti
King Spaghetti 4 kun oldin
Finally someone with some sense
Sheldon Scipio
Sheldon Scipio 5 kun oldin
The GOAT should be someone who a dynasty was built on, revived and re-stablished a dynasty firstly. If you did not build something great, you cannot be the greatest. This is why I rate Kobe, Steph, D Wade, Dr J, Magic, Bird. Robert Horry has 7 rings from 3 teams
Kang MufasaRed
Kang MufasaRed 7 kun oldin
Michael Jordan’s weakness was that he didn’t trust his teammates. You can’t be a winner on a team, when you don’t trust your teammates. Stop with the flawless Jordan commentary and analyze the part of his career when he was straight losing, because of his own selfishness.
Kang MufasaRed
Kang MufasaRed 7 kun oldin
Michael Jordan has been surpassed. You guys are on a self made Gilligan’s Island, in your minds. Jordan was just a ball hog and not a team player before Scottie, Phil, and Tex Winter’s triangle offense. Triangle offense, in order to be successful, meant every player not only touched the ball, but were also considered as an option to shoot. The triangle offense forced Jordan to trust his players, and in doing so, weaponized the REST of the players on the team, who also contributed to those 6 championships.
Moe Jordan
Moe Jordan 7 kun oldin
Lebron has no heart
Puckstopper 7 kun oldin
You all won’t consider Jordan’s years in Washington yet we all know you would be using LeBrons Lakers years against him if he underachieved. In fact you already have considering people use his injury last season against him. Unless people can start judging them equally, the goat debate will never be real.
Rob McAleer
Rob McAleer 7 kun oldin
Just stop. After disappearing against Dallas and getting crushed by San Antonio in the finals, all while being on a manufactured Super Team, you cannot be considered the greatest ever.
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson 7 kun oldin
I like that MJ don't say nothing just let everyone run there mouth. He doesn't have too everybody does it for him GOAT
Deux81 8 kun oldin
one guy ran away from the problem and the other guy solve the problem. one guy tweets about his greatness and the other guy ppl tweet about his greatness.
Alexander Schulze
Alexander Schulze 8 kun oldin
could watch until that dude that has no clue says lebron will wipe out jordan in terms of statistical numbers. plz can u get ur facts right before u say something stupid like that.
Jodbir Waraich
Jodbir Waraich 8 kun oldin
Rob Parker blocked probably over 900 people after the clippers lost the series to Denver he’s nothing but a HATER!
DAMO 8 kun oldin
This debate is getting old , not like any normal thinking person is gonna change his mind from MJ to Lebron. Before MJ had even won one they were saying he was the best ever, and it’s true , the rings just solidified his case but they weren’t necessary. You can tell from the things he did and who he beat . He was a beast .
I Rod
I Rod 8 kun oldin
Rob parker's question at 5:15 is so irrelevant, Rob's a diff kinda stupid 🤦🏽‍♂️
jonnotheboyo 8 kun oldin
When someone says MJ is a "better player" but LeBron is the goat!? LOL! 😂 GTFOH!
Jerrad Dennis
Jerrad Dennis 9 kun oldin
Most playoff game winners: Lebron. Best shooting percentage in late game situations: Lebron. Lebron has more game winners than Mj and Kobe COMBINED.
Rascl Fru
Rascl Fru 9 kun oldin
Give me Kobe any day over lebron
The Simmons
The Simmons 10 kun oldin
Chris: Give me a weakness in MJ's game Rob G: He had none Chris: Give me Lebron's weaknesses Rob: There are a few Rob: LJ is still the GOAT tho!!!!!! Me: WTF are you smoking Rob?
The Simmons
The Simmons 10 kun oldin
Lebron choked in a finals!!!!! Nuf said!!!!!
Micheal Jordan
Micheal Jordan 10 kun oldin
Lebron isn't on my level
Artie Kusuma Widya
Artie Kusuma Widya 11 kun oldin
Mike doesnt have any weaknesses? Must be the bullshit of the decade. Dont forget this guy got swept in the 1st rd for 3 straight years like some garbage. He cant even guard Magic or players that are bigger than him like Kemp Ewing Duncan Hakeem etc. Nv win against Bird and Kareem. No weaknesses my ass
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 11 kun oldin
Jordan really played 13 years! Lebron is going to play 20! Exactly chris! Thats a reason why he better! So your punishing him for being in better shape? Oh that make sense..
Mo Betta
Mo Betta 8 kun oldin
The football comparison at around the 1:35 mark between Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith was a bad comparison. You can argue Barry is a better running back than Emmitt because they both exclusively ran the ball and Barry was better at it despite having an inferior offensive line, quarterback, and receiving core to spread out the defense. LeBron is a better basketball player because he's responsible for doing more things than MJ for his team and he's better at doing more of those things than MJ. Also, the abundance of roles LeBron are better than MJ at translate to winning championships.
D Dawkins
D Dawkins 11 kun oldin
Last 5 min of a close game who do you want controlling the offense. MJ or LBJ. I'll take Lebron
Anteongo Estill
Anteongo Estill 11 kun oldin
Jordan was a better scorer LeBron better all around we get it
Anteongo Estill
Anteongo Estill 11 kun oldin
Why come they both can't be the goat this argument is stupid
Pablo Ibarra
Pablo Ibarra 11 kun oldin
lechoke is the most overrated player in the nba, he's killing tthe nba, just look at the FINALS ratings in a time when people are supposed to be HOME watching tv... again Lechoke is Overrated. ratings will go back to normal when leflop retires.
QGNT23 11 kun oldin
So context is just valid when benefit Lebron's case. For me the biggest things in Jordan's favor are: winning record in finals (I'm sorry but the GOAT can't have a losing record in the biggest stage no matter what "context" you put him on); hardware and league leading numbers by season; excelence on both sides of the court ( I'm not saying that Lebron's a bad defender but Michael was better ); and finally, for me, MJ was a better leader. All being said, if someone want to say Lebron is the Goat, I'm totally fine with it, and will never try to convince them otherwise, and that's the respect that Lebron deserves.
Calvin White
Calvin White 11 kun oldin
I'm with Stephen A. There is nothing LeBron can do to pass Jordan! NOTHING!!!
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 11 kun oldin
Is anybody else getting bored with GOAT talk yet?
Kyle Blasberg
Kyle Blasberg 11 kun oldin
everybody always asks "if you can choose one player to shoot the last shot who are you choosing?" as a way to back MJ as the GOAT (and to be fair i would choose him also) but if i could choose one player to have on my team for the entire game to win a game 7 i'm going with LBJ
Chinagorom Ifeobu
Chinagorom Ifeobu 11 kun oldin
MJ is the clear GOAT, I just wish Bron and the media didn’t try to force Bron into a convo that he’ll never win in
Auto 11 kun oldin
So they always argue that MJs last 2 years in Washington don’t count because he was old okay he was 38 39 and 40 let’s see in 2 years lebrons gonna be 38 in 2 years we’ll see how the media treats lebron in that sense I bet the narratives gonna be totally diff than with mike
isaiah91996 11 kun oldin
Jordan is the NBA’s all time leader in PER, Win Shares per 48 minutes, and Box/Plus minus. The argument that lebron leads Jordan in the advancement metrics is a lie.
Tyree Milon
Tyree Milon 11 kun oldin
WHat ARE the "OTHER" THings?
anthony walton
anthony walton 11 kun oldin
It’s a 3 pt shooting league nowadays. Of course the numbers are going to be higher. Compared to 2 Pts in the Jordan era.
anthony walton
anthony walton 11 kun oldin
At 1:26 everybody keeps saying lebron numbers will eclipse Jordan’s ( except) for rings. Duh??? He didn’t go to college . He had a head start. He played longer . That’s not the only criteria we are going by in the goat conversation
Michael Briseno
Michael Briseno 11 kun oldin
“There isn’t a weakness in Michael Jordan’s game” Theses old heads really talking like Michael Jordan really is Black Jesus or something, ofc he had a weakness, he was an ass three point shooter
Rashdaddy Pogboom
Rashdaddy Pogboom 11 kun oldin
Double standards are wild man. Tom Brady is the GOAT because he had the best career. LeBron’s career will be better than Jordan’s. Is he the GOAT? Let’s keep it consistent.
james halliburton
james halliburton 11 kun oldin
Rob Parker... who dat??? Has lost all credibility in the last few years. And he’s right... there’s not many debates on this show and that’s what makes a show. Chris speaks so different on other shows. Rob... bruh, just don’t give your opinion.
El Gato
El Gato 11 kun oldin
LeBron is the GOAT
Odi Gomez
Odi Gomez 11 kun oldin
If you wanna bring up Lebrons Finals losses, add some context to them. Lebron lost to legit MVPs and hall of Farmers. Look at Jordan’s opponents and tell me who faces better opposition in the finals.
williest1 11 kun oldin
by Rob G's logic, Lebron Cavs beating GSW is like saying James Buster Douglas is better than Mike Tyson, because Douglas beat Tyson as an overwhelming underdog.
Elisamuel Pedraza
Elisamuel Pedraza 12 kun oldin
Why does the 3pt shots matters when they compare points per game but ironically the fact that the game was played shooting only 2 pointers allowed the players to have better defensive stats doesn’t matter at all to them?! They aren’t objective at all
Dimarko02 12 kun oldin
They find new ways to keep Jordan the Goat once they old asses retire you talk about numbers but Bron keeps winning with the numbers
Amir Khan
Amir Khan 12 kun oldin
How can you hold it against lebron that he played for longer? Isn't that the crux of the argument itself? The fact that lebron could do the things he does for as long as he has, should be a proponent of the argument.
Coffee Jazz Motos
Coffee Jazz Motos 12 kun oldin
The Odd Clowns
Michael Morton
Michael Morton 12 kun oldin
No it's nothing he can do to be the goat...You can't spend a career colluding with all stars,HOF's in their prime,stat padding with a losing record in the softest era of basketball. Jordan accomplished more in less time with less talent..Stop the madness.. lebron has played with twice as many HOF's and still has a losing record..
Jamil Cromartie
Jamil Cromartie 12 kun oldin
Jordan has 10 scoring titles lmao I mean come on now. It’s like why is this a coversation. He got 10 scoring titles during the hand check era. If that ain’t goat I don’t know what is.
Lenox W
Lenox W 12 kun oldin
Lebron needs 6 to be the GOAT
Jun Kim
Jun Kim 12 kun oldin
Imagine if Lebron was faithful, never gave up and worked hard for 9 years to finally win a Championship for the Cavs then won a 3 peat. Mom gets murdered, goes to an entirely different SPORT, comes back and wins ANOTHER 3 peat. All 6 Finals MVP. One team, one jersey. Never allowed a game 7. No losses. Never froze. 10 scoring titles. 9 time defensives. Hit the highest peak in the history of the game. Vast majority of the world acknowledges him as the GOAT. Then a new kid comes along, loses 6 finals. Hops around team to team to barely win 4. Has played longer than the other guy so he stacks stats, but since he's relevant now, people mention him in the GOAT conversation. Yea... exactly. MJ is GOAT.
Polo Loco
Polo Loco 12 kun oldin
Real Talk
Real Talk 12 kun oldin
I cant believe some people actually think LBJ is the GOAT. Lmao. Its only one GOAT that Micheal Jordan.
cmt eas
cmt eas 12 kun oldin
Adrian Peterson is the greatest runningback of all time.
Hip Hop
Hip Hop 12 kun oldin
Thay all from the 1900s
Robert Crocker
Robert Crocker 12 kun oldin
What will people say if at the end of next season he has just obtained his 5th ring n finals mvp and people are saying the lakers are going into the upcoming season as title favorites
Max Jean-Philippe
Max Jean-Philippe 12 kun oldin
In this world hate is stronger then love... These guys know Lebron has a huge following and they troll them for there come up
j 314
j 314 12 kun oldin
Rob G said "you're dismissing context". Meanwhile taking twice as many attempts to match MJ in Finals wins is ok. One is Undefeated...the other is .500.
Pairadeau 12 kun oldin
Jordan didn't keep his body right. That's not LeBron's fault. Jordan made poor decisions to leave basketball too. And Jordan wasn't 6 - 0. Jordan and Scottie were 6 - 0. Put some respeck on Scottie name. He had a free ride with one consistent coach. One consistent second star. Stop it y'all "sometimes I dream" fanboys...
Brucewayne1212 12 kun oldin
Who cares what "Haters" like Rob Parker, Skip Bayless, and others like them think. Haters don't have any credibility, because their mind is already set in the negative. They say things for entertainment purposes.
MyOpinion 12 kun oldin
The extra guy is LYING about advanced stats!
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 12 kun oldin
especially since most advanced stats werent counted since 1996, 2002, and others in 2010
Dimitry Thomas
Dimitry Thomas 12 kun oldin
Lebron and Kobe Played a combined 37 Seasons in the league, with a combined 16 Hall of Fame teammates, to combine for 6 Finals MVPs 5 Regular Season MVPs 3 Scoring titles 0 DPOY Jordan Played just 13 seasons with the Bulls, with a total of 2 Hall of Fame teammates, and won 6 Finals MVPs 5 MVPs 10 scoring titles 1 DPOY
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 2 kun oldin
@Matt Nguyen its not yours
Matt Nguyen
Matt Nguyen 2 kun oldin
@Michael Parker I have a kid lmaooo
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 3 kun oldin
@Matt Nguyen you're a virgin
Matt Nguyen
Matt Nguyen 3 kun oldin
@Michael Parker lol you’re an idiot
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 7 kun oldin
@Ryan ben wallace literally retired two years after playing with bron..and how many all defensive teams did wade make while playing with bron???? Ill wait.. like i said they were both old when they played with bron..wade was literally getting his knee drained every 3 weeks when bron played with him bud
Captain Snake
Captain Snake 12 kun oldin
MJ is the goat simply because the game is so god damn soft now, u can't even contest a guy when they take a 3 point shot.
4 Fake
4 Fake 12 kun oldin
Before there is an MJ LeBron debate, LeBron has to pass Kobe. We gonna ignore the fact that AD outscored and outplayed LeBron this year right? We gonna ignore the fact that LeBron played with 4 hall of famers and Kobe played with 1 and still has more rings right? Foh.
tygeezy 12 kun oldin
“The #1 star PER” ROFL!
pj Julian
pj Julian 12 kun oldin
I don’t say what anyone say BUT ITS DAMN CLOSE and i am a jordan one first
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones 12 kun oldin
Rob and so many of these basketball media guys are just protecting their memories of Jordan. Athletes get bigger, faster, and stronger. Lebron is a better player. He is bigger, faster, stronger and can do more and play more positions at an elite level. Jordan was “cooler” and sold more sneakers and all of that. Jordan could be “greater” in the same way that Babe Ruth is greater than modern all star players, while every all-star player in the game today is better than Ruth.
Courtland Hubbard
Courtland Hubbard 12 kun oldin
It's so hard for people to let go of the world's grandbaby (Jordan) 🤦🏿...lebron is a better player than Jordan, it's so obvious lol
Princern Prince
Princern Prince 12 kun oldin
This dumb ass G guy i all over the place. First hes on stats and Chris busted that up with Barry Sanders and he immediately wants to run from the stats argument. Then Chris says MJ had only 11 full seasons and the G guy says dont give me that he played a full career. Really? There are people that play two years and their career ends and that is also a full career but there's no way to compile the numbers in that short career. He's an idiot.
Nardo Harold
Nardo Harold 13 kun oldin
Can someone asks these old guys what team Anthony mason would start on today?
Nathan Forsyth
Nathan Forsyth 13 kun oldin
When these people look at these debates only in numbers their arguments are weak longevity stats are not a great way to compare eras or players
cyber6sapien 13 kun oldin
Advanced stats favor Jordan not LeBron!!
Ben Alvis
Ben Alvis 13 kun oldin
LeBron needs to 3x repeat
Callie Steele
Callie Steele 13 kun oldin
Lebron would have punished the league if he played in that era.. he is 6’9 260 all muscle and freakishly fast. The league wasn’t ready for Lebron! He actually slims down he could actually get bigger. The way he trains...
Dwight Palmer
Dwight Palmer 13 kun oldin
This guy is lying about LeBron stats are better. P.E.R., Box +/-, value over replacement player & win shares, Jordan is the greatest of all time.
Caio Leal
Caio Leal 13 kun oldin
Jordan started winning and didnt stop... WITH THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME!! He had the best coach of all time, best defender of all time and in second 3-peat he had the best rebound of alltime... stop compare players without putting on perspective the context they were in.
paul alba
paul alba 13 kun oldin
Game on the line, steph, and Michael. I bet that don't matter right
Clinton Caple
Clinton Caple 13 kun oldin
The lebum fans in the comments are hilarious lmmfao any context put on anything lebum does he absolutely does not stack up hes a bum period 🤷🏾‍♂️
Xander Chronicles
Xander Chronicles 13 kun oldin
Game on the line, I'm givin the ball to lebron so he can pass it to Jordan for a wide open look
Polo Kidd
Polo Kidd 13 kun oldin
Mj 3 pt shooting wasn’t a weakness 😂😂
E Craig
E Craig 13 kun oldin
Lebron hurt Rob so bad. Rob will never forgive him for his success
Billy Barry
Billy Barry 13 kun oldin
I'm sorry.. did the three point line not exist during Jordan's era? I seem to remember Jordan having BJ Armstrong and Steve Kerr on his teams. Hmm, I wonder why Phil Jackson would pick up 2 undersized guards that were defensive liabilities?? What other thing did they bring to the team that made up for their weaknesses????????
turtle punch
turtle punch 13 kun oldin
i like how if MJ would have carried some crappy teams to the finals in his early years and lose it would be a negative instead of getting swept out in the first round every year. Apparently
Jeriah Garrett
Jeriah Garrett 13 kun oldin
Jordan couldn't shoot 3s they moved the line closer and he still couldn't stop acting like they just didnt shoot the 3 lol bird did
Jeriah Garrett
Jeriah Garrett 13 kun oldin
And didnt Kerr and paxson hit a 3 too win a game
Jeriah Garrett
Jeriah Garrett 13 kun oldin
Chris compared running a football which is mainly o line based
Jermain Gresholm
Jermain Gresholm 13 kun oldin
Don't reach Young blood
Don't reach Young blood 13 kun oldin
Imagine getting paid to argue about LBJ and Jordan for a living
G Money
G Money 13 kun oldin
👁👄👁 🍿
Reece Selasi
Reece Selasi 13 kun oldin
Basketball is not 1 on 1 LeBron is the best at his position all time. MJ is the all time best at his position.
Devon Dolphin
Devon Dolphin 13 kun oldin
Bron dont get no respect cuz only one chip bron won that wasn't courtesy of him finessing players and teams to stack the deck for him that's the bottom line all this pressure stuff is a joke he wasn't born with that chosen one tatted on him he did it himself he put that pressure on himself so he gets no pass for that kd and other players get bashed for stacking or joining good players and teams bron did it his whole career ppl need to be real.
Stocks And Books By Bre
Stocks And Books By Bre 13 kun oldin
The NBA season is over. Less than 5 million people watched. No one really watched.. Time to move on to NFL..
Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith 13 kun oldin
There's no weakness in Jordan's game? That just tells me where you guys are mentally in this debate. Jordan's weakness was his three-point shot. While he wasn't absolutely terrible from 3 he wasn't good either. He shot like 32% from three for his career. There were multiple seasons where he shot under 30% from three. Yeah, the three wasn't used much back then. But when Jordan did choose to shoot it he missed most of the time. He wasn't a three-point threat.
Antoine Hittler
Antoine Hittler 13 kun oldin
We need Rob G more on the show, he is the only one that is objective towards these two geezers when it comes to Jordan
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