Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Why Are the Ratings For the NBA Finals So Low?

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13 kun oldin

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker talk in-depth about the NBA's struggling ratings and wonder what to attribute it to.
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JAM 4 daqiqa oldin
Lebrons style of play is boring. Its been proven again and again with low ratings. People would rather watch Curry etc.
Jamal Shamah
Jamal Shamah 39 daqiqa oldin
And nobody cares
Al Aguilera
Al Aguilera 49 daqiqa oldin
I was a laker fan for over 14 years , I didn't see a single game of the finals. I'll never watch another NBA game again ✌. TRUMP2020!!
chris1117F Soat oldin
Why dont they just say it dumb Black lives matter protest and selling out to China And Lebron is bo where close to Jordan
Dustin Bridges
Dustin Bridges Soat oldin
No one wants to watch SJW garbage
charlie B Good
charlie B Good 2 soat oldin
thats right dont listen to the reason given by viewers that bailed out. Instead listen to the so called "experts" who say this is why the viewers are not there.
Gabrielle Tollerson
Gabrielle Tollerson 3 soat oldin
I sure as hell won't be preached about some made up privilege that I DON'T have by some cry baby who makes millions by bouncing a ball. If having to choose between feeding myself or paying bills is privilege then I don't want it
Punisher 268
Punisher 268 3 soat oldin
Let me guess ratings are down due to trump right? Lol
Punisher 268
Punisher 268 3 soat oldin
Lecry screwed it up for the entire league... get woke go broke keeps getting proven but he though he's bigger than he really is and the people are letting him know it..
Butch Sprout
Butch Sprout 4 soat oldin
I hope ESPN goes broke also!! Hopefully every last one of you has your life ruined. Just like the people who had their lives ruined by BLM. You support a terrorist organization and I hope you have everything taken away from you just like they did
Butch Sprout
Butch Sprout 4 soat oldin
Hopefully basketball goes broke and it just goes away forever!! Won't miss it at all!!
Carpenter J
Carpenter J 4 soat oldin
The ratings are so low because it’s a league of BED WETTING SNOWFLAKES.
Travis Stewart
Travis Stewart 6 soat oldin
Lebron literally said he didn’t care if trump supporters watched. How can you guys not say that matters, you guys have your eyes closed. That’s 50 percent of the us guys, don’t be stupid!!
Com Rose
Com Rose 7 soat oldin
game of zones ended & they had it right...the three eyed bird said it best, you're soft!. How about a AAU superhouse built in the mold of the late 80's Pistons??
Regal 7 soat oldin
Guys people are tired of seeing him. He's not that guy. Fans know Steph Curry is the draw. The NBA and the media has dropped the ball on this and refuse to push him like they should. Fans are neglecting the Lebron agenda
Erik Aguirre
Erik Aguirre 9 soat oldin
Because its rigged
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 11 soat oldin
Get Woke, Go Broke.
billy balla
billy balla 13 soat oldin
We can’t hear your callers because rob keeps talking over them.
billy balla
billy balla 13 soat oldin
Are you both really this stupid? Let me help you out, the NBA went woke with a bunch of SJW players and BLM being preached down to the people. People want to watch sports not be preached to
Steve Skuras
Steve Skuras 14 soat oldin
Why won't these two idiots understand that fans do not want the political social agenda thrown in their faces when they watch ANY sport. The NBA and their star player took it to the highest level and THAT'S WHY THEIR RATINGS TANKED.
Crypto Currency
Crypto Currency 15 soat oldin
Then come up with fantasy NBA
jaagmari 19 soat oldin
That’s what happens when you kneel, skip games and whine like bit&hes...enjoy your political
morales1ist 23 soat oldin
At least Rob recognized the truth. Chris just wants to pay his rent..
T B 23 soat oldin
Good God, the guy in the white shirt must truly live in his own bubble! For the rest, please stop saying or using “woke” as the reason. It diminishes the real reason. The NBA has become a racist, pro-Marxist, pro-Communism and hate filled propaganda machine. CALL IT FOR WHAT IT IS! It’s not that they only want you to drink and accept the cancer they are spreading, but they want you to spread the same hate. The NBA like ESPN, CNN are a disease on American and humanity.
John Ferry
John Ferry Kun oldin
Screw NBA. I’ll never watch again. All lives matter you racists
gregg myers
gregg myers Kun oldin
wow will never admit real reason NBA down 70% crazy fake
Gary Pastorchik
Gary Pastorchik Kun oldin
NBA fans aren’t racist. Stop complaining at them. You killed your product with politics.
Ross Lambert
Ross Lambert Kun oldin
Pretty easy. Middle America doesn’t support commie talking points.
Otis Never Quits
Otis Never Quits Kun oldin
Two fool's talking about a commonsense issue...... And We Ain't comimg Back. ........ Gone Fishing. We NOLONGER supporting RACIST BLACKS WITH OUR MONEY'S THANKS FOR EXPOSING YOURSELVES...... ......ALL LIVES MATTER.. EXCEPT NBA FOLKS..FROM OWNERS GMS..COACHES..PLAYER'S
4000 clovers
4000 clovers Kun oldin
If you are mad because of players protesting, you are the problem. Even if you don't agree with it, to the point you're going to "counter-protest" by tuning out?? Man, you ain't achieving anything good with your time or life by doing that either.
Thomas Masterson
Thomas Masterson Kun oldin
Go woke go broke. Unbelievable, just say it.
S O Kun oldin
Because the product is bad. They recycle the same stories Too many kids in the nba Not even elite teams in the nba Defense is non existent in today’s game The NBA does a terrible job promoting other players and teams. Players would rather join up than go at each other. Politics has nothing to do the ratings imo
phyllis johnson
phyllis johnson Kun oldin
Lebron has made his millions so he won't be affected as much it's gonna hurt the players behind him. Whoever made up the phrase get woke go broke should win the Pulitzer for writing. Chris is saying the ratings are good for not being the NFL but the NBA ratings are down 70%, not good, not good at all.
spawn of satan
spawn of satan Kun oldin
Heres the thing when you got someone like LeBron calling out racism in his country but goes to China and completely ignores whats happening over there with racism cuz of the money to be made and he sees it there. It makes him look like a huge hypocrite and fake.
ldgslrcdg Kun oldin
Not some fans how about most. When covid is over those NBA arenas are going to look decrepit. You can't bite the hand that feeds you. Thank Lebron for it.
praizim70 Kun oldin
I can't believe these guys (especially Chris) aren't realizing that the main reason the NBA's ratings are down is because of the BLM stuff. I (& many people I speak for) don't want to watch a basketball game & have to mentally sift through all of the political stuff. We watch sports to escape poilitics & other aspects of "reality".
robert Campbell
robert Campbell Kun oldin
Dont beat around the bush, NBA viewership will never rebound.
Hollywood 123
Hollywood 123 Kun oldin
let me tell all u why the NBA ratings are down since it seems it needs to be cleared up...ppl aren't watching because we dont want to watch a bunch of ppl making millions tell us how they are being lives matter is a political tool used by democrats..and the guy they stiched to their jerseys held a gun to his X's unborn babys arrested,and resisted arrest for over 40 minutes..if he didnt resist he would still be here today..and brianna taylor was in a house where the guy in her house fired 1st at the police from inside the house..i mean that situation wasnt going to end well..js so you tried to force that BLM bullshit on us so we stopped watching..period u can make up whatever u like..but trust me..what i just said is 95% of the reason why
Zig Field
Zig Field Kun oldin
The ratings aren't down across the board, that's a lie. Last week an NFL game had over 11 million. The NBA ratings are historically low because of the propaganda they have pandered
Matthew Murphy Rose
Matthew Murphy Rose 2 kun oldin
Most Americans don't like communism, socialism and reverse racism shoved down their throats...period.
Jesse Feuer
Jesse Feuer 2 kun oldin
get woke go's pretty obvious
quick silver
quick silver 2 kun oldin
Rob Parker has Chicago knee pads
andre jamison
andre jamison 2 kun oldin
Because everyone knows it fixed
Eddie 2 kun oldin
It’s very simple why the ratings are so low. It’s the whole BLM scam that people are fed up with! BLM and fake phoney athletes that have become stupidly unbearable.
joann saunders
joann saunders 2 kun oldin
"Chris Contradiction" is loathe to say the problem with the NBA is LBJ...
Danny Marino
Danny Marino 2 kun oldin
Did Chris really say he doesn’t know what is causing nba ratings to be at an all time low😂no other sports ratings are this low & no other league is this over the top woke and its gonna continue even when the nba reverses course.
CPM Music
CPM Music 2 kun oldin
Go woke, go. Broke
Forest Tucker
Forest Tucker 2 kun oldin
So when Jordan played over 30 million watched? Brady is always in the Super Bowl and ratings never go down. The question is obvious. It's the NBA leftist garbage. Media wont admit it.
Irish Prick
Irish Prick 2 kun oldin
Its easy... BLM destroyed the NBA
K K 3 kun oldin
it blm bs in basketball. they dont even mention the problem.
bayarearacing408 3 kun oldin
ratings dropped all accross??? guys.. a regular nfl game had over 10millions views that same day. stop covering for Lebron! and start saying MJ is the GOAT!
Fitness Junkie
Fitness Junkie 3 kun oldin
These guys are in major denial. Let’s say what it is.....Lebron is overrated, the NBA is pushing BLM which is a horrible organization, and everyone is tired of the nonsense. Also quit trying to make Lebron’s 3 team thing a big deal. Why won’t you admit that he CANT do it with ONE team.
Rip Van
Rip Van 3 kun oldin
The NBA can still be supportive of peaceful protests. They can paint peaceful slogans on there courts and print Tee shirts worded: Hands up!! Don't LOOT!!
John Diego
John Diego 3 kun oldin
Are these guys just plain stupid or lying on purpose ? Nba got Woke nba got broke. All other sports are fine, it’s just nba, sorry.
Carlos O
Carlos O 3 kun oldin
You can lean left or right but the NBA is boring with the politics & the whole BLM & LeBron people are tired of seeing him in the Finals & the narrative about him is worn off NBA is a league that tries to hard to be cool
rollym196811 3 kun oldin
Thanks for their support for their political views and now I’m just gonna save my money and to spend it wisely. It’s not hard for me not to watch the nba game anymore .
Midwest Mikejay
Midwest Mikejay 3 kun oldin
Don’t watch a game no more. LeBron a commie.
Hebrew Israelite benjamite
Hebrew Israelite benjamite 3 kun oldin
No one wanna see the nba rig the games for lebron and the Lakers after they sacrificed Kobe.
Chris Heaton
Chris Heaton 3 kun oldin
NBA NFL MLB all of the Biggots Love Marxism ! Really don't care anymore!
Chris Heaton
Chris Heaton 3 kun oldin
Low,Low, knowone likes Ladybron! Labron is a Biggots Love Marxism! Your all Done! Even you fake news sports announcers!
Arnold Goldin
Arnold Goldin 4 kun oldin
Arnold Goldin
Arnold Goldin 4 kun oldin
NBA FANBOY 4 kun oldin
Ppl hate woke nba
Tymon Suchogorski
Tymon Suchogorski 4 kun oldin
Everyone buddy with half a brain knows why. Athletes are doing no fact checking and spreading false narratives without fact checking. You can throw Lebron at the top of that list. Being someone who doesn’t live in America and looking into these incidents, these athletes speak on sensitive topics with no care of taking 5 minutes to look into the facts in issue. Start with calling out your employer and corporate business partners with their injustice with slave workers and maybe we’ll respect your takes on world issues.
damefame 4 kun oldin
Lmao. Talk about censorship. They keep deleting my comment🤦‍♂️ LeWoke the Joke... The exact puppet Malcom X warned black folks about decades ago. Keep lying to yourselves Chris and Rob👍
TheRealKid 4 kun oldin
Let’s be real unless it’s a huge nfl game that everyone’s the very same time the finals are on, then there’s no excuse
Chrisann Maye
Chrisann Maye 4 kun oldin
Get woke go broke
pandabear564 4 kun oldin
You guys should really start telling the truth. So Sad.
Warren Crosby
Warren Crosby 4 kun oldin
"LOL COVID ratings" if anything ratings should be higher. More people are unemployed and looking for something to take their mind off things. What else could it be????
Dave Conlin
Dave Conlin 4 kun oldin
Im 6 min in and they havent se mittee social justice is the reason
T P 4 kun oldin
BPDMF 4 kun oldin
Because the heat had no chance.
Hidden Americans
Hidden Americans 4 kun oldin
It's the SJW BS. Why do you two ignore the obvious?
jdp 90five
jdp 90five 4 kun oldin
Nba playoffs needed Durant and Curry this year to help the ratings.
pete chau
pete chau 4 kun oldin
Lebron lacks the charm and charisma that most athletes of his stature have. All these woke protests are alienating more fans making a bad situation worse.
Giancarlov3 4 kun oldin
You guys really tippy toe around it 😂
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 4 kun oldin
Coz nba become a political agenda, it's not the same anymore,,, Nba is business to more players than sports..
New Lion
New Lion 4 kun oldin
I hope the nba paints blm on the court next year as well, if people dont get why ratings are low.
snakeinthegrass20 5 kun oldin
Only a slight mention of the obvious. People don't like the anti-American and pro-China crap coming out of these sports.
tdmainevent 5 kun oldin
The propaganda all over the place. Huge Black Lives Matter sign on the court, the messages on the jerseys and the kneeling for the anthem. That’s #1 reason for ratings drop. These guys can’t be that stupid and not think that’s a reason
K C 5 kun oldin
GET WOKE GO BROKE Don’t give your viewers the middle finger and support criminals and Marxis organizations like BLM and ANTIFA TRUMP 2020 I will never be a fan again thanks King James for killing the NBA
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 5 kun oldin
1day strike that will live in infamy didn't help
Stuart Perry
Stuart Perry 5 kun oldin
I have been a basketball fan since 1970, I personally think the problem with Basketball is that it is bad product. I was watching the playoffs this years and every player flops on every play.
Stuart Perry
Stuart Perry 5 kun oldin
Lebron James is not popular with white people like Jordan . Never has been or ever will be.
Simon Sez
Simon Sez 5 kun oldin
We all know that Steven dude was a racist lmao the only people I’ve ever heard complain about SEEING people PEACEFULLY protest are racists. They say all they care about is watching the sports but I’ve never heard any of them complain about NFL play 60 or wearing pink in October. Those aren’t about football, it’s about not having obese children and breast cancer awareness. Just like BLM stuff being shown is simply to increase awareness. It doesn’t take away from the game in any way whatsoever. All it takes away is these racists ability to act like their racism isn’t as issue
Johnny Chao
Johnny Chao 5 kun oldin
It's the way lebron plays, always has to have the ball, always has to get his assists and rebounds, there's very little movement unless lebron doesn't want to shoot it, and when he does want to score it's the same no skill I'm sprinting to the rim and charging through everyone. compare that with kobe's shots or MJ's drives/fadeaways. Even durant is more skilled as an offensive player than lebron. Steph nailing 10 three pointers would be more entertaining than watching lebron travel/drive/get fouls
Eric Butler
Eric Butler 5 kun oldin
We watch sport’s for unpredictability. This finals had a very predictable outcome, so most people weren’t interested in watching the crowning.
jeff casey II
jeff casey II 5 kun oldin
There was only 1 nfl game the finals went up against.
jeff casey II
jeff casey II 5 kun oldin
People may be annoyed by Lebron being scored for his life. I’m from Ohio. I’ve been a fan for years, but I didn’t watch that bs.
im Jus St ChiLLin
im Jus St ChiLLin 5 kun oldin
Lol they are avoi the real reason why.... I wonder why..
LOOP nuncio
LOOP nuncio 5 kun oldin
The game is boring,, its either put your head down, muscle your way in, or shoot 3's , the game is no longer a chess game..
Cj Nunez
Cj Nunez 5 kun oldin
Who would watch something that u basically know the outcome of since they came back
Cj Nunez
Cj Nunez 5 kun oldin
Y’all really don’t know why low ratings maybe because no one wants to see nba players playing basketball at 24 hour fitness no fans or road games
MrSTROM26 5 kun oldin
Yoooo CB you should have a show with Nick Wright and S Sharp, let Rob Parker and Skip get their own shows with 57 views each day.
Mike Rivera
Mike Rivera 5 kun oldin
This was all politics
Mr Maxxx
Mr Maxxx 5 kun oldin
A few factors some is political,some because the teams don't appeal,also some folks are tired of the over saturation of LeBron James,the clippers choked and it was a wrap after that, golden state warriors are missed
HoosierDaddy0117 5 kun oldin
Fans don't won't politics in their sports. Problem solved you morons.
D King
D King 5 kun oldin
They can’t track the streams that’s y
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz 5 kun oldin
monay200123 5 kun oldin
NBA product is garbage. Refs are deciding the came, the game is too soft & it's clear they want Lebron to win
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