Chris Broussard - Clippers Players Think Paul George Isn't Worthy of Star Treatment from Doc Rivers

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker talk about the future of the LA Clippers after collapsing and losing to the Denver Nuggets. Chris Broussard talks about some information he's come across within the Clippers that the role players think they're as good as Paul George and PAul isn't worthy of the special treatment he gets from the coach.
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Brian Brown
Brian Brown 3 kun oldin
Id trade for beal
718 Summer
718 Summer 6 kun oldin
Next yr maybe they can win but that King won this yr hoes 💍💍💍💍
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell 9 kun oldin
Dats what Matt Barnes said
yuhboiii Kaleb
yuhboiii Kaleb 16 kun oldin
0:57 - 1:02 that’s where they messed up man they definitely ain’t know their roles 😂😂😂
John Hamilton
John Hamilton 18 kun oldin
PG is not all that they say superstar nah great player always falls short in the playoffs.
Damir McLean
Damir McLean 19 kun oldin
The difference between those teams and the clippers is those teams fought through long seasons and players know their place and didn't put all their eggs in one basket
Shane Pleasants
Shane Pleasants 20 kun oldin
Exactly why the 76ers would be idiots to hire Doc Simmons and Emblid don’t need special treatment they need a coach that’s going put a foot up their ass especially Simmons Doc is a clown and has always been an extremely overrated coach
Donnell Hill
Donnell Hill 20 kun oldin
Paul George aka Pure Garbage
Joe Harrison
Joe Harrison 20 kun oldin
Ok, they did not have time together. But they had a 3-1 lead against an average team.
ishoot bvi
ishoot bvi 20 kun oldin
Chris Wright is right. The problem is the attitude of the team. Trade Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, and M. Harrel. KL is not a leader. In the Raptors team, Kyle Lowry was the leader - heart and soul. PG is not a leader. He goes with the flow. No wonder he was shooting bricks when KL was shooting bricks too. The Clippers need a Dreymond Green to glue the team together. Billionaire Balmer should pursue Dreymond.
AJames Rangel
AJames Rangel 20 kun oldin
Be a leader and be quiet at the same time a team player you have to be the team spokesman just a player you’re not a leader
Peanut Power
Peanut Power 20 kun oldin
PG back to Indy
alcides ambriz
alcides ambriz 21 kun oldin
PG must go period,clippers don't have another year to waist.
TheMamour113 21 kun oldin
Chris broussard and paul pierce: Keep the truth name out of your mind. PP34 do not choke, him and PG are not on the same conversation. NEVER !!!
8932 yoi4j24
8932 yoi4j24 21 kun oldin
Embiid for PG
Crypto Trader
Crypto Trader 21 kun oldin
Clippers have to get rid of PG. PG missed so many games during the year and still didn't show up during the playoffs and he rubbed off on Kawhi in game 7 and turned Kawhi into Tragic K. This was PG's last shot to show that it was environment that was causing him to underperform. Now it's clear that he's just afraid of the spotlight. Kawhi should have stepped up and carried the team since he was the reason they signed PG, so he definitely deserves double the blame for not showing up in game 7, but also forcing Clips to mortgage their future to sign his bum ass. But Clips need to move on from PG. Hopefully trade him to Knicks and get some pieces. In addition, sign and trade Trez, trade Lou Wil and let Marcus Morris' overrated ass walk.
donthewatcher 22 kun oldin
i guess austin rivers is treatin for dinner now doc is out (fired) playoff paul is to blame, and kawhi is out next year pat beverly see ya in the g league next year
caracasaltavista 22 kun oldin
Rob Parker lost all credibility...... That is why he is so quiet talking about this subject...... imagine if the lakers have blown it like the clippers did.... He would have a field day with the Lebron hate..... smh...
William Anderson
William Anderson 22 kun oldin
Hell yeah. The Clippers can win it all. No bubble, no protests. Yes.
Mike Canlas
Mike Canlas 22 kun oldin
As usual Rob Parler is full of BS
Jauston Charles
Jauston Charles 22 kun oldin
Broussard, get the freakin name right!
True Prophit
True Prophit 22 kun oldin
This is kawhi fault! He dropped a stanking deuce for the 2nd half of a elimination game.
Robert Ravelo
Robert Ravelo 22 kun oldin
Paul pierce😂😂😂😂😂😂
905 North
905 North 22 kun oldin
Paul George for O.G Anunoby and Norm Powell
bushwickt 23 kun oldin
Paul Pierce gonna have a convo with you if you keep switching him with Wayoff P
Ant How
Ant How 23 kun oldin
Paul Pierce! Come on Chris! You can't make that mistake live on air. Smh
Marquis Mills
Marquis Mills 23 kun oldin
Chris think that guy Jubari is a dumb ass 😂😂😂
D L 23 kun oldin
We need to trade for Siakam, Lowry and sign Ibaka. Then we will win. Go Clippers.
Kyle 23 kun oldin
Doc needs to coach in general. He is below average 3 3-1 blown. Terrible game 7 record. Danny A WON HIM HIS ONLY CHIP LOL
Quanterious Scott
Quanterious Scott 23 kun oldin
Trade PG for Devin Booker
Domo Jones
Domo Jones 23 kun oldin
The Truth gone call Chris and tell him stop confusing him with that bum
Lacy Coleman
Lacy Coleman 23 kun oldin
i've been told.................
1maddd2mackxxck 1baaadmackxxx
1maddd2mackxxck 1baaadmackxxx 24 kun oldin
Nathan L
Nathan L 24 kun oldin
Russ wasn’t holding George back, he was holding him up. Now all y’all can see that
Michael Simsplaya
Michael Simsplaya 24 kun oldin
As presently constructed, the Clippers can’t win shidd
Cass Peterson
Cass Peterson 24 kun oldin
Is he drinking milk
DoYouEvenLarp BRUH
DoYouEvenLarp BRUH 24 kun oldin
Call him pandemic p
blakkwolf808 blakkwolf808
blakkwolf808 blakkwolf808 24 kun oldin
Bahahaha, how much of a insults would it be if clippers send pg13 back to thunder for cp3 lmao 🤣 😂 😆
Leunammi 24 kun oldin
Paul George is a glorified role player
Ruben Casanova
Ruben Casanova 24 kun oldin
Lonzo! Lonzo will fit perfect here!
israelflf 24 kun oldin
Compare SHAQ and PG to leonard and PG LOL, PG was not in the same level as kobe and leonard are not as dominant as Shaq. They could fight everyday and they gonna delivery when it matters.
Terrel Canty
Terrel Canty 24 kun oldin
They need to get rid of Harrell and bring someone who play defense on bigs
Obi Ochu
Obi Ochu 24 kun oldin
People tying themselves in pretzels trying to make excuses for this Clipper team. If Lakers lost like this, everything falls on Lebron....not coaching, not the role players, etc
Matthew Mayson
Matthew Mayson 24 kun oldin
Paul George is Dwight Howard's boy toy.😱😆
Ferris Blusa
Ferris Blusa 24 kun oldin
Rob can find every excuse for Kawhi but not a single one for LBJ!? Go figure.
Hugo Cernadas
Hugo Cernadas 24 kun oldin
PG for Beal
Squeaky Clean
Squeaky Clean 24 kun oldin
We know damn well if Lebron was on that clipper team.. PG would have averaged 25.. Kawhi just not a leader..PG is a number 2
Marcus Monroe
Marcus Monroe 24 kun oldin
To stay callin pg13, Paul Pierce is a insult to Pierce!!!
Reddit Stories
Reddit Stories 24 kun oldin
Somehow the media is blaming Paul George for the lost more than Kawhi
CLAY WHITELOW 24 kun oldin
All Paul George do is stay at the strip club he will never be a great player to be one takes effort and hard work he hardest work is on stripper not on the basketball court. He can never say I was in a gym practicing 4 or 5 AM he was just leaving the club at that time. He will be remembered as a player that did not live up to his potential that was immensely overpaid.
Yawning Tears
Yawning Tears 24 kun oldin
Nah, Doc doesn’t need to hold his players accountable, he just needs to go
ifg redrum
ifg redrum 24 kun oldin
As much as I enjoyed the clippers chocking let's be real pg was top 5 in mvp vote last year did he choke yes but be real if you told anyone on that team besides kl could ever finish top 5 in mvp stop it clippers
Kareem Cannion
Kareem Cannion 25 kun oldin
Doc Rivers is Mike Tomlin of the NBA who enables his star player like PG13.
D Washy
D Washy 25 kun oldin
Like I've said before...this is not Pg13 from Indian...smh.
glen davis
glen davis 25 kun oldin
Oh and george paul admitted that he didn't show up to win! Send his @$$ to the knicks so he can serve his time appropriately!
glen davis
glen davis 25 kun oldin
😂harden is the best player in the 🌎 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Get Rob Parker off the air, with talk like that😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Tracie Burton
Tracie Burton 25 kun oldin
Stop giving Kawhi a pass, tear him to shreds like every star he was compared to gets
Itstherealspill TheSpillisReal
Itstherealspill TheSpillisReal 23 kun oldin
He HAS DELIVERED his resume speaks for itself
Tracie Burton
Tracie Burton 25 kun oldin
Rob Parker and Skip Bayless got to be the same person
T C 25 kun oldin
Cut Paula George
Josh 25 kun oldin
Man Paul George, 35 million this year and 38 million the following year, jimminie. Paul George cant play like this in post season, but the problem is, he has been consistent in playoff series who has come up short in playoffs too many times man...
Josh 25 kun oldin
Tp develop chemistry, then you know how to get that?? By playing together! Kawhi cant take time off man, not 20 or so games...
Snicky G
Snicky G 25 kun oldin
Quite frankly, I do not think KAWHI was worthy of all that adulation from OVERRATED rivers either. When those two first arrived all rivers could talk about was those two. My thought was, why the hell does he constantly talk about these when there are 13 other players on that team, act like it! It reminded me of a mother showing partially among her children. However, that is just how stupid rivers is. He doesn't know any better!
Sean Dots
Sean Dots 25 kun oldin
Why they keep accidentally calling george pierce. He really dont matter.
Jah GaZ
Jah GaZ 25 kun oldin
Meanwhile...Here N Los Angeles we hate the fukin clippers...just useless..
sammy davis
sammy davis 25 kun oldin
Rob you are a Laker hater ,Lakers run this
nsmcgirt 25 kun oldin
3:14 untill James was brought up
Chase Mulaji
Chase Mulaji 25 kun oldin
PG is coming to!!!!!!
Light23K 25 kun oldin
If you’ve never been in the mvp conversation than you’re not better than PG13.
Troy Duffie
Troy Duffie 25 kun oldin
Can the Clippers win it next year? Sure you have a top-five player and injuries to other teams, matchups, and another year of chemistry all make it possible. Is it likely? No. Houston, LAL, GS, and DEN can beat them in the playoffs. They don't have a fluid offense, a pass-first point guard, or a center to guard the best two bigs in the league in AD and Joker.
Jordan Phillips
Jordan Phillips 25 kun oldin
Paul Pierce back?
Lee Smith
Lee Smith 25 kun oldin
Chris I’ve been told Broussard. ain’t nobody told dude nothing
Hari M S
Hari M S 25 kun oldin
pg13 for cp3 :D:D:D
Immortal SO
Immortal SO 25 kun oldin
How tf are you in your position, mistaking Paul George for someone who got all his stardom in a Celtics Jersey
galeon110 25 kun oldin
Broussard looks like he’s dealing with a case of COVID
Nino BLAQ 25 kun oldin
Pandemic P going to the Lakers after next season
Sidney Owens
Sidney Owens 25 kun oldin
So, your telling me, a MAX CONTRACT NBA player can't make it thru 1 whole NBA season?But you so called experts, consistently compare him to, THE MOST CONSISTENT NBA PLAYER EVER?👌.
Ryan Davies
Ryan Davies 25 kun oldin
The thing is that Kawhi needs load management. He’s not healthy
Ioan Alexandru Nedelcu
Ioan Alexandru Nedelcu 25 kun oldin
Doc is not worthy of coach treatmen aswell
Abhijeet Ryder
Abhijeet Ryder 25 kun oldin
Chris Broussard is the biggest prisoner of the moment guy iv ever seen in my life
Abhijeet Ryder
Abhijeet Ryder 25 kun oldin
Fire Doc he's unfit to coach this team. Lou Williams never accepted that he was not the main guy anymore. And Paul George needs to really change his mentality otherwise he will turn into Westbrook very soon. Also, they need a rim protector and a defensive-minded centre
BrooklYN 25 kun oldin
Watch ya mouth for labeling Paul George as Paul Pierce
Home Secrets
Home Secrets 25 kun oldin
Why are they comparing them to the Heat in 2011. THOSE BOYS WENT TO THE FINALS!!!
Roderick Wilson
Roderick Wilson 25 kun oldin
Toronto Raptors was a good team without Kawhi ! People forget their kryptonite was LEBRON who move to the west ! Kawhi had the Perfect storm! It didn't hurt the Warriors had Injuries beat up K.D and klay thompson out ! look What happen when he got his own team?
David V
David V 25 kun oldin
jun sanza
jun sanza 25 kun oldin
Just say it Rob, "championship fraud" is the term right?
Dom Diddy
Dom Diddy 25 kun oldin
I wanna hear how they are championship frauds and how you were wrong Rob we want you to yell it at the mountain tops like you went on all the sports shows and yelled we want to hear all the noise you were bringing we want to hear they were the real championship frauds !!!!!! Rob will never be respected he’s a chump he front ran for the clippers all year even though montrez said to the media “we are not a good team “ you looked past it because your a chump ! Championship frauds !!!!!!
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 25 kun oldin
Bruhhhh Rob looks horrible here. He said they were set to win it all, now they need chemistry. He never said chemistry till after they lost. Stop it, they lost 3-1, horrible. They gotta prove themselves, no need to talk about these dudes till they do after all that gas and hype this year.
Nigel Tiller
Nigel Tiller 25 kun oldin
Man if this was Bron Robs dumb ass would be killin him. “SEE HE CANT LEAD” “ HE ALWAYS HAS DRAMA”. But these clippers “oh it happens” “it’s ok”
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa 25 kun oldin
Rob😞 look/feel like the clippers mascot...DEPRESSED...NO WORK/CELEBRATION...prepped all year now back in the cave...NOBODY 🎶 KNOWS THE 🎶 TROUBLE 🎵 I'VE 🎼 SEEN🤫
EAGLES GANG215 25 kun oldin
Go trade for devin booker
Nestor Heredia jr
Nestor Heredia jr 25 kun oldin
Rob always be looking on his phone to see what fans say an then say it to make it seem like his argument 😂😂
Clear Coat
Clear Coat 25 kun oldin
That how you know you are trash when the media doesn't know your name
Gief Replays
Gief Replays 25 kun oldin
PG isn't a second star. Imagine thinking it's fine paying a guy who disappears in the postseason upwards of 30 million just because there isn't someone else to give 34 mill to. I guess it's fine if it ain't your money. lmao
Abisha Uzzi'ah
Abisha Uzzi'ah 25 kun oldin
I'd trade him for Russell Westbrook
Edwin Lopez
Edwin Lopez 26 kun oldin
Trade Paul George for Chris Paul
Mr Lean
Mr Lean 26 kun oldin
Might be doing it on purpose like Skip do Bron
Mr Lean
Mr Lean 26 kun oldin
He got Pierce on his mind
Willie Aguilar
Willie Aguilar 26 kun oldin
Why tf is this old man rob parker on this podcast ???? Get someone exciting to go with chris
Dre Jones
Dre Jones 26 kun oldin
Lmao he ain’t wanna mess up the last name so he just said “Paul” smh
DNCipher 26 kun oldin
Aight this will be like the 100th time I've heard chris saying Paul pierce
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