Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Who Will Be the NBA Finals MVP?

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Fresno Fresh
Fresno Fresh 7 kun oldin
Rob Parker said we wouldn't even make the playoffs with AD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeancarlo Ventura
Jeancarlo Ventura 8 kun oldin
Rob’s defeated energy is giving me life. Laker Nation living in his head rent free 🏆
Sportsbrainiac35 13 kun oldin
AD hit two game winners in this playoffs to win the Lakers a game. AD also shut down LeBron's man in Jimmy. He dominated the paint against Miami and won game 3 with a 4th quarter 3. Yall give AD no credit? This is why Kyrie didn't wanna play with that Diva LeBron.
Riq Ro
Riq Ro 14 kun oldin
It's HARD to have ANY LEGITIMATE conversation with ROB concerning LEBRON because REGARDLESS of how GOOD LEBRON plays, HE'S JUST A "LEBRON" HATER! SO IS SKIP! EVEN if LEBRON scores 40+, x amount of REBS, x amount of ASSITS, HE'S gonna go against the GRAIN!! HE ALWAYS DOES!! It makes for GREAT ENTERTAINMENT, BUT HIS ARGUMENT HAS NO VALIDITY!!! Not because his points are INVALID, but because HIS "TAKES" are so BIAS!!!!
Gustavo Alzuru
Gustavo Alzuru 15 kun oldin
Rob why the hate with LeBron?? You're just another version of Skip Bayless.
Dawid Jamroz
Dawid Jamroz 15 kun oldin
Parker u piece of rubbish You said he would never win the ring
Bilaspuriya Vines
Bilaspuriya Vines 15 kun oldin
Rob Parker & Skip brainless most underrated duo in NBA
Joel De La Cruz
Joel De La Cruz 15 kun oldin
2 years ago Rob Parker said, lebron james never will win a championship in LA. Rob you should be fired from your job
Andrew Yu Young Earn
Andrew Yu Young Earn 14 kun oldin
True from one of the biggest fan of Donald John Trump.
opeoluwa otegbade
opeoluwa otegbade 15 kun oldin
Just watching this and damn... Rob went out sad. He's being such a baby
André El Latino
André El Latino 16 kun oldin
Rob hates Bron like no one ever! LEBRON JAMES MVP! 🟣🟡
Jalen Talbot
Jalen Talbot 16 kun oldin
Rob Parker is such a hater haha said ad no hesitation then says he played fairly good like wtf
salamipitza 16 kun oldin
jimmy butler has to get fmvp because he's the only reason it's even a series
Ahmed King
Ahmed King 17 kun oldin
Jimmy Butler, MJ's son will be the MVP of the Series. The Miami Heat will win in 7. With No AD or an injured AD and the Lakers bench playing like garbage. Danny Green is looking like Doo Doo Brown. Lakers are done and so is LeBron's legacy and the G.O.A.T conversation will be done after this series.
iveywebb44 17 kun oldin
A.D does have an argument for MVP but it isnt the one rob is making, hes just pathetic and obviously just saying its A.D cause he hates lebron. How can you say it should be A.D without talking primarily about the defense? Thats where Davis' value has been, hes been completely dominant defensively.
Cornell Davis
Cornell Davis 17 kun oldin
Rob u have no credibility when talking about Lebron NONE!!!
Johnny Ali
Johnny Ali 17 kun oldin
Lebron shoots less than 40 percent outside of 3 feet for his career. Let that sink in.
Gavin 18 kun oldin
Jimmy like hold my coffee
Sosaia Tupou
Sosaia Tupou 18 kun oldin
Rob is an idiot
moehammondmedia 18 kun oldin
Jimmy Butler
Américo Santos
Américo Santos 18 kun oldin
After miami wins. Butler no doubt
crush1221 18 kun oldin
"LeBron always fills up the stat sheet" Such a dumb argument - in a blow out, sure... but he didn't in those games. What's his numbers in the tight games Rob? Clown.
mos 855
mos 855 18 kun oldin
Butler will be mvp
mos 855
mos 855 18 kun oldin
Miami in 7
king lou
king lou 18 kun oldin
Chris bronsexual gonna look stupid if lebron blows a 3-1 lead
Jazzfan 285
Jazzfan 285 18 kun oldin
AD is disappointing, I had em for finals MVP. He’s not even in discussion
Ruler of Worlds
Ruler of Worlds 18 kun oldin
Davis is the difference on the lakers the defense is on another level!
Anthony Boston
Anthony Boston 18 kun oldin
Eat that humble pie Rob, I love the look on his face!! 😂🤣 He looks like one of the Heat players!!
Camilo CienFuegos
Camilo CienFuegos 18 kun oldin
if it's that close - AD gets it - IT AIN'T A LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. Shame on you BROUSSARD for trying to WEASEL in a LePomPom campaign...
BEKARI MUSIK 18 kun oldin
Paul Michael Camitan
Paul Michael Camitan 18 kun oldin
Rob is a Hater haha 😂
Troy Duffie
Troy Duffie 18 kun oldin
To set the record straight Rob said the Lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs *after* they traded for AD. Rob picked the Clippers to win the chip. Rob picked miami to beat LA in 6. Rob is now saying AD is ahead and LeBron’s numbers don’t have in impact even though they are up 3-1. Rob all of a sudden respects AD. I wonder why?
The Knights Dark
The Knights Dark 18 kun oldin
Anyone shocked Rob said AD for MVP 😂😂😂
Lenny Beason
Lenny Beason 18 kun oldin
Chris but when AD led the Lakers in every category in the regular season except for Assists u still said that Lebron was the MVP🤔🤔🤔 I see a Hypocrite!
Lenny Beason
Lenny Beason 18 kun oldin
AD shut Butler down and his presence on defense is bigger than Lebron's. The game AD was in foul trouble Lebron got out played by Jimmy Butler and couldn't guard him and couldn't close.
Buzziin Marciano
Buzziin Marciano 18 kun oldin
I know Rob gonna cry tonight
NewJeffCity 18 kun oldin
Lebron has the better stat line undoubtedly period
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 18 kun oldin
Rob should retire covering the NBA, his takes are tired and consistently biased
Michael Curtis
Michael Curtis 18 kun oldin
Rob always been a Bron hater so no surprise here.
Pablo Novi
Pablo Novi 18 kun oldin
About LAbron, Rob Parker is consistent - consistently UNLISTENABLE. I find him (and Skeeyup) disgusting (on this one subject; not on others).
Gaurav Yadav
Gaurav Yadav 19 kun oldin
Rob Hypocrite parker said ad is mvp of laker for regular season bcz his nom were better....but in final if lebron is leading in every category now ad is MVP.....such a useless analyst.....
_ Winnington
_ Winnington 19 kun oldin
Bron is the MVP end of discussion!
juanio 19 kun oldin
Let’s be real, their is no way AD getting the mvp whether or not he deserves it or not.
Jamar Hyman
Jamar Hyman 19 kun oldin
Remember when rob bayless said lakers weren’t winning a championship this year.
Chelsea Harris
Chelsea Harris 19 kun oldin
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Philip Onen
Philip Onen 19 kun oldin
Guys don't realize that Bron has chosen to take the role of the facilitator which takes away from him just dominating the game solo and this is a very successful model
Philip Onen
Philip Onen 19 kun oldin
So if it's close and it's hard to pick Rob has issues with it being Bron whose numbers are better and has been running that team. AD is their main scorer but only because he is being given the assists and the team is playing for AD. Let's not forget a guy almost averaging a triple double I think this time Rob is simply being a hater than genuine about the facts. He wouldn't have a problem granting this to any other but Bron Take Bron off of this Lakers, they are no where near as dominant, they wouldn't be in these finals to start with
Ben Alvis
Ben Alvis 19 kun oldin
AD leads in scoring and defense this is not a question. If that old Utah team won the mail man would of gotten it over Stockton no disrespect to Stockton. But I do think LeBron is going to push for a 40 pt game and steal it but as of right now it’s AD
Ben Alvis
Ben Alvis 19 kun oldin
Thanks guys love the show
Mac Pat
Mac Pat 19 kun oldin
Mac Pat
Mac Pat 19 kun oldin
JDom 19 kun oldin
This is why Rob is a Lebron Hater im done with this Guy like this the icing on the cake
Durand Peavley
Durand Peavley 19 kun oldin
28 pts 11 rebs 8 ast on 54% shooting This is Lebron playing "fine" lol...this is how numb and ridiculous the media acts to this man's greatness.
BLACK THANOS 19 kun oldin
Rob "the human steaming pile of 💩💩💩" Parker with another nonsensical take.
Gabriel Gomes
Gabriel Gomes 19 kun oldin
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel 19 kun oldin
Rob will say anything to down lebron
Nubiansage1 19 kun oldin
Lebron is not putting up huge numbers like he did in the past, but he is the glue that makes it a great team.
Alan 19 kun oldin
We all know what rob is gonna say lol
Raheim Spells
Raheim Spells 19 kun oldin
AD plays for the Lakers? I thought only Lebron played for the Lakers.
Brendow Cruz
Brendow Cruz 19 kun oldin
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Chase Mulaji
Chase Mulaji 19 kun oldin
bulls were a good team without Mj......loooooooool
ElTal Lajara
ElTal Lajara 19 kun oldin
rob just dont like lebron lol lebron has more points rebounds and assist and has more 4thQ points than davis
JReaper 19 kun oldin
Regular season - loOk aT giAnNis oVeRaLL STATS. Post season (Lebron better stats) - oVErAll STATS dOnT mAtTEr. LeBUM NeEdEd AD. AD pLaYeD BeTtEr lOok aT hiS pOiNts
Mizta Leonard
Mizta Leonard 19 kun oldin
rob bayless is just bleeding inside....
lord Beerus
lord Beerus 19 kun oldin
We get it Rob u hate lebron
d c
d c 19 kun oldin
y not co-MVP's?
O N 19 kun oldin
Didnt Ad have like a 16 point game? Imagine if lebron did that Rob would have been throwing that around
Patrick Houck
Patrick Houck 19 kun oldin
See you guys never talk about Jordan has never put his self in the finals where he is the sole superstar and it’s him against whom ever is in front of them because you can’t control that. But lebron 3 different times has been in a situation where he is the sole superstar, yeah 1 year was do to injury’s but he tried. 2006-2018!!! He said aight let’s see what’s up he just ran with it and boom finals both time and he had to play maybe the 2 most confirmed dynasty’s ever. Like there no question or argument for it. Jordan had his squad in the finals every go around. When he didn’t he got trashed by Boston and Detroit. Lebron got the his bad boys 2.0? Revisionist history there’s a damn thing in a damn shame
Mehdi Dif
Mehdi Dif 19 kun oldin
I hope lebron would bring back the old him celtics game 6 2012 Tyler herro will piss in his shorts😂😂😂
Ariz Tajanlangit
Ariz Tajanlangit 19 kun oldin
Rob Paker = Skip Bayless. Makes money just by discrediting Lebron
Esther Golden Facey
Esther Golden Facey 19 kun oldin
Parker is such a hater
Reggie 410
Reggie 410 19 kun oldin
Hard to believe Rob Parker gonna have a job once Lebron retires what else is he good for besides hating on Lebron and sticking up For boring ass baseball lol
Bendji Nzau
Bendji Nzau 19 kun oldin
Rob, sorry but you're worst than Skip. You're a brother and hating like that on Bron is sad...
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 19 kun oldin
What does lbj have to do to win mvp Rob Bayless andwer is nothing because even if he does good i will discredit it
Rock Allen
Rock Allen 19 kun oldin
Rob is almost becoming sad. Ar least we know this is skips bread n butter but Rob is just a flat out hater. Maybe Bron declined him an interview.
The Night King
The Night King 19 kun oldin
Lebron the goat Kareem number two then Jordan on the real
edward musibala
edward musibala 19 kun oldin
Bob Parker just can't stand Bron
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 19 kun oldin
Whats up with AD and rebounding.
Michael C
Michael C 19 kun oldin
When Brons final chapter is written, make sure Rob and Skip don't get a sentence in
Michael Gray
Michael Gray 19 kun oldin
They always miss the obvious. AD had the entire Heat team scared 2 shoot the ball in game 4. I'never seen that in the NBA. Never. AD is the MVP.
Michael C
Michael C 19 kun oldin
Rob is the same guy who says he doesn't even watch the games
Christopher Franco
Christopher Franco 19 kun oldin
Let's get a petition to get Rob out !!! This dude a idiot !
Michael C
Michael C 19 kun oldin
Rob sounds like Skip cuts his checks every week
Stocks And Books By Bre
Stocks And Books By Bre 19 kun oldin
So many NFL teams playing great ball.. So much more to talk about. The NBA has less than 5 million people watching. If there average that next season, the NBA may implode..
Stocks And Books By Bre
Stocks And Books By Bre 19 kun oldin
AD deserves it.. But Lebron has ball hogged the last 3 games, and will the last game to lock up the MVP...
girlgirl0356 19 kun oldin
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Shawn Shell
Shawn Shell 19 kun oldin
I have no problem with people critiquing Lebron, but with Rob and Skip it just becomes so predictable and nauseating.
Dope Dope
Dope Dope 19 kun oldin
rob is a legit LeBron hater he will find ways to discredit the man..
pauljohn0001 19 kun oldin
AD can score 100pts n 100 rebs 100asst LeGone will still be fmvp 🤦‍♂️
The Salsa Foundation
The Salsa Foundation 19 kun oldin
Rob Parker is the worst. Would do literally anything to deny Lebron.
onidtubes 19 kun oldin
This whole year alone, There is no huge GAP between Lebron and AD. In fact, there is no GAP. AD leads Lakers in pts, rebs, blocks, steals.
onidtubes 19 kun oldin
In the first game alone, Lebron stayed in the game to inflate his stats trying to get a 3ple double when the game was already over, with one quarter left.
Thorn flex
Thorn flex 19 kun oldin
rob parker is never on brons side in a discussion
Manny Tanios
Manny Tanios 19 kun oldin
Terrale Willis
Terrale Willis 19 kun oldin
There’s absolutely no point in listening to Rob Parker on any subject pertaining to Lebron James. Everything negative he says is predictable.
Eric 19 kun oldin
Of course rob would say AD smh
spacekid1994 19 kun oldin
rob "hating ass" parker is so bitter and i love it lol
Mr Tops
Mr Tops 19 kun oldin
This GOAT talk needs to end when we all know damn well Kobe is ahead of LB on the all time ranking list. LB may be a better leader, BUT results matter. Are the Lakers wearing an homage jersey to LB in game 5, or Kobe? ...
Alan 19 kun oldin
Are you serious about this argument?
Brendow Cruz
Brendow Cruz 19 kun oldin
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
wayne cockerham
wayne cockerham 19 kun oldin
The whole “ the game ad had 15 points and lost that says a lot “ narrative is ridiculous , like omg who knew you’re second best player has to play well in a high leverage game for you to win 😱😱😱😱
Vaughn Miller
Vaughn Miller 19 kun oldin
LBJ has the overall best numbers and he's the leader. I don't believe that line is going to change after Friday.
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