Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Where Do Clippers Rank Among All-Time Choke Jobs?

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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker continue the discussion on LA Clippers losing to the Denver Nuggets and wonder where this choke job stands in all-time choke jobs.
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Jay Max
Jay Max 2 kun oldin
Rob Parker is a fraud lol whahaaaasss idiot
Jay Max
Jay Max 2 kun oldin
Rob Parker is a fraud lol whahaaaasss idiot
Marquis Gunn
Marquis Gunn 2 kun oldin
Pablo Chirinos
Pablo Chirinos 3 kun oldin
The 94 Sonics losing to the 8th seeded Nuggets or the Houston Oilers losing a 35-3 lead to Buffalo Bills
Josh K
Josh K 4 kun oldin
Chris, how dare you say that losing a 2-1 lead is choking. Lebron wasn’t up 3-1 with DOUBLE DIGIT Leads in the final 3 games. Lebron made it to the Finals. Kawhi never made it out of the 2nd round!! And they were supposed to win it all. That’s WAY worse than Lebron making it to the Finals in 2011 and not winning.
L hinkle
L hinkle 9 kun oldin
Now they want to talk about LBJ, this is about the Clippers choking.
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa 10 kun oldin
SITTING SHOTGUN is way different from DRIVING...KAWHI'S a SHOTGUN be 👑 wooooo...yea NEW LEVEL...👑 he's use to it...been driving since Cleveland...
Goat Stature
Goat Stature 11 kun oldin
People forget the choke job from khawi in the 1st match up in finals with heat n spurs! Missed 2 crucial freethrows in the final seconds of the game so he has choked a couple times how come he dont get the blowback that lebron got from choking vs dallas? Kawhis was worse they were up 3-1
Boys of Summer
Boys of Summer 14 kun oldin
Kawhi not top 5. Lebron, KD, Steph, AD, Luka/Giannis
jack boyon
jack boyon 15 kun oldin
Rob Parker clippers are fraud!!!!!
Mike Bratton
Mike Bratton 19 kun oldin
Ig 27 kun oldin
Lou was more interested with strippers than basketball, and that tells you all you need to know about the Clippers. Secondly the Clippers voted not to go to Orlando.
Professor Bird
Professor Bird 29 kun oldin
Y'all still kill Lebron for 2011...ESPECIALLY Rob. That is ridiculous. No one wants to hear new levels...y'all gassed him, Rob SUPER gassed him, and tons of others gassed him. Now people want to say, hey it happens. Yes he was expected to be great; key chain crown, Kawhitown, "New king of LA". No one wants to hear the excuses. Y'all put him past Lebron, so what's the deal? If y'all were saying he's past Lebron as the greatest he has to catch hell. Y'all can't kill Lebron from 2011 for 9yrs, but go soft on Kawhi. Every single time anything is said, people go to 2011, but these dudes weren't even in the Finals SMDH. This is a mess; Kawhi is the most protected Superstar ever, and losing in the 2nd round when you're expected to win it all with a 3-1 lead is abysmal. Not a one game surprise, a 3-1 choke, and Kawhi had NO points in the 4th. Lebron is still catching hell from 9 years ago, Kawhi gotta wear this. Y'all tip-toeing and claiming all these things were better than the Clippers loss to save face 🤦‍♂️ Ridiculous. They were suppose to win it all according to y'all, how do you choke 3-1 in the 2nd round and downplay it?
Stuart Perry
Stuart Perry 29 kun oldin
Denver was a better team than the Clippers last year about equals this year? why do you think they were favorites except because expections by people like this?
I 'm
I 'm Oy oldin
They just try to act like clippers pick wasn't that bad. It was really really bad pick. Rob Parker is always hating on LeBron iI swear he never praises him and when his rival loses it wasn't that bad like c'mon accept you made a trash prediction.
James Brown
James Brown Oy oldin
Why weren't these dudes saying all this before they lost.
Pierce Evans
Pierce Evans Oy oldin
Dont forget Wayoff P!
dwash726 Oy oldin
All the chokes that they mentioned the team that they lost too won the championship but the clippers lost to the nuggets who are about to get swept by the lakers the clippers lost in the 2nd round after they was up 3 to 1 kawhii was finals mvp last year pg was 3rd in mvp voting last year Lou Williams and Harrell was top two in 6th man of the year pat bev pg and kawhii was all nba defensive team so this is a pretty big choke and the fact that they didn’t make it to the big stage makes it worse every body that picked the clippers in trying to down play their lost and find excuses like they was a new team etc bottom line is they was built to beat Lebron and they never made it to him
Jerrod Andrade
Jerrod Andrade Oy oldin
You two need to just wear that L they were measuring their fingers for RINGS !!!!!!!!!!
Levi Oy oldin
Clippers coming back with a vengeance next season now they got a year under their belt
ooEMAZEoo Oy oldin
Nuggets are the number 3 in the west and their team was the same as last year so they had more experienced together. Sorry but this is not the biggest choke job. Respect the nuggets
Justogmula Oy oldin
FRAUDS 🙃......
Kathy Kerr
Kathy Kerr Oy oldin
Biggest chokers in sports actually goes to the plethora of sports commentators this year not doing their due diligence on analyzing the Clippers in real time !!! Now they all jump on post series backtracking observations!! You all need to own this just as much or MORESO than the players!!😱
Nival Fernando
Nival Fernando Oy oldin
These clowns are pathetic. They ignore logic and reason and all the facts and come up with a moronic measurement basis to help them defend Kawhi, PG and Doc and try to pile on the King. The ‘stage’??? Choking is defined by your opposition. If you are title favourites and lose to poor competition that is by definition a bigger choke than losing to a championship contender. The Warriors losing to the Cavs was nowhere near the choke, if even a choke, than Clippers v Nuggets. The King and the Kid went ballistic on games 5-7 and snatched it away. Warriors competed in G7, and it was close. The Cavs were just better. Clippers were raging favourites and had big leads in all three games and still lost. Biggest choke ever and Kawhi finally got found out. But media clowns still try and salvage him. Pathetic. If that was LeBron, man.....
Nival Fernando
Nival Fernando Oy oldin
Same thing with the MJ 6-0 basis of saying he’s better than LeBron. Again media clowns ignoring the facts. Would 6-6 be better Han 6-0. Any sane person would say yes. So at what point does it become better? 5-6? 4-6? Hmnnnn....
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz Oy oldin
The Clippers the biggest choke in NBA history. They had multiple double digit leads in 3 straight games, and blew them all. To make it worse, they had a double digit lead heading into the 2nd half and got blown out by almost 20 pts in a Game 7.
Reggie Stewart
Reggie Stewart Oy oldin
So many people ow harden a apology he never lost to the lesser team EVER
Saagar Majmudar
Saagar Majmudar Oy oldin
Chris said Golden State was a greater choke job.. and its not even close. Got the second part right, but in the wrong direction lol.
Mojo Cat
Mojo Cat Oy oldin
The problem with ALL of this "expert analysis" is that people keep reducing a team sport to the performance of ONE player. These people make millions a day to make these analysis build on faulty premises.
Mr Del Rio
Mr Del Rio Oy oldin
The Falcons didn't choke, they followed the script, along with the Seahawks....against the same team mind you....but I digress 🤣😂....why you had to bring up the Yankees?! Lml
Peltrie Williams
Peltrie Williams Oy oldin
Stop it! KD is next! Damn Kawhi! Greatest role player of all time. Stop sugar coating, the team was stacked, they had Dogs! Yea right!
SkyVinz Oy oldin slippers delusional fans came out to back Clippers up on next year. where the 2021 nba finals dream?
Food TV
Food TV Oy oldin
This 2 are so stupid!! The reason why people are so mad because you people put kahwi on top of labron and said he is better then lebron and he suck like hell!! These 2 are clowns now they start to comparing to
Juane Lee
Juane Lee Oy oldin
Stop it Rob I still love you bro, it sounds like you and Chris are trying to save face, Nobody actually ever thought the Clippers with Kawhi really was a threat Overrated stop listening to uncle Dennis hahaha😂😂😂😂
elc Oy oldin
Karma for sketchy assembly of the most arrogant unlikeable team in the nba, & an owner who thought he could buy a ring lol
john tate
john tate Oy oldin
Look at these clowns! Listen to Rob Parker's tone on his voice so calm and disappointed on his fake King of LA failure. But when Lebron can't deliver they crucified him like no other. So zip it you clowns. Keep it real.. crucify your beloved Floppers and crucify your crowned new King my foot
Lisiate Hala
Lisiate Hala Oy oldin
Chris and rob i think the clippers were probably one of the biggest choke jobs of all time. 1 They were everyones pick to win it all apparently the best 2 wing defenders since jordan and pippen. 2. Defensive Juggernaut team elite defence. 3. The nuggets have no one apart from jamal murray and Jokic . Not the best team in LA. Never have been and never will be.
Kamau Bentley
Kamau Bentley Oy oldin
Why did you pick them if they never been there?
briant72763 Oy oldin
just take the L god damn
A Zelenovic
A Zelenovic Oy oldin
The worst choke job ever was Lebron in 2011 finals.
Shawn Sinclair
Shawn Sinclair Oy oldin
Finding all these excuses to put lebron James down lol these guys are something 😂
lipscovc Oy oldin
Hey Chris...Kawhi is a role player period. You media have had him put in the place of best player on a shot made in a game with a team that only needed some help...role player help. I say I'm giving him a chance but all Kawhi is is a role player.
I don't believe you
I don't believe you Oy oldin
I just love how people with no sport's experience get to rank people who actually play. We're in a pandemic, don't act like that didn't play a part in it. On top of load management they had no chemistry. This season needs an * by it.
Ohio Ono
Ohio Ono Oy oldin
Lance Grimmez
Lance Grimmez Oy oldin
This guy really said OKC losing to GSW was worse then a finals mvp coming off a championship getting slapped in the 2nd round lmao back track like no tomorrow
Lance Grimmez
Lance Grimmez Oy oldin
Patriots win wasn't a choke. 1 game winner take all and the lead wasn't that big by football standards. A couple touch downs and its a game again
verz 36
verz 36 Oy oldin
Well to be fair, the warriors got green suspended for 2 games and I think that had a lot to do with why they lost. But to me the greatest choke belongs to lebron against Dallas. Such a super team against a bunch of old guys. And they lost. I think that’s the biggest choke to me in nba history
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen Oy oldin
The Clippers had double digit leads in most of the games. Denver literally had to come back from points and games multiple times. Nothing worse than that.
806Texan Oy oldin
Competition matters! All these teams lost to good teams. The clippers were supposed to be the best team in the league and lost to the Nuggets. Its like when the Mavs lost in the 1st round to golden state
G Lyle
G Lyle Oy oldin
Wow. They were *ACTUALLY* trying to put Kawhi in the top 5 if he wins a chip-he’s not even top 15 right now. But Kawhi chokes to an inferior team, the Warriors choked to LeBron, the Falcons choked to the Pats. And these guys are just gonna act like they didn’t charade the Clippers *ALL DAMN SEASON* and try to find choked that are worse??? C’mon dude all respect is gone.
Hebrew Abraham
Hebrew Abraham Oy oldin
two wrongs dnt make a right
Kenneth Gordon Jones
Kenneth Gordon Jones Oy oldin
28-3 Falcons was the biggest I’ve seen 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Lee Dlion
Lee Dlion Oy oldin
Clippers are a certified CHOKER in the playoffs 👌 GUARANTEED ❗❗❗ No wonder their line up are LOADMANAGEMENT Kawhi PANDEMIC P or PG13 Big mouth Pat Bev Racist (white boy matter) HARREL And last but not least HORNY Lou Wing 😂🤣 Special Mentioned to DOC RIVERS that very overrated coach who is the holder of 3-1 blunder 3 time now, and you say he's great coach ❓ 😂 The Flippers will win if they play DIRTY AGAIN, as what they done to Dallas ❗ play fair enough, they'll surely will LOSE 🤣 Still the CLIPPERS is, just the BABY SISTER of the LAKERS ❗❗ and TRUTH HURTS big time 👍
Bronkingston Oy oldin
Didn't kawhi miss freethrow in clucht time vs lebron in 2013 when ray allen made the shot 😂 kawhi is far from clutch
Bic Jack
Bic Jack Oy oldin
Lol. Some ppl just hate being wrong. Stop deflecting. If they never been there, then why did y’all have them as favorites? The way y’all hyped them, is what makes it the biggest choke job. Nobody hyped okc to win it ALL. Stop it. ✋🏽
Arpit Gupta
Arpit Gupta Oy oldin
They are still comforting each other🤣🤣
Guy Dedje
Guy Dedje Oy oldin
You ate Washed up ...
Guy Dedje
Guy Dedje Oy oldin
Haternalusts making excuses.
iali00 Oy oldin
FRAUD COUPLE!!!!! Love making excuses for your dumb picks. Trying to cover up for your favorite team all year long. FRAUD Parker.
DkNy2kX Oy oldin
The reason why the clippers choked. Is because they gave up a 3-1 lead. Failed to close games and we're favorites to win it all. They didn't even get to the finals. That's how bad they were!!
Domeo Oy oldin
The Clippers “haven’t been there” but they lost to the Youngest team in the playoffs. Foh Broussard
cookiemonster66 Oy oldin
Kawhi was overhyped and put on a pedestal. He couldn’t handle the pressure. Rob is so emotional about it; a lebron hater for sure. Where is the same energy like LeBron....That is why Kawhi is not even close to the level LeBron is at.
Kyle Little
Kyle Little Oy oldin
If kawhi is top 5 then he's 5th!
Jayjay Notnot
Jayjay Notnot Oy oldin
Wooooossshhh.... Rob Rob Rob.....!! You’re robbing your own word dude!! Hard to admit you choke your self out this whole year favoring the Clips hahaha.... your NAME suits You👉🏽🦶🏼
Steven W
Steven W Oy oldin
I’m up? Ok ah, considering all the Leonard LeBron stuff and all the money sank into this club and the elite status given Dic Rivers undeserved, it’s in the top six.
raidersp78 raidersp78
raidersp78 raidersp78 Oy oldin
The clippers choke job is as bad as the Falcons blowing there super bowl lead vs the patriots
Mike Earnest
Mike Earnest Oy oldin
Lmao no one cares what you say in Church Chris
Weng Kwong Wong
Weng Kwong Wong Oy oldin
SHUT UP .......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAWHI IS THE BEST NBA PLAYER IN THE WORLD.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MJ IS NOTHING COMPARE TO KAWHI......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jan279 Oy oldin
This year's Clips have got to be the worst chokejob ever, go up 3-1, then blow a double digit first half lead in 3 straight games. 2016 Warriors & 2015 Clips despite losing were actually competitive up to the end, this current Clips team looked like the life got sucked outta em in Game 7.
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent Oy oldin
The clippers choked so much in game 7 against the Dallas Mavericks it will leak to next season. They will get beat by another team in the playoffs in the second round.
Jake from state farm
Jake from state farm Oy oldin
I’ll save y’all the time. It was nothing but downplaying that whole time.
carlos telles
carlos telles Oy oldin
Rob Parker was hyping up the clippers before season had even started lmao only to get bounced in 2nd round not to mention blowing a 3-1 lead 😂
Spyder War Team
Spyder War Team Oy oldin
Greatest Choke Job- 2020 Clippers
King Yonis
King Yonis Oy oldin
Porter guy is homeless bs reporter
robbylex Oy oldin
Attempting to save face for the Clippers! Biggest choke job= Rob Parker!
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Oy oldin
Chris just said it he's a role player he can't carry a team for season his knees are bad
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Oy oldin
Kawhi will never be a MVP so how is he top 5 these guys really
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Oy oldin
Real men take there L
Jaylin Awdisho
Jaylin Awdisho Oy oldin
2016 World Series. Cleveland was up 3 games to 1 on my Chicago Cubs before they choked that lead down.
Nick Sweezy
Nick Sweezy Oy oldin
Bursars on point besides saying no asterisk. Kd and klay hurt & that’s legit? Absolutely not. Also 10 teammates average dub digits in finals. Cmon.
jimmy Conway
jimmy Conway Oy oldin
How in the hell was Kawhi ever gonna be a top 5 player with less than 10,000 career points scored😤😤😤
jimmy Conway
jimmy Conway Oy oldin
Playoff P🙉🙈🙊
Clippers thought teams were going to lay down to them
drawfirst Oy oldin
Lol,are you guys serious right now? This was way bigger than all those other chokes, in any of those chokes was the team mismatch this great, with 3 tries leading by double digits then lose?..Kawhi and the Clippers were supposed to ascend to the top of the NBA world with Khawi as the new King. So stop the crap fellas, this was the choke heard around the world!
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Oy oldin
Parker is never right
Pietro Oy oldin
Milan Liverpool 3-3
Turn Up The Volume
Turn Up The Volume Oy oldin
The whole Clippers team sucked!!!! But it's sensational BS to crucify the player who will win more titles than James
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Oy oldin
Kawhi is good but Paul George is a choker everywhere he went
C Donaldson90
C Donaldson90 Oy oldin
He never had it all on his shoulders this shows that he wasn't that
elc Oy oldin
He never was the team leader of the raptors. Was Kyles team before, during, & after Kawhi & the TEAM won the championship! Fact is Raptors are better without Kawhi then Clippers are with him! Usa sports media just spews bs for ratings & people need to stop eating it up ugh
WineWithDeej Oy oldin
This is worse than the Golden State cause at least they lost to a Top 3 ALL TIME player in Lebron James, Clippers lost to a Denver Nuggets team with just an All star and budding star
Marcel Shaw
Marcel Shaw Oy oldin
New levels new devils i like that..
Deтroιт313Daѕн! Oy oldin
This Denver team is not an elite team! That's what makes this very bad! I'm sorry but That Cavs team is statistically one of the best teams in NBA history.... This Denver team almost got beat by UTAH 🤔🤔🤔
Moxman Oy oldin
Broussard was also bamboozled when he was 98% sure Khawi was headed to the Lakers. Skip and Rob Parker were giddy like school girls.
LA FLARE Oy oldin
No clippers had the biggest choke job period everyone else u mentioned actually were going to win a conference championship or a championship but khawi didnt even make it out of second round dont water it down
Moxman Oy oldin
Paul George still thinks the Clippers are in the driver's seat.
Florentin Nita
Florentin Nita Oy oldin
What about packers at Seattle? 😐😐😐Onside kick and others omg...
Jax Munroe
Jax Munroe Oy oldin
Must be nice not having a athletic bone in your body but still think you can trash athletes about performance or give advice on what they need to do cause your good at writing or call yourself a journo.Welcome to america
Genxtasy 99
Genxtasy 99 Oy oldin
no outspoken leader in the team. Doc even said no rah rah rah. no motivation for these guys
Kingsley Okoro
Kingsley Okoro Oy oldin
If it were LBJ it would be the biggest chock in the history and even in the future. Nobody would bring all this BS Rob brought up but it’s kawahi lets make excuses 😂 😂
Jose Furlan
Jose Furlan Oy oldin
This is the biggest choke because of the media, except Nick Wright, pumping up the Clippers for over a year.
Tinomutenda Chifamba
Tinomutenda Chifamba Oy oldin
So Chris (And i love Chris, hes a great guy), you're basically saying we shouldn't listen to what y'all say haha. Because you all ( ALL except Nick) said the Clippers would win, but now you're saying they had no experience and your expectations of them were misguided
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