Ben Maller - Josh Allen Has Improved But Pump the Brakes on MVP Talk

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29 kun oldin

BEN MALLER SHOW - While Ben Maller is impressed with the start Josh Allen is having for the Buffalo Bills this season, Ben feels Allen has yet to be tested by a real opponent so he'd like the hype train to withhold any MVP talk until then.
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Mihnty 17 kun oldin
ben always manages to piss off at least one fanbase in every video
Top Streams
Top Streams 20 kun oldin
He had 5 touchdowns against the Rams
Luigi Orengo
Luigi Orengo 21 kun oldin
This didn’t age well...
Richard Page
Richard Page 22 kun oldin
Can we hit the gas on the Allen MVP talk yet??
Kenneth Chonillo
Kenneth Chonillo 24 kun oldin
Lol, Cam Newton beats up the dolphins and everyone is saying CAM IS BACK! Josh Allen beats up the Dolphins and everyone is saying "Well....they aren't a good team." When he throws for 300+ against the Rams and the Bills beat the Rams everyone needs to just stop downplaying him. Dolphin's defense is actually better than the Patriots defense mainly because there is no pass rush. NO pass rush, I don't care if you have the best cornerback in the league and safety. They can't hold coverage for more than 3 seconds. Patriots got lit up by the Seahawks and will get lit up by the Buffalo Bills as well.
Chris Herrera
Chris Herrera 26 kun oldin
Bills could barely handle the Jets and Dolphins. Name 1 playmaker on either team!? Rams will confuse the Bills D and have them on their toes. People talk about Allen being a mobile QB. Rams deal with 2 QBs way more mobile than Allen twice a year (Murray and Wilson)... Bills will be exposed this week and the Allen hype is probably going to subside.
Luigi Orengo
Luigi Orengo 21 kun oldin
Tony Black
Tony Black 25 kun oldin
Chris Herrera Murray? They've literally played him twice in his career. RW torched teams with his arm. His legs are secondary.
Omoro Ragland
Omoro Ragland 27 kun oldin
The rams will be a test but we still gotta see mahomes this year thts the real test
TRUTH 2HEARTS 27 kun oldin
FYI last year Allen threw 717yds 6Tds And 2 int...versus the dolphins and jets through 4 games...this year against those same teams (who got better) he got 729yds 6Tds and no only 2 games clearly he developed
TRUTH 2HEARTS 27 kun oldin
Nobody said he's the clear favorite...he's 1 or 2 in the race...
Eddie Dubs
Eddie Dubs 27 kun oldin
Never heard of Ben Maller before. Did not enjoy.
R Gonzo
R Gonzo 27 kun oldin
Really hyping a team that feeding off of the JETS and DOLPHINS. Really?
Eddie Dubs
Eddie Dubs 27 kun oldin
Dolphins have good corners.
Adam 27 kun oldin
and the good thing is, that whole team is out there to prove all the doubters wrong about buffalo
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson 27 kun oldin
It’s two early so far
ReinerPlays 28 kun oldin
Don't forget the AFC East had the most wins in the AFC last year. Dolphins have improved but played two very good teams...
Gary Herman
Gary Herman 28 kun oldin
Haha! Everyone said he's a bad QB. Now they say, he'll be bad only when he plays good Defenses! Haha! LA Rams not a good team, Hedging your bets
Gary Herman
Gary Herman 28 kun oldin
Haters gonna hate
Justin Freitag
Justin Freitag 28 kun oldin
No one tried to declare him MVP. People have said he is the FRONTRUNNER for mvp. And you can keep doubting. If you actually watched his games you would know this kid will not fail.
Conrad Rich
Conrad Rich 28 kun oldin
Damn!!! 108 views.... obviously your opinions are highly respected and widely shared hahahahahahaha Vids of Kids not being able to fill water balloons get 100s of 1000s!!!!
HAVANA SCP 28 kun oldin
Seattle has a defense. ? After two games they have the worse defense in the NFL 😁😁
Him 26 kun oldin
Shid look at Minnesota 😂
jc Transport LLC.
jc Transport LLC. 28 kun oldin
Allen didn't have a true number #1 receivers both here in buffalo or in college and look now diggs the guy is flying!!
HAVANA SCP 28 kun oldin
Well those fins held cam to 166 yds 😁😁
Max Jones
Max Jones 28 kun oldin
Bill was treating cam like a baby and didn't want to open up the play book.
Comedian Moe Brown
Comedian Moe Brown 28 kun oldin
Rafi Broer
Rafi Broer 28 kun oldin
That MVP call is a Dan Orlovsky hot take. We (the fans) want to see more first but this season has started out as the absolute best case scenario from an offensive perspective. Buffalo (which hasn't had a real dangerous passing game since 12 to 83) is one of the league's top passing offenses through 2 weeks after a season where they were 24th (and the season prior to that, dead last with historic lows). That is definitely worth talking about but yeah, the MVP stuff needs to stop this early.
jvtherrien 28 kun oldin
Wicked hype for this Rams game. Gonna be a tough one
swiftslick 28 kun oldin
He’ll be fine, he has a top 10 WR now in Diggs. That’s why his stats are inflated.
Bobby Page
Bobby Page 28 kun oldin
Is this guy like the discount Jason Whitlock? Literally has no other take than “this guy sucks”? And who the hell is calling josh Allen the MVP...?
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 28 kun oldin
500 yards vs the rams....
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