Ronald Mendonca
Ronald Mendonca 16 soat oldin
𝘓𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘈𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯 𝑪𝑯𝑶𝑲𝑬𝑹𝑺
Jeremiah Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor 16 soat oldin
who is the shawn guy that always calls? dude sounds wak i hate when they take his call lol
Geo Wilson
Geo Wilson 16 soat oldin
Cleveland is the graveyard. He shouldn't have ever went there. Maybe this injury will help him get to a better QB
ApacheWarr :D
ApacheWarr :D 16 soat oldin
rob stop hating kid
Tony Esquire
Tony Esquire 16 soat oldin
It's a team effort. Besides, people acting like Tom is doing this with Washington, Minnesota, Detroit, or either New York teams.
Sweet Jones
Sweet Jones 17 soat oldin
i am a die hard steelers fan..... but brady is the GOAT come on now rob
Barbara Lovenvirth
Barbara Lovenvirth 17 soat oldin
"Definitely, probably" what the hell is that?
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson 17 soat oldin
If Rob got covid I'd be happy.
Michel Angstadt
Michel Angstadt 18 soat oldin
2014 season: Brady goes to the Super Bowl and wins it. 2015: Brady fails. 2016: Brady goes to the Super Bowl and wins it. 2017: Brady goes to the Super Bowl and fails. 2018: Brady goes to the Super Bowl and wins it. 2019: Brady fails. Every other year Brady wins the Super Bowl. Every other year he fails. What should we say about all the guys with the pretty stats (Brees, Rodgers) who haven't sniffed a Super Bowl for around ten years?
Mopar man
Mopar man 18 soat oldin
Yall know Nick getting paid to say this stuff. Y even take him serious
a_collection_of_cells 18 soat oldin
It's the same narrative that was said about Tom last year ' he's finish, he's in Flitching the pocket, he's missing wide-open receivers, he can't throw the long ball' now what's the difference between last years Tom Brady to this years? 🤔
Lou.Max 18 soat oldin
It's not hard folks... Brady is the Goat of football... LeBron is the the goat of basketball.
Nolan Chapa
Nolan Chapa 18 soat oldin
Bill gets credit for the first 3 Tom gets credit for the last 3 Next ring wins
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson 18 soat oldin
Or bill lost 2 for sloppy defence super bowl 42 dropped int and failed sack with 5 guys and then the defence wasn't even in superbowl 52
Kihoi Chamba
Kihoi Chamba 18 soat oldin
LBJ is the GOAT...Where the MJ is GOD in that world...there argument finished like if you agree
a_collection_of_cells 18 soat oldin
its so quiet in the household of Rob G that you could actually hear the mouses humping in the background 😂🤣🤣
Unknown celebrity
Unknown celebrity 18 soat oldin
I'm still undecided on who's worse, Rob or skip clueless...smh
mike conley
mike conley 18 soat oldin
Bro Rob Parker is one of the worse analysts on air..WTF do he even have a show ? I'm done smh
Lord Clarke
Lord Clarke 18 soat oldin
Rob he literally threw for over 4,000 yards with those guys last year and 24tds wtf is Rob talking about. Cam Newton and the other Patriots Qbs have a combined 4 passing touchdowns with those weapons and they actually have a better group of weapons than Brady had last year.
Porter Fernandez
Porter Fernandez 18 soat oldin
Rob...... you are the one with revisionist history due to your hate for Brady
66Snuffleupagus 18 soat oldin
Stop this "it's hard to win championships in 3 teams" Robert Horry is the GOAT of that. Superstars who are top 5 ever can't use that as an accomplishment. The GM's build the team. That supports Jerry Krause thinking. Switch out players and you can win as long as you have the great player.
Malik Gordon
Malik Gordon 18 soat oldin
50 BILL 50 TOM
suckdogofficial 18 soat oldin
Chris Green
Chris Green 19 soat oldin
In fairness, Cam is not who Belichick wanted, he had to settle for Cam. Belichick was grooming Garropolo for his system and Kraft made him cut him loose and now Bill is starting from scratch
Chris Green
Chris Green 19 soat oldin
Belichick is learning that he can’t get away with average wide receivers and skills positions he is going to have to spend money because Cam is not Brady
Humair Mallik
Humair Mallik 19 soat oldin
"i just made a wrong pick thats it" shuddddduppppppp
OzzyGoLive 19 soat oldin
All the bucs were missing was a qb they had that talent last year
andylauchoira 19 soat oldin
That Rob parker look like a suicidal depressing man. Its like Chris Broussard just pick him off the street to have someone to do a radio show.
Serg NYC
Serg NYC 19 soat oldin
Rob cry baby. Only way RP is getting Jordans is if they have the wack pairs at TJ Maxx
Serg NYC
Serg NYC 19 soat oldin
1st off how can a coach ever get more than half the credit when he doesn't play? Wed Welker leading league in drops. Cam not to blame on Patriots issues.
Daryl Gunter
Daryl Gunter 19 soat oldin
Tampa winning it all Rob really starting to convince me he Hates greatness 😂🤦🏾‍♂️. Worse than Skip!
fred vergraaf
fred vergraaf 19 soat oldin
A long time ago, Rob picked a guy to hate. If Rob was a man of his word he would be cleaning toilets in Tijuana.
A Yaj
A Yaj 19 soat oldin
Thank you Chris for not being biased & just say it like it is. We need more commentators like you! 💯❤️👍🏼🙌🏼👏🏼
MJ Flairs
MJ Flairs 19 soat oldin
Rob has great patience, Chris ask him a question and interrupt every sentence his answer lol 🤦🏾‍♂️ rude
Charliewat 19 soat oldin
What? The kicker? WTF is Rob Parker talking about. The man is a simpleton.
AilmanMM 19 soat oldin
The Steelers were 8-5 last season with below average QB play.
Shylisha Newman
Shylisha Newman 19 soat oldin
Lawd... These 2 have a Channel...
Ricardo Bernard
Ricardo Bernard 20 soat oldin
I can’t listen to Rob Parker! I’m out! He’s the biggest hater!
KILLA VISION 20 soat oldin
I wonder if Fox really pays attention to these comments. Cause y’all need to get this clown rob parker outta here
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 20 soat oldin
They lose against buffalo, it's officially over.
K DOGG 20 soat oldin
MELA-D GOAT 20 soat oldin
no way no how. rob parker said tom brady will never make it to another super bowl. that was 2011. how'd that turn out? imaging being this bad at your job and still having it?
Steve Grenier
Steve Grenier 20 soat oldin
Who Rob, blowing to keep his job
Thomas Talented
Thomas Talented 20 soat oldin
It takes way more than 1 game to get to and win SB
Thomas Talented
Thomas Talented 20 soat oldin
What if the defense don't blow 4 SUPER BOWLS.???????? 4 CAUSE Seattle should won.!!!!
Erik Martinez
Erik Martinez 20 soat oldin
Homeboy owes Herbert an apology 🤫
John Roche
John Roche 20 soat oldin
Multiple people talking over each other on microphones is the 21st century’s gladiatorial games
hater is still hater, that's why he's not a good analyst.
andre jamison
andre jamison 20 soat oldin
But the problem LeBron James doesn't see is how those players sacrifice their skillset to lead. Bron never wanted to play in a system he wanted his stats. Magic and Bird enhance the players around him. Bron has never done that
Steve Grenier
Steve Grenier 20 soat oldin
Rob a complete moron
Unc Zay
Unc Zay 20 soat oldin
Y’all gotta remember the pats don’t have nobody on offense
John Roche
John Roche 20 soat oldin
Rob “in their last 3 super bowl wins” Parker
vissysoundkiller 21 soat oldin
Nick is a young damn fool!
ThousandairesClub 21 soat oldin
Eazy 21 soat oldin
Odell is overrated
Lavar Stark
Lavar Stark 21 soat oldin
really compare the Browns to the patriots baker Mayfield to Tom Brady Odell Beckham Jr. to Randy moss that’s a 5’11 why receiver you’re comparing to 6’5 wide out with the same speed if not faster
Anthony Bush
Anthony Bush 21 soat oldin
Brady is the greatest winner in football he is just not the most talented there is a difference
Edwin Brown
Edwin Brown 21 soat oldin
Oil (OBJ) and Water (Baker) should be separated, because they just don't mix.
Veson Douangmanilay
Veson Douangmanilay 21 soat oldin
Rob so salty!
Will Whiteside
Will Whiteside 21 soat oldin
Rob Parker is the definition of an idiot
Jagvir Singh
Jagvir Singh 21 soat oldin
Before I was thinking it was fifty fifty now its look like it was brady more because he made too many sacrifices in new england that helped belichik
Slither Down
Slither Down 21 soat oldin
This dude is an idiot. “There’s no such thing as momentum in sports”. Clown
Mark Oz
Mark Oz 21 soat oldin
Bill has to take responsibility for the lack of talent that is currently the problem that the Patriots.
SouL's Gaming Society
SouL's Gaming Society 21 soat oldin
Rob is a hater
Jessica Simancek
Jessica Simancek 21 soat oldin
Rob you sound so dumb when you say stuff like this about Brady, give the man his credit!!!
Bishop Hoods
Bishop Hoods 21 soat oldin
Look at rob disrespecting the viewers again... dude pay attention put your phone down and act like you care... pathetic
Joe Percy
Joe Percy 21 soat oldin
Rob parker is a POS
Grey Gow
Grey Gow 21 soat oldin
Brady with pretty much the same team and structure in New England last year make the playoffs. Tom’s leadership motivates players on both sides of the ball and also by sustaining drives helps the defense be good or great because if the offense can’t sustain drives then your defense gets burnt/worn and will suck.
Ronnie Johnson
Ronnie Johnson 21 soat oldin
I dont like brady but rob sounds like a butt hurt hater..the goat of hating 😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂😂
Benjamin Berman
Benjamin Berman 21 soat oldin
Rob is not worth anyone’s breath or thoughts, he just hates. But Chris and many others have fallen into a sorry trap. Chris has determined that the success of Brady without Belichik will show that the entire Patriots dynasty is more about Brady than Belichik . Newsflash: Nothing Brady can/will do in this season proves that he is more responsible for the dynasty. Only Belichik building a new team that dominates without Brady would prove that it wasn’t because of their HOF QB, and that would take 3-5 years. Brady’s performance proves that had the Patriots invested in WR (something they don’t believe in), he would have performed better as a QB- yes they won 12 games, but they did by squeezing water out of a stone.
erik puka
erik puka 21 soat oldin
Cam lowkey very overrated.2-3 record this season .Has thrown 2 TD -7ints.Has a record of 2W-11L in the last 13 games.He has thrown 4 TDs and 15 ints in his last 10 games.If you dont believe me go check it out.People based Expectations on Cam according to 2015.That was a big mistake.He isnt a great QB.Not top 15 BUT-He still has a place in this league.There are far too many QBs worse than Cam
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez 21 soat oldin
How is rob Parker a analyst? He is terrible. He should not be able to comment on sports anymore.
Dark Green Rifleman
Dark Green Rifleman 21 soat oldin
Rob parker=Doubting Thomas
Devere Brown
Devere Brown 22 soat oldin
Rob Said They WON’T Make The Playoffs Now He Says They Won’t Make The Super Bowl 😂😂😂
Rico L
Rico L 22 soat oldin
What's the criteria for being the goat,Brady is the winningest QB of all time, but not the most talented, just like Russell having the most titles but Wilt was clearly the best center at the time
person 1
person 1 22 soat oldin
Too early to make a true evaluation. Come on Broussard.
joe m
joe m 22 soat oldin
Why the hell was Chris screaming? Lol
smoothoper8tor77 22 soat oldin
Nick be D ridin lebron
Ayodeji Twins
Ayodeji Twins 22 soat oldin
Rob Parker is a pure hater and is turning into skip bayliss and this is disappointing
larryjordan23 22 soat oldin
So the Bucs don’t have a very good team?
Khoa Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen 22 soat oldin
Why Rob Parker so STUPID?