Chris Broussard - With Clippers Eliminated is LeBron James On His Way to an Easy Championship?

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Brousard & George Wrightster (in for Rob Parker) react to the narrative that LeBron James has already an NBA Champion now that the Clippers have been eliminated from the playoffs by the Denver Nuggets.
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Professor Bird
Professor Bird 21 kun oldin
How is this even a question? It never came up when KD got hurt, it was just basketball, now the team that won from down 3-1 is nothing.
Ez Ng33
Ez Ng33 27 kun oldin
2011 Dallas Mavericks =2020 nuggets I’ll call it 7 games and 6 in the finals for the nuggets title
M5 Hector
M5 Hector 28 kun oldin
CB you're totally wrong in that argument
youmeanthemost tome
youmeanthemost tome 28 kun oldin
Quick answer yes. Short answer yes it's dumb easy to win from here on out
Tayina P
Tayina P 28 kun oldin
What are you talking about? The Clippers had no chance against this Lakers team. Denver has a better chance and that's why they're playing the lakers. They at least have line ups that can keep up with the Lakers.
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 28 kun oldin
Skip is a Clown!!! So the team that was supposed to win it all, would of been up on Lakers? The same team that got walked from 3-1 lol
papito5ft6 29 kun oldin
"There is this narrative now...." Now. As if their surprised by it.
Brett Hintz
Brett Hintz 29 kun oldin
Pretty sure dirk averaged almost 30 a game in that series
Giorgi Kelbakiani
Giorgi Kelbakiani Oy oldin
Warriors WERE the Best team. But the League and the injury god turned tables... And this, this was already a cakewalk since Warriors were taken out from the season again because of the injuries
d-lain Oy oldin
George is right. The Heat were more talented team but the Mavericks worked better as a team. The best team.
AJ RX Oy oldin
6:46 You just took credit away from the Dallas Mavericks.
AJ RX Oy oldin
7:08 You can't say no asterisk and then say "but" or "however" because the following statement(s) is perfect for an asterisk.
Purple Hayes
Purple Hayes Oy oldin
That Dirk 2011 . . . They swept swept the defending champs 🏆 that year! Then toasted KD, n Wesbrook n Harden. Playing against a new formed squad, that was not LeBrons team it was Wade. Chris is the one making "chemistry issue" excuses for the Clippers in the second round. What team do you know that was put together won the chip the first year together?!?! Big 3 in Boston lost to LA! Who?!? Chris and media are *REALLY* getting on my nerves. Let it *go* !!! LeBron is chasing Kareem now! *DONT HATE. . APPRECIATE*
bsanders113 Oy oldin
It’s just a spin for Lebron haters. If he wins (it was too easy) if he loses (why didn’t you win you had a cakewalk)
Purple Hayes
Purple Hayes Oy oldin
How'd we know the narrative was going to change. 🤔
D Dawkins
D Dawkins Oy oldin
All MJ chips were easy but nobody wants to talk about that😎😬
Jose Pabon
Jose Pabon Oy oldin
Dallas was a better team the best team always win
Nick Steadman
Nick Steadman Oy oldin
Lol Chris lost that debate
Sherlock Xerxes Tagle
Sherlock Xerxes Tagle Oy oldin
Denver is the better team. The Clippers have more talent but could not play well together when it matters most.
raidersp78 raidersp78
raidersp78 raidersp78 Oy oldin
The biggest difference with mj yea mj lost but when the team started rolling mj made his teammates play better mj never lost again mj push his teammates to be the best
raidersp78 raidersp78
raidersp78 raidersp78 Oy oldin
I'm not even a lebron fan but winning is winning so u media just going to disrespect the heat the celtics and the nuggets right
abdul moalim
abdul moalim Oy oldin
Where is rob Parker ? Asking for friend 🤣🤣🤣
Taylor Thewes
Taylor Thewes Oy oldin
Chris you’re wrong on this one without clarifying. Maybe the clippers and heat are better than the nuggets and mavs if they play 100 times and talent ultimately prevails and wins more games when you play more games, which is what I think you’re trying to say. However, that’s not how basketball works. Basketball playoffs are series of 7. So a team only needs to be a better team for 7 games and that’s what the nuggets and mavs were. Since they were better in the standard format that they needed to be and not the hypothetical that you’re discussing, we don’t need to clarify for the teams that won. Clarify if you’re going to discuss hypotheticals. But as is within the current structure of how the league works, it’s much more acceptable to simply say the nuggets were a better team this year.
Ja'Rell Smith
Ja'Rell Smith Oy oldin
If Denver is fraud what does that make the clippers when they beat them...?
Mac Xavier
Mac Xavier Oy oldin
People tend to conflate "better" with "more talented". The Clippers were the MORE TALENTED team. The 2011 Heat were MORE TALENTED than the Mavs. But the Mavs and Nuggets were the BETTER team. They're the ones who made adjustments, played harder, etc. Sometimes the more talented team ends up being the better team. But not always.
Gordoh20 Oy oldin
No matter what lebron does he can’t win. If he would’ve beat the clippers in the conference finals in 5 games and then go on to win the ring, people would say oh but clippers didn’t play enough games together no chemistry lebron got lucky wait for next year clippers gonna come back strong. People stupid
Kirong Apang
Kirong Apang Oy oldin
If talent won championships the sixers would still be in the playoffs
Michael Brice
Michael Brice Oy oldin
Dallas changed up defenses and slowed down LBJ and took ball out of his hands and Miami couldn't adjust. Give 2011 Mavs credit.
Francisco Pareja
Francisco Pareja Oy oldin
if the best team always win, why they play? that argument is a estupidity
Jotham Fitzgerald
Jotham Fitzgerald Oy oldin
The Lakers would have beaten the Clippers, because they had no answer for AD. They couldn't handle Joker. Just admit it. The LBJ jealously, and hate for him, have all the sports writters and voters not be consistent in deciding the criteria for the award. This is what I see.
Lyon dd
Lyon dd Oy oldin
AD is the Lakers MVP, LeBron James and Rondo are the supporting cast
Phenomenon Oy oldin
Magic Johnson was not out when Michael Jordan won his first chip! 😂 WTF is Chris Broussard talking about?
Godfrey Kelly
Godfrey Kelly Oy oldin
Man it's not a cake walk at all they gotta send nuggets home who jus sent Clippers home🙄🙄 then heat or celtics neither team is easy period.Skip bayless is a soar loser let it go an just enjoy the game
JediTFA Oy oldin
A painful lesson for the Clippers. I think Now Lebron has more pressure to win it all.
RFM Recordings
RFM Recordings Oy oldin
In a 7 game series the better team is the team that wins the majority of games. Not the team you hoped would win, not the team you thought would win, not the team that seemed to look better on paper, but THE TEAM THAT ACTUALLY PERFORMED BETTER. The designation "better" should always be determined by the CURRENT verifiable results (facts) not by one's impression (OPINION). The Clippers winning the nba championship this year was a widely held HYPOTHESIS. But when that hypothesis was TESTED is proved to be wrong. And it proved to be wrong EARLY.
EL-Nino Spanish Raging Bull
EL-Nino Spanish Raging Bull Oy oldin
You can't be the better team and be beat in a 7 game series. Better talent, yes; better team, no. It's a team sport! The intangibles matter: Clippers had the better team on paper not on the floor. Same with Miami: 2011 LeBron had a lot of limitations in his game
Ramon Anzures
Ramon Anzures Oy oldin
Bruh lebron so good he made dominating the east look easy now hes dominating the west making it look easy😂
Walker Patrick
Walker Patrick Oy oldin
Check this out.. in Lebron games 6 vs Boston how many points did Dwade score.. I’m sure it wasn’t more than what Bron had.. Bron was in the Rodin role that the media pushed because Lebron joined Dwade’s team.. so basically Dwade failed as the Batman in 2011🤷🏽‍♂️
Ron Smith
Ron Smith Oy oldin
Noo skip gonna go back to an LBJ past failure when he lost in the finals i guarantee he's gonna congratulate him but there's always gonna be a but no straight up congratulations there's gonna be a catch it's always is wit skip
Ron Smith
Ron Smith Oy oldin
!! Ohhh yeahhh it's coming from skip and his trolls
HawaiianLion15 Oy oldin
Magic didn't miss the 1991 Finals. He played all five games and averaged over 45 minutes per. I don't know what series Chris is talking about.
Braxton Matthews
Braxton Matthews Oy oldin
He said the wrong year. That was 89 against Detroit where Magic injured his hamstring and didn't play much in that series
MrNattyturna1 Oy oldin
Miami had better individual players, but the Mavericks were a better, deeper more cohesive team.
Garrick Brown
Garrick Brown Oy oldin
That’s because Skip the hypocrite Bayless is being Facetious ..... and then if for some reason the Lakers lose, skip can say “he had it easy and he lost he’s not great”
black mamba
black mamba Oy oldin
There is no cake walk this is the nba those teams lost to the teams he has to face
Two Man Game
Two Man Game Oy oldin
Lebron is so polarising it’s a joke
Will Strickland
Will Strickland Oy oldin
Chris is an idiot comparing Miami to The Clippers
Indie Music Minute
Indie Music Minute Oy oldin
The better team wins probably around 85% of the time. The 2019 Raptors, 2016 Cavs, 2011 Mavs are examples of the 15%
Amun Ra
Amun Ra Oy oldin
In the 2004 Pistons it's part of that 15% beating the Lakers with Kobe and Shaq in their prime
Karlo Blažek
Karlo Blažek Oy oldin
George is 100% right. Miami were never a better team. Mavs had Nowitzki, Kidd, Terry, Barrea, Chandler and they got chemistry. If you watched that season, Miami was inconsistent as hell, they weren't great at all. It's not about talent at all, obviously
Eladrio RAU
Eladrio RAU Oy oldin
Two guys screaming to each other, are they always like this?
Madvillain Friday
Madvillain Friday Oy oldin
The Mavs locked down Lebron. You can listen to the interview with Mark Cuban and Skip Bayless when he said Lebron more often than not made the right play. That team's only focus on defense was Lebron.
Madvillain Friday
Madvillain Friday Oy oldin
Compared to every other year of Lebron's career, this is a cakewalk. The next easiest run was 2011 when Lebron folded then 2015 when Lebron just lost his stars.
Adrian T
Adrian T Oy oldin
Warriors not full squad. Skip funny
Andrew Montoya
Andrew Montoya Oy oldin
Wow I’m a lakers fan but give the heat some respect they look scary AF nothing easy
Robert Oy oldin
Horrible take. How can a team that loses a 7 game series be better than the team that wins it? The best team wins series.
Flint Miller
Flint Miller Oy oldin
2011 heat was better they was caught lackin just like clippers was caught lackin
Shaun Brooks
Shaun Brooks Oy oldin
Bottomline 4th ring for lebron haha
Shaun Brooks
Shaun Brooks Oy oldin
Haha lebron fault clippers and Milwaukee lost wow
Mario Marcel, CPA
Mario Marcel, CPA Oy oldin
Well if Skip is saying that it is now a cake walk to a 4th ring then that is a compliment to Lebrons game
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Oy oldin
Mavs were the better team! Broussard is talking nonsense. They swept the Lakers, destroyed them. And then dominated the Heat.
sabor sabian
sabor sabian Oy oldin
no more rob please, this guys better
Wallo Maie
Wallo Maie Oy oldin
Remember how the West was the boogeyman when LeBron was in the East. Now LeBron is in the West and now there's all talks of cake-walks and things.
Joseph Wiley
Joseph Wiley Oy oldin
Serg NYC
Serg NYC Oy oldin
Who is this dude?
jimmy Conway
jimmy Conway Oy oldin
That 2011 Mavs team beat the defending champion Lakers and OKC’s Big 3 before beating Miami. It was their time they were ready to win simple as that. Timing is everything!
jimmy Conway
jimmy Conway Oy oldin
Magic Johnson was not out during Jordan’s first championship. Worthy was hampered with a injury. Magic played all 5 games.
Jack Farris
Jack Farris Oy oldin
The heat are better than the Celtics, Bucks, Clippers, nuggets “Easy” this heat team as hard as any team Jordan faced
L A Oy oldin
LeBron has it too easy never like the real players Kobe and MJ
cgee 1984
cgee 1984 Oy oldin
Chris you know damn well JJ Barea was not really the one guarding LeBron it was Jason Kidd Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler the defensive player of the year in the paint so LeBron instead of taking long jumpers he said let me pass it to my teammates he did not even take a lot of shops in that series yes that was his fault but do not make up lies speak the truth on it
Leave it to the fox talking heads to put the jinx on the Lakers and lebron
Pao Lee
Pao Lee Oy oldin
I don't believe tat LeBron is goin to bring a 4th champions home .. i bet yall .. it not goin to be a easy cake..
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz Oy oldin
I’m tired of narrative. You cannot even use this logic now that he is in the West, especially a year where there was 8 legit playoff teams in the West this year, with it going to be 9 when Golden State comes back healthy. But now that the media’s on-paper champion chokes they are trying to make it seem like it is “Easy” now. This is basically like saying Kobe had it “easy” because he didn’t play LeBron in the Finals and instead had to play the Orlando Magic, the team that beat him.
websalsero Oy oldin
Oh come on Chris, Dallas had in 2011 a better team than Miami, like Lebron lost it, not Dirk won it. Really? Dallas was clearly the better team!
Evan L
Evan L Oy oldin
it doesn't diminish the value of the championship. but it's not wrong to say the path just got easier. the Clippers were their biggest competition in the West. so now that they got eliminated, the Lakers should be pretty heavy favorites vs the Nuggets and whoever comes out of the East (Heat or Celtics doesn't really matter; they'd get rolled by the Lakers, Clippers, or probably the Nuggets too).
kduece2 Oy oldin
The mavs swept the defending champion lakers in 2011
Jayjay Okoro
Jayjay Okoro Oy oldin
George is right on the money with this one.
Samarjeet Bhonsle
Samarjeet Bhonsle Oy oldin
LeBron's shoulder is bigger than my head💀
Tinomutenda Chifamba
Tinomutenda Chifamba Oy oldin
“Easy path” They have to beat the team that beat the team that you all thought would win the championship. Let that be the narrative
Zeb Nicklin
Zeb Nicklin Oy oldin
Haters, nostalgic commentators! They say this coz they actually want him to loose and if so say well he couldn’t even beat an “easy” team! If it was a cake walk, then why could clippers win!!! Damn haters!!!
Juane Lee
Juane Lee Oy oldin
My brother Chris how does it feel to be wrong, another question how and why would you pick the Clippers over the Lakers, as Stephen A. Says their an accident waiting to happen, but you know better, I’ve said the only player who has won a ring was Kawhi, experience matters at the end of the day.
R. Payne
R. Payne Oy oldin
Chris you are so wrong about 2011. Dallas beat Miami because they were the better team.
Hashim e
Hashim e Oy oldin
Dirk averaged 26 in the 2011 finals. Chris tried to downplay that.
Louis N.
Louis N. Oy oldin
Denver will WIN in 6 GAMES that's right you heard it here first.
kyle Oy oldin
Oh it’ll be a cakewalk
I'm with Chris Broussard's opinion on the 7 game series argument. In general a 7game series is won by the better team; but it's not a finite truth. On occasion the weaker team wins. Cavs beating the 73win Warriors, Mavs beating LeBron's Heat, Toronto beating last yrs Warriors. Winning the series means you outplayed your opponent regardless of if you were a better team in the long run man for man.
BK Truth!
BK Truth! Oy oldin
CORRECTION CHRIS! Magic Johnson was NOT out for MJ’s first chip! I still have the VHS to prove it, lol. You must’ve been talking about James Worthy or Byron Scott who did get injured...idk. MJ BEAT MAGIC!
top notch sports
top notch sports Oy oldin
yes, again easy road for labumboy!
NHD Production
NHD Production Oy oldin
whoever this guy on the show with Chris should never be on again
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi Oy oldin
LeChrisBroussard are still disrespecting nugs Murray idolize Kobe 🙏n Heat lmao bronsexual at finest
Contel Bradford
Contel Bradford Oy oldin
SMH. Cats end up sounding dumb AF when they're stuck on their own narratives. The better talent doesn't always equal the best team. The Nuggets proved it when they beat the Clippers, as did the Mavericks when they beat the Heat. Yet Chris can't see it cause he's stuck on taking some boneheaded belief to his grave.
Lee Kautz
Lee Kautz Oy oldin
I diminish the raps ring...big time. No ring without warrior injuries.....guaranteed. That title is a joke.
Lee Kautz
Lee Kautz Oy oldin's still a ring. His rings just don't match jordans....and Jordan STILL has more.
Lee Kautz
Lee Kautz Oy oldin
Yeah...he lucked out this nets.
Anthony Hackett
Anthony Hackett Oy oldin
Chris do not make any sense.. BACK N FORTH.. ALL OVER THE PLACE
jeffruffin32 Oy oldin
Dirk averaged 26 ppg that series Chris. Jason Terry was the one that averaged 18.
Christopher Hodder
Christopher Hodder Oy oldin
Gonna say Detroit was better then lakers come on shaq and Kobe
TheProswagonist Oy oldin
When it comes to being the better team, you have to take talent, coaching, chemistry, leadership, and mental fortitude all into account. The Clippers may have had the better talent compared to the Nuggets, but that was the only advantage they had in that series. Malone out coached Doc, the Nuggets had been together longer and thus had better chemistry, they never folded under pressure when down during those games while the Clippers never got their acts together to stop the comebacks, etc. Even if a losing team was more talented, if their mental fortitude was weak or their coach was inadequate, then you can't say they were the BETTER team.
Tyzone Godzone
Tyzone Godzone Oy oldin
Skip Bayless is a big hater of LeBron of course he says this 🙄
Hey Oy oldin
I like when you call Skip out because more people need to do it 😂
asap malcolm
asap malcolm Oy oldin
NY Finest
NY Finest Oy oldin
This guy was schooling Chris Broussard. Keep him in, leave Rob Parker out.
ongo longo
ongo longo Oy oldin
in 2011 Dirk was the best player in the world. simple as that
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