Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Clippers Fire Doc Rivers After Seven Seasons

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the LA Clippers parting ways with Doc Rivers. Clippers recently gave up a 3-1 lead in the second round of the NBA Playoffs to the young Denver Nuggets who the Lakers just eliminated in 5 games.
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Brian Chu
Brian Chu 14 kun oldin
Doc's greatest achievement with the Clippers is empowering and leading the team to get rid of Donald Sterling. That has ramifications for the future of the entire organization and affects all of the future Clipper players and all of the players in the NBA.
Steven White
Steven White 14 kun oldin
Totally disagree. Doc didn't lose that series. The players loss that seris.
Snicky G
Snicky G 15 kun oldin
So overrated rivers couldn't pass up the 76ers job because he loves coaching? Is that a fact? Well lazy ass rivers hates to practice and he is a players' coach which means he allows the team to coach themselves! What he really loves is the annual $10M salary. I still do not understand why the 76ers wanted to hire rivers. Are they this desperate?
Pepe2020 16 kun oldin
last caller trolling lol.
K. Elie
K. Elie 16 kun oldin
At this point Rivers is overrated. He's still better than D'Toni who can't coach at all.
Ed Lim
Ed Lim 18 kun oldin
Rob parker what negative comments do you still have for lebron 4th ring
deadeyex dan
deadeyex dan 18 kun oldin
Am I going insane or wasn't docs "championship talent" plagued with injuries? And this year's team didn't even wanna be in the bubble now all the blame is on Doc.
Honestly Speaking
Honestly Speaking 18 kun oldin
Boston also needs to start thinking about their coaching situation. Any team that gets beat by a zone defence in the nba playoffs might be in over their heads. Can't over the hump
Captain Snake
Captain Snake 18 kun oldin
Philly made a mistake. Doc doesn't hold stars accountable. Ty Lue would have been better for their young starts.
Captain Snake
Captain Snake 18 kun oldin
Doc stopped coaching once he got Kawhi and PG. And that Boston team was hungry and had leaders.
blaZd Park
blaZd Park 18 kun oldin
“That’s pedestrian given the talent they had” that’s exactly how I feel about Jordan’s 6-0 man especially given his contemporaries.
Michael Eunjae Jang
Michael Eunjae Jang 18 kun oldin
If there's a standard to figure which coach is good, there must certainly be a standard to figure the bad ones too. Doc just checked on every single criteria for what an underachieved coach with what talent he has should look like. I can't believe how much luck he has had with being given second chances~~
GABE MOORE 18 kun oldin
Da Cleva 1
Da Cleva 1 19 kun oldin
As a sixers fan ,Clippers shouldn't of fired doc after 1 year, but I'm glad they did.
Serg NYC
Serg NYC 19 kun oldin
Thank you Chris. Mark Jackson gets no respect. Kerr won a ring with Jackson team and didn't change a thing. On top of that they got KD for nothing. Warriors could have won without a coach.
Serg NYC
Serg NYC 19 kun oldin
It's this simple. Doc is a good guy and nobody wanted him fired but EVERYONE understands why he was fired.
Goodfella 19 kun oldin
This firing was at least three years overdue.
Deric Mango
Deric Mango 19 kun oldin
And now he’s the Coach for The Philadelphia 76ers.
Terrell Hunt
Terrell Hunt 19 kun oldin
That Boston Celtics team Doc Rivers coached is very underrated. Doc was lucky to coach them
Camilo CienFuegos
Camilo CienFuegos 19 kun oldin
BROUSSARD- git the Geek Squad up in there - AH-HA-HA, HA-HA..!"
Camilo CienFuegos
Camilo CienFuegos 19 kun oldin
2 out of 4 straight Finals, that's pretty good tho..
Camilo CienFuegos
Camilo CienFuegos 19 kun oldin
..Rob: "cut the bs* Doc - you were up 3-1 and you CHOKED!" AH-HA-HA-HA, HA-HA..!"
tez2k007 19 kun oldin
Rob Parker the guy who slated the Lakers all season saying had no chance at the title.
Blackbelt Ben
Blackbelt Ben 19 kun oldin
Lol how are you blaming the coach because the players didn't perform and choked.
just observing
just observing 19 kun oldin
Rob Paeker eating crows... I don't care what he says, he's eating crows.
Spurs 2K20
Spurs 2K20 19 kun oldin
Stopped listening once heard "black coaches not hired in 2020"
Doc J
Doc J 19 kun oldin
Yes Doc deserved to be fired but I would've run it back one more time. The team was basically just assembled this year.
Phillip Walker
Phillip Walker 19 kun oldin
T Mac never won a series? That has to be incorrect.
Adrian T
Adrian T 19 kun oldin
Tracy is HOF. Lol
Adrian T
Adrian T 19 kun oldin
PG got Doc Fired and cheated on his daughter. Not good
Geoff 19 kun oldin
I’m a lifelong spurs fan and this clips team had me rooting for the lakers. The whole was never more than the sum of the parts and PG and even Kawhi against Denver had really lackluster stretches
the golden apples
the golden apples 19 kun oldin
Didn't Tracy McGrady win a series his last year in the league with the San Antonio Spurs?
One Man
One Man 20 kun oldin
2 championships in a row with 4 finals trips is pedestrian?? Even with great talent I can't agree. Championships are always hard as we can see. They shouldn't be taken for granted. I think it's partially these folks that saw Jordan scoop chips like candy that forget the value of a single chip, much less back to back. That's HARD.
Devon Dolphin
Devon Dolphin 20 kun oldin
They took gsw to six is all on gsw not the clippers being great when gsw got serious they wiped them out lou and pat did an interview talking about how Hard they tried
N Y 20 kun oldin
Doc is just the Paul Pierce of Coaches. Overrated as hell and is milkin‘ that one championship which was just one of the easiest ever
YaBoyeeGreg 20 kun oldin
I rather Donavon fron okc but everyone thought doc was gonna stay. I really wish don was there head coach I would've liked that
Sammy Gonzalez
Sammy Gonzalez 20 kun oldin
I mean ain't the clippers the best from the west I mean there were dubbed best championship contenders lol watt happen guys lol I'm so confused
will liam
will liam 21 kun oldin
Because those black guys can play BUT NOT COACH, dimwit
will liam
will liam 21 kun oldin
Over rated, choked again, fired
Contel Bradford
Contel Bradford 21 kun oldin
What kills me about this whole conversation is cats talking like the Lob City Clippers was some elite championship or bust team. One of the callers even said better than what Doc had in Boston. FOH! Yeah, CP3 is a HoF'er, but let's not act like Blake and DJ were the McHale and Parish to his Larry Legend. Blake was so raw and unpolished then, that he's easily a better all around player now, albeit broken down because of injuries. DJ was solid, but largely a product of Chris Paul's brilliance. So the fact that they couldn't get out of a WC loaded with the Dubs, Spurs, Rockets, and Kobe Lakers is not some grand underachievement, IMO. That said, the firing is justified, for the simple fact that seven years is a long enough tenure for any head coach that hasn't produced a title. Doesn't mean Doc isn't a great coach. Just time to move on.
M H 21 kun oldin
I agree with letting Doc go but let's not act like KL and PG were on the floor and didnt get it done. That failure is just as much is on them as much if not moreso than Doc. At the end of the day it's the players job to put the ball in the hoop....
Quiet Storm 821
Quiet Storm 821 21 kun oldin
The 2008 Celtics milked that titled acting like they were a dynasty
Big H
Big H 21 kun oldin
I wonder if Kawhi is regretting not signing with the Lakers.
Big H
Big H 21 kun oldin
Sorry Clipper fans, L.A will always be a Lakers town.
Sammy Wright
Sammy Wright 21 kun oldin
so it's doc fault kawhi and pg missed all those shots.
Kathy Kerr
Kathy Kerr 21 kun oldin
Clips became most despised team ever for: tampering with 2 organizations, playing “cute” playing 3 teams vs each other, a childish news conference, load management, players treating other players unsportsmanlike, etc etc but I’m tired!!
T C 21 kun oldin
Doc River SPOKE UP ABOUT BLACK LIVES MATTER. After the season, he was FIRED. By the Richest WHITE BILLIONAIRE OWNER in the NBA. They stick together
Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams 21 kun oldin
The Lakers did have something to do with the Clippers loss. It's the fact that the Clippers were too focused on beating the Lakers as if none of the other teams in their conference could be a threat.
N` chan
N` chan 21 kun oldin
Lets face it doc isnt as good as the media thinks he is. He won 1 chip and lets be real 90% of the coaches that year could have won with that big 12
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 21 kun oldin
Is Budenholzer next to go?
Bryant Mungo
Bryant Mungo 21 kun oldin
i still never understood why a COACH gets blamed for the Players coming up short in Games
88smjls 21 kun oldin
Players demanding for black coaches 0
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 21 kun oldin
If Lebron woulda lost a 3-1 lead there wouldn't have been a peep about the coach.
j howlett
j howlett 21 kun oldin
several times during the regular season, there were rumors coming out of the clippers camp of teammates being upset at the special treatment of the 2 divas(Kawhi/PG). there was no chemistry because of load management. Kawhi and PG missing practice and taking days off whenever they felt like it.
Mark Bent
Mark Bent 21 kun oldin
Lol always caught in the moment. Kawhi went from a 1st/ 2nd seed team in the east prior to him being there to a 7th seed team in the west and ppl are like "they're a lock to win the chip" please. This is a classic situation of not preparing for realistic expectations. 🤔 these analysts dont even watch their product right.
AllabouttheU21 21 kun oldin
Rob always sounds like hes talking with his mouth full
cyber6sapien 21 kun oldin
2013-2010: Doc Rivers - 3 playoff series won 2019-2020: Frank Vogel- 3 playoff series won
DJBDubb BPM 21 kun oldin
Not so much as Doc is overrated but TOO much of a players coach and this got him fired. Garnett helped him keep players in check which helped him win a NBA title in Boston. No leader on the Clips this year and if you say Kawhi or Beverly you are DEAD wrong. No way should professionals act the way they did vs Blazers. Karma is a BIATCH. Garnett would have squashed all of that. I feel bad for Doc but that's the chance you take for wanting to be liked by everyone. For the Clips to lose two games pretty much the same way shows you that Doc didn't go off on them which is sometimes needed. I think the Clips should give Fisdale a long look for a replacement as well.
joel ramirez
joel ramirez 21 kun oldin
Doc Rivers... hall of fame????
joel ramirez
joel ramirez 21 kun oldin
Don't forget Steve Kerr had just come back from as 3-1 deficit against OKC. He just ran into a pissed Prime LeBron.
Jayeson Mack
Jayeson Mack 21 kun oldin
Doc Rivers wasted talent twice..He doesn't make coaching adjustments..He doesn't make encouraging speeches..He doesn't really the troops..He was out coached in both rounds..Its definitely fair...Also the players gave Doc Leads in all three Denver games..Coaching adjustments would have beat Denver
adrian little
adrian little 21 kun oldin
And people talking about the clippers need a trade who they gonna trade for montrez can walk in free agency Marcus can walk in free agency so 🤷🏿‍♂️
DaGuy WhoKnowz
DaGuy WhoKnowz 21 kun oldin
He brought over Kawhi and PG and they got him fired. BS. wasn’t justified. He put them in position. His stars came up short
SchizoCosine 21 kun oldin
I thought Doc already knew he needed at least 3 top 10 players to win a chip. Most overrated coach alive.
Blackenedification 21 kun oldin
Most overrated NBA coach ever. His success was only ONE championship in over 20 years of coaching and how many finals ? Still many people consider him an elite coach ...
Zippy Bungle
Zippy Bungle 21 kun oldin
They should hire John Stockton just so I can watch Stephen A explode.
Angel 23
Angel 23 21 kun oldin
If the flippers go to the finals they say because kahwi now because they lose in the second round have the lead 3-1 and lose is the coach fault
Israel Vasquez
Israel Vasquez 21 kun oldin
But nobody was talking bout the previous 3-1 loses. All you guy talk was bout how great of a coach doc is. Lol now all you guys are talking bout is the 3 3-1 smh
Imurge 21 kun oldin
i blame the players on this. that silliness giving players LOAD MANAGEMENT is a TRUE TESTIMENT of the clippers Downfall
Antoine Rogers
Antoine Rogers 21 kun oldin
Only people Doc digs into are the ref and i think that is what hurts him the most. Doesnt help ya team get calls barking at the refs every game
Terrance Brinson
Terrance Brinson 21 kun oldin
This foolishness. Clippers were ovet rated all year. Paul George choked in Indiana. Kawhi a good player but don't forget when he won he had Duncan and Robinson as the focal point and last year he beat a team that lost 3 if its starters. This notion perpetrated by talk show host that the clippers should've won the title is ridiculous.
Joseph Bowen
Joseph Bowen 21 kun oldin
Glad he got canned all you demonic rats get what you deserve blm= Bias Liberals Media, lebum chokes and goes 3-7 that would MAGA his demonic rat agenda got Police Shaw
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 21 kun oldin
Bucks coach is next! Also doesn't make adjustments in the playoffs!!
yaboy the kid
yaboy the kid 21 kun oldin
Pedestrian with the talent they had? D Wade couldn’t even walk in the 2014 finals.
DopeMontana 21 kun oldin
Doc rivers was fired the moment Paul George Shot went off the side of that back board in game 7 lmao
Saul Rivera
Saul Rivera 21 kun oldin
I watch the show because of Chris but i really ain’t a fan of Rob 🤷🏻‍♂️
edwin solano
edwin solano 21 kun oldin
Blew a 26 pt lead against houston
Chong Moua
Chong Moua 21 kun oldin
Doc can come to the Timberwolves.
Ramone Adams
Ramone Adams 21 kun oldin
How to fix my faucet
Shawn Martin
Shawn Martin 21 kun oldin
Clippers call Coach Martin Palm Beach Storm Basketball West Palm Beach Florida. U.S. Veteran
JD M 21 kun oldin
Hey Rob,Brady threw 3 TD's and a QB RTG of 115.00 not bad for a QB starting with a new team with a month of practice to build continuity with his receivers and still throwing ropes and bombs to Scottie Miller and Evans !!!! But in your haters mind you can't accept that every week he is getting better and better!! It must be nice to be in 1st place, wait till mid November and you will be having nightmares about the Buc's and TB12 sleep now while now while you can !!!!
Adonas Buhr
Adonas Buhr 21 kun oldin
Rob Parker should join Doc in the unemployment line for all of his years of hating on TB12. Broussard should have been demoted after his Kahwi free agency prediction debacle.
Dwayne Alexander
Dwayne Alexander 21 kun oldin
Race is In Everything
Steven Kraft
Steven Kraft 21 kun oldin
I'm not really qualified to say that Steve Kerr is truly a better coach that Doc, but I will say that even when the Warriors lost the 2016 Finals, they were in in the series until the final 3 minutes of game 7. If Steph Curry hits a shot or two and doesn't make his horrible turnover at the end of Game 7--the Warriors win another 'chip. If Draymond Green doesn't lose his cool or if the refs feel that Lebron instigated Draymond's final tech by stepping over Draymond and make it a no-call, the Warriors probably win another 'chip.
Eric Lind
Eric Lind 21 kun oldin
Steve Kerr lost to Lebron so that lessens the blow. Plus this is the third blown 3-1 lead by Doc so it’s a lot worse. What about Thibodeau who many credit the Boston title to cause he was the defensive coordinator.
Rascl Fru
Rascl Fru 21 kun oldin
It was time for a change
erik puka
erik puka 21 kun oldin
Ty Lue has a better coaching resume on his only 3 years of coaching than Doc has on his last 12 years.Lue made 3 finals and won 1 of them.Doc didnt do jack
Korey Johnson
Korey Johnson 21 kun oldin
Doc is overrated with ALL THE TALENT he’s had...people get emotionally connected with DOC. He should have like 4 rings by now
Puma 21 kun oldin
Too late. This should be happened few years ago!
Shakeel Brown
Shakeel Brown 21 kun oldin
So using this logic, the Utah jazz should fire Quinn Snyder as well. He got to the second round ONCE in like 6 years and he just blew a 3-1 lead this year.
Puma 21 kun oldin
Doc has been totally overrated and nobody wanted to tell the truth!
geesworld 21 kun oldin
Doc's coaching wasn't the problem. It was the all in Paul George trade that was the problem. Couple that with his speech about Jacob Blake along with the team not wanting to be there in the bubble were signs that Doc had lost the team. Doc being both Coach and GM it all falls on you.
Chris Green
Chris Green 21 kun oldin
It would have been justified 4 years ago
WOWimTim 21 kun oldin
Frank Vogel has more playoff series wins with the lakers than doc has with the clippers. It was a nearly a decade of incompetence
R Deezy
R Deezy 21 kun oldin
Doc rivers was not the problem the players choked smh. But the coach always takes the blame
Mac Benzo
Mac Benzo 21 kun oldin
You can't ride one Chip forever in the coaching field, but many do who haven't won JACK.
Larry law
Larry law 21 kun oldin
Or is it that we he stared speaking up when George Floyd was killed
DKnecro 21 kun oldin
Call Kenny Atkinson and Chauncey Billups. Likely not happening but call Popovich. I know he and Kawhi had bad blood at the end but if it means winning a chip and running genius plays and adjustments, Pop is the best. I'm sure both will make up if Pop is willing to consider. Who knows
Mac Benzo
Mac Benzo 21 kun oldin
It was time for Doc, to move on, but that Chris Paul Blake Griffin team wasn't a championship team.
escobar mohammed
escobar mohammed 21 kun oldin
Fired doc rivers white privilege azz
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