Ben Maller's LA Clippers Fail Miserably Against the Denver Nuggets

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BEN MALLER SHOW - Ben Maller reacts to the collapse of his LA Clippers against the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Playoffs.
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Ronald Mendonca
Ronald Mendonca 15 soat oldin
𝘓𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘈𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯 𝑪𝑯𝑶𝑲𝑬𝑹𝑺
El Terr1ble
El Terr1ble 7 kun oldin
This guy just said the clippers are the peoples team...he just said kawhi leonard has been the face of the league...and he said the denver nuggets r now america’s team because they all want them to take down the “pompous a-holes that are the LA lakers”...who is this guy? Why does he have a show?...alll of these takes are asanine and biased and false...ive heard clipper fangirls on youtube rant and make more sense and have more humility than this loud idiot..smdh. Typical clipper fan tho
Zairee-Ruby Eborlas-Abing
Zairee-Ruby Eborlas-Abing 19 kun oldin
The earthquake Dat shocked nba world wen claw & pg signed w/clippers, causes a huge tsunami Dat devoured them:-)
Artiom Mikhailov
Artiom Mikhailov 20 kun oldin
"Stick a dagger right in my gut". 😂😂😂 classic
Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams Oy oldin
Boo hoo 🤓 ya damn right we are dancing on their graves and I can sleep just fine too. They Earned every ounce of criticism.
M Boyd
M Boyd Oy oldin
I dont know this guy and I just bumped into this video this morning. This guy has no clue about sports....Anybody who equates how much money you make with how well you perform, has been living life with his eyes closed.
Dilly dilly
Dilly dilly Oy oldin
God I love this dude... I listen to him every night when I'm working at night... And knowing that he's a big time clippers fan, I couldn't wait to hear him go off...
You Ain't Kobe! They dont love you like dat.
You Ain't Kobe! They dont love you like dat. Oy oldin
Kawhi is trash..gets all the credit but none of the blame...sound familiar? if the Clippers only mission is to beat the Lakers...they already lost trying to play into media let a bunch of talkers and know nothings make bold predictions that are usually wrong..but the Lakers don't care bout none of that they just stay the course and play ball...after all the games are decided on the court...not media debate shows.
steve baumgardner
steve baumgardner Oy oldin
Love this guy's show and his staff. This was a good rant. Not as good as his Kershaw rant though. 5 stars!
Bryan Burns
Bryan Burns Oy oldin
Awkward how bad this segment is....yikes
Adrian Villanueva
Adrian Villanueva Oy oldin
Pokey, pokey, pokey
Adrian Villanueva
Adrian Villanueva Oy oldin
Best show ever
Pookie CROW
Pookie CROW Oy oldin
So You are an idiot who likes losers ayy matches your analysis naw jp but stop rooting for bums or your opinion will become moot
eastern2western Oy oldin
The great doc river's curse and the clippers' curse.
Michael Tamares
Michael Tamares Oy oldin
The clippers act like they already won the championship at beginning of season
SimbaUzumaki Oy oldin
I love this. They choked on it. Choked on it.
Calvin Chambers
Calvin Chambers Oy oldin
Ben, perhaps the Clippers, who are, apparently, NOT pompous azzholes, should reconsider letting Kawhi do commercials for New Balance, implying that HE is the new King, and that LA is "Kawhi Town"?
Steven W
Steven W Oy oldin
And still they’ll rave about Doc Rivers coaching ability. This guy is just another rah rah guy.
datboidox Oy oldin
Lol Phil Jackson will never sign with the clippers 🤣🤣🤣 he's too loyal to jennie buss to go coach the clippers.
travis Robinson
travis Robinson Oy oldin
You need help
Iam not a laker fan , but I think calling em pompous A holes is very disrespectful , as regardless they played hard just like any other team to make it to the conference finals , as much as Iam hoping they don’t win the chip but yet again they do deserve credit where it’s due , and may the best team win when the dust settles
Zelfred Guerrero
Zelfred Guerrero Oy oldin
Kawhi me a river!
Gio Oy oldin
Enjoy the historical L. Trash rant
renegade4288 Oy oldin
This is one annoying white man
Julius Adeoye
Julius Adeoye Oy oldin
Baseless rant! 😱😱😱😱😬😬😬 Misplaced aggression 😤😤😤😡😡😡😠😠😠 Your 🐕🐕🐕 didn't bite. They became puppies. 'Load managers' didn't respect the process, they threw 'chemistry' out of the window and started jumping arrogantly around as if they've won the chip. They were poking fun at other teams woes and struggles. Too late to cry when the head is off!
jeff dombrowski
jeff dombrowski Oy oldin
now that's a maller meltdown!
Heraclitean Oy oldin
I wish my local sports radio station would take this fucker off their air. Such a grating voice to listen to.
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa Oy oldin
It was said that PAUL trade me GEORGE DROVE the TEAM back HOME IN a SHORT YELLOW BUS...
Anthony Slazas
Anthony Slazas Oy oldin
70 billion not 70 million.
D Nixon
D Nixon Oy oldin
“It was a bad series”
Mahlon Thomas
Mahlon Thomas Oy oldin
The Buffalo braves San Diego clippers Los Angeles clippers are garbage they 2 small for the Denver nuggets and Lakers are going to win it all,,, garbage clippers bye bye
Brian Camacho
Brian Camacho Oy oldin
Playoff P 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
O N Oy oldin
The lakers played as a team & moved as a unit very humble all season. The clippers load managed & did not respect the process & this dude calls the lakers the pompous team? 🧐🧐
Mandelson Fleurival
Mandelson Fleurival Oy oldin
Waaaahhh waaaaaahhhh waaaaaaaaahhhhh 👶👶🍼🍼🍼
Rambo Assil
Rambo Assil Oy oldin
This team will not will a championship. This was there only chance with there one year wonder run and they failed miserably. That’s what Kawhi gets for holding up my lakers in signing negotiations which left us with the free agent leftovers yet we made it to the conference finals.
Alan Zheng
Alan Zheng Oy oldin
Thanks for taking the crap and admitting you were wrong lol
John Gist
John Gist Oy oldin
Phil Jackson!?! 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Dont Matter
Dont Matter Oy oldin
“Clippers got these dogs, but guess what? They do a lot of barking and no biting. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić went over the fence and got their ball, they figured the dog was friendly. They started petting the dog, the dog started wagging his tail and they walked straight out the front door with their ball and took the dog; and on their way out the Clippers had a sweet potato pie and a bottled water to give them on their way out the front door. So I don’t want to hear nothing bout chemistry problems.” - Kendrick Perkins
That was Classis by KP!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
D Jones
D Jones Oy oldin
No only the ones who don’t actually pay attention and understand basketball thought the clippers roster was perfect....and in fact it was flawed with a #2 who always under performs! Westbrook to blame now playoff p and I rock with pg damn 🤦‍♂️
Greg Lewis
Greg Lewis Oy oldin
BroncanoMix Oy oldin
YES YES YES Phil Jackson !!!
ShotByKool TV
ShotByKool TV Oy oldin
This dude so corny. Wish he would get off here. He just goes with the masses. Wonder who he would have picked if the clippers wouldn’t have never formed. The Bucks?
ShotByKool TV
ShotByKool TV Oy oldin
All that hate you had for Bron back fired on you. Good job Clippers
Harrison Williams
Harrison Williams Oy oldin
ThousandairesClub Oy oldin
Doc forgot he was east coast letting Murray get all those drives to the paint untouched, a damn shame.
We seen high school teams... rec league teams... college teams... and pro teams... all configured the same... Do the same shT... I listen to your radio show Ben... YOU KNOW what the clippers did 🤫 nobody @ me ✌🏾
Chung Gaming
Chung Gaming Oy oldin
Don't worry guys. Clippers will turn it on next game. Relax.
show*n*telligence Oy oldin
The Ben Maller show fails right along with the clippers for deepthroating the entire organization for about a year now
RC Headhuncho
RC Headhuncho Oy oldin
Thats Why You Media People Dumb You Hope On A Train Of Words & Paper Champs. Nobody Thinks For Themselves Thats What You Get Following Experts That Just Wanted To Slant LeBron Since The Day Kawhi Signed With The Clips...
Abdirahman Hassan
Abdirahman Hassan Oy oldin
Your show is trash
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie Oy oldin
It’s really rich calling the Lakers pompous assholes given the team this guy roots for. The Clippers are far and away the biggest prima donnas of the league.
Notoriouskage1804 Oy oldin
Aint this the guy that was saying lbj is done and clippers would win blahh blah blahh blahh
Mahlon Thomas
Mahlon Thomas Oy oldin
Yes he did LMAO
jtv jtv
jtv jtv Oy oldin
How are the Lakers 'pompous A-holes" when the clippers didn't take the regular season or basically any team that wasn't the Lakers seriously? Oh Yea I forgot they'll flip the switch when it matters
Professor Finesser
Professor Finesser Oy oldin
on ig talking crazy to Dame, Luka, laughing it up on the sidelines
Young Sauce Man
Young Sauce Man Oy oldin
@jtv jtv yup nothing but excuses from them all season
jtv jtv
jtv jtv Oy oldin
@Young Sauce Man ikr. And then this "fatigued" report came out. All these excuses from Pandemic P. Load-management and arrogance. All I saw from them flippers
Young Sauce Man
Young Sauce Man Oy oldin
Right!! the lakers were all about business the whole season while Kawhi was load managing and making commercials lmao
Soy Tu Mangz
Soy Tu Mangz Oy oldin
The earthquake that shook the world when Kawhi signed with clippers, couldn't even help the clippers change their fortune
mark anderson
mark anderson Oy oldin
pg "we still in driver's seat" lmao
Ahjusshi _Brown
Ahjusshi _Brown Oy oldin
Must’ve drove it off a cliff then 😂😂
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana Oy oldin
Some would say he’s still driving
Jeremy D
Jeremy D Oy oldin
Trade Paul George for Bradley Beal ASAP
Vincent Herring
Vincent Herring Oy oldin
What make you think Washington wants Paul George?
KCKing32 Oy oldin
@Main Man lol facts
Main Man
Main Man Oy oldin
No1 wants pandemic p lol
Al Abdel
Al Abdel Oy oldin
Hey clipper fans - Guessing you are done whining, crying and looking for excuses at this point (like the weirdo in this video), can you do us a favor and make all Laker fans a sammich or something? Maybe make yourselves useful? Be quick about it too, know your role.
Al Abdel
Al Abdel Oy oldin
@Mollywhopp nah, I don't want them. If you follow basketball and want to root for a team in LA, and you choose the clippers.....then you are just a dumbass and a clown. Those people arent wanted as part of Laker nation.
OJ Buckets
OJ Buckets Oy oldin
Relax Clipper fans!!!! You guys can win Game 8
SafeUntilDawn Oy oldin
O N Oy oldin
Lmaoooo the Dawgs🤣🤣🤣. Alot of them aint fans either they just bron haters. They now on the “Go Nuggets” wave.
D G Oy oldin
Brooklyn Eight
Brooklyn Eight Oy oldin
William Carpenter
William Carpenter Oy oldin
Ashen One
Ashen One Oy oldin
Doc will not be fired. You can thank Black Lives Matter for that. They'll make sure to turn it into a race thing and not cause doc is trash
Bishop Hoods
Bishop Hoods Oy oldin
Someone’s mad
Jeremy D
Jeremy D Oy oldin
I’m like calm down girl 👧
Look Here Look Listen
Look Here Look Listen Oy oldin
his job is to entertain
Jonny Era
Jonny Era Oy oldin
All you analyst are trash. I never believed Kawhi was better than KD much less Bron and don’t get me started on PG13%, Choking in the playoffs is normal for him at this point. The whole Clipper team down to the coaching staff are overrated... and Y’all been hyping this team up all damn year, So glad to see it fall apart in spectacular fashion.
Devaughn Squire
Devaughn Squire Oy oldin
Abdirahman Hassan
Abdirahman Hassan Oy oldin
Wyatt PS4
Wyatt PS4 Oy oldin
It’s weird to think this is the first time PG has lost a series being up 3-1. Kinda like when Kobe won his first MVP. How has this not already happened like 2-3 times before?? Pandemic P hits (the side of the backboard) different
Fearless Kingdom
Fearless Kingdom Oy oldin
Clippers are going to The finals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton Oy oldin
100% this guy hates black guys, you can just tell.
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