Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Did Giannis Deserve to be MVP or Was LeBron Snubbed?

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Giannis Antetokounmpo winning the NBA's MVP award and wonder if there's a case to make for LeBron James wining it instead.
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User166437 Gffg
User166437 Gffg 29 kun oldin
How da fk ad is better then lebron?
Michael Shandor
Michael Shandor Oy oldin
Even if it’s just regular season. Lebron still deserved it.
Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart Oy oldin
Not only do AD lead the lakers in all statistical categories except assist, but It’s also because of AD that lebum got all them assist anyway.
Allen Weathers
Allen Weathers Oy oldin
King James will win the championship
Allen Weathers
Allen Weathers Oy oldin
Chris Broussard you are mad because the clippers are out the playoffs real talk Stop hating on King James 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nitty Gritty
Nitty Gritty Oy oldin
My wife told me I'm her MVP🍆 ...
A Golden
A Golden Oy oldin
Giannis getting all this hate cus he not American. LeBron fan boys are so annoying it's like they are in a cult.
Schmerz Meister
Schmerz Meister Oy oldin
Boycott the NBA Defund Chris Broussard Return Chinese Blood Money
Antoine Rogers
Antoine Rogers Oy oldin
Well Chris cant say everything is completely legit when it comes to the mvp voting when he said if you loose in the playoffs, it affect next years votiong. So you are taking playoffs into consideration, just carrying it over to next year
Thegoat23 Oy oldin
No wonder lebron pissed off ! Giannis is the third players ever to win both mvp and defense player !
mal B
mal B Oy oldin
Greek freak won back to back mvp an was put out both years name players who won back to back mvp an put out.......! so to name all the players who won an got put out was irrelevant they have 1 total mvp!!!. It’s funny how all of a sudden the East is a respectable conference for years I heard Lebron plays a weak conference y’all are funny
mal B
mal B Oy oldin
Y’all just be saying anything at this point !. what’s the call in number ?
Austin Lee Pope
Austin Lee Pope Oy oldin
Y’all act like points is the only thing that matters when considering the MVP And the 35 year old thing is a strong argument
ian garrido
ian garrido Oy oldin
This 2 are hater😂😂
Edward Oy oldin
Rob your narratives about clippers wining is a false narratives too. You are about as credible as someone on the street. Your opinions are worthless.
Aunthrone Oy oldin
I think that players around Lebron is better statistically this year because of Lebron. I bet there's stuff behind the scenes that we dont see. Maybe the reason why Anthony Davis isn't injured right now is because Lebron is telling him how he avoided getting injuries for most of his career. Thats just one thing Lebron may be training AD for. Plus think about Dwight and all the other players in the Lakers right how and compare it to the times before they teamed up with Lebron. I just kinda wish I saw how training was so I could judge this more accurately. Right now this is just speculation. But let me know your thoughts on this.
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami Oy oldin
we get it your MVP fizzled out yet again but comparing LeBron to stockton is just lazy & embarrassing
Lee Scott
Lee Scott Oy oldin
David Robinson 2.0
CapnKrunk123 Oy oldin
Lebron had a great regular season what you talking about. No one guarded Giannis he just walked to the basket, that's the point. No Defense was played so his stats are insane.
hugo boss
hugo boss Oy oldin
What about Bron being robbed for years even when he was by far the best? The needle will always be moved when it's about Lebron. He didn't deserve it this year but don't act like he hasn't been robbed when he was in the same position as Giannis earlier in his career
hugo boss
hugo boss Oy oldin
Dude just tried to say AD is carrying Bron to the finals. LMFAO
Sonia Mota
Sonia Mota Oy oldin
Chris Broussard doesn't mention the fact that LeBron had way more assists than Giannis.
Tuione Matelau
Tuione Matelau Oy oldin
Chris when did u become a Bron hater
Fabes Sole
Fabes Sole Oy oldin
Here Chris and Rob. Since there’s a lot of confusion on what the criteria is to gauge these players on. I’ll break it down on simple terms. MVP = Most VALUABLE Player. Lebron is clearly the most valuable player in terms of real monetary value to a franchise. And he’s clearly the most valuable player on his team over Giannis. Not to mention he did it in the tougher western conference. Yes AD is a monster and had a great season and put up better numbers. But the major number as far as effectiveness on the court is +/-. And just take a look at the difference between Lebron and AD and it shows you why Lebron is the engine, and AD is the wheels of that team. Both are very important and leads to getting to the end destination. But without an engine, where are those tires going?
Mc LOVIN Oy oldin
How biased is it that Lebron was considered the mvp over his teammate who leads him in all stats minus assists.
Cleveland Smith
Cleveland Smith Oy oldin
Listening to this; the award is soooooo bias. The is basically a popularity contest. Most media hates LBJ
Schmerz Meister
Schmerz Meister Oy oldin
Boycott the NBA Defund Chris Broussard the bigot and political hack Fearless Whitlock Return Chinese Blood Money
Jay D Amante
Jay D Amante Oy oldin
So the fact that Gianis is in the east doesn’t minus him like it did with LBJ when he was in the east?
mogulmonaco Oy oldin
Great numbers.. hollow impact!
paul roberts
paul roberts Oy oldin
Just get rid of individual awards. They are all redundant. A players true Value lies in their ability to capture attention. If you want to know who is the MVP, just ask yourself, who do you most want to see performing on a basketball court?
Iampenumbra Oy oldin
Comparing stats of players between the east and the west as the measure to award the MVP is squewed because the east is weaker than the west. Therefore, the players in the west would have a harder time to get better statistics than the players in the east. Switch Lebron to Milwaukee and Giannis to the Lakers, would he still have the same kinds of records/statistics? I bet you that Lebron would have better records than Giannis. MVP should be based on records in combination with strength of schedule ane impact and the player to his team.
nick quiroz
nick quiroz Oy oldin
Does it explicitly say that it’s a regular season award?
Ja Y
Ja Y Oy oldin
Lebron is the people's champ. Where your "dogs" at Chris?
TrainCheckBlast Oy oldin
why is most valuable player given to the person with the most numbers lol that's doesn't determine your value
Psn 7ROOPMUD777 Oy oldin
Facts 💯 guys
Tyeksa! Oy oldin
You can say whatever you want but I know for sure that LeBron is the MPV.
rickmarcus thompson
rickmarcus thompson Oy oldin
Rob Parker "When they make up a award for 35 years old and in year 17 then I'll vote for him." Classic!
Ezekiel Zion
Ezekiel Zion Oy oldin
They should judge the MVP through the regular season through the conference finals.
Ezekiel Zion
Ezekiel Zion Oy oldin
"John Stockton should be rolling over in his grave" stop the nonsense!🤣 Stockton didn't average 25 and 8 rebounds with his 10 assist. You guys are acting as if A.D is averaging 20 points and rebounds than Lebron.
Marie Sabado菲律宾
Marie Sabado菲律宾 Oy oldin
Shut up you both!!!
Sam Yeh
Sam Yeh Oy oldin
I won’t watch their show anymore
Ronnie Johnson
Ronnie Johnson Oy oldin
Chris and Rob just butt hurt...
Trap323a Oy oldin
GIANNIS plays in the east where yall killed lebron...... but you don't kill Giannis for it lmfao!!!!!!!!! the man plays in the dunker spot he doesn't leave the paint he's supposed to get 13 rebounds!!!!!! he played cavs bulls hornets pistions knicks and nets 4 damn times!!!!!!!!!!!!! GTFOH! its about BUD scheme! its tailor made for regular season but giannis isnt better than bron! STOP IT!
Charles Charles
Charles Charles Oy oldin
Media does play a significant role in who they like. Pls tell me why rj barret aint on the rookie Allstars team???? Pls explain
HotGritz910 Oy oldin
Wow...john stockton..really
Quiet Storm 821
Quiet Storm 821 Oy oldin
If Lebron was in the east he would've won it
Khuns Traveler
Khuns Traveler Oy oldin
Let's just call it what it is, The Let's Give It To Anyone Not Named LeBron Award
dona timms
dona timms Oy oldin
Lord Lebron did exactly what Giannis did in Cleveland and now...... these narratives.....
Hans Prade
Hans Prade Oy oldin
Rob is a LeBron hater! Always was, always is!
Kidane Habte
Kidane Habte Oy oldin
Haters..y’all rob this man his MVP..this ain’t case close argument...if it was case close..why y’all run the whole segment of your ignorant show dedicated into defending your vote...stupid f$#*s
Neo Malapane
Neo Malapane Oy oldin
Rob Parker...Get lost 🤮
JP CREW Oy oldin
I can't believe Chris Broussard sits there asking Ugly Rob this question Rob is not the guy to ask that question about Lebron James
Josue Flores
Josue Flores Oy oldin
I hope next time they give the mvp award right at the end of the season don’t wait for almost the playoffs are over to give an award for a regular season because if the player choked like giannis did people will complaint way less
David0426 Oy oldin
Lebron fans love stats. AD beat lebron in almost every stat, yet they claim lebron should’ve won mvp.... you really can’t make this stuff up
David0426 Oy oldin
Chris since you were mentioning mvps getting bounced early, why didn’t you mention lebron in 2010 losing to the Celtics after being up 2-1 & then disappearing the next 3 games ? Or in 09 where he lost to the Magic’s, with the best record in the league & as the favor to win that series ?
kenneth Bell
kenneth Bell Oy oldin
Why do sports writers even have a vote🤔
Constantine Caacbay
Constantine Caacbay Oy oldin
Broussard made the wrong decision. The East is a weak conference. Giannis is no way better than Lebron
Angelo Andrea
Angelo Andrea Oy oldin
Wait didint lebron make the finals with a trash Cleveland team? I woulda given him mvp even though he lost in the finals. He should have won something for that I mean who in the world has done that...I think jr was his best player. And that guy didint know how to read a shot clock. Giannis getting locked down by rookies my god why don’t we see the teams giannis went against and then take a look on what the lakers went against....
Angelo Andrea
Angelo Andrea Oy oldin
Two clowns who have no clue what they are saying...all they look at is numbers. When lebron gets to 6 rings with the lakers...I want these two guys to keep saying some other guy whoever it is that he deserves mvp and not bron...the bucks were at there best and won there most important game of the season...WITHOUT GIANNIS.
Munoken 23
Munoken 23 Oy oldin
Bronsexuals are crying
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo Oy oldin
Mvp is a meaningless award
wedi shire
wedi shire Oy oldin
LeBron wasn’t getting MVP every year where he was on the east because it was considered to be easy conference so what change now???
wedi shire
wedi shire Oy oldin
Wasn’t the bubble part of regular season game? 🙈
Fred Campbell
Fred Campbell Oy oldin
So Chris Broussard and Rob Parker. If you take LeBron off the Lakers and leave AD there, do they win da chip? And please tell Rob to turn down on the hatred. He sounding worse than Skip Bayless out there. Come ooooooon! 😆
Neil Reid
Neil Reid Oy oldin
You guys better start appreciate greatness when it's's not gonna be here forever....
Neil Reid
Neil Reid Oy oldin
This rob guy is a sure ..
Rommel Banting
Rommel Banting Oy oldin
Lebron will never win MVP because of this kind of media/analyst they are purely hater.... NBA should change the voting... They should not include the media otherwise its just a trash...
eazymainLIVE awesomeEATS
eazymainLIVE awesomeEATS Oy oldin
So all of a sudden it's not the weak east anymore... lmao
Skip Brainless
Skip Brainless Oy oldin
yeah Rob and Chris because John stockton averaged 25 ppg as well. Also tell steve nash the same BS. SMH these idiots are supposed to be students of the game
RJB-V Oy oldin
not one of the best per, THE best per
Tutu Vue
Tutu Vue Oy oldin
Yall missing the point.. was that 2017 okc team favored vs the rockets? no and did russ underperform? NO! were the bucks not suppose to make the finals? They got SWEPT with giannis by a heat team that is far less talented than the bucks and Giannis played TERRIBLE. Oh and Chris said maybe the media won't vote for you the following year after you choke in the playoffs? Uh hello, same thing happened to giannis last year vs the raptors. He shot 20% outside of 5 feet vs the raptors last year, shot 20% outside of the paint this year. Smh.
Aivy Gile
Aivy Gile Oy oldin
Players and coaches should allow to vote as well, because players' and coaches' perpective are different from the sports analysts.. The sports analysts only based on stats and just being narrative, but players and coaches see it differently since they are the ones who actually watch and see the real value of a player to his team.
Rodel Reyes
Rodel Reyes Oy oldin
Never watching thus show from this day on, purely hatred!
Maharlika Cinema Arts and Movie Reviews
Maharlika Cinema Arts and Movie Reviews Oy oldin
`Good Stuff' from Chris n Rob’
Rodel Reyes
Rodel Reyes Oy oldin
Rob is a big trash. Period lebron hater
Mcredg Jose
Mcredg Jose Oy oldin
Your MVP gone fishing 😂🤣😂 NBA Season MVP must be voted by fans next time rather than media.
Brent Ratcliffe
Brent Ratcliffe Oy oldin
You forgot to mention Chris that LEBRON JAMES also got bounced in the 2nd round of the 2010 playoffs whilst he was league MVP as well!
iali00 Oy oldin
Did John Stockton average 25ppg and 7 rebounds? These guys are assholes for even bringing that up. Glad I unsubscribed.
iali00 Oy oldin
AD did not carry his team to the playoffs. He never got past the 1st round before Rondo got there. These two are just haters!!! Jalen Rose is also a BIG HATER. They love protecting Jordan.
806Texan Oy oldin
I respect their argument. But if that is the case Lebron should have won like 7 or 8 straight MVPs
Lenie Ramilo
Lenie Ramilo Oy oldin
Gianis not deserving
Lenie Ramilo
Lenie Ramilo Oy oldin
All of u are plastic
Ron Smith
Ron Smith Oy oldin
!! Ofcourse Rob gonna say anything to deminish why LBJ shouldn't have won the MVP
gman gacula
gman gacula Oy oldin
yep, Rob cant say the the word GREAT when it comes to Lebron... hate til you drop
Sergio Sanchez
Sergio Sanchez Oy oldin
Rob Parker always hating on Bron
Valery theus
Valery theus Oy oldin
Lots of lebron ass kisser here..
Domeo Oy oldin
Did Anthony Davis make the playoffs last yr?
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith Oy oldin
The mvp award and etc should be given before playoff starts
K Dub
K Dub Oy oldin
Giannis is the MVP...period!!! Who cares that lebron cried like the baby that he is. If anything AD deserves it more than lebron.
jandy sayote
jandy sayote Oy oldin
Chris and Rob Should get Married
soid drone slayer
soid drone slayer Oy oldin
The NBA and NFL league MVP needs to change. Giannis shouldnt have won it after getting bounced in the 2nd round of the playoffs when the games matter the most. Regular season and playoffs performance both should be factored into the voting.
Charles Stevenson
Charles Stevenson Oy oldin
They need to rename the MVP to: Best Regular Season Performance
Maybe gianis should have won but LEBRON JAMES should have had more than 16 first place votes bruh.
ROB PARKER is just going against LEBRON JAMES bc he wants to impress skip Bayless 4 getting him a job at FOX1 SPORTS, Listen if the LAKERS had no LEBRON JAMES they would not be where they are at this moment even with ANTHONY DAVIS, (FACTS)
VariableZ_TTv Oy oldin
You aren’t the best player if you get put out in the 2nd round.
Fresh 2death
Fresh 2death Oy oldin
"if he struggles in the playoffs maybe we take that into account next year" so giannis didn't struggle last year in the playoffs? "We not grading on a curve" analyst so good he argues against his own points...I hate that it's become more about hot takes instead of analyzing the game
joshua armanno
joshua armanno Oy oldin
The amount of MVP’s Lebron and Micheal have, put together, is simply ridiculous.
Zach Culberson
Zach Culberson Oy oldin
They should both have more too!
j jones
j jones Oy oldin
Numbers matter!
John Mel Escalona
John Mel Escalona Oy oldin
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Oy oldin
Broussard failed to mention about those 2 mvps L36RON won in Cleveland and failed to reach the finals.
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