Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - LeBron James Can't Take the Criticism of his Legacy

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THE ODD COUPLE Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to a social post on LeBron James' Instagram that appears to be a shot at those that continue to move the goalposts in regards to his legacy and accomplishments.
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Ren Ti
Ren Ti 17 daqiqa oldin
this joke of an analyst Rob Parker would hail Michale Jordan for being petty and putting his critics to bed, now that Lebron does the same he's suddenly not capable to take criticism? THE DOUBLE STANDARDS ARE REAL FOLKS.
matahari samarium
matahari samarium Soat oldin
You know why this become an issue compared to mj's time? Because mj never said that he felt he was the goat, and LeBron did.
shaun gray
shaun gray 3 soat oldin
vwbond 4 soat oldin
Didn't Rob Parker state that "Lebron would never win a championship with the Lakers" ?
Dylan Richardson
Dylan Richardson 5 soat oldin
Discredit this clown when he said Bron would never win a championship in LA. Stay Salty
Sea Pea
Sea Pea 5 soat oldin
Lebron the NBA Journeyman.
Daniel Perry
Daniel Perry 10 soat oldin
I'm not a LeBron fan at all but seriously all you do is talk about this man and you cant figure out why hes a fkn premadonna? It's you folks and this bullshit every day sports shows where there just isnt that much sports to talk about... anyone else miss the days before ESPN?
Uptowngunna From da b
Uptowngunna From da b 12 soat oldin
He can be the goat 20 years from now according to his delusional stat presenting fans I still won’t be buying his ugly ass shoes
Brendan Linder
Brendan Linder 18 soat oldin
Nobody has changed the criteria. The criteria has always been 6 trips, 6 wins with 6 finals MVP’s. Unless LeBron invents a time machine and doesn’t loose the 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018
John Khaos
John Khaos Kun oldin
Jordan in the nba for 15 seasons won 6 so it safe to say he lost or left out of 9 championship but been to 6 finals .. Jordan retired Lebron in the nba for 17 seasons won 4 so it safe to say he lost or left out of 13 championship but been to 10 finals .. Lebron still active Rob parker..talking sport and sounds like is mouth need a bath .. shitmouth
BballSpiderMonkey Kun oldin
If Lebron wins the Dunk Contest at age 36 then I might consider him the goat regardless of the finals record.
Everett Simmons
Everett Simmons Kun oldin
Furthermore how was it the big man era when Jordan only faced shaq and Ewing in the playoffs shaq record is 1-1 he never faced any great bigs other than those 2 in the post season no Kareem no Hakeem no Duncan no Robinson
parrish m
parrish m Kun oldin
NEXT contract Lebron should go to to Charlotte. Then Lebron will get the credit over Jordan. hehehehe.
dkto98 Kun oldin
he "flexed"? Broussard, you have to get off his nuts
Fin6as Kun oldin
These old guys need to calm down. Its not that serious.
Fin6as Kun oldin
Lebron is insecure? Lol if he was insecure, he wouldve killed himself a long time ago.
ThreeJ Kun oldin
Broussard must’ve hit journalistic puberty before this rant...finally some honest opinions about Lebron. Kudos Chris, Lebrosexuals can’t honestly quantify his game. Glad you’re separating yourself from them bruh. Bron acting 💡skinned (Euphemism for oppressive wypipo, not slandering skin color FYI). If you’re acting 💡skinned, you’re acting like our ancestors’ oppressors to clarify.
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Kun oldin
3peat twice come on Lebron you know Dam well you ain't no Goat!!!
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Kun oldin
I wonder what would have happened if MJ had played with a player like AD!! And played 17 years 🤔🤔🤔
Jason Carson
Jason Carson Kun oldin
Stephen Jackson said it best...."Lebron is the only great player who HAS TO BE TOLD that he's great."
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo 2 kun oldin
That new criteria was aimed to Skip cause they always come up with some new B.S to diminish him, like he hits a game winner drive then it needs to be a jump shot, he if he settles for a jump shot then it turns out that he needed to drive, so I'm 100% sure that type of criteria crap is what he means
Sherwin Peters
Sherwin Peters 2 kun oldin
Rob parker have got to be the biggest jackass to cover sports
Chevy Jr
Chevy Jr 2 kun oldin
Big facts!!!!
Carol Denardo
Carol Denardo 2 kun oldin
Who cares about a big, black guy who runs like a freight train? He is bigger than most linebackers. I am sick of hearing about him all year long. Seems to me the media dwell on his every word on every subject. The odd couple on fox sports radio seem to be in love with him. It is all lebron all the time! Who cares? Basketball is over. He is simply a human who is good at playing basketball. He is not a god!
Just Average
Just Average 2 kun oldin
Crazy how much money people are earning for only criticizing lebron. I hope you find a better job once lebron retires. Lol
Ahmed King
Ahmed King 2 kun oldin
Yes you all are saying Jordan is G.O.A.T because he did this and then when its shown that LeBron did it 5 times to Jordan's 1. Then y'all will say , well he did it in a game in the finals. Jordan never went to game seven. They will say Jordan won 10 scoring titles LeBron only won 1. Yeah but LeBron has more rebounds, and assist than Jordan, its not even close. Which looks better at the end of the year? LeBron 27pts 12rb 8.9 asst Jordan 33pts 6rb. 5.7 asst
cbshine 3 kun oldin
Pierce was bullied into putting him 2
The ProdiG13
The ProdiG13 3 kun oldin
This is how you know y’all don’t know what you’re talking about exactly, how many other media individuals are there??? So when he states they’ll that doesn’t have to necessarily apply to Chris and rob if you don’t create new milestones but you can’t speak for everyone and say that “they or no one” makes up new criteria because that is constantly done. Cmon man the man has how many final appearances ? How many eastern conference final championships? All star mvps ? Now 4 titles, all around great cmon I can go all day with this.
Gary Mcintosh
Gary Mcintosh 3 kun oldin
Rob Parker, Skip Bayless, Jason Whitlock are paid to hate on lebron James I am convinced they have no reason
Moses Uyadi
Moses Uyadi 3 kun oldin
Lebron has been hated since he entered the league ... he’s doesn’t care about y’all 😂😂
Iamtrue Toyou
Iamtrue Toyou 3 kun oldin
Respect is earned, declaring yourself as the GOAT is not the way.
KrushGroove 3 kun oldin
Got Rob Parker in a tizzy over here 🤣🤣🤣
Batman Wayne
Batman Wayne 3 kun oldin
Lebron can’t? Dude MJ ADMITTED on the Last Dance that he quit the sport twice because he couldn’t handle the media scrutiny and the pressure
Pratik Pawar
Pratik Pawar 3 kun oldin
Boy these boys really got butt hurt with the chip lmao. How bitter of a person do you have to be of you take kobe's and MJ's antics as inspiration and when LeBron calls out you'll thrash him. Double standards lmao.
Ryan Peralta
Ryan Peralta 3 kun oldin
cant believe these two are analyst...they must have flunk if this was a.course in college...i wonder how each one gloat when intoduced as analyst...
Khalid S
Khalid S 3 kun oldin
Rob hater
Jesika Vocisano
Jesika Vocisano 3 kun oldin
Any man who must say “I am the King”, is no true King.
jean dubi
jean dubi 3 kun oldin
It’s harder to win nba championship with 3 different teams 3 different coaches basically you have to start all over again than to win with the same team same coach for that I say LeBron is the GOAT
P V 3 kun oldin
Can’t enjoy the moment? Please. If anyone can’t enjoy the moment it’s Rob since he said LeBron was done winning championships and he was proven wrong for the nth time.
K Loften
K Loften 3 kun oldin
I still never got the Lebron's Finals record argument. Why is it worse to make it to the finals and lose than not even get to the finals in general? It's like being in a race in the Olympics and getting 2nd multiple times and getting judged by the guys who got 4th, 5th, and 6th. Why is it better to not have been in competition for the championship?
Allen Fepuleai
Allen Fepuleai 3 kun oldin
11:50 Chris sang soprano cause he knows he’s bs
Attractive Glass
Attractive Glass 3 kun oldin
This whole show had me cracking tf up in tears how mad they were at LeBron😂😂
Attractive Glass
Attractive Glass 3 kun oldin
The caller said 3 words and they put him on hold lmao
Attractive Glass
Attractive Glass 3 kun oldin
Bron got these boys in they feelings!! Lmaoooooo😭😭😂 Got both them boys screaming in the mikes💀
T J 3 kun oldin
Did that Critter say it's LeBron's insecurities🤬 was it his insecurities to get him to the finals 10 times? was it his insecurities to win 4 championship? I think he's very confident 🧐he's just has done everything squeaky clean and it's about time he starts talking back to the many under achieving naysayers!🤭🤢🤮👈🏽
Allen Fepuleai
Allen Fepuleai 3 kun oldin
Jordan never faced a champion in the Finals. Jordan never won against the dynasties of his era. Lebron on the other hand beat the Spurs dynasty and the Warriors dynasty and a Thunder team with 3 future MVPs. Lebron’s the GOAT!
Rukundo Bikangaga
Rukundo Bikangaga 3 kun oldin
Rob parker continues to be a sad loser. I remember when rick barry lit that ass up on this show 😂😂😂
Maurice Moore
Maurice Moore 4 kun oldin
But mj kept winning mvp with another superstar in pip
Maurice Moore
Maurice Moore 4 kun oldin
Brussaurd playing games. This dude said if Bron come back from 3-1 down, he tied with MJ. Anyone, tell me I'm lying
Maurice Moore
Maurice Moore 4 kun oldin
U ARE making up new criteria. Dude, u mentioned a 3peat and all time best team...
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 4 kun oldin
Bron made Robb look like a FOOL this postseason and now his tears are filled with salt 😢😢😢
Nikao Harbour
Nikao Harbour 4 kun oldin
In these last 10 years other than Mavis Spurs or Warriors (2 which were better than any finals teams Jordan played), who would've beat Lebron in the finals.
Vardan B
Vardan B 4 kun oldin
rob parker is an idiot
Yo_Rishi 4 kun oldin
Lebron needs to humble himself. He think he’s too big for his britches now.
nos victurium
nos victurium 4 kun oldin
I want lbj to win his 5th just to see what rob says lol lil bih asse hater
flee hfa
flee hfa 4 kun oldin
Legacy is wild lame 😒💯
Jamal Nicholson
Jamal Nicholson 4 kun oldin
Rob what is it . I think Rob Parker don't like winners he's claims he's don't like the king James cause he left teams to win but , tell me the reason why you don't like Tom Brady son cause he won all his super bowls in new England so what is it ROB .
Cornbx 161
Cornbx 161 4 kun oldin
He didn’t say he should have won MVP he was pissed because he only got 16 votes.
Raida Orsal
Raida Orsal 4 kun oldin
This two clowns practically made a living out of talking about LeBron. They should pay royalty to him.
lance Kelley
lance Kelley 4 kun oldin
Lebum is the most overrated overhyped sports figure ever
Win H
Win H 4 kun oldin
In their prime, if I were starting a basketball team, I would definitely choose LeBron over MJ, Kobe or Magic. LeBron offers more upside than MJ or Kobe, but Magic would be a close second. LeBron is a student of the game and has phenomenal physical skills.
A Toast To The Men
A Toast To The Men 4 kun oldin
It must be great to get paid to criticize talented, rare, and phenomenally gifted people. There’s something very lowly and sickening about that.
Weezy Wayne
Weezy Wayne 4 kun oldin
old heads are so insekurrrrr
Abimbola Abiodun
Abimbola Abiodun 4 kun oldin
GOAT 4 kun oldin
If LeBron is the GOAT, why not just say it to Rachel like he did on The Shop? Because he knows he isn't. Waved the white flag. Shied away from the question. Doubt crept in. Didn't want to 🤥.
Mayhem5150 4 kun oldin
Aren’t these two of the guys who said LeBron came to LA to make movies and his championship window was closed?
Michael Morton
Michael Morton 4 kun oldin
Lebron is one thinned skinned clown
Valliere Gray
Valliere Gray 4 kun oldin
RIP rob parker hater
L C 4 kun oldin
Facts 💯👌MJ THE 🐐
Rakheem Allah
Rakheem Allah 4 kun oldin
Brooklyn’s Very Own
Brooklyn’s Very Own 5 kun oldin
First off I told myself I wasn’t going to comment because it’s just a waste of time And “ROB PARKER” I would stfu and get your facts straight before saying anything about Lebron because obviously you’ve been living under a rock over the past year Lebron is simply speaking to those people who counted him out saying he’s done he went to LA to make movies ECT......but Rob has pure hate for Bron that’s why I call him the black Skip bayless anything Bron says they act like they know this man personally and what’s going on in his head Rob you’re a sports Analyst that has deep hate For Lebron and you should just come out and say IT! and this goes back years if you were paying attention obviously not because YOU! Picked the clippers to beat the lakers so even you are trying discredit the man saying he’s not enjoying the moment he’s insecure ABOUT WHAT?! He was talking to the haters especially your ass Lebron said in an interview that same night he was asked a Jordan question dude said I’ll leave that to you guys to decide I never once saw Lebron say I’m the next MJ I’m going to crush MJ in everything he just goes out there and plays ball win or lose and plays at an Elite Level and it’s just laughable to me cause you can spot a Bron hater very quickly. And Chris B your slowly turning into a Rob Parker
Gran Marquis
Gran Marquis 5 kun oldin
He has called himself thr goat
Joshua Agbede
Joshua Agbede 5 kun oldin
rob parker is so lame with his LBJ takes
UncleE 5 kun oldin
Isn’t him posting about himself and what he did winning, living in the moment? How you gonna contradict yourself
Mamba Bryant
Mamba Bryant 5 kun oldin
When he hit the mic and said “is this on” I died
lollol 5 kun oldin
To the callers calling into the show: make sure you're in agreement with Rob & Chris's viewpoints cause of you disagree with them, you'll simply get cut off 😂
George Brathwaite
George Brathwaite 5 kun oldin
David West, Pippen, JJ Reddick, Dame Dollar, Isaiah Thomas, Stan van Gundy, C J McCollum, Greg Anthony, George Gervin.. these are players who've said LeBron it's the greatest.. so don't act as if you got any shred of credibility Parker.. you have negative credibility.
Luis A. Estrada Vega
Luis A. Estrada Vega 5 kun oldin
I wonder if these guys take shots at lebron just to get a response lol.. they must feel like ignored girlfriend.. insecurities?? 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Raxon Souffrant
Raxon Souffrant 5 kun oldin
Rob ,the king make you eat your word. You said, Lebron James went to LA make movie . He Delivered a championship to the Los angeles Lakers.
NBAfreak 5 kun oldin
Chris tore Lebron up with facts!!!
chebele69 5 kun oldin
Rob Always high, poor guy
todd joseph
todd joseph 5 kun oldin
These people are saying that Lebron James was only the Most Valuable Player 4 out of 15 years that he has played. Wow.
Desmond Hawkins
Desmond Hawkins 5 kun oldin
Tired of yall bitter old ass suppose to know WTF yall talking about reporters downing and disrespecting this man. Lebron James is the Goat of this generation big FACTS Jordan was the Goat of his generation bottom line leave it at that. Old ass Skip Bayless and this old ass clown wanna keep hating yall past yall generation Chris Broussard get you a younger co star this clown is extinct.
Alondra's Dad
Alondra's Dad 5 kun oldin
Broussard effectively ended the 2020 GOAT debate. Rob gets hate for spelling out what Chris perfectly explained.
Nice2787 5 kun oldin
More lies Shaq got an mvp with Kobe bird got 3 with Kevin mcchale Robert parish Magic Johnson got 3 with Kareem these a liars and clowns
Nice2787 5 kun oldin
It’s not close and you have been cheating you move the goal post every time. First East was weak stay on one team you have to 3 peat you have to have 10 scoring titles you have to be undefeated in the finals you have to have the exact resume as Jordan but Jordan resume isn’t better than Kareem.
Jovanni Nunez
Jovanni Nunez 5 kun oldin
Lebron knows deep down inside Jordan is the GOAT.🤷‍♂️
YungOti official
YungOti official 5 kun oldin
If I can remember Rob said lebron won’t win a championship in LA.. I can’t really listen to him he be hating so much on bron
Jarvis Hardiman
Jarvis Hardiman 5 kun oldin
Rob Parker the dude you thump on the ear 👂 in third grade!!!! Lol
anthony walton
anthony walton 5 kun oldin
Well the reason KD didn’t feel anything winning that championship is because he joined a stacked team that didn’t really need him where he didn’t have to do ish. Clay Thompson even told him they didn’t need him. Sometimes when things come too easy once you get it your like damn this ain’t all that. Road traveled matters, which is why lebron can’t fully enjoy this ring and he is questioning things I want my damn respect. Smh you can’t make people respect you. You not the goat in many peoples eyes still even with 4 rings.
Elio Rios
Elio Rios 5 kun oldin
They made it 9 times. But they are not, Lebron!! Lebron, is a spectacular player, he's been passing the eye test since high school. He is the goat!!
Sun Rise
Sun Rise 5 kun oldin
Bron got y'all stressed out.
Elio Rios
Elio Rios 5 kun oldin
You 2 are clowns! the beauty of sports? calling him washed king and just came to Hollywood for movies. Hypocrites!!!
Omy LOC 5 kun oldin
LOL Rob Parker is trash I really feel like I should start doing media because if he can do it I can
SpotEM GotEM
SpotEM GotEM 5 kun oldin
Rob still butt hurt it’s ok
Shawn C
Shawn C 5 kun oldin
Respect for wat....beating a superstarless team?
Victor Kan
Victor Kan 5 kun oldin
I guess Lebron is the GOAT of GMs
Ryan Santos
Ryan Santos 5 kun oldin
Outta 4 of Lebron's Chips, 2 have an asterisk**
Calvin White
Calvin White 5 kun oldin
LeBron will never be the Goat with 6 finals losses. Even if he wins 6 titles. Similar to someone having the homerun record and strikeout record at the same time. Lebron's resume will never look better than Jordan's.
Julian Burrell
Julian Burrell 5 kun oldin
No one except Skip Bayless complained about Lebron going to the Lakers than Rob Parker. Dude said he was just going to LA to make some movies, that he was out of the championship business, that this was the Clippers town. You gotta wear that when you’re proven wrong.
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